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yamaha bc1“Yamaha BC-1
Yamaha breath controller, 1st generation. All BC’s have been discontinued by Yamaha so 2nd hand is the only way to get them. Breath control can really add expression to a synth, especially mapped to parameters like the filter cutoff.

Got this as a companion to a CS01 from Japan and it looks completely unused. No bite marks whatsoever. I verified that it worked with my CS01, the adjustment pot turns easily and adjusts the breath sensitivity accordingly. I already have a BC-2 so I don’t need this guy.

You get everything shown in the pics.” Link

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c1 “For sale is a used Yamaha BC1 Breath Controller and Small Bag.
This unit was tested and working when used with my DX-7 a few months ago.
It has been cleaned.” Link

BC1, Yamaha @ 15 May 2015, Comments Off

bc1“This item is in full working order with the original storage pouch. The only visible wear is some teeth marks.” Link

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bc1“BC1 with original box, pouch etc. Item for a DX7. I am unable to test sold as is.” Link

BC1, Yamaha @ 10 April 2015, Comments Off

bc1” I wanna say is like New, the last time i used it it worked very well, but now i don’t have any thing to test it out, so sold as is, Still have the box and the case for it is still new!

Update, my friend has test it out and told me it worked. ” Link

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bc-1 “Breath controller works fine with DX 7 and I would imagine most Yamaha keyboards. You might need to confirm that with someone in the know. Looks good, very little wear that I can notice. I just came across it and do not need it. Works good for Sax and flute parts on keyboards.” Link

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bc1” Up for auction is a Yamaha BC1 Breath Controller in very good condition. A few minor scuffs, but rarely used – stored in non-smoking home studio. Tested on a Yamaha DX100 and worked great. Small residue mark on underside, possibly from a sticker?Please review pictures and ask any questions prior to bidding. Comes complete with original pouch and string packet, too!” Link

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yamaha bc1 ” Only taken out of the box for the photographs.” Link

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” Yamaha BC-1 used. With original box, foam, and pouch. Sold as-is no refunds or returns.” Link

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“Yamaha BC-1 Breath Controller with case pouch and cable.
In mint condition. Comes with its original case, cable and plug. Can be used with a DX7 and some other synths.” Link

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” Vintage BC 1 breath controller works with DX7, EX5/7, CS6X” Link

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“Up for grabs is a vintage Yamaha DX-100 FM Synthesizer. Awesome little portable FM synth, incredibly powerful for it’s size. You’ll instantly recognize the bass tones from the DX-100. Great for techno, house, dance, 80′s stuff, etc. Throw some effects pedals on this thing and the sky is the limit.

I received this from the original owner a few months back. She was an older woman and did not use it much, so it’s still in great shape. All presets are still there. Still greets the user as Marian when starting up too, haha.

Includes the 12v adapter and breath controller. Could use the internal battery replaced in the near future but works fine as is. ” Link

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“This Auction is for a Yamaha Breath Controller BC1 bc-1 preowned with original bag/case as shown. This belonged to a friend who was a professional musician and got out of the business. I tested with my VL70-m and it worked fine.” Link

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” Yamaha BC1 BC 1 Breath controller with soft case for use on many Yamaha keyboards used a little but works fine . (Please check compatibility before purchase)” Link

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“You are bidding on this Yamaha Breath Controller model BC1. Has been previously used and have signs of cosmetic wear as scratches and scuffs as you can see on pictures, but is fully operational and functions as intended.” Link

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“I purchased this breath controller in the 80′s when I bought my DX-7. I never used it. The breath controller unit is in its original un-opened shrink wrap. I did open the box, just to take photos of it.” Link

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“Yamaha Breath Controller BC1 bc-1 preowned with original bag/case as shown was pulled and tested good from working system.” Link

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“Yamaha Breath Controller BC-1 mit der Original-Tasche

funktioniert einwandfrei. Optisch sieht er auch noch sehr gut aus, siehe Foto.” Link

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“Nice Item!!!” Link

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“I am the original owner of this dx7 and it has been used very little. It has the original music rack. Bought it back in the early 80′s. It is in excellent condition no scratches, everything works perfectly. All keys work perfectly and have no breaks. There is a small area in the power cord where the plastic insulation has come off, wires are still protected by the other insulation{see pic} Also, the low battery sign is showing in the screen. There are some new clip on battery holders and easy to follow instructions on how to replace the battery available if you do a web search. The breath control has never been used and has the original storage bag and the neck lanyard. The volume and sustain pedals have been used very little and show no signs of wear. It also comes with 1 RAM pack and ROM pack #3-master group kbd and plucked group and RAM pack #4- orchestral and percussion plus the 2cassette tapes and instructional manuals. This is an awesome keyboard and this is a great package includes the dx7, music rack, breath control, sustain pedal, volume pedal, 1 Ram pack, 2 Rom packs , cassette tapes and, owners manual. ” Link

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“I know very little about this, as I got it in trade. It is Yamaha model BC1 BC-1 and comes in the little solver bag.
It still has the protective plastic covering on it & if you peel it off, it will look great.
Functionally I have NO clue. Selling AS-IS. It could work just fine.”

