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cds50 “I’m getting more into modular, so the CS-50 must go. It’s in perfect working condition and all of the voices work. There are zero problems with the keyboard, but it is missing the original legs- like most CS50/60/80s.”

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cs-50 “Great shape, couple small imperfections. Includes legs, AC cord, and owners manual, everything works perfectly!” Link

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cs50 “Up for sale today a keyboard that I’ve had since 1982. It sounds great and the oscillators were always very stable. It was well taken care of and has never seen a repair shop. I hate to let It go but I need the money” Link

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cs50 “In great condition for its age

Fully serviced and tuned

Kenton MIDI Kit installed

Legs are sturdy and pack away securely in the case.

The only defect is the catch on the door behind which the power cable lives (pictured) won’t click shut but could probably be easily fixed by someone who knows how.” Link

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yamaha-cs50 “Yamaha CS-50, serial # 2652, made in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Please see pics for condition – this wonderful synth has clearly been used and dinged up a bit, but it is still capable of producing some beautiful and mind-warping sounds. I’ve owned this synth for 8 years or so – not sure about the previous owner. I inherited it in the condition it is currently in – working but in need of a tune-up by a qualified service technician. Most everything works, although I could never get the “external in” to work (supposedly you can input sounds to run through the filters, etc). That said, the oscillators could use a tune up for sure.. I mostly used this for abstract sound and compensated for the occasional out-of-tune note by tweaking the pitch knob. If you want to play “normal” music with this in its current state, it would need to be properly tuned…

The knobs and sliders are mostly in tact (some missing.. see pics), but are far from mint condition. However, they all work. There is one broken key that needs to be replaced (see pic, a low E).

There are some goofy stickers on one side of the synth (see pics). The main On/Off switch looks like it has been chipped, and the panel by the On/Off switch is peeling off a bit (again, see pics).

All oscillator and filter functions seem to be working fine, and the ring modulator is glorious. Ditto for the touch sensitivity – one of the wonderful features of this magical synthesizer.

Again, this synth is being sold “As is” – priced accordingly for its rarity.”

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cs-50 “for sale is Yamaha CS-50 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. All sliders and buttons work but one voice is missing. Overall this synth works great and it’s in great shape yet has the normal wear and tear of a 40-year-old synth, so it’s sold as is.

It comes with the original wooden cover and with 4 chrome legs.” Link

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cs50 “This one has ALL of the original pieces. The original case top, the original legs, the original leg braces, the original music stand, and the original manual. There is a nut that connects the original braces to the body of the CS-50, and I don’t know if it’s original, but it is perfect if it is not. This is a collector piece… it has everything that came with the original. The manual isn’t in the best of shape, but it’s all there. Also, sloppy use of the original legs can lead to stripping… but both the original owner and I have avoided using the original legs, so they are NOT stripped, and 100% functional.

The interior is CLEAN. It looks almost new.

Unlike the CS-80, this synthesizer is a BREEZE to tune, and it keeps its tuning. The CS-80 is sensitive and variable due to its complexity and case design. The CS-50 is MUCH more simple and open inside, and has ventilation and an arrangement that means that it doesn’t go out of tune. I haven’t tuned this since I got it, and it is STILL in tune with itself, and in tune with external sources. It is NOT unreliable, it is ROCK SOLID.

This synthesizer has been one of my favorites… and for years, it was my ONLY polyphonic. I am only letting it go because there is a synth I simply must have.” Link

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cs50 “We have a Yamaha C5-50 Synthesizer for sale! We had it serviced so we know confidently that it works perfect!! This is an EXTREMELY rare model. Complete w/ legs too! It’s a great deal for what this is actually valued at. Comes in the case with the legs and manual!” Link

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cs50 “Here is a vintage Yamaha CS50 synth. Works great! Used in a studio and its in great condition. Comes with original legs, cross braces, music stand, and cover lid. Recently serviced. ” Link

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cs-50 “Vintage Yamaha CS-50 4-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer, unique Yamaha sound, in very nice condition. This synth comes complete with legs and rare music rest. Very expressive synth, with wicked ring modulator. The potentiometer for the External In level has a slightly bent shaft (see photo 5), but works fine. Otherwise, this keyboard is in excellent condition.

