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yamaha dx1 “This Yamaha DX 1 is in somewhere between very good to excellent used condition cosmetically both inside and out, this vintage mid 80′s DX 1 FM Synth shows some signs of use on it with some dings and dents and scuffs/scrapes here and there, and it is not perfect mint condition, but this DX 1 synth was maintained very well and is in proper working condition, I can send many more big HD pictures by ebay message request.” Link

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dx1 “I am the second owner of this incredible Yamaha DX1 synthesizer. It has always been in a smoke free, controlled environment and is in perfect working condition. Only 140 were produced with the original list price in 1985 of $13,900. If you are familiar at all with this instrument you know that it was the finest example of a synthesizer keyboard that Yamaha ever made. This keyboard is a 9.5 of 10 cosmetically and comes with 9 ROM sound cartridges, a Yamaha breath controller, Ultimate Support table stand AND a MIDI interface box that allows it to transmit full MIDI velocity of 127. The instrument itself only transmitted velocity of 100. Additionally it has polyphonic aftertouch and is a great controller.

There are very few of these synthesizers still available and almost none in this condition. The only reason that I am selling it is to consolidate my studio.” Link

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dx1 “1985-86 Yamaha DX 1 frequency modulation digital synthesizer with memory 64 patches and 64 available performance patches, 32 voices and the DX 1 is Bi-Timbral and with early basic MIDI in through out, and this synthesizer also comes with two RAM and one ROM memory cartridges. Dual FM 6 operator engines with 73 weighted and balanced wood keys, with polyphonic aftertouch and velocity. This DX 1 is almost mint condition with no broken or chipped keys and no broken or missing controls or sliders. This classic vintage mid 80′s digital synth works perfect and is in very nice condition overall, and it comes with a custom made Anvil flight case with the foam in very good shape still. Of note there is pictured in this listing a residual serial # or inventory # of some sort scratched on the back of the DX 1 done apparently by the previous owner, or this might have been done by the church as inventory. I am not aware why this was done or by whoever did it, however this line of numbers was there on the back of the DX 1 when I acquired it. I bought this DX 1 about two years back fall 2013, and this synth came from a church in Minnesota where it was being used by the church organist. I drove over 8 hours in my SUV to buy and pick up this HTF rare Yamaha DX 1 synth in person instead of having it shipped, and it has not been commercially shipped since then. ” Link

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dx1 “Here we have an excellent musical instrument. The Yamaha DX1. I refer to it as a musical instrument because nothing stands between you and your creativity when you use it like some other hardware synths. It feels like a complete thought or idea as opposed to just hardware. No expense was spared making this the ultimate FM instrument.

The components are so quality that it never makes an offensive/shrill sound. It’s easy to get lost in playing it. This was the most expensive project Yamaha ever undertook. I do not think anyone for the rest of human existence is going to put this much money or attention to detail into a synthesizer ever again. To me, that is what makes this machine special and dear to my heart. This is one of three DX1s that I have owned. I sold the first in 2009 and received positive feedback for it.

People will go on and on about how the engine of a DX1 is two DX7s. This does not ring true to me. There are so many components and circuit boards inside the DX1 compared to the bare bones set up of a DX7. They may say how a FS1R can do more. This maybe true and they are cool units but the output sounds buzzy and shrill comparatively, plus scrolling through menu after menu is not fun. There is something about the “Rolls Royce” quality of the DX1, plus the sound, plus the interface that makes it really special. This of course is all my opinion. I can say I have compared the sound of the Yamaha DX5 and Mk1 DX-7(sold one of each on ebay and received positive feedback for both) and while they both sound nice the DX1 blows them away in just the weight and warmth of the sound. Comparing a DX1 to other FM synths is like comparing a Fairlight CMI to an Akai sampler. The Akai wins on paper but you don’t play paper. Again, all the machines I mentioned are great and have their place. I just think the DX1 is extra special.

They only made 140 of these. My guess is only 75-100 remain in good functioning condition. This one looks and functions excellently. As you can see from the pictures it looks sharp. It has NO smoky, musty, or unpleasant smell. It does have a few minor cosmetic flaws that I have shown in the photos keeping it from being “perfect”. It has a few flaws in the wood that are not very noticeable because they blend in with the rustic grain and texture of the REAL Brazilian Rosewood, but they are there and you can see them if you look for them. Overall this is a well taken care of DX1 with a small amount of wear, it is in far better shape than many other DX1 instruments I have seen. It has always been stored in a climate controlled environment. You will not be disappointed. ” Link

