TF1, TX-816, Yamaha @ 24 March 2017, “No Comments”

tx816 “This Yamaha TX 816 is a rack containing 8 32 voice DX7 modules. The unit is currently operating in the studio without issue. All modules pass signal and respond to MIDI. ” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 17 March 2017, “No Comments”

tx216 “Works great !” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 17 March 2017, “No Comments”

216 “Currently has 3 ports installed, however the rack allows for up to 8 to be installed to your choosing.” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 10 March 2017, Comments Off

tx216 “For sale is my Yamaha TX216 vintage synthesizer. There are 8 cards in the pictures but only the left-most TWO cards are included. The other slots will be empty. The remaining 6 cards are sold in a separate auction so check out my other listings if interested. Check out the pictures for more details on its condition. This unit is fully functional and great for getting DX7 FM sounds.The pictures showing all 8 cards are for reference only. Please see the two pictures of the unit with only 2 cards so you can tell exactly how the unit will arrive.” Link

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tx816 “PHYSICAL CONDITION – Good: There are scratches, dents, signs of oxidation, one of the rubber feet are missing, the rack ears have been removed, there is some corrosion under module #3 from a leaking battery, but it still looks good overall.

WORKING CONDITION – Very Good: Module #3 has a battery error, the old battery (solder-on type) has leaked on the module board and chassis below, but the module still passed audio and MIDI tests functioning normal (without store function reliant on the battery). The rest of the modules and chassis tested working very well otherwise. ” Link

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216 “Yamaha TX-316 in good condition. Printout of manual included. Basically what you see is what you get. Buyer must pre pay with PayPal only. Add $50 for shipping and handling. ” Link

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tx816 “Fully loaded, absolutely maxed out, 8 part multitimbral, 256 sound patch storage, 128 voices.

This comes from the 1980s collection of a super famous pop band that had 3 Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits between 1985 and 1987. Yes, three of them (even Jackson didn’t have 3 in that period). You will never in your life have a chance to get one of these from an artist with more 80s success than that.

If you collect old issues of Keyboard Magazine, the exact unit for sale here is pictured and mentioned in the text on page 22 of the January 1990 issue of Keyboard Magazine. ” Link

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tx816 “Estate sale. As-is. Believe all 8 TF1 modules need new batteries. Fair condition see photos. Needs love. No returns no exchanges no refunds. Bid accordingly. Parts or repair. ” Link

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tx216 “Estate sale. As-is. 5 TF1 modules included. Only 1 with error on. (battery?) unit untested. Great condition see photos. Backplane internal chassis clean. 3 TF1 modules have battery holders for user battery replacement. 3 extra blank cover panels for covering back TF1 spaces. No returns no exchanges no refunds. Bid accordingly. ” Link

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816 “This is a rare find. It is a TX216/TX816 system that is mounted in a heavy-duty SKB rack mount case. This is like having 8 DX7′s in one rack. It comes from my husband’s home studio. It has been in a clean, smoke free environment. ” Link

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216 “Seven DX-7s in one rack mount unit, 4U high.
Batteries are recent (2015).
I have owned it since 1986.” Link

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These need no introduction and if you are looking at this you probably know what this is and what it can do. I admittedly am no expert with these but I have heard what they can do in person during sessions and its amazing. Nothing else quite like it and the sound is super thick and punchy.

This unit comes from the historic Studio East / Arthur Smith Recording Studios and was tested recently with 7 of 8 modules working. I am not sure what is wrong with the one that isn’t working but it could be a battery, not sure. The unit has been sitting for some years unused in Studio Easts production room.

The cosmetic condition is old with scratches and scrapes on the top and bottom. The face is clean and all the buttons seem to work like they should. The rack ears work and the power cable is in good condition.

These basically give you multiple DX-7s in one unit that you route through any 8 channel mixer and layer any way you want. The processing power is gigantic and the sounds are legendary. You can do things with this unit like no other synthesizer ever made. ” Link

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tx816 ” Up for sale is a Vintage Yamaha TX816 Rack Mount Synth fully tested and in perfect working condition. Comes with Programmers manual, Mac editor floppy discs (!) and as a special bonus, a collection of AfterTouch newsletters from Yamaha from 1986!

This incredibly powerfully synth is essentially 8 DX7 Synths all in a rack mount module, with individual MIDI inputs and XLR audio outputs for each module.

