SY22, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, Comments Off

sy-22 “Keyboard is in great condition! Virtually like new, except for two minor scratches to the right of the LCD.

Touring-quality hard case is in very good condition, with a few small blemishes consistent with use.

Comes with AC adapter, original manual, and high-quality pedal!” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 25 November 2016, Comments Off

sy22 “Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesis Electronic Keyboard Music Synthesizer

Tested with another Power Cord. Turns on but not connected to speakers to fully test it.
This was stored well and looks to be in perfect condition.

This does not come with the power cord. This is just for the Synthesizer Only! Turns on but was not tested with speakers.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 02 September 2016, Comments Off

sy22 “This keyboard is working perfectly except for issue with the actual keyboard itself. He could be used now as a midi device just fine. When I got it it had a few limp keys and I open it up to fix it when I put it back together I forgot to get that plastic strip you see on the front of the keyboard in the photo. The keyboard is permanently making a sound somewhere in the lower octave . The plastic strip goes in a long where the neoprene contacts are I’m sure this is the problem because it wasn’t doing it before I opened it up. The two keys I fixed by reinserting the metal bender bar somehow I didn’t put them in right in there tighter in their resistance then they should be, if you’re willing to put a little work in this it’ll be good .” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 29 July 2016, Comments Off

st-22 “In good condition with only two
Bad keys that need springs
Keys will still make sound
With adapter sustain pedal” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 22 July 2016, Comments Off

st22 “This is a Yamaha SY22 and power supply. Works but two black keys do not. They appear loose and probably is an easy fix. I don’t know how to test all it’s functions.

Overall condition is very good
Wheels and joystick work and are in very good condition” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 01 April 2016, Comments Off

22“Yamaha SY22 Synthesizer

Hat Gebrauchsspuren.

Funktioniert einwandfrei.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 01 April 2016, Comments Off

used yamaha sy22 “You are looking at the awesome Yamaha SY-22. This synth has the ability to create some very odd, beautiful and full sounds. I have made some monsters with this thing. It is in good shape. Does have some wear for being 24 years old. Everything works good. Its missing one of the feet on the bottom. Comes with original manual and a power supply. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 25 March 2016, Comments Off

sy22 “Excellent condition. In full working order.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 22 January 2016, Comments Off

sy22 ” Vintage Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer Synthesizer – USED


Power supply
64k patch memory card (2 banks of 64 patches each)

There are a few minor blemishes on the case, and a significant scratch on the bottom near the serial number label.

Couple of other minor issues due to old contacts:

The B6 and C6 keys (two highest) intermittently do not work
The Yes/No/+/- buttons are presently non-responsive.

Both of these problems are minor repairs that can by done by any reasonably competent repair shop or DIY’er.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 15 January 2016, Comments Off

used sy-22 “Gut gepflegter Yamaha Synthesizer. Inkl Netzteil und Handbuch. Er enthält viele fertige Sounds die man alle editieren kann, es ist aber auch möglich selbst Sounds zu kreieren. Die Tastatur ist sehr gut und eignet sich auch für live. Was ich an dem Teil schätze: wenn man mal die Bedienung raus hat ist es ein sehr beeindruckendes Gerät. Die Soundqualität ist hervorragend und mit dem XY-Stick kann man auch einfach mal quer durch die Soundbank jammen.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 15 January 2016, Comments Off

sy22” Up for sale is a Yamaha SY22 vector synthesis synthesiser. Fully working and in great condition all round. One of the white keys is missing, although there are plenty of spares on ebay for a few pounds. I never bothered replacing it as I had it hooked up through MIDI to my PC using SY Edit and Midi Quest.

A power supply will be included although it will just be a generic one.

Quite a fun and unique synth, it excels at long sweeping atmospheric type sounds.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 21 August 2015, Comments Off

yamaha sy22“I had this listed and sold two weeks ago, but the buyer decided to cancel. Here’s the deal:

A friend left me this when he moved, but I will never play it a quarter as well as he did the last time he played it.

It goes on and plays, but it’s been in the way now for a year and has to find a new home that will treat it better than me (you know, play it.)

I did sell a keyboard for my friend about a year ago and the packaging and shipping went very well. I’ve acquired some serious packing protection and am ready to send this keyboard on. Because I am required to select and adhere to a shipping method before I have packed the item, I have estimated $45. If it’s over, I eat it. If it’s under, well, they do call it shipping and handling and proper packing takes time!” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 07 August 2015, Comments Off

sy22 “I take great pride in the items I sell. I only sell items I’ve personally owned and used and never sell anything that is not in 100% perfect operating condition.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 24 July 2015, Comments Off

yamaha sy-22 “This synth is flawless. It has never left my home studio. I’ve enjoyed this synth to produce many songs.

Do a Google search of “SY22 operating manual” to get a complete PDF that covers
all the features and operations in detail.


