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sy1 “It’s time to send some of my now-lonely old friends to new homes where they’ll be properly appreciated again.

The Yamaha SY-1 seems limited due its only having 28 presets, but it has a lot more control than you would think which allows the sounds to be shaped quite easily.

I bought this synth back in the late 90s and it’s been safely stored for the last decade or so.

The synth sounded a little wobbly when I tested it last week so I opened it up and gave it a nice cleaning and it was quickly back to normal. The Cutoff Frequency slider sounded good but was a bit rough to move so I cleaned that out too and now it slides well again.

The synth is boxed up and ready to ship and is safely wrapped in large bubble wrap with kaizen foam on each end to protect the sides. For the box itself I took a 48x16x16 box and cut it down so it would fit this synth exactly. I spent an hour or two packing it so I’m fully confident that this synth will be safe during shipping.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 23 December 2016, Comments Off

sy-1 “Great example of the Yamaha SY-1 synth. This is from the mid 1970′s and is in brilliant condition for its age.
It works perfectly and sounds lovely and vibrant; has a full synth section with many controls to modify the sounds. It is like a baby CS80 with the ability to imbue a real expressive feel into the sounds(Think Blade runner synth leads)

There are a few marks here and there consistent with a synthesiser of this age, but there is nothing to detract from its beautiful good looks – The wood casing is also in very good condition.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 02 December 2016, Comments Off

sy1 “Very rare Yamaha SY1 analogue synth in great condition – probably one of the best condition sy1 you are likely to get.
Great analogue sound from its presets and the presets can be tweaked using the synth controls. Aftertouch works great and is the key to the expressive sound from this synth. Just add a digital delay and use the expression for Vangelis type leads and sounds.

Beautiful synth that hardly come up for sale for a reason because people tend to keep them” Link

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sy-1“This beauty is an estate auction find. For being nearly 40 years old it is excellent condition. There is some wear on the paint at the top and the corners. All the keys work, buttons and switches knobs all present and working. It needs to be cleaned with deoxit and the knobs lubricated, but it was well taken care of. This instrument was used by Royksopp according to and truly has a sound of it’s own. Considered to be a single voice CS series synth, it has features and a sound you really can’t get with anything else.” Link

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sy-1” This auction is for a vintage Yamaha Solo Synthesizer SY-1. It is in very good condition.” Link

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sy1“This auction is for a vintage analog Yamaha Synthesizer, model SY-1.

Tested and works great sounds so good its crazy!!. Keys have some cosmetic damage but still works/sounds great! get that analog grove your missing.

Please see pictures.” Link

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used sy-1
Cinch-Eingang und Ausgang
Ein Schalter für die Expression-Modus beim Anschluss der Buchsen oben auf einige alte Yamaha Organe
Ein 1/4 “-Ausgang
Ein 1/4 “Klinkenbuchse für Expression-Pedal (Filter und / oder Volumen)
Stufe für Filter bei der Verwendung des Pedals
Pegel für Lautstärke, mit dem Pedal.” Link

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sy1” Up for sale is a (1) vintage Yamaha SY-1 synthesizer. It’s the first synthesizer Yamaha produced, this one is been made around 1975. The synthesizer is in perfect working condition. Optical it’s in nice condition for its age, but there are some scratches and some wear and tear on it (see photo’s). Overall it’s a beautiful piece of history! It comes with its original hardcase, with some tolex wear. It’s a 220V version and the serial number is: 3303. ” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 16 May 2014, Comments Off

“Comes with the original guide, Hard shell case, Control pedal, the original stand from Yamaha made for the unit,the original case for the stand,and a music stand. Beautiful… first Synth Yamaha Made Everything is in really good condition.All the switches and knobs and keys working well.The volume doesn’t completely go out when you turn the volume down and there is no noise. The sound is very clean. Cosmetically the unit is in very nice condition. There are some minor wear and scratches here and there.It is in amazing condition. Please see all 12 pictures. I am a keyboard player and collector, Click on the pictures to see details.” Link

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“This very rare Yamaha SY-1 vintage analog synthesizer, is the first compact/portable analog synth produced by Yamaha in 1974.

