# Blacet VCA Quad Mix

Blacet, Modular @ 14 February 2017

Factory built by Blacet.


Added: Some people have asked if this module has been modified for 5v levels. The answer is no. If you are using Eurorack envelopes, a Maths envelope will open the VCA with the scale turned all the way up. If you want to modify the module, Blacet has the procedure on their website:

The normal control voltage range of the VCAs is 0-10V. This can be changed to 0-5V by doing the following:
Change RA (R17, 18, 19, 20) to 66.5K (four places).
Cut the RB traces (solder side of PCB) and install four 100K 1% resistors (standing up). Change R11 to 49.9K
Change R7 to 82K.
Adjust RT1 for 5.0V (See “Calibration”.)” Link

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