# Emu SP 1200

Emu, SP-1200 @ 16 May 2017

“Original grey model classic vintage drum machine in very good condition and large sound library. Everyone already knows all about why this beast is still at the top of its class and nothing can duplicate it’s unique sound no matter how hard the software plugins engineers have failed time after time again. Included are 85 disks custom sound library with soul samples from vinyl and drum chops and breaks and individual kicks and snares and hi hats samples from vinyl records all ready and setup . Also 16 Kid Nepro drum sounds disks. Lots of loops and unique samples with that classic boom bap tempo ….Also the sp1200 instructional CD and a printed copy of the owners manual and the service manual. Also included is a 12ft monster 8 output cable and the power cord. All buttons and sliders and knobs and display check good and the floppy drive is very smooth and quiet and loads fine…It also comes with the stand shown in the photos. Don’t miss out !!!” Link

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