DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 24 February 2017, Comments Off

yamahadx7iifd “it is in excellent condition, works good.
some buttons need a little more pressure to work but everything is in working condition
includes a yamaha DX7 II-D/ II-FD data rom cartridge.
it shows normal signs of use for a vintage item but you can take a look at the pictures to see what your are buying” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, Comments Off

dxty “Floppy drive works like a dream. Rarely used since we have MIDI data filers.” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 20 January 2017, Comments Off

dx7 “Up for sale is a Vintage Yamaha DX7 II FD with Grey Matter E! I am the original owner and purchased it brand new as soon as it was released in 1987. I really took care of this keyboard, as evidenced by the pictures, and it is in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally with everything working as it should.

I had the Grey Matter E! board installed shortly after it was released and I also have the original Yamaha DX7 II FD chip that was removed to install the Grey Matter E! board.” Link

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dx7iifd “Comes with huge library on CD and librarian/editor!

Absolutely wonderful to play.

Awesome MIDI controller!

I have the biggest library for the DX7II that I’ve ever even seen!

New battery!

Disk drive works fantastic! It’s a direct-drive, no belt to ever wear out!” Link

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dx7_iid “Includes a couple different editors and thousands of sounds! Used but not abused. A joy to play. Sounds awesome, as you’d expect. Signs of wear. Keybed play nice. All controllers work as they should.” Link

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s7ii “I’m selling a Yamaha DX7IID in excellent condition. It has a fresh battery installed and plays like a charm.

The Yamaha DX7 synthesizer debuted in 1983 and completely changed the game.

The Yamaha DX7IID is an upgrade from the original “brownie”. It is in a black metal case and has dual timbre capability which means the sounds can be split or layered.

I do not have any voice catridges (RAM or ROM). However, this DX7IID is loaded with 64 sounds and 32 performances. A huge library of sounds can easily be found on the internet.

I highly recommend FM Alive as a utility for getting sounds in and out of the DX7IID and programming as well.

I do not have the original box and packing material. Nope. I can do better. This DX7IID comes with a solid hard case manufactured by Hybrid Cases..” Link

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dx7iid “Item is in fantastic condition. Hardly any use. No issues or problems. Everything working. Comes with original memory cartridge. Great keyboard touch and response” Link

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dx7iifd “Here’s a YAMAHA DX7 II-FD. This is a true Classic Vintage Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer straight out of the 1980′s in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition, and perfect working condition. Display is bright, and crisp. Always used and stored in a smoke-free studio environment. My father is the original owner of this synth. He’s an accomplished, successful Motown/Soul/R&B artist, and a complete gear-head. His studio is too cluttered with too much vintage gear that he’s collected throughout his 30+ years in the music business, so I finally convinced him to let some of it go. This item needs no further introduction. If you’re looking at it, you already know what it is. His loss is your gain.” Link

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yamaha-dx7 “Wir verkaufen einen ziemlich alten

YAMAHA Synthesizer DX7 IIFD,
mit 2 mal Data Cartridge,
mit 3 mal 3,5″ Zoll Disketten,
mit Flightcase, abschließbar.

Alles ist gebraucht, das Keyboard selbst sieht noch ganz gut aus, das Case hat Schrammen und der Innenschaum ist beschädigt, hängt etwas weg. Sollte auf den Bildern alles gut zu sehen sein.” Link

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dx7iid “Zu ersteigern gibt es hier einen YAMAHA DX 7 II D Synthesizer, voll funktionsfähig bis auf Audio-Output-Signal, defekt!

Optisch noch guter, aber gebrauchter Zustand, keine groben Blessuren wie Risse, Beulen o.ä., nur normale Gebrauchsspuren durch Gebrauch. Tastatur komplett in Ordnung, alle Taster und Regler funktionieren tadellos.

Das Display hat in der linken unteren Ecke einen kleinen schwarzen Streifen, was aber keine Funktion beeinträchtigt (s. Bild).

Das Gerät geht an und alle Funktionen können abgerufen, bzw. editiert werden, aber es kommt kein Signal aus dem Output, also kein Ton. Die Speicherbatterie ist noch in Ordnung und zeigt keine Fehlermeldung an, und via Midi kann man mit dem DX7 problemlos andere Module, Computer oder Keyboards ansteuern, funktioniert alles wunderbar, sowohl Midi-In als auch Midi-Out.

Wegen des mangelnden Outputsignals verkaufe ich das Gerät ausdrücklich als defekt.

Geliefert wird nur das Gerät, kein weiteres Zubehör.” Link

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dx7iid “Vintage Yamaha DX7IID synthesizer in excellent overall condition. Comes complete with Grey Matter E! installed, original Data Rom cartridge and like new user manuals. Keyboard had a new internal battery recently installed as well – looks and plays great! There is a slight clicking sound on the C# key above middle C, but it is completely functional. I am the original owner and the unit has been well cared for; however, due to the age of the instrument (almost 30 years old) it is being sold AS IS. Keyboard will be shipped in hard shell case as a bonus, just needs re-foaming on the inside and it’s good to go. ” Link

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dx7iifd “Vintage DX 7 II FD

Perfect working condition. All keys work, new battery holder has been soldered in for easier battery replacement.


Normal wear.

No case.

No serial number (has been peeled off).