The synth is configured for 117-volt North American use. It is very heavy, and will be packed well, or local pick-up would be great. See our 100% positive feedback, and buy with confidence!” Link

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cs50 “Yamaha CS-50 Analog Synthesizer Nearly Mint Condition

Another very rare treat from the South Florida Estate sale

Exterior and interior of unit is in excellent condition, see pictures

Unit is US 120 VAC

Everything works, Keyboard is functioning perfectly, all switches and sliders are working perfectly

This piece is very difficult to find especially in this condition with all exterior parts

Case is in great condition and all the chrome legs and other parts are included and are in great condition

Unit is sold as/is check my feedback, this is as good as it gets for a CS 50 .” Link

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cs50 “it’s a vintage Keyboard/synthesizer as expected has signs of wear i bought it to record a few sounds that can only be achieved from this Monster. It is in good working order sounds super loud if used in live situations. This has never left my Studio since i bought it a few years ago it sounds like a dream. Details has 3 plastic knobs missing.” Link

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cs50” This Yamaha CS-50 analog synthesizer features 4 polysynthesizer voices. While the case and instrument itself shows slight, routine wear-and-tear for such a vintage piece, the synthesizer is in full-working condition. Own a piece of Yamaha’s rich history with this incredible synthesizer. Please note that only the 4 legs are included for the stand with the case. Additionally, this item does not include the expression pedal.” Link

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cs50 “Vintage model Yamaha Synthesizer with built in stand. Is missing the crossbar for stand and does not include the foot pedal. Used condition but very clean with only a couple visual scuffs and one missing lever knob. Taken to professional shop and tested, verified that it produces sound but top front panel selectors do not work. Don’t know too much about these vintage pieces but obviously it needs some minor repairs so the item is sold as is and no returns. ”

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xs50 “There are cosmetic dings and scratches on this CS50 but the front panel and controls are clean. One leg has lousy threads and should be re-tapped. Also, the music stand and braces for the legs are missing. I purchased this a few months ago from Perfect Circuit Audio, so it’s electrically in excellent shape, as far as I can tell everything works.

Only selling because I’m buying a bigger Yamaha synth.” Link

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Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: CS-50

Everything seems to work – except 2 voices. Sometimes their in succession. Sometimes there’s a space. Most likely a CMOS chip.
AS IS, due to age and known problem” Link

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yamahacs50“CS80′s little brother. 4 voice monster synth from the 70′s. This unit has been well traveled, gigged and used. It was refurbished within the past year and it is in good working order. It is not cosmetically mint and the case has dings. However the synth works fine, all surface switches function as expected and aftertouch is working fine. The only problem is with the external audio input – the volume post is broken and I have not found a replacement. It does not effect the basic functions of the synth. This unit does not have the legs anymore so you need a stand that lets it breath through the bottom or prop it up so you can access the power cord and headphone input on the underside. This is a piece of synthesizer history and a really fine synthesizer, the most affordable polyphonic CS series from he 1970′s.” Link

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yamahacs50“Up for sale is the rare, vintage and excedingly awesome synth known as the


This works perfectly and it is in good condition !!” Link

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cs50” CS80′s little brother. 4 voice monster synth from the 70′s. This unit has been well traveled, gigged and used. It was refurbished within the past year and it is in good working order. It is not cosmetically mint and the case has dings. However the synth works fine, all surface switches function as expected and aftertouch is working fine. The only problem is with the external audio input – the volume post is broken and I have not found a replacement. This unit does not have the legs anymore so you need to prop it up with boards or other lifters so it can breath through the bottom and you can access the power cord and headphone input. I have some 5″ furniture legs I can give you and I have extra fuses I will send along. This is a piece of history and a really fine synthesizer, the most affordable polyphonic CS series from he 1970′s.” Link

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yamaha cs50
Refurbished Yamaha CS-50 went through tuning and electronic diagnostic. Everything is functional, all Voices work as they should. There are some signs of wear and tear but over all it looks good for age, being the synth is over 30 years old. See all pictures provided. This synth produces nice sounding instruments, even the presets sound wonderful. Very analog, warm and distinct sounding. Small brother of the CS-80 a classic synthesizer.” Link

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used yamaha cs50 “Good condition plugged in and checked seems to be functional no knowledge of how to work this item.” Link

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cs50“Great, near Mint condition.

35 Year unused in a Storage !

Used only a few times in a late 70′s.

Never have been Serviced and Need some

minor Tune calibration.

But All Knobs, Sliders and Keys were Tested

and Works Perfect !

Shape of the New instrument !

Sounds Really Nice.

External input Volume Pot Top on the back side

was cut, but Pot is still working(See the Pictures).

Stand is useless(missing 2 middle bones).

Top case cover has some surface blemishes outside.

