CS-40M, Yamaha @ 28 October 2016, Comments Off

cs-40m “Here is a awesome sounding synth. Yamaha CS-40m, recently serviced and working great. Has a few scuffs and bruises in the wood panels and some light pitting in the metal. Nothing major though, as to be expected from a vintage synth. Please see pics for details” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 07 October 2016, Comments Off

yamaha-cs40m “This auction is for one vintage used 1979 Yamaha CS-40M analog synthesizer keyboard project. I purchased this keyboard several years ago and intended to restore it but I never got around to it. This keyboard powers up but does not produce sound. The “PORTAMENTO” slider is broken. With that being said, this keyboard is being sold “as-is” for parts or repair. Cosmetically, the keyboard shows wear including some spots where the veneer is worn and some spots where it is peeling on the sides (see pictures). All of the keys are in good shape (see pictures). This auction is for the CS-40M keyboard and power cord only. The keyboard stand in the pictures is not included. ” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 16 September 2016, Comments Off

cs40mn “CS40M is, 44 key-up sound / the lowest tone priority duo phonic.
Brand: Yamaha

2 groups the VCO per sound, and VCF, VCF-EG, VCA, and the built-in each 1 groups the VCA-EG, luxury furnished.
You can also enjoy the play, such as Harmony phrases and baseline / melody line.
※ PORTAMENTO / SUSTAIN knob non-genuine.

Accessories AC Cable / Hard Case

For the exterior, there is no big noticeable flaws.
Because of USED goods, there is a fine crack.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 22 January 2016, Comments Off

cs-40m “Selling my Yamaha CS40m duophonic analog synthesizer, the synth over all is in good condition with some wear on the wood panel sides. Functionally it’s in great condition, all pots and sliders move fluidly and was recapped and some other maintenance at the beginning of last year.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 28 August 2015, Comments Off

cs40m” This is a very special and rare piece. Sam Masuko, Owner of Three Wave Music has done all of the maintenance on it. Over $500 in recent maintenance. I can not stress how mint this thing is, you will just have to see it your self.

It comes with a hard case (Calzone like), on which I replaced the high density foam this past month.

I will include a printed and bound manual. I will also include the Three Wave Music receipt which lists all of the current maintenance that was done.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 31 July 2015, Comments Off

cs40M “Excellent functional and cosmetic condition. A few scratchy pots. The tiny led indicator light for memory slot 9 is missing. Very minimal wear of any kind on the finish. See photos.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 30 January 2015, Comments Off

ds40m“Yamaha CS-40M Duophonic Analog Synthesizer

Super cool and rare analog synth.

I just had it serviced By Tim at PCS so it’s ready to play.

It has a couple keys that have to be pressed down a little harder but it only takes a second to get used to.

It has patch memory and it is able to store patches.

The load button isn’t working so you can’t input patches from a tape(the switch probably just needs cleaning).

The portamento slider is broken off but it’s still easy to move up and down.

It’s in good shape but it has some pitting on the front face plate.

It was made in 1979 but it’s in decent shape for its age.

These synths sound amazing and they are really fun to play.

This one is 120 volt American version so you don’t need to have a transformer to run it at 100 volts.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 19 December 2014, Comments Off

cs40m“It is mostly working but there is some issues with the pitch and scaling of the VCOs. The portamento is ‘on’ slightly and the control makes no difference (could be related to the pitch issues?) One of the memory LEDs is broken (althought the memory location still works fine) a couple of the pots are a bit crackly but i think a good engineer could get this synth back too perfect working order without too much trouble. (I will include a printout of the service manual too)There are some scratches and chips in the casing and wooden end cheeks, a small rust patch (just above the pitch wheel), some scratches on some of the black keys and one slider cap missing (there’s always one!) – I have tried to show all these defects in the pictures as best i can.PLEASE NOTE 110V ONLY” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 23 May 2014, Comments Off

“In good condition but a few marks relevant to it’s age” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 14 February 2014, Comments Off

” Yamaha CS-40M Duophoner – Zweistimmiger Analog Synthesizer mit Speicherplätzen. Guter zustand, Fetter Sound! Ein paar Kratzer sind am dem Gerät, die Speicherbatterie muss getauscht werden für die korrekte Funktion der Speicherplätze.

Besichtigung empfohlen!