Yamaha SY-22 Synthesizer
Power adapter
Product manual
Original box and packaging

NOTE: keyboard stand not included but you can buy them for about $15-$2″ Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 15 May 2015, Comments Off

yamaha sy22“Hello, In great working condition for it’s age, Two keys need replacing but are easy to get hold of, the keys are highest ‘E’ and ‘B’. They still play notes, just that the metal springs are not set inside the keys. There is a small piece of plastic on the inside of the keys that have broken off, so it would probably be best just to replace to keys. Rest of the keyboard is fine and playable. Bender and modulation wheel etc all work good. Come with Power Supply. No Box No manual but available online freely.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 17 April 2015, Comments Off

YAMAHASY22” Hello, In great working condition for it’s age, Two keys need replacing but are easy to get hold of, the keys are highest ‘E’ and ‘B’. They still play notes, just that the metal springs are not set inside the keys. There is a small piece of plastic on the inside of the keys that have broken off, so it would probably be best just to replace to keys. Rest of the keyboard is fine and playable. Bender and modulation wheel etc all work good. Come with Power Supply. No Box No manual but available online freely. Welcome to come and try.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 17 April 2015, Comments Off

It is in really good shape for its age. Cosmetically – no significant dents, scratches, or blemishes.

I have it patched in to my stereo system via 1/4″-RCA plugs from the L. and R. outputs. ALL 64 (8 X 8) programs respond on this very clean keyboard.
One can also listen with headphones via the 1/4″ jack on the rear panel.

I cannot verify other possible functions (and there are many) since I lack any sound cards or Midi interface. I can tell you that this is a very nice example of how Yamaha met demands for state of the 90′s tech. in an affordable package.
There is SO much more to this SY22 than I can describe or understand completely. All I know is that it is a very compact and comfortable keyboard that can offer the trained musician a multiplicity of sound effects.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 06 March 2015, Comments Off

sy22“Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer. A great-sounding classic keyboard offered in good clean working condition, with original Yamaha KPA-4 power supply, manual and wooden carrying case.

I have owned this keyboard since new and although it has the usual scuffs and scratches for its age, it still works fine. I powered it up and connected it to a couple of Yamaha HS8 studio monitors and listened to the 64 preset sounds and was blown away by the sound quality – it compares well with most modern synths. Great for recording and also works well as a performance keyboard (it has excellent piano, organ and synth lead presets). ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 13 February 2015, Comments Off

yamaha sy22 “Yamaha sy 22 synthesizer keyboard

Damaged keys and case, but synthesizer engine and audio works fine.

Keys at damaged end dont work, but all others are fine.

Kept in smoke free studio, controlled via another midi keyboard.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 23 January 2015, Comments Off

used sy22” This vintage SY22 Yamaha keyboard is in great shape with no major flaws. There are a few scratches on the LED screen but it displays fine (see photos). The only minor defect is the highest white key requires a slightly hard press to make the sound but since this key is seldom used, it shouldn’t pose a problem. Likely the action just needs to be cleaned. The original power supply and users manual are included. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 02 January 2015, Comments Off


This SY22 is in perfect working and very good condition!!
with AC adaptor(100V version).” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 26 December 2014, Comments Off

sy22 ” You are bidding on a used but fully-functional Yamaha SY22 synthesizer. Power supply and operating manual are included.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 19 December 2014, Comments Off

sy22“Yamaha SY22 synth in full working condition. Comes with power supply.

Generally in good cosmetic condition a couple of marks as shown on the photos. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 19 December 2014, Comments Off

used sy22“This keyboard is in great shape and works as it should, except for the stereo outputs. (Check pics) No sound comes out. But the headphone output works perfectly. Power adapter and keyboard cover included,

Evidently, the problem can possibly be a quick fix. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 14 November 2014, Comments Off

sy22 “I have a nice gently used Yamaha SY22 digital synthesizer. It is in pretty good shape, some dust in the crevices, a fairly good size scratch on the back of the unit (see picture). all the keys are nice. There is NOT a power adapter to it, I have not been able to test it, however I will guarantee it works. If it doesn’t work, I’ll refund the purchase price, however you will need to pay return shipping.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 05 September 2014, Comments Off

sy22” Yamaha SY-22 in fairly good cosmetic condition, one key in need of cleaning (intermittent contact), one key has a slight chip off the underside of the front lip, otherwise 100% fine. Includes power adapter. Nice and lightweight digital vector synth, great for gigging or as a unique method of synthesis to add some new sounds to your arsenal. Plenty of info and demos out there if you’re not already familiar with it. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 29 August 2014, Comments Off

sy22 “Yamaha SY22 Music Synthesizer, Dynamic Vector Synthesis Synth

Bought new, rarely used. All keys, buttons, joystick, and mod wheels work. Bright Screen. Midi in, out, and thru. Sounds great, the drum kit, especially is very evocative of the early 1990s. I have turned it on, and played through all of the sounds. Everything works.