Real Vintage !” Link

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cs50 “Der CS50 hat frische Elko´s und 4000er IC´s bekommen, das Netzteil wurde vom Fachmann gewartet und der Synth wurde frisch kalibriert. Alle Tasten und Regler funktionieren einwandfrei. Dazu gibt es natürlich noch Standbeine und Deckel. Ich würde sagen, dass es der beste CS50 weit und breit ist… also zuschlagen! ;)” Link

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“Das hier ist der beste Synthesizer, den ich kenne.
Alles funktioniert tadellos. Er wird nur aus finanziellen Gründen verkauft.
Er ist in altersgemäß gutem Zustand mit Gebrauchsspuren, die alle auf den Bildern festgehalten sind.
Der Input zum Synchronisieren des Suboszillators wurde vor kurzem noch von einem Fachmann instand gesetzt.
Viel Spaß beim Bieten!” Link

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“YAMAHA CS-50 in great condition! Everything working. No damaged internal organs.
(Originally released in 1977, 4voice)
Great physical and cosmetic condition except for normal scratches on the case. Two legs of the keyboard have a hard time screwing-in and holding the keyboard because of worn threads. This can be repaired and doesn’t impact the keyboard in any way. We use it on a stand anyway.

I have had this since 1980(?) and I was the 2nd owner. It has been on many recordings. Now located in Los Angeles CA.” eBay Link

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“Up for sale is the rare, vintage and excedingly awesome synth known as the


Unit is in perfect working order.
includes hardshell case” Link

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” Yamaha CS 50 with cover and legs. This is an amazing synth and will instantly get you into the Blade Runner sound.

It’s in great condition – played daily since purchase this year from a reputable LA area synth dealer.

Some normal scratches for a synth this age. Like all vintage synths from the 70′s – these need to be maintained. I purchased this from a dealer to make sure I had it pro checked before I bought it.

The only issue I’ve lived with is that the Sustain 1 Type needs some work and is best set in the Sustain 2 position – check the manual further detail on this feature. Despite this small issue I’ve loved playing this synth as my main analog poly and use it often. Put it through some reverb and delay and get ready for awesome. This keyboard is so expressive with its pressure sensitive keyboard – it’s perfect for articulated, emotive playing. ” Link

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“Yamaha cs-50 analog synth works comes with original top and legs ” Link

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“Unit works perfectly with the exception of some noise when the Ring Modulator section’s “depth” and “speed” are at max levels, and there was no signal on headphones when using the R channel. Please see pics for details of the cosmetic condition. Serial #: 1754″ Link

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“Der kleine Bruder des CS 80. Voll analog.
Wer den typischen Vangelis – sound haben möchte ist hier genau richtig.
4 fach polyphon. Legendärer Aftertouch !!

Funktioniert einwandfrei. Mit Deckel. Ohne Beine. Altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren.
Der Synthesizer wiegt gut 40kg, deswegen ist Abholung ein absolutes muss. Versand ist zwar möglich aber müsste vom Käufer organisiert werden. Fragen werden gern beantwortet.” Link

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“Selling a YAMAHA CS-50 vintage analog synthesiser with unique MIDI interface and special added tuning card all in full working condition !

The YAMAHA CS-50 is 4 voices of the legendary YAMAHA CS-80 (http://www.vintagesynth.com/yamaha/cs80.php), said to be the ultimate vintage analog polysynth by many specialists.

This one comes with its 4 original metal legs and lid (lid has additional metal reinforcements as shown on 1st picture). The power supply has been fully recapped before the sale and the sound cards recalibrated. In addition to these, it is equipped with a tuning card* and a MIDI kit that has :
- all of the main features of the Kenton kit
- control of brilliance (cutoff) of HPF via CC or velocity or aftertouch (impossible with the Kenton kit. The Kenton kit only allows control of LPF !)
- control of LFO depth to VCO and VCF via CC or aftertouch.
- etc…
Full MIDI kit instructions are included
Kenton kit + installation sell for £612, here you have an even more developped MIDI kit which should then could be valued at at least £650. Meaning the CS-50 alone has a value of £1450 ! A true bargain…

*The tuning card installed allows you to tune the instrument yourself instead of going to or calling a technician to do it (like a guitarist tunes his instrument before playing…).” Link

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“Up for auction is a Yamaha CS-50 analog synthesizer with four-voice polyphony. Same synth family as its famous big brother, the CS-80. The keyboard is touch sensitive so you can change the vibrato, timbre, pitch, volume and/or brilliance to be more expressive. This synthesizer Includes original instruction manual, power cord, detachable legs and detachable hard cover. Instruction manual explains analog programming. Built like a fine instrument, not just plastic with a circuit board. This item was checked out at 5 star engineering in Mesa,az by one of the best synth repair guys in Az. The Serial number 2679.” Link

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