DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 10 March 2017, Comments Off

dx7s “Updated 16 bit version of the original DX7 with unison mode, improved MIDI implementation, more LFO control, backlit LCD, better/easier menu/button layout, 64 Voices / 32 Performances, micro tuning, fractional level scaling etc.

In excellent shape with Data ROM Cartridge.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 03 March 2017, Comments Off

dx7s “Keyboard used by many professional musicians of the past. Still a unique sound!” Link

DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 03 March 2017, Comments Off

yamahdx67 “Excellent Condition, very well kept and very little recent use, all inputs and outputs in working condition.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 18 November 2016, Comments Off

yamaha-dx7s “mega awesome yamaha dx7s
you will know this from a million records
this has had a hard life..
cracks on the casing on the end- seems solid enough though
there is 1 spring missing from the lowest key and the highest key sits a couple of mm higher than it should
as far as i can tell everything works great – all the keys,all the buttons
im not sure the aftertouch works… its quite a complex thing to get my head round so i maybe havent turned it on somewhere?
screen lights up green
breath controller works with it!
was a good idea but i really am shit on keyboard – a one finger monosynth is more my style
its a heavy beast – weighs sooo much more than the roland sh2000 im selling
the sounds on this are absolutely stunning
this has a memory cartridge as well
think this is the 2nd version of the dx7 with better buttons and much more memory than the original?” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 07 October 2016, Comments Off

dx7s “This is a Yamaha DX7s Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer keyboard with one data rom cartridge. It was pulled working from an audio production bay a long while back and has been sitting in the facility’s air conditioned storage room since then.

The long and short of this keyboard is that it may work or it may not. It powers on and comes up with the display exactly as you see it in the pictures. I don’t know how to service or program it. It may just need someone who knows what they’re doing or it may not be working, so it’s being offered for Parts or Restore. Please bid on this as if it is NOT working just to be safe.

At the very least it’s chock-full of great parts! Heck, just the cartridge may be worth the starting price… (of course I have no way to test it either)… ” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 03 June 2016, Comments Off

dx7s “Yamaha DX7 S Synthesiser. This is a vintage 198os synthesizer in good working order as far as we can tell.
It has a few scratches here and there.
On start up it has a message Voice- change battery, and the diagnostic says 0.7v on the battery so this may need changing.
There is one key which has been repaired but plays OK. I have taken a photo to show it close up so you can see but replacements can be bought cheaply on ebay if required.
There is a Cartridge ROM with this and a Quiklok systems foldable stand.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 06 May 2016, Comments Off

used dx7s “Yamaha DX7s FM Digital Synthesiser.

DX7 range remains one of the best-selling synthesizers of all time.

Programable using FM synthesis and one of the first instruments to have midi.

Used but fully working, has the odd mark but not bad for age.

Includes 1x cartridge, sustain pedal, sheet rack, manual (some pages have fallen apart, manual is available free online as a pdf file) and original box.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 15 April 2016, Comments Off

x7s “Sie bieten hier auf ein Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer was toll für Veranstaltungen ist wenn etwas vorführen will. Der Synthesizer braucht Boxen und bieten einen guten Klang dazu kommt noch ein Yamaha RAM4 mit tollen Sounds. Dazu kommt noch ein Ständer für den Synthesizer.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 04 March 2016, Comments Off

dx7s “You are bidding on a great Yamaha DX-7s Synthesizer. Powers up and will not produce a sound, have no idea what’s wrong with it. Everything original and nothing is missing on it. STAND IS NOT INCLUDING IN THE SALE.You will get what you see in the pictures, if you do not see it than you will not get.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 19 February 2016, Comments Off

uesd dx7s “Used. One key is out of place, it makes sound. All else in working order. Included is soft carrying bag, zipper works. Peavy Rage 158 amp. Extra cord. Folding stand. Foot pedal with cord. Nova 40 headphones. ” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 05 February 2016, Comments Off

dx7s “You are bidding on a great Yamaha DX-7s Synthesizer. Powers up and seem to be working, but I have no idea how to check it 100%, I am not a professional player and I have no idea how to play it. Everything original and nothing is missing on it. All keys are in great condition and none are stock or sticking. STAND IS NOT INCLUDING IN THE SALE.You will get what you see in the pictures, if you do not see it than you will not get.” Link

DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 29 January 2016, Comments Off

used dx7s “You are bidding on a Yamaha Dx7s Synthesizer! European Cord! In Great Condition! Please ask any questions before buying.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 11 December 2015, Comments Off

dx7s” Yamaha DX7s synthesiser in used condition. Been in storage but main functions checked and everything seems to be working although when switching on a replace battery warning displays on the LCD screen

has a few scrathes notably underneath has quite a large scratch the middle key is also raised few keys seem to stick display advises change battery” Link

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used dx7s “This DX7s is in perfect working condition and in Very Good condition.
This unit was professionally checked/serviced/cleaned and changed new internal bettery.
come with gig bag.” Link

DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 23 October 2015, Comments Off

dx7s “Dx7s

Not working – won’t power up, but possibly easy to fix.

Also some muppet has covered it with stickers as shown. ” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 02 October 2015, Comments Off

dx7s “Yamaha CS15D in great condition. Lovely to play – this is a fantastic analogue mono synth. All functions are working. Comes with a 100V power supply and a hard case.
A very realistic buy it now price on this given the condition of the synth.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 02 October 2015, Comments Off

Thius was my brothers who owned it for years battery ws replaced about a year ago.The only isse with the keyboard is that buttons 13 and 14 dont work.Other than that it is fine.
I am selling it as is” Link

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used dx7sd “nonfunctional and damaged unit sold as is for parts” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 03 July 2015, Comments Off

dx7s“Has been cleaned, a new battery holder has been soldered in with new battery, broken springs/keys replaced by a reputable music shop technician who has years of experience working with these units. Everything in good working order.