What you get: SY22 Keyboard, and an aftermarket AC adapter.

Cosmetically very good, though there is a small tape spot above the mod-wheels (check the picture).” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 08 August 2014, Comments Off

“This a near-mint Yam SY-22. With original manual. 1990.

This is the synth Moby used all over Play, including the absolutely magical “full string” patch which is unlike any string sound I’ve heard in a synth! It has some nice FM sounds, crazy noises and was designed by Dave Smith’s team after the Yam buyout of Sequential Curcuits.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 08 August 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha SY22. Had this synth a while but never used it much. Some interesting and unique sounds. Internal battery is fine. No manual but easily downloaded. Power supply included. Auction from 99p. Bottom Fsharp key isn’t secure although it still plays. Possibly an easy fix? Feels like a spring has become dislodged but I’m not sure. Small chip out of the underside of one of the white keys, this doesn’t effect playing or feel, and isn’t that noticeable. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 18 July 2014, Comments Off

“Studio kept

Yamaha SY 22-In VERY GOOD Condition
Some small marks here and there.
Comes with custom carrying case and power supply.

Sounds and works great!

Reviews” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 27 June 2014, Comments Off

” This is a Yamaha SY22 synthesizer. It is a type of synthesizer called a vector synthesizer, which is a family of synths that includes the Korg Wavestation and the Prophet VS. What makes Yamaha’s version of vector synthesis (dynamic vector synthesis) is that it also has 2 FM operators which can use the RAM samples as operators. It, like the other popular vector synths includes a joystick for mixing between the “vectors”, and joystick motions can be recorded and replayed as part of the patch – a feature not seen on the Prophet VS or the Wavestation. This is an extremely unique synthesizer, and in my opinion under appreciated.

The condition this synthesizer is in is excellent. It was previously owned by a church, and was taken care of extremely well. It was kept very clean, and was stored in a protective case when not in use/ being stored. It was made in 1990, and is in better condition that a lot of synths a fraction of it’s age. The case is also in great shape, although the foam does have some slight imprints from the feet of the synth while it was stored. It is a hard case with metal hardware and a body that is hard but coated with a soft grey wool material. I assume it was made for this synthesizer in particular, but that’s just speculation. The two memory cards that are included are MCD32 cards. Judging by auctions that have sold on ebay they are each worth roughly $50-60 a piece.

What you get:
1 Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer
1 Hard Case for Yamaha SY22
2 MCD 32 RAM cards

Not Included:
* Power Cord *
- It is a 12V DC with positive polarity. A universal power adapter that goes up to 12V will work.
- I am willing to include the universal power adapter I used to test the synth for an additional $8, however I would recommend you just purchase one from a local store. Just make sure it can go up to 12V.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 20 June 2014, Comments Off

“I have for sale a Yamaha SY22 synthesizer with Vector Control in perfect working order. This synth has NOT been used in the last 15 years. I’ve stored it in my closet and it has been very well taken care of. It comes with the original manual and is a great fully functional unit. There is a flat shipping and handling fee of $40.00. The item pics are of the Yamaha SY22 synth that I have up for auction.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 13 June 2014, Comments Off

“Verkaufe aus Platzgründen meinen Yamaha SY 22 Synthesizer.

Der SY22 benutzt eine Mischung aus Yamahas klassischer FM-Synthese und Samples, die sich mit dem Vector-Joystick übereinanderblenden lassen. Bis zu vier Sounds (2x FM + 2 Samples) lassen sich auf diesem Wege verwurschteln. Die Vectorbewegungen lassen sich in den Patches abspeichern, so dass man auf sehr einfachem Wege sehr komplexe Klangstrukturen entwickeln kann.
Wie der Synthesizer klingt, lässt sich sehr einfach im WWW nachschauen. Einfach Yamaha Sy22 suchen, z.B. bei Aliens Project.
Das Keyboard spielt sich gut, ist anschlagdynamisch und hat Aftertouch. Die Programmierung ist einfach und intuitiv. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 23 May 2014, Comments Off

“Slight bubble in the plastic screen over the menu display.” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 23 May 2014, Comments Off

“Zum Verkauf steht ein gebrauchter und sorgsam generalüberholter digital Synthesizer SY22 aus dem Hause Yamaha.

Vor einiger Zeit arbeitete ich an einem 80/90 Projekt und benötigte dringend einige Soundspender aus jener Generation. So wurden von mir mehrere Schätze jener Zeit angeschafft, restauriert und zu Recordings genutzt.

Viele Bieter werden das kennen – ich würde am Liebsten eine Lagerhalle anmieten und all diese alten Schätze spielbereit aufbewahren, aber irgendwie hat es zum Museumsdirektor nie ganz gereicht und bevor der SY22 nun nach Ende der Recordings Staub ansetzt, soll er einer würdigen Verwendung zukommen.” Link