# Korg Mini-Korg 700

Korg, Mini-Korg @ 12 August 2017

“Fully functional. Cosmetically a 7/10, normal wear not abuse. Keyboard is striaght with perfect action. Filter sliders are a little stiff which should clean up nice with a cleaner/lubricant spray but I’ll let the Buyer choose what brand to apply. Scratches and scuffs are shown in the pictures. There is a loose screw rattling inside when you tilt it, but the chasis is tight and nothing feels loose (no knocking or clunking). Some switches and sliders aren’t perfectly straight but they’re all tight and work fine. The vibrato Delay works fine, I’ve seen some of these where that function does not work Attack and Singimg sliders also work very well on this synth, again I’ve played some of these where those functions didn’t do much, but on this K-1 they’re expressive. Hate to sell this as I’m a huge Cars fan and this thing is so unique, but I need the cash for something else. ” Link

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