A piece of vintage polyester knit fabric for a dust cover. ” Link

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dx72d “Up for bid is the “Original” Yamaha DX7
SOLD AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. Check pix for physical shape.” Link

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2d “Up for sale is a Yamaha DX7IIFD with E! Grey Matter expansion board installed. The synth is in good condition. A couple things to note: The volume slider doesn’t work as it should. When you slide it from down to up the sound goes from off to on at full volume and no in-between. A good cleaning might do the trick. If not, I know where you can buy a replacement. The floppy drive doesn’t consistently work and you may want to replace it if you care to use floppy disks. It’s possible one of those floppy disk emulators could work. It’s just as easy to use midi sysex transfer. Aside from the 2 issues, everything else works and the synth sounds great! Plus, a new battery is installed (with a battery holder so changing it later would be a breeze) and Grey Matter sounds have been loaded! ” Link

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useddx7 “Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Keyboard

MPN: Does Not Apply

Cosmetic Condition: Item is in good used condition with minor scratches and scuff marks overall. ” Link

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dx72d “Yamaha DX7 II D vintage synthesizer. Great overall condition inside and out. Operates perfectly. Will be shipped in pictured road case.” Link

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dx7iifd “YAMAHA DX7II DF Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer Keyboard
Very good condition, manual as .pdf.” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, Comments Off

dx7iifd “Up for sale I have a Yamaha DX7 ii FD Synthesizer With Hard Case. Keyboard works and sounds great. Cosmetically I would rate it a 7/10 with some minor flaws that I will show in photos. A great purchase for anyone who knows how to use this bad boy! The case in photo could use new lining as well.” Link

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yamaha dx7iids “Listing this used Yamaha DX-7-II-D keyboard, item is not in working condition, might be something with the power supply. Listing for parts or restoration. As ever here to serve you thanks for stopping by and happy bidding. ” Link

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dx7id “This synthesizer is in incredible condition for being 30-ish years old. Barely a scratch on it. Everything works as it should and it just had the battery replaced a few months ago. It’s loaded with patches and comes with a ROM cartridge with all sorts of fun, terrible patches.” Link

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dx72d “This is the great DX7 yamaha syntheziser, it works great, it has a few usage but pretty much in great shape,” Link

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dx7iid “This is the great DX7 yamaha syntheziser, it works great, it has a few usage but pretty much in great shape, if you require more information please contact
thanks for watching” Link

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dx7iifd “Yamaha DX7 II-FD Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer

Cosmetically this synth is in great condition considering age, minor scuffs to sides, back has some scuffs/scratches, screen/display/keys all in very nice condition.

I purchased this Synth from an estate along with an Ensoniq ASR-10 and DSR1 sequencer (for sale in my other auctions),..I purchased these knowing little about synthesizers.

This DX7 powers up, but I was not able to produce sound, after some research, I found that these synths have an on-board battery, once the battery is dead, all of the internal sound samples get deleted, since this one was said to have came out of a studio many years ago, It is safe to say the on-board battery needs to be replaced. This requires the use of a solder gun, not a hard job. Other than that, I had no way of testing any further. There are no disks or cartridges included.” Link

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7iid “This is the great DX7 yamaha syntheziser, it works great, it has a few usage but pretty much in great shape” Link

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dx7iifd “Classic DX7 with a great flight case sorry no cartridges Little cosmetic wear fully operational. Low reserve.” Link

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used dx7ii “Up for sale is a Yamaha DX7 keyboard. The unit seems to function fine, but it’s being sold as is for parts or repair because two keys are broken (one white and one black). ” Link

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used dx7 “Nice keyboard – bright display – everything works perfect – bought this very little use – hate to see it go – buy it! – you will not be disappointed.” Link

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useddx7 “This item is in fair condition. It has some cigarette burns, scratches, and signs of use but is put together solid and plays well. It has been cleaned and the memory battery has been changed. The instrument works well with the exception of a handful of the patch buttons have to be pressed harder than normal to operate.” Link

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used dx7iid “Not perfect condition, shows some road wear. Works fine.”

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 26 February 2016, Comments Off

dx7iifd “Great Key…Selected Patches ..Evertything works. Sad to sell it.” Link

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dx7iifd “Hello! I am selling this classic 80′s synthesizer because I no longer need it. When I had it, it had sounds but now it doesn’t have any. I am not sure if they got erased accidentally. One of the keys is dropped (a black one as shown in the picture) so it would have to be repaired. This model is sold for about 500-600 so I would like to sell it for less than that of course to compensate for the repairs it needs which shouldn’t be major as it was working not so long ago. It could also be the battery since the synthesizer is really old.

Because it is REALLY HEAVY and to prevent damage, I am only offering it for pick up only. It is used so there are no returns. Please feel free to reach me for any questions you may have. Synth is in the Los Angeles area. Thank you! Note: synth sold by itself.” Link

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dx7iid “Very good working and cosmetic condition / No missing or broken parts / Roadrunner Soft Keyboard Case Included.New back-up battery installed.” Link

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yamaha dx7iifd “WONT POWER ON






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dx7ii fd “Verkaufe hier einen Synthesizer der Marke YAMAHA mit der Modellbezeichnung DX7 II-D

Der Synthesizer ist für den Alter in einem sehr guten Zustand, mit normalen leichten Gebrauchsspuren, was bei der Verwendung kaum vermeidbar ist . (Schauen Sie sich bitte die Bilder an.)
Der Synthesizer wurde in Februar. diesen Jahres (2015) überholt und die Batterie ausgetauscht. Über die Überholung ist eine Rechnung vorhanden, was auch mit gegeben wird.

Zum Lieferumfang gehören: Der Synthesizer Yamaha DX7 II-D, der Yamaha Pedal, der Notenständer, der Fuß/Ständer und die Originalverpackung

Eine Abholung ist in Eitorf oder nach Absprache in Köln oder Düsseldorf möglich.

Versand ist Weltweit möglich, muss aber die Versandkosten erfragen.” Link