TG33, Yamaha @ 24 March 2017, “No Comments”

tg33 “YAMAHA TG33 TG 33 TONE GENERATOR DYNAMIC VECTOR SYNTHESIZER. Came from a liquidation buyout, unit doesn’t come with a power adapter. Unit is being sold As Is in untested condition. However the unit was tested to power on & we were able to play the demo using headphones but it is untested any further. Unit has scratches & scuff marks, and 1 of the bottom feet is missing.

Due to not having a power adapter & being untested besides being powered on & playing the demo setting through headphones the unit is being sold As Is for parts or repair.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 13 January 2017, Comments Off

tg33 “As-is condition. Estate sale. Distortion on main outputs. For repair or parts. Phones output sounds fine. Original manual included. Power adapter included. No returns no exchanges no refunds.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 23 September 2016, Comments Off

tg33 “Looks to be in very good condition. No obvious signs of use or wear. I do not have the power supply and do not know the functionality of this module. It uses a special plug and an odd voltage. For this reason it will be sold as-is.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 29 July 2016, Comments Off

tge “Metal and plastic,17″x3″x9″,this is untested,no power cord,otherwise looks complete in VG condition,no odvious damage,some wear,nicks and scratches to finish,dirty.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 17 June 2016, Comments Off

33 ” This was part of a large electronics purchase that I made. I do not have the ability to fully test. I did plug it in and the screen lit up and it read “YAMAHA TG33 Nice to meet you”

Some of the red lights on the unit are illuminated and changed when I pushed buttons. Other than that, I tested it no further.

Included in auction

1. Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator Vintage Synthesizer

2. Power supply for unit” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 03 June 2016, Comments Off

tg33 “YAMAHA TG33 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer

with Original AC Adapter

Very Good pre-owned condition. Some light scuffs or marks. One of the bottom rubber foot pads is missing (see photo)” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 06 May 2016, Comments Off

tg33 “The dirty, dirty vector synth from Yamaha in perfect working condition. With power cable and printed (non-original) manual.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 12 February 2016, Comments Off

rg33 “I’ve used for one gig. Fully functional, even has some special midi tones I’ve downloaded from the internet. I printed a manual that comes with it. A couple scuffs on the surface, but otherwise perfect condition. I will ship next day after payment.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 30 October 2015, Comments Off

tg33 “This auction is for a Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator Vector Synthesis with Power Supply. ” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 04 September 2015, Comments Off

yamaha tg33 “The tone generator functions normally.there is a tiny spot of white paint on one corner and a light smudge on the plastic window on top otherwise very nice. Includes power supply and rack mounts.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 21 August 2015, Comments Off

tg33 “This is a 1980′s Yamaha TG33 Sound module / synth. If you are unfamiliar with these what it does is give you the sounds of the DX7 synth and allows you to play them on any midi keyboard or controller. I am the original owner and I used it very little so it is in excellent condition. It has a custom repurposed case from a roto hammer which has protected it very well. It’s very cool and intuitive to use with its vector control. You can grab different parts of the sound samples and mix them. There is a bunch of demo videos on YouTube just search Yamaha TG33 and they will come up. You won’t be disappointed in this unit. It comes with the original power supply, a midi cord and 1 expansion card – pop standards which is even more sounds. This is a powerful tool at an affordable price. ” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 07 August 2015, Comments Off

tg33 “This is a Yamaha TG33 Sound module /synth. It works great and has hardly been used. If you are familiar with synths it is the same as the Yamaha DX7 only no keyboard. It has only been used a handful of times and works great. Price includes 1 ram expansion card I think it is pop standards, and a really cool custom case I made for it out of a Bosch roto hammer case.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 10 July 2015, Comments Off

tg33“Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator w/ MCD64

excellent condition

we purchased a lot of gear to fund a live music & dance production, but due to unforeseen circumstances

the show got cancelled and never hit the stage…so the gear is now being sold. here is a piece of that gear…..” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 03 July 2015, Comments Off

tg33” Yamaha tg33 tone generator it turn on display come on got demo sound on head phone i got nothing else to test it on all light come on been well used got power pack 10 volts no manual for it” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 19 June 2015, Comments Off

Yamaha TG33 FM Vector synthesiser.

Outer case is scuffed on the top and sides (see photos) but not cracked, synth itself works fine. Sockets and knobs all seem in good condition.

Display isn’t bad, probably not as bright as it was originally but readable.

Comes with a Maplin replacement PSU.

Has been factory reset, so good to go as new internally.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 22 May 2015, Comments Off

tg33 “This is an Amazing Synthesizer module! It combines some classic wavetable sounds and Samples from the early 90s (think SNES music, but higher quality) with a 2 Operator FM Synthesis engine (think Sega Genesis music but higher quality) AND a joystick which lets you Morph between different sounds while you play, also known as Vector Synthesis, made popular by Korg’s Wavestation series.