The unit appears to be working fine, all the switches and knobs and keys working well.
The volume doesn’t completely go out when you turn the volume down and there is no noise,
the sound is very clean.
Cosmetically the unit is in very nice condition.
There are some minor wear and scratches here and there.
I am a keyboard player and collector, to my ability I have tested it .

Comes with the original guide, case, control pedal, and the original stand from Yamaha made for the unit,the original case for the stand,and a music stand. ” Link

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“The smaller units have to leave the studio right now!

So up for sale is this vintage YAMAHA SY1 analog synthesizer.

Normal shape. Used, but without tech issues. Also the Aftertouch works well. Some scratches on the surface of the housing, but no serious damages at all. So okay this gear is about 40 years old and as you can imagine i will not give any warranty nor guarantee to this. As it is!” Link

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“YAMAHA SY-1 Vintage analog synth in fully working condition.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off

“Gut erhaltener Yamaha Synthesizer SY-1 mit original Koffer und Guide-Heft.
Altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren sind vorhanden (siehe Fotos).
Das Gerät hat lange gestanden ,der Koffer muffelt etwas von innen.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 04 October 2013, Comments Off

“the synth is very nice condition. and was functioning great, until recent turn on after standing a fair long months. The presets are staticky. Sound like need a clean out. Sometimes 2 don’t sound then come back on etc. the filter and other knobs all work. Just needs a tech to go over it really. getting scarce now this model.has few marks with age nothing much big sound for a small synth.” Link

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“the synth is very nice condition. and functioning great, getting scarce now this model.has few marks with age nothing much big sound for a small synth. very vintage, sold as seen” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 07 June 2013, Comments Off

“This SY-1 is in excellent working and cosmetic condition! Some slight paint defects (as is common with the model) on the edges – as illustrated in photos. All functions work, even aftertouch! This synth sounds awesome – very moogy. Comes with original Dust Cover and chromed music sheet holder. Sale is as is; no refunds. ” Link

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” Sie bieten auf einen gut erhaltenen YAMAHA SY-1 analog Synthesizer aus den 70er Jahren! Den ersten seiner Art von Yamaha!! Eine wahre Rarität!!!” Link

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“Yamaha SY-1

Monophoner analoger Preset-Synthesizer mit vielen Modulationsmöglichkeiten und Aftertouch

Inklusive maßgefertigtem Transportkoffer.

Technisch in hervorragendem Zustand – alles funktioniert, auch der Aftertouch!

Kleine optische Mängel, die aber die Funktionstüchtigkeit nicht beeinflussen. An den Kanten ein paar Fehlstellen im Lack und an der Frontblende
oben rechts ist das Sperrholz etwas ausgefranzt (wurde vom Vorbesitzer nachlackiert) – siehe Fotos.
Alle Schalter und Regler sind original und funktionieren einwandwand, die Tastatur spielt sich 1a.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 03 May 2013, Comments Off

“There are scuffs that are visible in the pictures, but all controls appear to function as normal. Due to age this keyboard is sold as is.

This is a very heavy keyboard. Shipping is via UPS with signature required. No foreign or low feedback bidders. It is being sold as is, with no refunds, partial refunds or returns. ” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 08 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for bid a neat vintage Yamaha keyboard, plate on back says Model SY-1. It has a significant of wood on it and it is heavy. It seems to have controls that were pretty standard for old analog synths. I just tested it and I had a little minor trouble with 2 keys at first, but then within a few minutes they seemed to be working fine, additionally all the controls function as far as I can tell. It reminds me of an old Minit Moog I had many years back, similar sounds and controls. This cool board is aching to be used on someone’s demo or CD. I was looking around for another one, and could not find any, and awesome vintage synth if you ask me. ” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 18 January 2013, Comments Off

“70′s Yamaha SY-1 Analog Synth. Amazingly cool, fun, weird and very musical. Everything works on it…all stops, keys and sliders etc… No issues. Of the 28 pre-set sounds on this keyboard…my favorites are “Pulsar”, “Funny” and “Growlpet”!! But you can switch out of pre-set mode and create your own sounds with the filter controls on the right hand side.

