DX-7, Yamaha @ 24 February 2017, “No Comments”

yamahadx7 “Yamaha DX7 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer
Nice clear sound.
In good condition with a stickers.
The pitch and the modulation wheels seems not to work, but the keys all work, display, and functions buttons work. ” Link

CS-50, Yamaha @ 24 February 2017, “No Comments”

cds50 “I’m getting more into modular, so the CS-50 must go. It’s in perfect working condition and all of the voices work. There are zero problems with the keyboard, but it is missing the original legs- like most CS50/60/80s.”

DX-7, Yamaha @ 24 February 2017, “No Comments”

dx7 “If you know what this is, I’ll cut right to describing the item condition: it was owned by one musician since 1985, was gigged with locally, has a few scratches & dings but looks wonderful & clean, functions flawlessly, no issues whatsoever and I tested everything meticulously. The membrane buttons even surprised me with how snappy their response is. It has a backlight installed, as well as a 90′s Grey Matter E! expansion, loaded with all the classic DX7 patches from the sound carts, plus some wild ones I programmed myself. I’ll ship it with priority mail, the cheapest fastest option, but shipping will be a bit costly because of how heavy this bub is.” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 24 February 2017, “No Comments”

yamahadx7iifd “it is in excellent condition, works good.
some buttons need a little more pressure to work but everything is in working condition
includes a yamaha DX7 II-D/ II-FD data rom cartridge.
it shows normal signs of use for a vintage item but you can take a look at the pictures to see what your are buying” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

shs10 “Yamaha SHS-10 Keyboard Synthesiser.

Very good overall condition. Vintage FM keyboard synthesiser / keytar.

Boxed as pictured. Can be battery powered or played with a power supply. ” Link

CS-15, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

cs15 “The covers are missing from faders although they are still fully functional. Some surface scratches. Unit will need services as it makes some scratching sounds when some dials are turned.”

DX-9, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

iuesddx9 “Yamaha DX-9 Synthesizer keyboard.
It’s in full working order with all keys and buttons functioning as they should.Its had the lcd display light mod.comes with a very well made hard case which makes it quite heavy and I am unable to offer shipping” Link

Tenori On, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

tenorion “your looking at my tenori on white,orange display
Had this a few years played a handful of times
as you can see in the picture comes with original box and all the stuff that came with it”

TF1, TX-816, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

tx816 “PHYSICAL CONDITION – Good: There are scratches, dents, signs of oxidation, one of the rubber feet are missing, the rack ears have been removed, there is some corrosion under module #3 from a leaking battery, but it still looks good overall.

WORKING CONDITION – Very Good: Module #3 has a battery error, the old battery (solder-on type) has leaked on the module board and chassis below, but the module still passed audio and MIDI tests functioning normal (without store function reliant on the battery). The rest of the modules and chassis tested working very well otherwise. ” Link

SY22, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

sy-22 “Keyboard is in great condition! Virtually like new, except for two minor scratches to the right of the LCD.

Touring-quality hard case is in very good condition, with a few small blemishes consistent with use.

Comes with AC adapter, original manual, and high-quality pedal!” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

tx81z “Used. Good condition. Hasn’t been plugged in in over 10 years.” Link

DX-5, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

yamahadx5 “Rare Yamaha DX5 FM synth. Overall this one is in great cosmetic condition and perfect working order. Beyond minor scuffs, here are the cosmetic issues:

1) Some scratching on the under side (see pics)
2) A slight chip in the corner of one of the side ends
3) On the front panel, there are some “smudges” from the soft case foam sitting on the synth for so long. I tried to capture it in the photo that is taken at an angle. Perhaps these smudges could be cleaned off with the right stuff

This unit comes with a soft case that is functional, but has seen better days… see the pics. The only known operational issue is that one of the led’s on one of the buttons doesn’t light up when you press the button, but this does not affect the functionality whatsoever. I would fix it myself except I don’t want to risk damaging anything on such a nice/rare synth for just a little led.

This unit also comes with two voice ROM cartridges and a power cable.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

used ya ” Yamaha DX7 – vintage algorithmic synthesizer with 4 cartidges.
Volume knob is lost but the slider still works fine!

Get that old school synth vibe for REAL with this thing instead of using Fruity Loops and a little MacBook keyboard!!” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

dxty “Floppy drive works like a dream. Rarely used since we have MIDI data filers.” Link

SY77, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

77 “Up for sale is a vintage Yamaha SY77 synthesizer. This keyboard was a beast back in its prime and is likely creates a sense of nostalgia for those who are familiar with this model. I no longer have the free time I used to in order to jump on the keys so it’s time to find this baby a new home. This item is being sold as is since I no longer have the monitors needed to test if everything is working properly but the last time I used it she worked like a dream! The color on the screen is dim but still is visible (much clearer in dark environment if you prefer not to replace). It comes with just the keyboard (power cord is attached). ” Link

SK30, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

sk30 ” Der SK-30 befindet sich in sehr gutem Zustand, es stammt aus reiner Wohnzimmerumgebung. Kleine Gebrauchsspuren.
Das Gerät wurde komplett von einer Fachwerkstatt überprüft und funktioniert 100% einwandfrei! Einmaliger Analogsound.
ALLE Fotos zeigen das hier angebotene Gerät.