Serial number still intact.

Minor cracks at corner of case — please review photos carefully. ” Link

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dx7s “The keyboard is in excellent shape but the original box is in rough shape.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 15 May 2015, Comments Off

dx7s“This listing is for a used Yamaha DX7s synthesizer.

This is the updated version with push-buttons, much sturdier than the first dx7 with its cheap membrane buttons.

Unit is in great cosmetic condition. I plugged it in after not using it for a while and everything seemed to work. It sounds amazing ! Sad to see this one go..

There’s a message displayed when power is turned on that reads “Change Battery”. This doesn’t seem to impinge upon the overall functioning of the keyboard, though. Not really sure what that means.” Link

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Yamaha DX7-S Kult Synthesizer

Aus dem Dornröschenschlaf im Case …

! Funktion nicht vollständig geprüft !

als er verpackt wurde ging alles

Inkl. Case ” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 06 March 2015, Comments Off

x7s” Yamaha DX7s synthesizer, good cosmetically, but makes weird sound when play, one time I got clear piano sound, when play with buttons. Selling as-is for parts or repair. ” Link

DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 27 February 2015, Comments Off

dx7s “Yamaha DX7s Synthesizer in good cosmetic condition. This keyboard will power on, I have never had it connected to any other equipment to try to see if everything works. I have tried to connect some headphones to see if it would play but was unable to get any sound out of it. This keyboard may work perfectly but I have not been able to get any sound from it. This may be a combination of lack the proper equipment and inexperience in the operation of this keyboard, therefore we are selling this keyboard AS IS for Parts or Repair.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 06 February 2015, Comments Off

dx7s” One of the most popular digital algorithm synths ever. It was released in 1983. This unit introduced a whole new type of synthesis called FM (frequency modulation). These units are far from analog and very difficult to program to the outsider but produces excellent sounds in the hands of a professional.. This particular unit in this listing powers on and all buttons function properly the output is just low and the sounds are really strange. I really think it needs an internal battery and programming but I do not have the knowledge to do this. This unit could probably be repaired or used for parts to an actual tech. Overall chassis is great and no sticking keys.” Link

DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 16 January 2015, Comments Off

used dx7sd“Yamaha DX7 S Synthesizer, ROM cartridge and fitted hard case.

I am not an expert on these instruments, but have done my best to describe the item as accurately as possible.

The internal battery needs to be changed, and as such the instrument has no ‘memory’ when switched off so patches cannot be stored. I have been using the patches on the ROM cartridge, which is included in the sale. It is fitted with a 2-pin Euro type mains plug, so will need an adapter, or change of plug.

The overall condition of the instrument is superb. There are 2 or 3 tiny marks on the front panel. The rear and base are almost perfect. There are no cracks in the plastic trim on the sides. There are some marks to the keys from normal playing. All keys work. All buttons and sliders work. The LED and LCD displays are both bright and clear. There are no visible scratches to the screen. It is extremely clean and has been stored in it’s case. There is not the usual build up of dust in the grooves on the front panel or around the buttons and sliders. ” Link

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used yamaahdx7s“STUDIO Auflösung – guter Zustand – A5 Taste geht nicht – lief bis vor 10 Tagen einwandfrei in meinem Studio ..” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 21 November 2014, Comments Off

dx7s” This beastly DX7S synth is in great condition! I am running out of space in my apartment and have to get rid of it, but I’m sad to see it go. This is an awesome synth capable of producing great sounds. This is in perfect working order and great cosmetic shape.” Link

DX-7, DX-7s, Yamaha @ 14 November 2014, Comments Off

dx7s” Yamaha DX7s synthesizer, bought it on estate sale, good cosmetically, battery was changed, all keys/functions responding properly, when play – makes weird noises. Selling for parts or repair.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 07 November 2014, Comments Off

used dx7s” I bought this on eBay as fully functional a couple of years ago. In reality a couple of the operator buttons didn’t work and its sat in the cupboard since.

It now displays “Voice:Change Battery” on the LCD when switched on (see picture) and other text is garbled (also see picture) I can’t get any sound out of it – though I imagine the battery maybe to blame. It did make sound when I purchased it.

It has a ROM cartridge, music stand and manual. It has a tatty flight case that I will ship it in – it’s will protect the instrument in transit, but that is all its good for.” Link

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dx7sqx21“For sale: a classic DX7s FM synthesiser and a QX21sequencer together with 2 midi leads, original DX cartridge plus 2 cartridges with Steinway patches, strings and classic synth sounds.

The keyboard has been refurbished with 40 new tactile switches and a new battery, has never been gigged, home use only. It is in generally good condition with the odd scratch and all keys play perfectly.

The QX21 is in good condition and very easy to use. Both original manuals are available and complete but with some coffee stains, dog ears and tears.

The DX7s was the last model produced in the DX range with many improvements over the original DX7. ” Link

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dx7s“Everything on the synth works fine. The only issue I ran into was the main left and right outputs were a little noisy so I just ran a stereo cord out of the headphone jack.” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 22 August 2014, Comments Off

dx7s “Yamaha DX7s Synthesizer with data rom cartridge and manual.
I’ve listed this item as sold as seen because when you power up the replace battery message appears. You can get sounds out of some of the banks though and all the keys seem to be working ok.The synth is in pretty good condition,one of the faders is missing,but apart from this and a new battery it should be working ok.It’s sold for parts or not working though so sorry,no returns.” Link

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“Vintage Yamaha DX7s Synthesizer

Excellent Condition
1 Owner
Being sold by original owner
All keys, switches, buttons, joystick, screen in perfect working condition
Includes Original Cartridge
Includes Flight Case in excellent condition” Link