CS-15D, Yamaha @ 08 July 2016, Comments Off

cs-15d “Up for sale is
Yamaha CS-15D Vintage Analog Synthesizer

Rich analog timbre
Everything is working
Shall include appropriate power adapter depending on the country
Comes with hardshell case” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 06 March 2015, Comments Off

yamahacs15d“This synthesiser is basically in good working order but there are a couple of keys not working properly, they have to be pressed harder to make the note sound. I’m sure it’s just a matter of giving it a bit of a clean. In addition a couple of the sliders are missing. I’m listing it as spares or repair and it is sold as seen,” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 27 February 2015, Comments Off

cs15d” Yamaha CS15D in excellent condition Guaranteed.All functions have been tested.All keys,sliders,buttons,switches,knobs and wheels work properly.Has been kept in a protective case(not included) for years.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 28 November 2014, Comments Off

cs15d“In very very good condition.
Almost mint.
Very small scratch on the wood if you look carefully.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 31 October 2014, Comments Off

cs15d“In very very good condition.
Almost mint.
Very small scratch on the wood if you look carefully.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 12 September 2014, Comments Off

cs15d “Up for sale is Yamaha CS-15D Vintage Analog “Dual Channel” Synthesizer, a partially preset, partially variable monophonic analogue synth which was released in 1979.

The unit appears to be working fine, all the keys and sliders and buttons worked well as I tested. There is a bit of scratch noise on some of the knobs which could do with adjustment/servicing if required.

Cosmetically the unit is in nice condition as you can see. There are some wear and marks here and there, with a light scuff on one of the wooden side as shown, but nothing major. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks on the outside.

Comes in Original Yamaha Hard Case as shown.
Power cable included.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 22 August 2014, Comments Off

yamaha cs15d “Der Synthesizer ist altersbedingt in einem sehr guten Zustand und funktioniert ohne Probleme. Er verfügt über das “berühmte” Yamaha CS-Filter, welches bei manchen Presets als Bandpass arbeitet. Ein Sound kann über Regler eingestellt und verändert werden, sowie 29 Presets über Schalter abgerufen werden. Der Synth ist dabei zweikanalig, mit jeweils mit einer kompletten Klangerzeugung (VCO – VCF – VCA) ausgelegt. Diese beiden unterschiedlich Sounds liegen bei Bedarf auch an einzelnen Ausgängen an. Das Ding kann dann unglaublich Stereo klingen. Auch bei den Presetsounds können nachträglich Filter und Release angepasst werden. ” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 13 June 2014, Comments Off

” This is a partially preset, partially variable monophonic analogue synth which was released in 1979. It was part of a synthesizer range that included the CS-20m, the CS-40m, and the CS-70m. It has a very solid warm sound for a single VCO synth. The preset section is divided into two channels. Channel 1 has 15 sounds with the usual array of unrealistic instrument imitations and Channel 2 has 14 synth sounds plus a button to activate the ‘manual’ section of the synth. There is a slider to mix between the two channels and channel 2 can be detuned.”

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 06 June 2014, Comments Off

“Comes with hard travel case.” Link

CS-15, CS-15D, Yamaha @ 14 March 2014, Comments Off


CS-15D, Yamaha @ 28 February 2014, Comments Off

“A vintage analog synthesizer made by Yamaha at 80′s. Has lots of functions to help that playing at live performance. Old product but keeping very clean condition Has a point of paint damage to top surface. ” Link

CS-15, CS-15D, Yamaha @ 31 January 2014, Comments Off

“YAMAHA CS-15D Analog synthesizer Vintage Rare! 【Used】

★This is very expensive and rare item (very hard to find)even in Japan.

This is not brand new.This is used condition.
I am not the specialist of this item. Please refer to a photograph.
Please be careful this is not a brand new item.
Please understand that the damages or scratches because of use.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 22 November 2013, Comments Off

“Excellent working condition and very good+ cosmetic condition.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off

“Good condition.

