CS-15, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, Comments Off

cs15 “The covers are missing from faders although they are still fully functional. Some surface scratches. Unit will need services as it makes some scratching sounds when some dials are turned.”

CS-15, Yamaha @ 04 November 2016, Comments Off

cs15 “This Yamaha CS-15 was probably the most loved and used by my husband when he used to perform live gigs in Los Angeles. It is in good shape. A mark or scruff here or there. He took very good care of this instrument. I hate to let it go, but I just don’t have the room to store it. I am selling it “AS IS.” It’s too heavy for me to ship, so I am selling it as Pick Up Only. It does power-up, but I am not sure if it works properly. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 04 November 2016, Comments Off

cs15 “This auction is for one vintage used 1980 Yamaha CS-15 synthesizer monophonic keyboard. I purchased this keyboard several years ago. This keyboard powers up and everything is working. The slider cap on the BRILLIANCE slider is missing (see pictures). It still works fine. The knobs and sliders need to be cleaned. This keyboard has been in storage for a while. Cosmetically, the keyboard has some scratches and spots of typical wear but still looks really nice overall (see pictures). This auction is for the CS-15 keyboard in the pictures only. The keyboard stand in the pictures is not included.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 24 June 2016, Comments Off

cs15 “For sale is a vintage Yamaha CS15 Synthesizer.

It was originally purchased from Modeless Factory (Japan) with the following mods:

VCF Serial Routing Switch
Ring Modulation Knob
VCO Frequency Modulation Knob
240v” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 26 February 2016, Comments Off

cs-15 “Yamaha CS-15 (1978) analog monophonic dual-layered synth – angled left – VINTAGE SYNTH
Pretty nice synth for its age. It has a few knobs missing but it is in fine working shape. Plenty of great sounds still in this awesome synth. Get it while it lasts.
There is nothing wrong with the play functions on this synth! The slider knobs are missing and there is no functionality issues at all with the sliders or the knobs. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 22 January 2016, Comments Off

cs-15 “FOR PARTS



CS-15, Yamaha @ 04 December 2015, Comments Off

cs-15 “Yamaha C S 15 synth

great monosynth

Yammy Sound

Cosmetically good (see pics)

low high output

hz/octave track good I used an encore expressionist mostly” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 09 October 2015, Comments Off

cs15” Up for sale is a (1) vintage Yamaha CS-15 synthesizer. It’s in good working condition and sounds very good! Notice that some knobs are slightly crackling when you turn them. Optical it’s in used condition with a few scratches on it, wear and tear and some rusty spots on it (see photo’s). We deliver it with its original hardcase in used condition, brochure in used condition and a new Kenton filter in mod which is not been installed yet. It’s a 110V version, we deliver it with converter to 220V if necessary. The serial number is: 2564.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 25 September 2015, Comments Off

cs-15 “This Yamaha is in good condition and sounds great. It has some scratches and minor cosmetic wears understandable for it’s age.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 04 September 2015, Comments Off

yamaha cs15 “Unit is in fully operational and in great condition too.
Comes with an original 100V power cord. The pitch bend slider knob is missing, as seen in one of the pictures.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 28 August 2015, Comments Off

cs-15 “Barely used. Serviced a couple months ago. Non smoking studio. Pots cleaned. Works and plays great.” Link

CS-15 @ 07 August 2015, Comments Off

yamaha cs15“YAMAHA CS15 monophonic synthesizer

Looks 9.25 of 10
In good shape, please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators, some short life OpAmps, transistors and logis ICs with new ones,
and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 12 June 2015, Comments Off

cs-16” For sale is a yamaha cs-15. It is a duophonic analog synth from the 80′s. If you want to make weird and unique sounds that are raw, ballsy and fat. Here you go.

This guy was serviced by switched on recently. It has custom wood sides from synthwood.

It is missing the pitch bend cap and some screws for the sides. Functionality is not affected. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 20 February 2015, Comments Off

cs15“Like new condition. Works fully functional. Comes with heavy duty road case great for transport. Built like a tank. Model number in photos. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 06 February 2015, Comments Off

used yamaha cs15“Yamaha CS 15 Analog Synthesiser

Similar to the Korg MS 20 but with its own sound!

The synthesiser is in good working order but has a couple pots that need cleaning or replacing, the portamento, brilliance and pitch bend slider caps are also missing and the headphone jack needs to be replaced. The rest of the synth is in full working order as far as I can tell. I bought the synth in exactly the same condition as it is now about 2 years ago. I was going to fix it all up myself but have never got round to doing it, as I don’t spend as much time making music as I used to.

Hopefully someone spots this as it is a classic synth and has some amazing sounds when you delve in to it, with external sound processing features so you can filter drum loops or entire tracks etc. I have read about Aphex Twin using the CS 10 single oscillator synth to do similar processing.
It is also duophonic, with two seperate CV/Gate inputs so it can play two different melodies at once via a Kenton Pro Midi to CV/Gate convertor or similar units.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 06 February 2015, Comments Off

cs15“YAMAHA CS15 Vintage Analog Synth With Original Hard Case

In good condition, all synth functions working well.
Cosmetically in good condition but does have some marks and scratches here and there.