Excellent and 100% working fine condition. Small signs of use. Recently checked by qualified music electronic service station.
Amazing vintage analog sound. ALL pictures showing the offered item.” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

tx81z ” Yamaha TX81Z Digital Analog Sampling Keyboard Sampler Synth Vintage 80s
testing and viewing welcome
Item is used (please see pictures)
what you see in picture is what you get
testing and viewing welcome” Link

DX-11, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

x111 “Yamaha DX11 (similar to DX7) FM synthesiser

I am selling a used yamaha dx11, theres no sound a keep getting a message which says change ram battery.

I’ve searched online, itz a common problem, once the ram battery is changed..it works perfectly normal. (Please read and check that for yourself) ” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

216 “Yamaha TX-316 in good condition. Printout of manual included. Basically what you see is what you get. Buyer must pre pay with PayPal only. Add $50 for shipping and handling. ” Link

TX802, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

tx802 “Some rackmout wear normal for the age.” Link

SY77, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

sy77 “For sale is a used Vintage Yamaha SY77 61 Key Synthesizer Workstation. Item is in fair shape. It is used so It does have scuff marks and scratches on it, After not using this keyboard for about a year I turned it on to find that during start up the keyboard locks itself in “Multi, Drum Pattern, and Utility modes” all at once (as shown in photo). Forcing the keyboard to start up with the metronome playing and drum sounds available. So my guess is it’s locked in drum pattern mode.I don’t know how to fix this problem, so I’m just letting go! Great screen, all keys work, all wheels firm, slider buttons all in tact. Some function buttons respond and some don’t. The keyboard does need some work. Great for parts or repair! ” Link

TF1, TX-816, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

tx816 “Fully loaded, absolutely maxed out, 8 part multitimbral, 256 sound patch storage, 128 voices.

This comes from the 1980s collection of a super famous pop band that had 3 Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits between 1985 and 1987. Yes, three of them (even Jackson didn’t have 3 in that period). You will never in your life have a chance to get one of these from an artist with more 80s success than that.

If you collect old issues of Keyboard Magazine, the exact unit for sale here is pictured and mentioned in the text on page 22 of the January 1990 issue of Keyboard Magazine. ” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

used7 “I bought this DX7 in 1983/84. I used it for about 10 years in a weekend band. It has been in storage for years. It needs a new battery. It has one small hole by one of the settings.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 10 February 2017, Comments Off

dx7 “Selling a Yamaha DX-7 61 key Keyboard with data ram cartridge…….shows signs of use and wear” Link

Keytar, SHS-200, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

shs200 “Yamaha SHS-200, all appears to work, all the keys and the pitch controller, see video, I do not have the ac adaptor, or the strap, or the instruction manual, tested using batteries which are included. I know how to wrap items for safe transit., non smoke home.” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

ed “Nice Find!!!! Vintage! Tested and works!” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

tx81z “Untested due to lack of equipment to test it.
In good physical condition with a few scratches. ” Link

SY77, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

sy-777 “This sale is for a Yamaha SY-77 Synthesizer. Light wear. Some scratches on the underside. Fully functional. Please see photos for details.” Link

SK50D, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

sk50d “Powers on fine and lights up. Buttons seem to work fine. Makes a light single tone synth noise through output on powerup (noise does not stop) and keys are unresponsive. One key is loose as pictured. Comes with power cable case and legs. Missing top screws.” Link

TX7, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

8 “Yamaha TX7 FM. Great condition. Stored carefully and seldom used. ” Link

TX802, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

tx802 “From the estate of elderly gentleman is a Yamaha TX802 rack mount synthesizer, in excellent shape but there are some minor signs of wear [see pictures] The screen is fine & unit functions well. The TX802 is essentially a DX7mkII in rack form, for those classic FM sounds found in the DX7 keyboard.

See photos to grade it, and to determine your bid amount. USPS shipping from Hamburg NJ
with insurance. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING THROUGH EBAY GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM ONLY [except Canada] Sorry, because we’re selling an item for an estate, there are no returns..
We will combine shipping when possible on multiple purchases.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

useddx7 “This Vintage Synthesizer is in Good cosmetic condition. The keybed is clean and free of sticking keys. The housing has a corner that is broken but does not effect the functionality. The buttons and faders are moving smoothly as intended. The attached power cable has been taped but may need to be repaired by a professional. The case is clean with working latches. Please see images.” Link

SY35, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

sy5 “This SY22 is in perfect working condition and in Very Good condition.
This unit was professionally checked.
come with AC adaptor(100V).” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

shs10 “Item has been tested and cleaned and is in great working order but does have some cosmetic wear as shown. No power cord is included. Purchase includes unit as shown and only the item(s) in the picture are included in the auction” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 27 January 2017, Comments Off

dx7 “Yes , this keyboard was purchased by me in 1985 and was used heavily in the band ,.. all the functions still work .. the biggest bummer being the two sliders are broken off but the pots still work,.. volume and data entry,.. and one switch pad has cracked cover plastic but also still functions ALL FUNCTIONS AND SELECTION ELECTRONICS ARE FUNCTIONING really it is beat up but works normally,.. this is the original sustain pedal and volume pedal,..also original owners manual and music stand for the back the power cord is frayed at the keyboard but also works as is.. the battery needs replacing ,…there are no sound cards,..but it is loaded with a factory set of sounds ,.it is a working keyboard ,. one key cracked and is super glued,..works fine,…” Link