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dx1” This auction listing is for a vintage mid 1980′s Yamaha DIGITAL DX 1 Frequency Modulation polyphonic multitimbral synthesizer with dual 6 operator digital FM engine and 16 voice polyphony– ( up to 32 voices using both A and B channels with loaded patches from RAM memory cartridges) . The DX 1 synthesizer was Yamaha’s top of the line flagship model of its DX line digital frequency modulation synthesizers from the 1980′s. The DX 1 had 73 weighted and balanced wood keys and was MIDI equipped with MIDI IN, THRU, OUT. These DX 1′s are very well known to be rare FM synths and Yamaha only manufactured the DX 1 FM synth for a short time I believe 1984-86, estimates of final production numbers from varied web sources, range from about 140 to maybe 300 ever manufactured, with the 140 DX 1′s being the more widely accepted number of actual manufactured and sold DX 1′s. The DX 1s were all hand built from Yamaha’s top technicians with actual real wooden weighted keys with sensitivity to velocity and polyphonic aftertouch, and it had the best user friendly operating system and layout of display screens for programming and editing of any of the Yamaha DX line of FM synths. The synth has been tested and inspected by a local synth tech who formerly had much experience as a service tech with the Yamaha line of DX FM digital synths, and found to be in 100% proper working order. However due to the nature of vintage electronic musical instruments and the age of this particular DX 1 synth, estimated to be at least 25+ years old, this vintage synth is to be considered sold as is and returns are not accepted. That said this DX 1 synth is a very clean and pristine synth both inside and out, and this synth was obviously a very well taken care of musical instrument by the past original owner, a church keyboardist from a church in the Minneapolis, MN area. There are no stuck or missing voices, and no chipped or broken keys anywhere in the 73 note keyboard, and all control buttons, sliders, pitch/modulation wheels function proper, as well as all led displays and meters light up brightly. There are a very few slight dings and scratches to the beautiful rosewood case in a couple of spots and I have pictured them in this Ebay listing. ” Link

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“WOW!!! Vintage Yamaha DX-1!!! Professionally serviced and tested!!! 100% fully functioning! Every button, knob, dial, key and LED works great! Used. This item is in good cosmetic condition with some of the wood veneer cracked/missing in a few spots(top corners). Manual, power cord and 4 sound cartridges are included. Ships in a custom wooden crate built specifically for this piece.” Link

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” RARE Yamaha DX1 FM Synthesizer and Accessories for sale. Condition of the keyboard is a 9.5/10 and I am the second owner. Extras include 7 factory Yamaha ROM sets, 4 other custom sets, MIDI Solutions Event Processor to boost keyboard velocity to a maximum of 127 and Yamaha expression pedal and Ultimate Support table stand.

Everything is in perfect working order–I am downsizing my studio and have to part with this incredible keyboard.” Link

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“Kann gerne vor Ort besichtigt und getestet werden. Versandkosten sind nur eine Schätzung, das Gerät wiegt mehr als 50kg! Bitte kontaktieren sie uns bei Interesse persönlich.

This monster is professionally serviced and tested in our shop (Philsynth), so the synth is 100% fully functioning. Every button, knob, dial, key and LED works great! This item is not in perfect cosmetic condition (see pictures). But only 140 of them were ever made…” Link

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“This monster is professionally serviced and tested in our shop (Philsynth), so the synth is 100% fully functioning. Every button, knob, dial, key and LED works great! This item is not in perfect cosmetic condition (see pictures). But only 140 of them were ever made…

Ships in a custom wooden crate built specifically for this piece, so please enquiry for the shipping price as it may vary a lot from region to region. Buyer assumes all shipping fees with full insurance.” Link

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“WOW!!! Vintage Yamaha DX-1!!! Professionally serviced and tested!!! 100% fully functioning! Every button, knob, dial, key and LED works great! Used. This item is in good cosmetic condition with some of the wood veneer cracked/missing in a few spots(top corners). Manual, power cord and 4 sound cartridges are included. Ships in a custom wooden crate built specifically for this piece. ”

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“For your consideration is a Yamaha DX-1. Yamaha’s flagship FM synthesizer precursor, this beautiful instrument packs all the sonic possibilities of FM into a beautiful interface with intuitive meters and controls. It is rumored that less than 100 were built. When released in 1984, the DX had a $13,900 price tag. That’s over $30,000 today when adjusted for inflation. Don’t miss your chance to get this extremely rare and incredible-sounding synthesizer for much, much less!