There are some small dents and scuffs that can be seen in the pics. One rubber foot is missing from the bottom but it looks easy to glue a replacement on to original level adjustment piece which is still intact.

The keys are monophonic and work like a moog.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 11 January 2013, Comments Off

“Good cosmetic condition …it was together / combo with a Yamaha Organ ….I purchased it for a gift to my grandson -… but on test hook up, it only puts out HUMMMM sounds ….Yamaha SY 1 Synthesizer Keyboard …As is Sale – PARTS ….Needs good mechanic to correct … …” Link

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“For sale is a Yamaha SY-1, Yamaha’s first production synthesizer. This is an awesome sounding synth and even has aftertouch. It has a CV and Gate input modification added to its rear panel. It is fully functional, but could use a tune up. ” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 23 November 2012, Comments Off

“What we have here is a piece of music history…Yamaha’s first synthesizer! It produces OLD SCHOOL sounds, the kind you would have heard from Kraftwerk. My father bought this new back in the day and it has found it’s way into my hands all these years later. I’m not a keyboard player and really have no use for it. There are a couple of issues worth mentioning. First, many of the key contacts aren’t working. My best guess is that the contacts need to be cleaned. Some work, some don’t, Second, it has a few dings in it which I have pictured. Nothing serious for something of this age. It was not abused, but show signs of being transported. Now the good…all of the controls work as they should. I tested each and every one and they all did something to the sound. All the switches, knobs and slider work. I’m pricing it based on the fact that you will need to dis-assemble it enough to clean the keyboard portion contacts, other than that she works great.” Link

SY-1, Yamaha @ 20 July 2012, Comments Off

“Sie bieten hier auf den allerersten Synthesizer aus Yamaha`s Fertigung – den Yamaha SY-1.

Das Gerät stammt aus dem Nachlass eines Musikers und weist am Gehäuse einige Kampfspuren auf da Es regelmäßig on Stage gespielt wurde (siehe Bilder) und der Knopf des Volume Poti`s scheint nicht mehr original zu sein.

Technisch ist alles in bester Ordnung und das Gerät funktioniert vollständig ohne knacksende Regler o.ä.

Ein befreundeter Musiker hat das Teil ausgiebig getestet und ich war erstaunt was das Gerät so alles drauf hat.

Der SY-1 ist aufgrund seiner genialen Filter auch heute noch ein sehr begehrtes Gerät und mittlerweile so gut wie nicht mehr zu bekommen.” Link

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“Up for auction, very rare Yamaha SY-1, this is the first Yamaha Synthesizer. It has the same filter sealed boxes as the glorious Yamaha GX-1. Comes with original hard case and modulation pedal for the filter.
The synth needs some repair. The envelope is not working properly. The other controls appear to work ok. It can still be used but the manual sustain of the envelope does not work. Considering this fault is sold AS IS and no returns are accepted. Condition as you can see from the pictures is not to bad. The paint has few small chips on the faceplate.
Rated 100 v you may need a transformer depending on your voltage” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Amazing condition Yamaha SY 1 Analog synth. Great shape just a few minor scratches (see pics), recently serviced.
Comes with original Yamaha flight case / road case (pictured). Perfect complement to a CS-50, CS-60 or CS-80 !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yamaha Solo Synthesizer , polyphon
mit Koffer
Es können X verschiedene Instrumente mit dem Gerät erzeugt und nachgespielt und verändert werden.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a very rare and much sought after synth Yamaha solo synthesizer model SY-1 serial 2689. The SY-1 is a cracker of a synth. I believe this is Yamaha’s first mass produced analog synth with some killer sounds. Any synth with a preset called “Growlpet” should be considered a classic.
Being an analog synth you have control over things as attack & sustain, portamento, cutoff frequencies and resonance. This is a monophonic synthesizer, so you cannot play chords on it.
It comes with a music stand, as shown, and a cover. There is a rip on the cover. One of the slider control knobs is missing, there is some damage to the facia of the synth as can be seen in the photo, but the keys are clean, and the pre set buttons all appear in good order.
Since this is bulky and quite heavy I am offering it as collect only, but the buyer wishes to arrange their own courier Iam more than happy.

