RY30, Yamaha @ 25 August 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha RY30

“Thee premier drum machine of the late 80’s / early 90’s. 25 years old but still in good shape.” Link

RY30, Yamaha @ 27 August 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha RY30

Yamaha RY30 with original power supply & original manual! Perfect working condition with the cosmetics 9/10 – this unit was produced 20-25 years ago & has been used, not sat in a closet doing nothing. There are a few minor marks if you really look for them, but definitely nothing that will get in the way doing what this machine does best – making amazing beats!! All printed writing on the unit is 100% clear and the buttons/pads look as new.

Unique to the RY30 is the controller wheel which can be set to 1 of 5 modes : pitch, decay, pan, filter & balance. This data is recorded per pattern per voice…!!! Wow is all i can say to this – something i don’t think any other manufacturer ever did before or since.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.