This particular unit has only been used in a Professional Recording Studio (no touring!) and has been fully checked and certified in perfect working order!” Link

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tx216 “It is in good physical condition with minor dings and scratches from normal use. The inside might need a bit of cleaning.” Link

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816 “Good condition, expect normal rack wear. Recent service. New high quality memory batteries installed in all tf1 units.” Link

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2-1-6 “Used Yamaha midi .” Link

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216 ” Up for sale is our Yamaha TX816 synthesizer rack with four TF1 DX7 engines loaded.
Although the TF1 modules are the DX7 engine, these have balanced XLR outs… That gives a MUCH cleaner, louder sound. The original DX7 is known for being very noisy, these are much cleaner and bolder sounding… Essentially the sonics are much like a DX5.

This TX is in full working condition, all TF1 modules work and sound great. The rack is very scuffed up for years of use, but like anything Yamaha… It’s built to last.” Link

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x216 “Up for Auction is a Vintage Yamaha TX216 Midi Rack. This unit powers up, but we were unable to test this unit further as it is not our expertise. Has some scuffs and scrapes, but overall in good cosmetic condition. ” Link

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216 ” This is a Yamaha TX816 MIDI Rack. Only 7 of the spaces are filled. The 8th space has the factory blank panel. (There is no “TX716″ but that is what it should be called) Back when I used it. I gradually added modules to it, and only got up to 7. When I got this, it was arguably the coolest synthesizer available. Each module is the equivalent of a DX7 synthesizer, except with high-quality balanced +4 outputs for studio and pro use. Sounds fantastic. Manufactured in the late 80s, original list close to $5k.” Link

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tx216 “Up for Auction is a Vintage Yamaha TX216 Midi Rack. This unit powers up, but we were unable to test this unit further as it is not our expertise. Has some scuffs and scrapes, but overall in good cosmetic condition.” Link

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816 “8 DX7 synths in 1! 8 TF1 modules. Here’s a great vintage unit up for sale. Really hard to part with but alas, I must. This has been a great unit for some killer monster analog sounds! You know who’s used these before so you know how amazing it is. It’s been kept well in a non-smoking studio. All 8 modules work very well. Just one has need of a new battery. It plays fine, it just won’t save for that module only. Batteries for these are very cheap.

It’s been gently used in a non-smoking studio environment.” Link

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816 “The TX816 is the big boss of all FM synths. It is a rack with eight TF1 modules which are Yamaha DX7 synthesizers condensed down to a single circuit board. Designed for use with an external controller and patch editor, the TX816 allows you to easily play eight DX7s.

There are 3 levels of Yamaha TX816 expertise. Level 1: how to use the TX816, Level 2: which software claims to emulate it well, and Level 3 why none of them does, but can sound great layered to it. If you are reading this listing, I guess you made your way to Level 3 already, congratulations. It’s nice to be between professionals.

Although one can use the TX816 like it’s eight seperate DX7s, mixing and panning each module together to layer the sounds into one monsterous 128 voice and 48 operator DX powerhouse is where it truly shines. The TX816 has been used by Kitaro, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Europe, and Scritti Politti between others. In the early eighties the unit cost $5,000. Each module also features an indepednent audio out (XLR) and MIDI I/O for a total of eight audio outputs and MIDI I/O’s. It also has one global MIDI in/out port with 8-part multitimbrality, but no common stereo or mix output.

The unit I’m selling works, I just played all 8 modules separately to verify. It has two minor issues: the last module flashes a low battery error though it still holds patches (I’m out of TX816 batteries) and the back of the enclosure has a small ding on the left. It doesn’t show if the TX816 is mounted in a closed rack. So instead of the $1600 what some people listed their mint unit on eBay, you can have mine for $999 with the one memory error and case ding.

The machine comes with the 2 original paper manuals, and I am also including a PDF of the service manual on disc.” Link

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216 ” For your consideration, is a used Yamaha TX416, ( 4 DX7s in a rack ). It has been kept in storage for the past 20 years, it powers on and is generally in good cosmetic condition.” Link

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used dx7 ” Yamaha TX816 – 8 DX7 TF1 Modules in a rack – EXCELLENT condition
with manual and XLR to 1/4″ octopus for individual outs.
All modules look fantastic, not beat up and worn like most you find.
It is probably as close to looking new as you will find.
Batteries are all good.” Link

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16 “7 modules all working one led is dim but unit is still fully functional. Comes with rack mount.” Link

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tx216 “Up for Auction is a Vintage Yamaha TX216 Midi Rack. This unit powers up, but we were unable to test this unit further as it is not our expertise. This unit has a dent in the top and some minor scuffs and scrapes, but overall in good cosmetic condition. This listing ONLY includes the Midi Rack with attached instructions, no other accessories or manuals are included.” Link