Yamaha CS-40M Duophonic Analog Synthesizer.
Good condition, phat Sound! A few scratches on the Synth, the Battery for the Memory has to be replaced for proper function of the Memory.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 22 November 2013, Comments Off

“You’re looking at a pristine Yamaha CS-40 analog synth that is fully functional and in nearly flawless condition. Only a few tiny scuffs on the edges betray the fact that this synth is nearly 35 years old! I’ve had it for 15 of those years, and originally purchased it from a seller in Japan. It’s been a dry, smoke-free environment since then. And when I say it’s in FANTASTIC shape, I mean that every single switch and knob on here is solid, tight, and clean. There’s no noise or crackling on any of the pots or I/O. The pitch bend and modulation wheel feel brand new. I even tested the synth-to-cassette desk patch backup function and it worked! (If you don’t know about this, Google the Yamaha CS-40M for more information on its unique functionalities!) This baby isn’t ready for a museum yet! Take it into your studio and start creating wild electronic sounds with a truly pioneering instrument! I’ve had a lot of fun with this over the years and hope that someone else will too. ” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 18 October 2013, Comments Off

“great condition, some light paint pitting on the metal. fully working perfectly looks & sounds great” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 23 August 2013, Comments Off




CS-40M, Yamaha @ 09 August 2013, Comments Off

“As far as I know everything works just fine but I am not an expert on this synth. I always used it for making very abstract sounds and generating different kinds of noise and phat dark squelches.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 26 July 2013, Comments Off





CS-40M, Yamaha @ 10 May 2013, Comments Off

“2vco’s , duophonic , with 20 patches of memory and excellent realtime control. Part of the yamaha CS heritage.
This one is in average cosmetic condition but everything is intact and fully working. The slider caps are not original.
Full service, including replacement of most electroytic capacitors (high quality nichicon) tantalum ,etc. Replacement of various op-amps and other IC’s. Working perfectly. ” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 08 March 2013, Comments Off

“You are viewing an auction for a Yamaha CS-40m Synthesizer. It is quite an amazing synth. Very warm classic vintage tones. Being that it’s duophonic, it’s a superb bass synth. There are some scratches on the wood mostly which you should be able to see in the pictures. Also a few of the knob caps are missing but all knobs do function correctly. Everything has been tested except for all the CV connections. These are very rare so don’t pass up an opportunity to own a hidden classic! It’s somewhat similar in tone to a Minimoog but can play 2 notes or also a really heavy unison plus many other added features! Shipping is expensive because this beast weighs around 60 lbs in the box.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 08 February 2013, Comments Off

“Zum Verkauf steht ein sehr rarer Yamaha CS 40M duophonic analog Synthesizer.

Ein noch etwas unterschätzter analog Synthesizer aus den frühen 80er Jahren.

Der CS 40M hat einen wundervolles Multimode Filter und ein genial klingenden Ring-Modulator.

Es lassen sich ohne Probleme massive Bass und Lead Sounds aus dem CS40M zaubern.

Auch für abgedrehte Effektsounds ist die Maschine ideal.
Der CS40M ist ein richtig großes Schlachtschiff das einiges an Platz im Studio benötigt.

Das Gerät hat einige leichte Gebrauchsspuren.

Voll einsatzbereit, Stimmstabil und komplett getestet.

Ready to play.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 11 January 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction is an extremely rare, vintage Yamaha CS-40M duophonic analog synthesizer in very good condition. Its features include 2 VCOs (triangle, saw, and square/pwm), noise, LFO, a multi-mode filter (low, high, and band pass), ring modulation, patch memory (20 patches), envelope generators for the VCOs, VCF, and VCA, and tons of modulation routing. It’s an incredibly flexible synth and is great for bass or leads in unison mode (4 VCOs stacked up), or pads and atmospherics in duophonic mode. The sounds is somewhere between a CS80 and CS15 and it has lots of knobs for editing and sexy wood paneling. This one is missing a few slider caps, otherwise in very good functional and cosmetic condition. No noisy pots, switches, sliders, key contacts, etc.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 05 October 2012, Comments Off

“For your consideration is the very rare Yamaha CS-40m synthesizer.
The unit was gently used and is in excellent cosmetic condition(see pics).
The Yamaha CS-40m has been fully tested, recently serviced, everything works great, and it sounds amazing.
This particular CS-40m has been in dry storage for almost it’s entire life, which is quite the rare find.
Included in this listing is the Yamaha CS-40m as well as the original manual, patch sheets, and presets cassette.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 24 August 2012, Comments Off

“It’s a sad day, but I’ve given up with this beast. A large and heavy fabulous synth, two note polyphonic. It had some capacitor blow outs a few years back, which took out some chips, loads of 4000 series chips and capacitors were professionally replaced and it worked perfectly, but something else has blown recently and it’s time to give up. It looks in fairly good condition, but the painted front panel has lots of very small dots and blemishes where the metal panel has corroded. It still produces sound and all keys work but the pitch has gone way too high pitched, and the last notes played sustain forever.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 29 June 2012, Comments Off

“Synthesizer Yamaha 40M

Leider will er nicht mehr für uns arbeiten,wer möchte es versuchen ihn wieder zu aktivieren!?

