DX-7, Yamaha @ 19 May 2017, “No Comments”

“For some reason when you play the keyboard to trigger internal patches, the keyboard gets shifted down a couple octaves and only plays low notes. However, when you trigger the synth via midi it works perfectly fine. The keyboard also works perfectly when triggering midi on external hardware. Output has a little noise. Comes with USB midi device so you can load patches onto it from your computer. Also comes with case if desired, will cost more to ship. ” Link

“This unit is 100% perfect working.
Comes with the original 12V adapter (220V)
Runs on 6 Size AA batteries
Breath controller included, but in non working condition” Link

“The High Quality General MIDI Sound Module

Studio use – never gigged. Full working order.” Link

“Yamaha TX 81Z FM Tone Generator Synthesizer. Tested and functional. Overall in excellent cosmetic condition as seen in photos.” Link

TX7, Yamaha @ 19 May 2017, “No Comments”

“This has been sitting in my studio for ages. It works fine, I just never use it.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 19 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Yamaha DX-7 and Roadie custom case. Comes with 2 sounds cartridges and one ROM cart. Sorry the keyboard interface is long gone. Unit works great and is in excellent shape. We bought it new 30 years ago and it’s been closed up in storage.

Case is heavy and modified just for the unit. There are stains inside the case on the foam. See pics for everything. ” Link

“Yamaha DX7 FD ll in good condition. It is in overall very good cosmetic condition. The first D&E keys have small blemishes at the bottom of them. (See picture) There are no issues with the display. All keys, pitch and mod wheels, and outputs function as should. The number 7 and 30 program select buttons require a firm push to trigger. I am unable to test the floppy disk drive so I can not confirm if it functions or not. ” Link

SY85, Yamaha @ 19 May 2017, “No Comments”

“I bought this synth a few years ago because it had a few different sounds on board. It has not been gigged while I’ve had it though I did do a few sessions on it. I have a pile of disks with various sounds which I downloaded a few years ago. Although Korg and Yamaha share common origins I found over the years that the two brands did in fact compliment each other. The only problem I found was that it was a little complicated to operate but the sounds made it worth the agg if you get my drift. Overall condition is very good for its age with all controls working and good keyboard action.” Link

“Up for auction is my original Yamaha TX-816 with 8 working modules in wonderful condition. The unit works beautifully and still sounds great. It is literally a wall of sound, and still classic after all these years! I personally tested all of the functions on all eight modules in both individual and common mode and everything tests out. I reloaded the eight modules with the original Yamaha patch banks exactly as it came from the factory. I am including all of the original manuals. Also included in the box is a modern patch librarian and FM sound editor with thousands of additional preset patches, organized by bank name and patch name, and a MIDI cable.

This unit ships with tons of nostalgia. I loaded up the original DX7 cartridge patches from 1983 yesterday afternoon and enjoyed playing and listening to the exact original sounds from tons of classic hits from the 1980’s. Anybody who remembers “Do they know it’s Christmas” by Band Aid will be happy to find the original patch, TUB BELLS #12 from DX7 cartridge 1A on the included disk.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 19 May 2017, “No Comments”

“This is a quality Yamaha DX7 Digital Programmable Synthesizer. It is in gently used condition. I do not have a cartridge for it . Powers up fine . I’m not sure how to make sound out of it, I wasn’t able to so Im not sure if it is broken or just needs the cartridge.” Link

“Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer

Just obtained from a large pro audio rental company that was liquidating excess equipment.

In good condition, pretty clean all around.. some light scuffs here and there from normal usage.

Volume control is a little scratchy at the top end of the slider. Can most likely be cleaned/sprayed out and problem can be fixed. Only scratchy when being moved.

Comes with non original after market AC power adapter that works fine with this unit.” Link



SY77, Yamaha @ 19 May 2017, “No Comments”

” This is the original Yamaha SY77 61 key Music Workstation Synthesizer Keyboard. It is a classic vintage programmable synthesizer from around 1990 and would be a great addition to anybody’s synthesizer collection. It comes with an original Yamaha sustain pedal and many original manuals and documentation. The item is in perfect condition and works like new. I am the original owner and have seldom used it over the years. Please see photos to assess condition.

An original Yamaha fully functioning sustain pedal is included.
The following original manuals and documentation are included: Operating Manual, Service Manual, MIDI Data Format, AWM Element Edit Reference Card, Job Table Card, Sales Brochure, Sound Making Book (Level 1), and Secrets of the Yamaha SY77 article
The original floppy demonstration disk is included. I will also include some other floppy disks with sounds, songs, etc. that I have downloaded/accumulated over the years.
New floppy drive belt was just installed and floppy drive works perfectly.
An extra floppy drive belt was purchased and is inside the unit for future replacement if needed.
Power is 120 volts, 28 watts, and 60 Hz.
Item will be shipped in original SY77 cardboard box.
I will offer local pickup since the item is heavy and shipping can be expensive.
I will accept returns up to 14 days, but the buyer will need to pay for the return shipping.
Item comes from a pet and smoke free home.” Link

“• unit sold as is for repair, needs new internal battery” Link

“Excellent condition. Lightly used. Includes manual plus midi and audio cables.