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tx816 “Yamaha TX816 6 DX7 Modules with Rackmount! JUST THE 6 MODULES AND MODULE LIKE PICTURE THREE THAT HOLDS THE UNITS! I change the batteries on the modules 3,4,6 that needed it. Module number 4 does not show a display and I can’t test it further.The unit was never taken out of home. I am the second owner.” Link

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816 “Yamaha TX-816 rack mount Synthesizer. Eight complete DX-7 synthesizers in a rack. Each module can be used as an individual 16 voice, 6 operator FM synthesizer on separate midi channels or stacked together on one midi channel for a huge, fat sound.
I originally purchased this new as a TX-416 in 1986 and added 4 additional TF-1 modules a few years ago. It has spent it’s entire life in my non-smoking, pet free studio.
It is in working condition, but as a 30 year old instrument it is sold as-is.” Link

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TX816 “Had the caps replaced about 4 years ago” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 26 February 2016, Comments Off

tx816 “WORKS GREAT. Lots of cosmetic scratches and the ring around the power on-off button is missing but it works fine.” Link

TF1, TX-816, Yamaha @ 12 February 2016, Comments Off

tx816 “Yamaha TX 816 (8 DX7s in a rack unit). Scratched front plate. Otherwise fully functional. I can also provide an 8-channel snake XLR-female to db-25 for audio output if that fits your studio. Additionally, I have a Mac G4 w/ Galaxy software and an Opcode Studio 4 if you want that for programming this beast (to be purchased separately).” Link

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x216 “Liebe eBayer,

wir räumen unseren Proberaum auf! Unter den Hammer kommt daher

ein YAMAHA TX216 MIDI Rack mit 4x TF1 Modulen

Informationen zum Gerät gibt es zum Beispiel hier: .
Das Gerät war fest in einem Rack verbaut und funktionierte bei seinem letzten Einsatz vor ca. 5 Jahren einwandfrei. Seitdem stand das Gerät nur (im Rack verbaut) im trockenen Proberaum.

Zum Zustand lässt sich folgendes sagen:

Leiche Lackkratzer vom Rackeinbau sind vorhanden
Das Gerät lässt sich einschalten und bedienen, das Display leuchtet und zeigt an. Allerdings konnte ich die Midi-Eingänge und –Ausgänge mangels fehlender Gerätschaften nicht testen.
Dem Rackeinbau ist es auch geschuldet, dass der Netzstecker des Gerätes ausgetauscht wurde und das Netzkabel relativ kurz ist (siehe Bild).
In eine der rückseitigen Blenden wurde eine Aussparung gesägt, vermutlich verlief hier einmal ein Kabel.” Link

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tx816 “The unit works 100%. The pictures depict the unit for sale. Due to the vintage nature of the unit this TX816 is sold as is with no return. Local pick up is encourage. The unit will be securely packed for shipping.” Link

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416 ” Yamaha TX416 Rack Mount FM synthesizer. This is a TX 816 rack with 4 modules. It has the legendary Yamaha FM synthesizer sounds that were used on so many hits in the 1980′s. Basically it is 4 DX7′s in a rack. From beautiful bells to Rhodes piano’s and Marimbas it has a unique sound and when layered it sounds fat and so musical. I used this on many hit records from Luther Vandross,Miles Davis, Roberta Flack, Chaka Kahn and many more. I am also throwing in the Beetle programmer that makes programming it a breeze. It was not working because I need a AC adapter for it-But if you buy this it will be worth looking into getting it as it makes programming a breeze. The 416 has been in The same rack for years just sitting there-Time to get somebody to use it. let this be known that the Beetle is a throw in-You may need to pay to get it fixed. I haven’t used it in 20 years. If you bid on that just let that be known upfront” Link

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tx816“TX816 is 8 TF1 in one MRF8 system unit. One TF1 is like a DX7 or TX7 and 100% compatible with the DX7 and other Yamaha 6-operators synthesizers. At the front of the TF1s are 4 button. It’s recommended to edit with an edit program in a computer. But you can also edit TX816 with a DX7 and the parameters there – it’s perfect. Functions such MIDI etc can be programmed from each TF1.

Each FM voice is created by setting the value of 145 Editing parameters and 25 Function parameters (at a DX7 as well as TF1). Multiply that by 8 = 1160 Editing Parameters and 200 Function parameters.

At the rear of each TF1 is a MIDI in and MIDI out socket and a XLR audio output. So you’ll need 8 channels on a mixing console (preferable with XLR inputs) for the audio signal, because there is no common stereo output on the TX816. But at the front is a common MIDI in and MIDI out for all 8 modules, so you don’t need a lot of MIDI cables. Unit may need a few batteries replaced but works and sounds immense. Still has the pull out vinyl instruction card in tact.” Link