On 17-Apr-12 at 11:00:08 BST, seller added the following information:

The synth has not been used for at least 8 years, but has been safely stored. I have, today, switched it on to try it and it worked straight away. However I will point out that a few of the keys did not sound, some did not sound straight off, but after working a bit did sound,and some had a slight warble. Most keys, however gave a pure note straight away, so possibly just want the contacts cleaning on some notes. The sound modules worked straight away, and the slector switches. By the way “Growlpet” is very addictive. Please note that the synth for sale is the one in the photo, and pick up is from North Shropshire” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sie bieten hier auf einen

Synthesizer von Yamaha

Modell SY-1

Dieses Modell wurde zwischen 1974 und 1978 gebaut.

Der SY 1 war Yamahas erster Synthesizer. Was ihn heute so beliebt macht, sind seine Filter,
welche sonst nur noch im legendären Yamaha GX 1 zu finden sind.

Den Synthesizer habe ich 2001 aus einer Erbschaft erhalten. Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt
war er täglich im Heimstudio im Einsatz und voll funktionsfähig.

Zum Synthesizer erhalten Sie die original Yamaha-Abdeckung zum Schutz der Tasten.

Seit 2001 haben wir ihn in der Wohnung trocken und gut verpackt aufbewahrt.
Das Gerät hat normale (auch altersbedingte) Gebrauchsspuren.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Most similar items on the market are over-rated (eg. MINT!!!) or have undisclosed problems that can cost a lot to fix… IF you can find a good tech in your area. Please consider paying more for our items because they’re thoroughly tested* and accurately described, unlike most. This means no “typical eBay surprises” or unexpected repair bills! We also pack our items to withstand shipping damage and offer post-sale support. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yamahas erster Synthesizer, eher ein Preset-Gerät, aber mit Multimodefilter. Bestens als Solosynth geeignet !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-1, Yamaha @ 18 November 2011, Comments Off

“Sie bieten hier auf einen seltenen Yamaha SY-1 analog Synthesizer.
Leider kann das genaue Baujahr nicht durch die Seriennummer 1481 bestimmt werden, deswegen 1974-1978.

Leider weiß ich nicht ob er noch funktioniert, da mir die Mittel zum testen fehlen. (Verstärker, Kabel)
Deswegen hier ausdrücklich als defekt angeboten.

Bei dem Synthesizer ist ein Koffer, ein Pedal und das Stromkabel dabei.

Er hat Gebrauchsspuren, was sicherlich am Alter liegt und daran, dass er in dieser Zeit auch benutzt wurde.

Auf den Tasten sind die Noten mit Edding geschrieben, was mit ein bisschen Putzmittel kein Problem ist.

Die Schalter funktionieren ohne Probleme, keine Hänger oder lockere Schalter. (mechanisch)

Privatverkauf: Keine Garantie/Gewährleistung und Rücknahme möglich!

Viel Erfolg beim Bieten!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ich räume mein altes Tonstudio aus! :) Sie bieten hier auf einen gut erhaltenen und funktionellen Mono-Synthesizer SY-1 von Yamaha aus den 70er Jahren. Das Gerät hat die – wie damals üblich- typische ADSR-Technologie zum Einstellen eines eigenen Sounds sowie 28 vorgegebenen Presets. Versand erfolgt im original Koffer. Gern können Sie den Synthesizer auch persönlich bei mir in Saarbrücken abholen. Bei weiteren Fragen schicken Sie mir bitte eine Nachricht. Viel Spaß beim Bieten!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-1, Yamaha @ 21 October 2011, Comments Off

“For sale is this vintage Yamaha SY-1 Solo Synthesizer in amazing condition. This instrament was bought at Fulton Piano and Organ Company, 363 park city center, Lancaster PA 17601 on october 31st 1975 for 842.00 and with the acception of a couple of small paint chips in the charcoal colored top, it looks like it was just brought home. It is super clean and works perfectly. Please check out several detailed pictures of the Sy-1 and all the original paperwork that it will come with.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.