# EMS VCS3 and DK1 Cricklewood Keyboard

Cricklewood, EMS, VCS3 @ 26 May 2009

“RELISTED I’m selling a Mk1 EMS VCS3 Putney synthesizer. I’m also including a DK1 Cricklewood keyboard and cable. It dates from the very early 70’s. It’s in great cosmetic condition and works great. There is a small crack in the wood by the right speaker grill, which can be repaired. There are also some numbers etched into the very bottom under the patch pin matrix. My guess is this was from a university at one point. Due to age the unit is sold as is but it works great. Included will be a power cord and connector cable for the DK1. I can also provide pdfs of the manuals if needed.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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