Er müsste in Berlin-Heiligensee abgeholt werden da er zum verschicken zu schwer ist.” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 06 April 2012, Comments Off

“analog Synthesizer – Bass Monster, selten zu bekommen. Hat vor einem Jahr neue Speicherbatterie bekommen.
Mega fette sounds, Effekte, speicherbar, Modulationen ohne Ende. Alles funktioniert soweit, vielleicht kratzt mal ein Regler minimal beim ersten Drehen aber nichts ernstes. Das Gerät ist schliesslich ein Vintage Klassiker !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 16 March 2012, Comments Off

“Gut erhaltener Yamaha CS 40M Synthesizer
(kleine altersbedingte äusserliche Gebrauchsspuren,der ein oder andere Regler kratzt etwas beim ersten verstellen,was sich aber einstellt,ansonsten einwandfreier satter analoger Sound!!!)

incl. Netzteil und engl. Gebrauchsanweisung ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 13 January 2012, Comments Off

“This listing is for a Yamaha CS40M vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 04 November 2011, Comments Off

“It’s in good shape, bar some scratches here and there. Also, I am not sure why but the pitch bender isn’t responding (the mod wheel works fine, though, and can function pretty much the same way). It sounds like a dream and is an extremely versatile machine! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 13 May 2011, Comments Off

“Today I am auctioning off my Yamaha CS40M Analog Duophonic Synthesizer. It is in great shape for it’s age with some nicks here and there, mostly on the wood sides. It plays great; the keyboard feels really nice when compared to most other synth models of the time (like the horrible feeling keys of the MS20 and the Roland SHs). It has pound for pound the most utility you’ll find on nearly any vintage synth.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 07 January 2011, Comments Off

“Comes with: service manual, user manual, patch book, original factory programs on casette, additional casette of user programs, power cable.

The instrument works but will require a service.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 31 December 2010, Comments Off

“Alle Knöpfe und Regler sind Original-Yamaha und auch VORHANDEN ! Für sein Alter hat er erstaunlich wenig Gebrauchsspuren. Die
augenscheinlichste ist der Funierverlust an der linken Wange, ganz vorne (auf dem Foto ganz links gut zu erkennen).
Es gibt 3 knackende Potis, was jedoch kein Problem sein sollte … Druckluft und Waffenöl wirken manchmal Wunder.
KEINE Brandspuren – das Gerät wurde vor kurzen innen und außen gereinigt !
KEINE bekannten Fehlfunktionen oder Mängel !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 31 December 2010, Comments Off

super sexy Sound !!!

kann alles von vocal und metal artigen Klängen bis zu den tiefsten Bässen , Detroit Techno Sounds, Dub FX, Leads

Zustand: frisch durchgecheckt, voll funktionierend, 2 Potiknöpfe sind nicht mehr original (aber die schwarzen sehen auch geil aus)
Kratzer in den Holzseiten, aber insgesamt eben einer der schönsten Synths die je gebaut wurden;)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 10 December 2010, Comments Off

“I lost my job and I need cash. So I need to part with my very rare all analog, true duophonic synth. This piece is in perfect working order. It’s the most solid construction of any synth. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 01 October 2010, Comments Off

“Interesting item, but has seen better days!!

Seems to be all there, but have yet to fire the unit up, maybe good for spares, or a restoration project ??” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 23 July 2010, Comments Off

“Der CS-40M ist Mono- / Duophon spielbar, verfügt über 20 Speicherplätze und lässt sich mit einem Hertz/Volt Interface problemlos midifizieren.

Das besondere am CS40M ist sein flexibles und sehr gut klingendes Multimode Filter mit LP,BP und HPF.

Der CS-40M ist sehr schwer und sperrig, daher ist eine Abholung empfehlenswert !

Eine Lieferung im Großraum München ist auch möglich.

Ansonsten wird das Gerät so gut wie möglich verpackt und verschickt.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 04 June 2010, Comments Off

” Yamaha CS-40M
duophonic synth with memory from classic Yamaha CS line

Two two oscillator voices (huge 4 oscilaltor unison), multimode filter, VCLFO (voltage controlled LFO), classic yamaha ring modulator, memories, huge amount of interfacing (both voices have their dedicated CV/Gate inputs) make the CS-40M a winner in plenty of aspects. Whether you are into the experimental territory or need a synth with refined sound with solid bass end, the 40M is a serious candidate.

Full service has been performed. All of the pots have been restored (very hard and time-consuming process bearing in mind the amount), the keyboard disassembled and serviced, all of the electronics overhauled and final calibration performed. Needless to say, the memory works just as it should. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 21 May 2010, Comments Off

“verkaufe gebrauchten Vintage Analog Synthesizer Yamaha CS 40M. Der Synthesizer ist in gutem Funktionsfähigem Zustand. Er ist Duophon und lässt sich mit einem Hertz/Volt Interface Problemlos mit einem Kenton oder EES Interface Midifizieren. Er verfügt über 20 Speicherplätze, die sich aber dann nicht mehr editieren lassen. Das besondere am CS40M ist sein flexibeles und sehr gut klingendes Multimode Filter. LP,BP und HPF. Dazu kommen noch die beiden ungefilterten Sinus Oszillatoren. In Kombination mit Velocity (nur mit zusätzlichem Interface möglich) auf den Filter entstehen ziemlich coole Xpander ähnliche Sounds. Käufer trägt Versandkosten, wobei der CS40M sehr schwer ist. Eine Abholung ist in jedem Falle zu empfehlen” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.