# Korg Poly 61 Project Machine

Korg, Poly 61 @ 18 March 2017

p61 “It powers up, makes sounds, changes with buttons, mod stick functions 4 directions, but the tuning is very strange. Seems to change as it warms up. Someone made repairs so please see the second picture.

I took it to a local shop and the tech pointed out the battery had been replaced, and the ribbon connector was removed and the ribbon was soldiered to the board on the bottom. The black connector that was removed was still taped to the inside of the faceplate, but it has a broken pin off it. Might have been part of the original repair.

I just don’t know this keyboard and I have lost interest to research it myself.

Selling it as-is for parts/repair. I’ve tried to detail the wear and damages to the body so please also check the photos. I’m sure it’s a repair for the right person out there as I’ve found a lot of info on message forums and doing a Google search.” Link

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