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“Yamaha DX7 breath controller in mint condition. I believe it came off of a DX7 IID.” Link

BC1, Yamaha @ 29 March 2013, Comments Off

” there is not much more to say – I got this unit many, many years ago but never used it. it is in its original plastic wrapping and its original box. This is true vintage equipment.” Link

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“For Sale/Auction is this used Yamaha Breath Control 1 unit. I used it with my DX7 but it can be used with other Yamaha Keyboards in this vintage. I only used it a few times so it is still very clean and cared for. I have not used it in many years but it worked the last time it was used. I have no way to test as I no longer have my DX7.” Link

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“I got this thing with my Yamaha Dx 21 and had no Idea what it was, till while looking up random youtube videos and stumbled on this thing and realized how freaking cool it was lol, basically you plug this into your synths that have breath control, like all the DXs models and lets say you have the sax patch like in the Dx 7, you play your keys like would normally but blow into the wind controller and holly crap you have a real sax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was amazed when I did I couldnt believe I had this all this time and never used it, I hate to sell this cool thing but I need some extra money ” Link

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“Up for auction is a gently used Yamaha BC1 breath controller for the DX7 digital synthesizer. Use it for interesting expressive modulation and effects. Fully functional and very good cosmetic condition. I used this with my DX7. I am offering it for sale because I no longer have my DX7.” Link

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“Yamaha BC1 Breath Controller

Up for bid is a Yamaha BC1 Breath Controller. These have become sought after since Yamaha recently discontinued their breath controller line.

This one has been used but is in good shape. I just checked it out on my Yamaha CS01 mini analog synth and it works quite nicely.” Link

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“This is a Yamaha BC-1 Breath Controller that allows you to add authentic phrasing, vibrato, etc to horn, woodwind and other sounds on your synth. I found this BC-1 in the ORIGINAL pouch in the bottom of a box full of gear in my recording studio. It came with a DX-7 that I bought 27 years ago and I never got the hang of using it, so into the box it went and there is has sat, waiting for Ebay to be created. ” Link

BC1, Yamaha @ 22 June 2012, Comments Off

“Your bidding on a Yamaha Breath Controller BC1. This is the predecessor to the BC2 and BC3. The BC1 can be used with any Yamaha synthesizers that include the “BC input”. The BC1 can also be used with a “MIDI Solutions Breath Controller” interface box to generate continuous MIDI data corresponding to the amount of breath pressure applied to it. I have no way of testing this device but it seems to be in good physical condition and I am offering a 14 day return just in case it is not working. ” Link

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“Ich biete einen originalverpackten Yamaha BC 1 Blaswandler an. Das Teil wird benutzt um den Klang von Yamaha Synthesizern mit ensprechendem Anschluss duch Blasen zu modulieren.
Es handelt sich um ein unbenutztes Gerät, daher gibt es auch keine hygienischen Bedenken” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

BC1, Yamaha @ 10 February 2012, Comments Off

“New in box, never used.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

BC1, DX100, Yamaha @ 21 October 2011, Comments Off

“Original owner.

Good condition. Plays well.
Some dust under LCD, volume slider is a bit scratchy when moving it — could use a cleaning.
Includes manuals and data cable.

BC-1 Breath Controller is also in good condition and ready to play.
Comes with pouch.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“up for bids is this like new yamaha bc1 breath controller. it has very little use. no marks on it. i will include original box but no pouch comes with it.

i am not sure what instruments besides the dx7 it works with.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer, good condition, European model (110V/220V) with three sounds cartridges, breathcontroller, and a footswitch.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“this Yamaha cs-01 analog synthesizer and original breath controller are in great working and physical condition. this synth produces a fat analog sound, and the breath controller allows you to control the VCA and VCF. all the pics in the listing are of the actual unit. a previous owner scratched the word “J ROGUE” into the bottom of the keyboard, but i couldn’t get it to show in the pics. this listing is for the unit, breath controller and breath controller case. this thing is amazing!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.