# Junost-21 Keytar

JunoST-21, Keytar @ 07 February 2017

justst “This is a bit of an oddity in the u.s. It is a polyphonic analog synth that came all the way from the ussr. It has an lfo that can either modulate pitch or filter, envelope shaper octave switch and a weird pitch wheel. I think that the internal trim pot for the resonance needs to be adjusted. It has a good 80s horror movie sound, but more specifically it is good for pads and string sounds. It has a handle so that it can also be strapped on as a keytar. It is old and a bit rough, but still works. A cool piece for a soviet synth enthusiast or suspense junkie looking for budget analog sounds. Included are the adapters necessary to play it here. Both din to quarter inch adapter and the voltage step down adapter are part of this lot.” Link

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