This is a VERY UNIQUE and GREAT SOUNDING SYNTHESIZER MODULE! Just hook up a Midi controller or play it from Ableton Live, and you have instant classic sounds! Just look up “TG33″ on YouTube, and you’ll be blown away by the sounds this little box can make! Combining FM Synthesis (which Yamaha made popular with their DX7 series) and the classic ROM samples of the time, was a brilliant idea that this synth takes to another level with the joystick morphing ability.

It works great, and the photos are accurate, only a minor mark here or there. This sale also includes an original Yamaha RAM card as well, which lets you store way more sounds! and the original Yamaha power supply.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 17 April 2015, Comments Off

tg33“There is some surface wear from its time on the road. This is a nice module for creating ambient sounds. Includes AC adapter, rack mount adapters, and user manual. ” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 06 March 2015, Comments Off

tg33“Selling a Yamaha TG33 in excellent condition. Includes power supply, manual, & patch list. ” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 13 February 2015, Comments Off

tg33“This one is in great shape! See pics.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 23 January 2015, Comments Off

tg33” Unit is tested works perfectly and includes a brand new power supply and printed manual.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 02 January 2015, Comments Off

tg33“Unit is untested due to lack of power adapterUnit is untested due to lack of power adapter” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 07 November 2014, Comments Off

tg33“Yamaha TG33 – VERY GOOD CONDITION, Hardly any wear on buttons, sockets etc. Original manual slightly worn cover, NOT in original box, Power supply not included but available on ebay (10v DC)” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 31 October 2014, Comments Off

tg33” This is Yamaha TG33! Unit powers up as shown, but have not tried it. Sold as is!!!

Comes with power adapter” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 03 October 2014, Comments Off

tg33“YAMAHA TG33 Vector Synth Modul,
tested, fully working, with power supply for 110V!
great condition- see photo” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 05 September 2014, Comments Off

tg33“Used but in perfect condition, vintage TG-33 … this is the sound module that was found in the famous DX-7 synth… YOU LOVE THE 80s ADMIT IT.
Comes with original power supply and bound printed manual.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 29 August 2014, Comments Off

tg33 “This is a Yamaha TG33 in excellent condition with the manufacturer’s power supply and a printed, bound copy of the manual.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 22 August 2014, Comments Off

“This TG33 works excellent and comes with a power cord.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 22 August 2014, Comments Off

” YAMAHA TG33 Tone Generator. Dynamic Vector Synthesis. No sticky buttons …excellent, gently used condition. Has been taken care of! Sorry no power cords, but owners manuals are included.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 08 August 2014, Comments Off

“Vintage Tone Generator Yamaha TG33

Includes Roland Midi Processing Unit MPU-IPC-T

What you see is what you get. A little dusty but in excellent condition.

Update: per request, photo uploaded showing display & lights on, powered up. Tested & confirmed working 8/4/14. Message me if you want to hear demo track – I can put it on speakerphone.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 27 June 2014, Comments Off

“This TG33 is in fully functional condition; however, some of the presets have been removed by the original owner. There are a few very minor blemishes, such as areas that have been worn down or scuffed. I don’t own the manual anymore, but a pdf copy should be easily accessible via” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 20 June 2014, Comments Off

“I’m auctioning my one owner excellent condition Yamaha TG33 synthesizer. Includes power supply, original manual and a CD of patches I purchased and never used. Shipping to the West Coast and environs may incur a shipping charge supplement.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 06 June 2014, Comments Off

“Excellent, fully working condition.
Includes power supply.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 30 May 2014, Comments Off

“Wonderful hybrid synth from Yamaha using a combination of 2 FM vector waveforms and 2 12-bit sample waves that can be dynamically mixed together. Great for creating unique sounds, which get even better paired up with an analog filter (you can emulate Prophet VS sounds).

Cosmetically, the unit shows wear from being used over the years (see the pics for the cosmetics). The knob cap for the volume control was lost at some point and there’s obviously a different type replacement on it.

Functionally, everything works as it should and it sounds fantastic.

It includes the power supply and I will email a pdf of the manual.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 25 April 2014, Comments Off

“Used in my home studio. Fully functional. Vector joystick works great. LCD screen great. No damage at all, aside for missing volume knob and cosmetic wear from general use. Includes DC power supply.” Link

TG33, Yamaha @ 18 April 2014, Comments Off

” Comes on and all buttons/screen work, Used a friends power adapter to plug in but this one does not come with one. They cost maybe 12.00 online it needs a 10amp 700ma adapter.

Includes 2 cables shown here and also including the vintage suitecase with padding as well.

Nice cosmetic condition, very little to no wear. A couple scratches but nothing abnormal.” Link