Module 6 is need of a battery.” Link

“Very rare and amazing keytar MIDI controller (circa 1984). Considered to be one of the best and definitely the most fun keytar made.” Link

SY35, Yamaha @ 12 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Here’s a great working Yamaha SY35 vector synth. Has some scratches and a dent in bottom case but overall looks good! ” Link

CS-5, Yamaha @ 12 May 2017, “No Comments”

“This synth is in excellent condition for its age!!! It is fully functional and sounds great, this synth has so much character!! The only cosmetic flaw on it is the pitch bend slider cap is broken off (as pictured ^) but it is still super easy to move the slider, it does not effect its use at all. It is hard to believe it is in such nice shape, maybe a couple of tiny scratches and scuffs here and there from normal use. Again, it is fully functional, everything works as it should, it’s a real beauty.” Link

“This is a Yamaha TX81Z FM Synthesizer, showing minimal signs of visible wear. This item turns on but has not been tested for functionality. It features a banana plug in, II and I/MIX Outputs, Cassette In, and MIDI Thru and Out/In.” Link

“Yamaha DX7 II-FD Synth in Perfect condition, no visible blemishes, selling by original owner. Used 100% in a smoke free studio.

Comes with:

4 Cartridges – 1 Yamaha ROM, 1 Yamaha RAM, 1 ADP Adaptor and a Maartists Music Pack MR-5 cartridge – this is a 4 bank RAM cartridge with custom sounds – it’s equivalent to 4 Yamaha RAM cartridges

Sustain Pedal, custom dust cover, Factory Manual and a book called Yamaha DX7IIFD A New Beginning by Lorenz Rychner.

7 Floppies with banks of custom sounds – I haven’t used the floppy drive in years, but I put a floppy in and it is reading it just fine.

Heavy Duty ANVIL CASE – the case could use having the foam replaced at some point.

Everything is tested and working.” Link

SY77, Yamaha @ 12 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Yamaha SY77 in good condition. This synth is in very good cosmetic condition. Everything functions as it should. The pitch and both modulation wheels work fine. All buttons and sliders work properly. The are no issues with the display.

The only known issue is that there are sticky keys throughout the keybed. The keys are still playable, but playing fast lines will not be as fluid because of this issue. It seems that this is a fairly common problem with this synth. I have reduced the price because of this issue. It looks as though it can be solved by applying some lubricant to the the keybed. As with most synths with midi ports, it can also be used as a sound module using another controller to play the sounds from the SY77.

I don’t have a SY77 floppy disk, so I have never attempted to use the floppy drive. I am not sure if it works or not.” Link


SY77, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SY77

sy77 “This sale is for a Yamaha SY-77 Synthesizer. Light wear. Some scratches on the underside. Fully functional. Please see photos for details. ” Link

RX15, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha RX15

“Yamaha RX 15 DIGITAL-RHYTHM-PROGRAMMER . Sehr guter Zustand. Ich kann leider nichts zum Gerät sagen weil ich mich nicht auskenne. Bitte fragen Sie wie ,was,wo ” Link

CS-40M, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha CS40M

” Der Yamaha CS 40m hat 2 VCO und 2 Sub VCO pro Stimme und verfügt über 2 Stimmen! Er kann auch im Unison Modus gespielt werden was bedeutet das er dann 8 VCO gleichzeitig hat!

Ich habe den CS 40 sehr sorgfältig gerecappt mit High End Audio Kondensatoren von Nichicon im Netzteil sind Panasonic Low ESR Kondensatoren verbaut worden. Der CS 40m wurde von Yamaha als Konkurenzprodukt zum Minimoog gebaut! Und hat sogar die Möglichkeit Sounds auf 2 Bänken a 10 Speicherplätzen zu speichern. Man kann seine Sounds auch per Audiospur in seine DAW sichern und das Audiofile dann wieder zurück in den CS 40 spielen.” Link

SY55, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SY55

“In excellent condition, NO box or manual” Link

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7s

“This synth is honestly amazing, Ive had a lot of fun with it but as of lately it has been collecting dust, its missing the factory patch sounds due to the internal battery dying from being unused for so long, Ive replaced the battery already and it turns right on and works 100% fine other than that.
Reinstalling the patches is pretty easy you can do it using midi from your computer or from buying a cartridge and loading on it that way!
No cracks or any major damage on this synth just a few minor scratches on the bottom of the synth.” Link

TX7, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha TX7

“In really nice condition, works perfectly, sounds great! It does have a few light scratches and scuffs from normal use. ” Link

QX21, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha QX21

“Used but in good working condition.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX-100

“Yamaha DX-100 FM Synthesizer DX100 4-op detroit techno classic
Up for sale is my Yamaha DX-100.

The DX100 is a 4 operator FM synth and a detroit techno classic. It 49 mini-keys. It uses batteries (6 C size) or an AC adapter for power supply (not included). It is easiest to edit with any of several aftermarket editors which expand the possibilites of what you can do with it.

It is in very good phyisical condition with two small flaws. One is that the slider cap has cracked off. The slider is still relatively easy to operate. Two is that a key appears to have repaired. It still works absolutely fine.

All its keys, buttons, sliders, LCD display and input/output sockets are in perfect working order. Paint and lettering are legible and clear.

Sold AS IS, no returns!” Link

SY77, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SY77 Project Machine

“This sy77 works. The only issue is the screen. it is blacked out.” Link

DX-21, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX21



DX-21, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX21





Description: . comes as seen. Vintage Synthesizer. see pictures.

Condition: aside from the broken key it is in Very Good solid Physical shape – see pictures. missing 2 slider caps. all keys working – even the one that is broken. Powers on and LED reads well and all Functions are working- pitch & mod wheel working. all buttons for sound patches are working. see pictures for condition. Please not that I have not had this unit serviced and although it is working it may need some servicing and cleaning as it is old. ” Link

TX802, Yamaha @ 05 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha TX802

“Yamaha TX802 in really nice condition (see pics). A new battery has been installed and also comes with the latest OS (1.5).” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 28 April 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 II FD

“Basic operation, sound has been confirmed.
The operation of the keyboard, each button and slider was ok.
There is no problem with liquid crystal display.” Link