This Yamaha DX-1 is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. It has some dents at the back corners and some light scratches in the veneer. It sounds absolutely amazing. We are willing to replace the veneer with identical high-quality rosewood veneer for only $500 extra, if they buyer wants. You are more than welcome to test the keyboard on-site if you pick it up. Everything we have tested works perfectly, but have not tested every single parameter and function, as this synth is very, very deep. As such, it is sold as-is, no returns. ” Link

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“Extremely rare and collectable, only approximately 140 of these made world wide, back in the 80′s. They were very expensive, bought by people like Elton John, and the Pet Shop Boys.
I have had this one for a while, it does have some marks on it, i have tried to show the blemishes as best i can with photos,
seems to be functioning as it should. Internal memory battery has been replaced with a new one and
a battery holder, so next time it will be easy to do, without needing to solder.
Located in country S.A but i can deliver it to Adelaide with some notice.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Hier habt ihr die einmalige Chance eine Legende zu erstiegern!
Der DX 1 ist das teuerste und aufwendigste Projekt in das Yamaha jemals investiert hat!
Und genauso klingt er auch!

Hier ein Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLhLpcXKOgI

Absolut atemberaubend, kaum vergleichbar mit den Standard DX Synths…
Seine Holztatstatur ist die edelste Tastatur die ich je gespielt hab,und einer der einzigsten, die Poly Aftertouch besitzen!

Da kann man sich vorstellen wie expressionistisch man auf die Sounds einwirken kann!

Es wurden nur 140 Stück (mittlerweile gibt es noch weniger!) davon gebaut,bis man auf billig Materialien und Chips zurückgriff, um den DX für die Masse anzubieten.

Der DX 1 wurde erst vor kurzem rundum gewartet und dementsprechend 1A…in dem Zustand wohl nirgendwo zu bekommen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ultra-Rar! Es gibt mittlerweile wahrscheinlich weniger als 100 dieser herausragenden Synthesizer und dieser ist der einzige, der in den letzten 5 Jahren bei Ebay angeboten wurde.
Dieser DX-1 befand sich vor mir im Besitz von Pete Townshend, welcher ihn mir vor etwa 15 Jahren verkauft hat.
Seitdem wurde er in einer rauchfreien, warmen und trockenen Umgebung gelagert und wurde lediglich einmal angeschaltet.

Wie Ihr sehen könnt, befindet er sich in einwandfreiem Zustand und sowohl Kratzer als auch Dellen sind kaum zu sehen.


Ultra-rare! There are probably less than 100 of this amazing flagship synth around and this is the only one that has been offered on Ebay in the past 5 years.
This DX-1 was previously owned by Pete Townshend who sold it to me about 15 years ago.
Since it was stored in a smoke-free, warm and dry environment and was only switched on once.

As you can see it is in a very neat condition, hardly any scratches or dents visible.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yamaha DX1. In good condition for it’s age, with usual wear and tear. Everything works as it should though it could probably do with a service, but as i say it plays fine. The aftertouch works on all keys apart from the 2nd F at the bass end.The wood is a bit chipped at the corners, but nothing too drastic, if you want any pictures please ask. Any other questions get in touch. This is a collection only auction, the keyboard is huge! Couple of things to add, the display is not working at the moment, seems to be an intermittent fault, and also the on/off button is loose, but all other buttons on the front panel work as they should. Also included are several sound cartridges including one with a 1000 sounds and another with over 500.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I’m selling a very rare (only 140 ever made back in 1984 so who knows how many are left now) Yamaha DX1. It comes with three ROM cartridges and manuals (owners manual, voice library with performance notes, Technical reference guide and Test program operation and trouble shooting guide). Its in very good condition although has some scratches you can see in the pictures, although nothing too bad to detract from owning such a wonderful synth. One of the few synths that have polyphonic aftertouch!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a very rare Yamaha DX1 vintage synthesizer. Yes, a DX1!!! This is a very rare and sought after keyboard synthesizer.

It has the ability to have split and dual modes. The DX 1 has a great feeling wooden keyboard with velocity, after touch and individual key after touch. It also has the standard pitch bend and modulation wheels, plenty of connections in the back for pedals and footswitches, MIDI In/Out/Thru, and both 1/4″ and balanced XLR outputs. On the front under the wheels are connections for headphones and a breath controller input. There are also two cartridge slots with 2 original DX1 Voice Rom’s that will be included.

The front display panel of the DX1 makes it a joy to actually program and edit FM patches. All the algorithms are displayed and the one selected is displayed in the LED boxes next to the chart. The feedback operator, algorithm number, detunes, and frequencies are also displayed. The envelope rates and levels have their own display section, as well as information about the output level and other generally useful data. They can be edited using buttons or the slider.

Only around 140 of these were produced, Yamaha hand selected the finest components available and hand assembled each synth. The DX-1 was the most expensive project Yamaha ever invested in. This is very apparent when you see, hear and play it. The sound is amazing.

This is truly one of the greatest synthesizers ever made. There is nothing like it and even today, it is STILL the coolest thing out there.