Hard case is in good condition but does have some marks and scratches here and there and rust on the metal parts.

Unit runs on 100V AC so if you live in a country with a different power supply you will need a transformer.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 19 December 2014, Comments Off

cs15“Yamaha CS – 15 mono synthesizer for sale.

I’ve owned this for 4 years, its been used very little. The pots and switches are crackly and the power led is intermittent. I would advise to get it serviced, although it still does work and sounds great. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 12 December 2014, Comments Off

cs15“I’m selling my Yamaha CS-15 analog synth. Made in 1978, this keyboard will generate the gritty, guttural tones that software/modeling synths just can’t touch. Add that visceral vintage texture to your sound with this tank of a keyboard. 37 keys, dual VCOs, dual VCFs, dual ASDRs, an external trigger input, portamento slider and selectable-range pitch bending. Tons of features and controls to give you a broad range of sounds and envelopes.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 05 December 2014, Comments Off

cs15“auction for Vintage Yamaha CS-15 Analog Synthesizer. Good condition, works good. All functions are working great. All keys and buttons work. May show normal wear.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 07 November 2014, Comments Off

cs15“Used(very good) This CS-15 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!! come with original case. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 31 October 2014, Comments Off

cs15“Recently serviced. Ive taken great care of it. I barely ever use it anymore. Missing pitch bend knob as shown in the pictures. Pitch bend and everything works perfectly.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 10 October 2014, Comments Off

cs15“The unit is fully working, in very good condition, with only a few minor scratches.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 26 September 2014, Comments Off

cs15“YAMAHA SYNTHESIZER CS-15 Music Keyboard

Please note:
There is nothing wrong with working but One knob MISSING.
Please see the photos.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 12 September 2014, Comments Off

cs15 “This listing is for a rare Yamaha CS15 Analog Synthesizer. Its in excellent condition cosmetically and fully functional.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 05 September 2014, Comments Off

cs15 “Used(very good) This CS-15 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!! come with original case.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 05 September 2014, Comments Off

” Up for sale is the classic YAMAHA CS15 Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer.

The unit appears to be fully functional, all the keys and knobs and buttons working well as I tested.

Please refer to my pictures for any details.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 15 August 2014, Comments Off

“This works perfectly . The cosmetic condition is shown on the pictures .This comes with 100-240V worldwide adapter version.It comes with your regional adapter plug too.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 18 July 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha CS15 in excellent condition w/case and manual! Silky analogue sounds!

Unit is in perfect working order….Please see photos for details! Include original case” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 11 July 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha CS15
Classic 70s mono synth

Extremely good condition cosmetically
Slight crackle on volume knob
Everything else works very well
A few very minor scratches
Hard case slightly
Japanese power converter
Pick up from East London only please” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 04 July 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha CS15 in excellent condition w/case and manual! Silky analogue sounds!

Unit is in perfect working order, and good cosmetic condition! Please see photos for details. Includes manual as well (manual’s pages aren’t all connected)” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 30 May 2014, Comments Off

You are bidding on a very interesting item. It is a 1980′s VINTAGE YAMAHA CS15 SYNTHESIZER. I bought it from a French guy who had owned it since new. He stated that it was in full working order(see later). PLEASE NOTE that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about synthesizers. It powers up & with my headphones on I can say that I managed to get noises & sounds from most of the knobs I turned & twiddled. It didn’t sound very loud to me but the volume did increase & decrease when the knob was turned. So if you have any questions or tasks that you would like me to perform then just ask but give detailed instructions. Visually it is in GREAT condition. I would give it 8/10 in that respect. There is the odd mark here & there but it has obviously been well cared for(there is one knob missing off the pitch blend). The voltage is adjustable on the back & currently it has a FRENCH PLUG fitted that could I am sure easily be changed or adapted.” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 11 April 2014, Comments Off

“close-down of a studio for electronic music in Düsseldorf / Germany.

sale of machine park.


used device, not tested, sold as seen, no warranty!” Link

CS-15, CS-15D, Yamaha @ 14 March 2014, Comments Off


CS-15, Yamaha @ 31 January 2014, Comments Off

“Yamaha CS-15 Vintage Analog Monosynth

In excellent functional condition and very good cosmetic condition (8 out of 10). The synth was recapped in 2010 and recalibrated when I bought it from Modeless Factory. Power supply was converted by Modeless to 120V. This synth isn’t mint, but it still looks gorgeous. If you get up close and see it in the right light you’ll notice surface blemishes, but few of them penetrate all the way through the paint.

Includes double-sided hardcopy of owner’s manual, blank patch sheets and several filled-in patch sheets that I created. I created the patch sheets by scanning front panel images from the Yamaha manuals, then painstakingly rebuilding and clarifying the graphics.” Link

CS-15, CS-15D, Yamaha @ 31 January 2014, Comments Off

“YAMAHA CS-15D Analog synthesizer Vintage Rare! 【Used】

★This is very expensive and rare item (very hard to find)even in Japan.

This is not brand new.This is used condition.
I am not the specialist of this item. Please refer to a photograph.
Please be careful this is not a brand new item.
Please understand that the damages or scratches because of use.” Link