This is a vintage item and rear.

It works AC 100 V-110V

If you need transformer, please ask me.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 04 October 2013, Comments Off

“or Sale is my Yamaha CS15D Dual Channel Synthesizer. Purchased from new 23.07.1979.

One know issue: The bad news first. A few years ago the Brilliance Slider stopped working and i’ve never bothered to have it repaired. This slider does make a difference to the present sounds but I generally use it with the manual mode.

Otherwise all switches sliders and controls are present and working. It also comes with the original owners manual and sales receipt.

Condition is very good with no major marks of scratches etc. but please consider this is over 30 years old.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 30 August 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage early 80s analogue synth. Was working last time it was plugged in, but the portamento slider is broken, and both portamento and brilliance sliders have snapped off.

Hence “needs attention” and low starting price. With a little bit of work this can again be an excellent vintage analogue synth” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 05 July 2013, Comments Off

“A rare opportunity to acquire a vintage Yamaha CS15D keyboard synthesiser complete with carrying box and manual. I am no expert with these items…all I can say is that it works and as far as I could ascertain just about every combination of knob and switch produced a sound! The item is in very good external condition. The box may be a custom made item but has a latched lid and carrying handle and does what you would expect a carrying box to do ie protect the keyboard and allow transport. there is a section which may be intended for cables.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 31 May 2013, Comments Off

” Dual Chanel Vintage Synthesizer, extrem warmer Klang. leichter Wackelkontakt am Netzanschluß, müßte gelötet werden,
aufklappar und sofort sichtbar! ” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 09 November 2012, Comments Off

“This is a Yamaha CS 15D Analog Synthesiser Keyboard.

This is a monophonic analog synth that uses presets and a manual VCO.

It has dual channels with channel 1 composed of presets and channel 2 of presets and an adjustable manual sound. The sounds from these 2 channels can be mixed together.

There is a line output on/off switch. Pitch, volume, channel 2 detune, sustain, octave wheel, modulation wheel with speed control which can be applied to VCO, VCF or VCA with function settings altering modulation variation.

The manual adjustable synth is a VCO that can be mixed between saw tooth and square waves, the pulse width of the square wave is adjustable or noise can be mixed in. There are cut off frequency and resonance adjusters and EG depth adjuster to which an ADSR envelope can be applied. There is also a a VCA ADSR envelope.

The synth is mains powered at 240V. There is a headphone socket as well as 2 line outs. If line out 2/mix is used then the output contains sounds from channel 1 and 2. If leads are plugged into line out 1 and line out 2 then channel 1 sound will be output on line out 1 and channel 2 on line out 2. There are also trigger and control volt sockets on the back but I don’t have the equipment to test if these work.

The synth only partially works. All the keyboard keys work and the manual synth parts work fully but some of the preset voices are quiet or do not produce a sound. The Presets that are full volume are on Channel 1 (Clav, Harpsichord, Cosmic 2) & Channel 2 (String 2, Percussive 2 & 3, Cosmic 3, Manual). The power on LED comes on intermittently but this does not affect the synth powering up.

The synth is in good condition for its age with some marks, dents and scuffing on the edges of the wood end and front panels and scratches to the wooden underside. On the left side wooden panel upperside there are 2 raised areas where something appears to have come up from beneath, possibly a screw? There are some marks on the preset keys and some of the knobs (5) have some of the top edges sliced off. The portamento and brilliance sliders do not have their knobs.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 17 August 2012, Comments Off

“For sale is my Yamaha Cs-15d vintage synth 100 percent working with no major dents or dings and only slight wear on wood side panel. thats about it, its cvs and gates work fine as do all controls. makes good amount of mono sounds and is loud and clear. look into it and how you can trigger 2 sounds from it, create all drum sounds and leads etc.” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 18 May 2012, Comments Off

” This is for a mint condition Yamaha CS-15d synthesizer! It comes with a gorgeous case to protect the investment. All analog. You can select presets for quick playing or manually program your own sounds.

