# LinnDrum LM1

LinnDrum @ 16 May 2017

linndrum “This is a very well-cared for fully-functional Linndrum that has been in my possession for the last decade and hasn’t left my home studio. But it is not a normal Linndrum, it’s special. The previous owner was obsessed with Prince, so much so he had a Sidestick tuning mod added. What this accomplishes is that by installing some original LM-1 EPROMS and switching them around, he was able to have a tunable kick, snare, and sidestick playing all at the same time – basically making a LM-1 / Linndrum combo! When I bought this from him I had all of the original Linndrum factory EPROMS put back in, but I still have the LM-1 EPROMS in case the buyer is interested in doing this LM-1 hybrid. It’s certainly fun to feel like Prince at a fraction of the cost!

The machine is also fully MIDIfied by the JL Cooper Electronics mod and works flawlessly. It comes with manual and some paperwork, and of course a power cord.

As with any machine this old there are a few blemishes. There is a small scratch to the right side of the click fader. You can see it in photo #6. Also, the tempo knob is digital and can be a little shaky at times (shifts 1 BPM or so). This happens on ALL Linndrums. However, if you use MIDI or sync it via CLOCK, then it is never going to be an issue. It would only possibly be an issue if you were slaving your entire studio to the Linndrum’s internal clock. Also, again, with a machine this age, a pot or fader might be a little scratchy, however what history has taught me is that if you turn it back and forth a few times this goes away and is not permanent. It simply means a little dust is interfering with the electronics.

You can look for a bargain Linndrum that you can fix up, but this one has a lot of extras that make it worth it to someone who doesn’t want to waste time, and just wants to make music. I paid a premium for it because the added features were worth it to me. It has served me well over the years.” Link

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