TG77, Yamaha @ 03 March 2017, Comments Off

tg77 “Up for sale is my Yamaha TG77 synth module. It is the rack mount version of the SY77. I am the original owner. I purchased this unit back in 1989 when it first came out. I recently replaced the battery as well as the display. The back light had gone out on the old one. The unit is in excellent condition and everything works on it. It has minor scuffs and abrasions from use over the years. ” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, Comments Off

tg77 “In very good condition for its age. All parts, sliders, buttons are working. No crackles or noise coming out from its outputs. A great FM beast. Those who look for it know about it. Its only “flaw” is the blue backlight which is not working anymore which makes it impossible to work in night mode. However the cost of it is very low and easy to diy. Other than that the YES/NO buttons are a bit smudged. Happy bidding” Link

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tg77 “Yamaha tg77 vintage synthesizer rack module. LCD is fine, however back light is extremely dim.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 14 October 2016, Comments Off

tg77 “Yamaha TG77 Rackmount Digital Synthesizer, FM and AWM. Everything sounds great and works fine as it should, except the backlight on the display, the photo shows that the display still works and can be read without the backlight, so long as you have light shining upon the display. Replacement backlights can be purchased on the internet but are difficult to install, so I used it instead as is.” Link

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tg77 “Yamaha tg77 vintage synthesizer rack module. LCD is fine, however back light is extremely dim.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 30 September 2016, Comments Off

usedgtg “For auction is a Yamaha TG77 synth module.
Comes with original manuals and quick reference cards
Great unit but downsizing so it has to go.” Link

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tg77 “Yamaha tg77 vintage synthesizer rack module.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 08 July 2016, Comments Off

77 “I am selling my Yamaha TG77 AWM/FM Tone Generator.
It is in good working condition.
A slider knob is missing but the slider itself is working and you should be able to find a knob replacement online. And there are some scratches but it is fully functioning.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 01 July 2016, Comments Off

tg77 “Zur Versteigerung kommt mein Soundmodul, Yamaha TG 77 Wie gesagt , es einige Gebrauchtspuren und Kratzer.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 27 May 2016, Comments Off

77 “Excellent condition with only a few light scuffs. A unique and massive sounding synth. All the same features of the keyboard version, SY77. Creates atmospheric sounds akin to Boards of Canada. Lots of sound design potential since you can program samples into the unit with FM synthesis and feedback loops. Reason for selling: I do not have enough time to dig into this instrument.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 20 May 2016, Comments Off

tg77 “PERFECTLY functioning …been in rack in smokeless studio…will ship with total care!” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 04 December 2015, Comments Off

tg77 “Excellent condition, all buttons and knobs working, LCD is great and minimal scratch on the unit itself. This unit was barely used in my home( No shows, studio or smoke) in the last 15 years.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 31 July 2015, Comments Off

tg77 “Beautiful condition – Working display – Manual hard copy – + CD with 100′s of patch banks in sysex format – see photos” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 24 July 2015, Comments Off

tg77“I always had this in a rack. I only used it a few times. I don’t have the manual in hard copy.Yon can find it in PDF easily.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 03 July 2015, Comments Off

tg-77“I’m selling my Yamaha TG-77. I’m the second owner of this unit. I bought it back in 1993. I used this in my home hobby studio for 4 or 5 years and it’s been in storage ever since. The LCD backlight is burned out and there are numerous scratches and blemishes on the unit. But other than that, it’s an amazing machine and works great. This sale includes the manuals seen in the photos.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 26 June 2015, Comments Off

tg77” Yamaha TG77, Original Owner. Never left rack in my home studio since the day it was purchased. Original Box. 64K Ram card. SAX 1 waveform and data cards also with original boxes. All manuals and datasheets included.” Link

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tg77“Rack-mounted equivalent of the SY99.
Successor of the legendary DX7 series of FM synths.
Great for Pads and Basslines.
The TG77 extends the 6 operator FM concept by adding sampled waveforms to the mix, either layered or as modulation source.

Comes with a rare MCD64 card for data backup and transfer between synths.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 30 January 2015, Comments Off

tg77“Good condition. From professional studio. Some screeches and scuffs from use. Fully functional. Please see the photos above; they are of the actual item for sale.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 19 December 2014, Comments Off

A few rack marks, no dents & works. Includes Manual” Link

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A few rack marks, no dents & works. Includes Manual” Link

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used tg77“Great FM/AWM module with user manual.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 22 August 2014, Comments Off

used tg77 “Great condition for its age and functions %100. Backlight is strong. Only top right rack ear is a bit bent but in no way prevents it from being racked normally. The hight of the AWM/FM power. Sounds AWESOME ! Tought to let go. Give it a good home.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 15 August 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha TG 77 Soundmodul
optisch schon etwas angekratzt, aber technisch ok.
ohne Zubehör” Link

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“YAMAHA TG77 TONE GENERATOR Rack-mount module works great has no issues” Link

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“I’m selling my Yamaha TG-77 Rack Synth (rack version of the SY-77). It’s been used in my home smoke-free studio. It’s in good condition. The only issue is the back light is dim (it’s not completely out but low). You can read the screen clearly in a well light room. This doesn’t affect the sound performance. This unit includes the product manual. I am selling it because I’m not using it as often. ” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 18 July 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha TG77 comes from a smoke free studio. Legendary sy77 sounds in a rack unit!” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 23 May 2014, Comments Off

“This is a classic Yamaha sounding rack mounted synth module. It has all the classic DX7/TX sounds as well as lush banks of pads, bass and keys. Includes (3) sound cards full of classic Yamaha sounds. Very 80′s 90′s.
Great condition and working perfectly.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 09 May 2014, Comments Off

“Die Rack Version des legendären Yamaha SY77.
Zu diesem Sahneteil braucht man wohl nicht mehr viel sagen…
Details gibt es zu Hauf im Netz. Fragen beantworte ich gerne.

Gerät befindet sich im guten optischen und technischen Zustand.
Alle Potis, LEDs und das Display funktionieren einwandfrei.
Aus Nichtraucher-Tonstudio. Nur die üblichen Gebrauchsspuren
vom Rackeinbau. Ein paar coole Sounds lasse ich auch noch drin.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 25 April 2014, Comments Off

” Yamaha TG77

Einwandfreier Zustand
Voll funktionstüchtig” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 25 April 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha Tone Generator TG77. Previously owned by music producer Brian Eno. Instruction manual.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 18 April 2014, Comments Off

“* This one has a damaged rack ear on the top right corner. Clearly visible in the pictures. You can probably straighten it out a bit more, though. The face is in excellent overall shape and there’s only typical minor rack wear otherwise. Also note that the display backlight is burned out, which is very common. It’s a 30.00 part on Ebay, and easy to install. You can obviously see the display in a lit room, but it doesn’t have the classic blue “glow” unless you replace the backlight (again, happens to all of these at some point, and super cheap to replace when it does).” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 21 March 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha TG77 Soundmodul
gebraucht, guter Zustand, Display OK. For more details please contact

Ebay Gebühren trägt der Verkäufer, Versandkosten trägt der Käufer. ” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 07 March 2014, Comments Off

“YAMAHA TG-77 TONE GENERATOR SYNTHESIZER, RACK MOUNT just pulled and tested good from working environment has scratches,scuffs as shown.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off

“Very Good condition Yamaha TG-77″ Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off

“This unit is in excellent condition. Kept in a smoke free environment and the screen is still bright.” Link