The condition of this keyboard is superb!!! Fully functional, fully working condition. No major dings, dents or scratches. (The only noticeable scratches are small and on the back of the keyboard – no one will notice since they are small and on the back). The bottom fronts of the keys are “slightly yellowing” a bit – not major you can’t even see it in the pics. Even the bottom still has all the rubber feet.

This thing is in exquisite condition!!! Don’t miss your chance to get a QUALITY piece.

The following will be included with your purchase:
Yamaha DX1
Chrome Keyboard stand (I believe this is original)
Original Sheet Music Holder
Two (2) Yamaha DX1 Voice Roms
Power Cord” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yamaha DX1

Extremely Rare!

Excellent condition.

This is large and heavy, email me for shipping costs first.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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dx1 “Here we have the king of FM synthesis and one of the “Holy Grails” of vintage synths (in my opinion). The Yamaha DX-1. Only around 140 of these were produced at an original cost of $13,900 in 1985. That is $26,500 in today’s money! This is serial number 118. Yamaha hand selected the finest components available and hand assembled each synth. This is very apparent when you see, hear and play it. The keyboard action is luxurious. It is equipped with a professional wooden, weighted 73 note keyboard. The sound is stunning. I know everyone on ebay says their item is “amazing” but there is something special about the DX-1. I have A/B compared it with Yamaha’s FM plug in board, two DX-7s linked together, and a DX-5 and there was no comparison. The DX-1 has a distinct superiority in sound every time, and it’s not just a subtle difference either. There is a rawness to the sound of the DX-1 that is lacking in other FM synths. It feels alive, like an old modular synth’s immediacy of sound and control. The only way to get the sound of a DX-1 is to own a DX-1 , no software emulation or other synthesizer compares in my opinion. (I have since sold the other Yamaha synths on ebay and received positive feedback for them all) This synth is functioning perfectly and just received a check up at Audio Electronics here in Dallas. Cosmetically it is a 7/10. It has a few light scratches and spots were the acidity of hands has dulled the finish, especially around the volume slider and from taking it in and out of a flight case when moving it from studio to studio. It has been professionally owned and maintained it’s entire life and has been used on countless recording and film scores but over all, it looks fantastic as you can see from the photos, and will stop any vintage synth enthusiast dead in his tracks. Shipping is free within the lower 48 states. International bidders MUST contact me before bidding for an exact shipping quote.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Hello,you are bidding the legendary FM beast called the Yamaha DX-1!! This one was purchased back in 1984 when it came out and has only had one owner. It has a few minor problems that need to be fixed. 7 of the keys stick (they still work,just stick and can be fixed with new contact pads). Also, the internal battery is dead (typical of old synthesizers) and can be replaced cheap. This means that the ROM has to be loaded in each time it is powered on and off. One more thing ,that doesnt effect any functionality of this machine, is that on the power supply case there is some corrosion but has not spread to any boards. It has been gigged and shows minor wear. Overall it needs minor repairs and a little cleanup. I hear there is only about 140 left in the world!!! Sorry about the dust on the synth,if requested I can take new pics. So don’t miss your chance on this awesome FM synth!! Afterall it’s like having two DX-7′S with a weighted keyboard and a cool old school feel!! Comes with DX-1,KX-5 remote control keyboard,original expression pedals (4 see picture),and 6 DX Rom carts!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Among Yamaha’s DX line of synthesizers, the DX-1 is definitely the biggest and most expensive. With a dual 6-operator digital FM engine, it’s like two DX-7′s wrapped up in a wood-paneled case and comes with a truly professional weighted 73 note keyboard sensitive to both velocity and aftertouch. The DX-7 style membrane buttons have been replaced by actual push-buttons, display screens and the overall layout of buttons and diagrams is nicer and better organized.
Sound-wise, the DX-1 is like a fatter DX-7. It too features FM synthesis. That means that although the DX-1 is a digital synthesizer, its sounds are unique and fresh with an analog/digital hybrid feel. Programming however, is not at all like analog synth programming. All DX series synths use FM synthesis and all are rather difficult to program or, at least, difficult to understand what to program. Fortunately the advanced DX-1 has display screens that show amplitude modulation, envelopes, velocity, levels and de-tuning parameters unlike previous DX synths so you can better visualize what and how you are editing parameters. A neat new feature for the DX-1 is that two patches (Channel A and B) can be used simultaneously with the keyboard in layer or split-mode. This mode is generally 16-voice polyphonic, but with just one patch loaded you can have 32 voices of thick polyphony! Pretty good for a synth over 15 years old. Cash on collection preferred. NOTE THE DX TURBO -1 BANK LOADER IS NOT INCLUDED BUT WILL BE SOLD SEPARATELY.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.