This is a 1979 synthesizer, it has a vintage round full sound when compared to other synths. ” Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 02 March 2012, Comments Off

“About this Yamaha CS15D

Overall, the synth is in wonderful working condition.

Cosmetic condition is near mint. Front panel is clean and scratch free. End cheeks are immaculate. Back panel is near spotless.

All knobs, buttons and sliders are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

Included is the original Yamaha hard case.

This is a 100v model.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 17 February 2012, Comments Off

” Hi. Up for auction is a vintage, fully functioning Yamaha CS15D dual channel analog monophonic synthesizer with its original case. As far as I know, this model was only sold in Japan (hence the 100v. power supply).Please correct me if I’m wrong about this.” eBay Link

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 07 October 2011, Comments Off

Wonderful, underrated synth! It’s a semi-preset, which turns most people off, but great for straightforward 70s synth sounds, has a superb modulation/ expression section to breath life into your playing, & even features a mini synth section that fits in a variable waveform VCO & separate envelopes for filter & VCA.

Genuinely dual-channel too, there are separate CV/ Gate connections on the back for each channel, so you can trigger one from a sequencer whilst playing the other, for example. Synth section features all the same chips & tech as the rest of the CS range, the preset sounds are hardwired resistor networks, giving this a full-bodied & very warm sound.

Mod section features multi-waveform LFO to add tremolo, vibrato & wah effects, very intuative & extremely useable effects. In excellent condition, all knobs & switches original, working & intact, some slight cosmetic wear, but great conditon for a 30 year old synth. The one thing not working 100% on here: the pitch bend wheel, it raises pitch slightly when pushed up, though not as much as it should & doesn’t drop pitch when shifted from the centre position. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 19 August 2011, Comments Off

“Brilliant vintage 1970′s synth in excellent condtion for an instrument over 30yrs old. Don’t think you’ll another this tidy.

Everything working and sounding great. Comes with a specially made hard case which has protected it well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 12 August 2011, Comments Off

“CS-15D is in full working condition.

Has been used to gig occasionally, with no problems at all. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 15 July 2011, Comments Off

” Der Synthi befindet sich optisch und technisch in einem einwandfreiem Zustand. Die wenigen Macken an den Holzteilen sind auf sein Alter zurückzuführen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 22 April 2011, Comments Off

“Yamaha CS 15 D Synthesizer

sold as seen , spares / repair

main fault …. 2nd oscillator does not work

maybe other faults as not fully checked” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 14 January 2011, Comments Off

“Hi there This is USED YAMAHA CS-15D Dual channel Synthesizer

It comes with the hard case

This unit is for 100Voltage ( No unit for 240V )

You need the voltage converter to use it

But we will give you voltage converter from 100V to 240V or from 100V-120V, if you need it with the adapter converter” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 01 October 2010, Comments Off

” It has been used only in a home environment and never taken out. It includes the original instruction manual and power cord. For the complete specs, look at the pictures. I am selling this item for my sister in law who doesn’t have access to ebay. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 18 December 2009, Comments Off

cs15 “the machine is in good shape!by two sliders are the metal thing missing ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 30 October 2009, Comments Off

cs15d “Ich biete einen gebrauchten Yamaha Synthesizer CS 15 D zum Verkauf an.

Funktionstüchtigkeit evtentuell eingeschränkt. Da die Funktionsleuchte auf der rechten oberen seite nicht leuchtet. (siehe Bild 3.)

Das Gerät gibt beim Anschluß an einem Verstärker töne von sich!!

Ein Knopf vom Schieberegler unten links fehlt. (siehe Bild 2)

Altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden.

Fals fragen auftreten sollten, bitte ihre Telefonnumemr an mich senden. Werde mich dann bei ihnen melden.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-15D, Yamaha @ 16 October 2009, Comments Off

cs15d “Yamaha CS15D Dual channel Synth. In good condition and 100% working, Some cosmetic wear and tear” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.