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waldorf-q “Awesome and rare Waldorf Q for sale.

This synth is pretty special, it sounds amazing and is massively versatile, wish I didn’t have to sell it, but I do. ” Link

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q ” This synth is rare and difficult to find. It’s an amazing sounding synth. This one is in good condition.” Link

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waldorf-q “This synth is rare and difficult to find. It’s an amazing sounding synth. This one is in good condition.” Link

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q “This WALDORF Q synthesizer sounds absolutely amazing and the keys still play like new. This is the later model Q with latest OS installed and with the better OLED display. It comes from a SMOKE FREE, clean environment. It was made in Germany. To say this synthesizer is built like a tank is an understatement. No synthesizer made today can match the build quality except maybe MOOG but thats just a mono, this synth is more like a poly modular. Google the specs and you’ll be blown away with how feature rich this synth is. Nothing else sounds like a yellow Q, this is a must have for musicians and collectors. You will receive the WALDORF Q with the original manual and power cable. I will make sure it is packaged and shipped properly.” Link

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waldorf q “Q

the best synth in the World

> killer tones
> massive flexibility…..dial in any sound you like
> works perfectly
> latest OS ( 3.02 )

> built like a tank

> sounds MASSIVE

+ sound quality is astonishing

There are 2 knobs that have ‘issues’……they do not impact usability. See photo.

>The “routing” knob is wobbly. It works 100%, but it wobbles.

> the “panmod source” knob has a bent shaft. It works 100%, but the shaft is bent.”

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waldorf “The superb, coveted, and increasingly rare Waldorf Q 16 voice polyphonic synthesizer in Rack/ Desktop format for sale.

The synth is fully functional, updated with the stable 3.02 OS and includes the Q card memory expansion and sounds spectacular. There are some minor cosmetic scuffs (see photos) and the sequencer and volumes knobs are not original, but no jumpy or loose encoders. I ship extremely securely with excessive amounts of anti-static bubble wrap. ” Link

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waldorf q ” Waldorf Q synth – good working condition – comes with manual and power supply.” Link

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wladorf q “The superb, coveted, and increasingly rare Waldorf Q 16 voice polyphonic synthesizer in Rack/ Desktop format for sale.

The synth is fully functional, updated with the stable 3.02 OS and includes the Q card memory expansion. There are some cosmetic scuffs and the sequencer and volumes knobs have been replaced, but no jumpy or loose encoders. ” Link

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waldorf q plus “Waldorf Q+

Up for auction is an exteremely rare Ruby Red Waldorf Q+ Synthesizer, with custom wood end cheeks and very rare Q-Card to expand memory.

Goes without saying that these are rare as hens teeth, and anyone who gets their dirty mitts on them don’t let them go… this is hard to let go of :/

Where to start? Calling the Q+ a “VA” would e doing it a disservice; it’s more akin to a digital modular then just another VA.

100 voices, 16 part mutlitimbrality, 3 oscillators per voice, including wavetables taken from the PPG Wave and a noise generator, 3 LFOs, 16 analog filters, 2 digital filters per voice, 12/24dB Filters (Low pass, band pass, hi pass, notch, comb, ring mod and more), vocoding capability, 4 envelopes, arpreggiator and a sequencer per voice.

16 analog filters make a massive difference to the sound of the oscillator section. They are noticeably different than the digital filters (which are very good anyways, if you’ve never played with a Q you’d be surprised).

In addition to the 16 analog filters, the Q+ gives you 100 voices (the standard Q is 16 voices, or 32 voices with the rare expansion)

Add onto that an arpeggiators and a sequencer per voice.

And wait till you check out the Xphorm function that allows the morphing between two completely different patches, assignable to things like key velocity and the mod wheel.

The Waldorf Q+ is topped off with 8 effects processors (2 per sound that include Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Overdrive, AM, Delay, Reverb, etc.), oh, and add on a very nifty random function, plus drum mapping for dedicated percussion sounds and you have one of the most powerful synthesizers ever made.

From a physical perspective, there’s 58 knobs (all send/receive MIDI), lovely keyboard and pitch/mod wheels, 2 analog audio inputs, 6 outputs and 1 S/PDIF output (44.1kHz / 48kHz switchable), CV control, and of course Midi In/Out/Thru

The power supply is universal, so wil work anywhere in the world. with no need to worry about step up/down transformers.” Link

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waldorf q “Owned from New. Smoke free studio, fully working, good condition, manual. Great synth with fantastic multi timbral possibilities. A classic which will go up in value soon by the looks of things.” Link

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q “excellent condition used. manual, power supply. Studio used.” Link

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qladforf q“Up for sale is my rare yellow Waldorf Q! This is a serious three oscillator synthesizer. This is an vintage instrument so some of the buttons will require you to push them twice but everything else works perfectly. This thing is as fat as they come. The synthesizer comes with a case and a power cord. It will be shipped in the case inside of a cardboard box. Please bid with confidence and good luck!” Link

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wladorf q Blue edition. Studio used. Excellent like new condition with original manual and power cord and ram card. All knobs solid. PERFECT! All keys , buttons 100%. Low hours. I pack pro. Monster synth!” Link

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waldorf q ” If you know synthesizers, you know what this is. I’m the original owner of this beautiful synthesizer, which is in near mint condition. Perfect functioning order, all knobs smooth, everything you’d expect. Includes original power cord and original manual.

Note – this is not the Micro Q, which is another nice Waldorf product but much more inexpensive due to the lack of knobs. This is the full-on original Waldorf Q synthesis architecture, including both analog modeling as well as wave table synthesis. And don’t miss the super-cool “morph” function, which gives you a form of z-synthesis.” Link

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Virtuel analog & wavetable synthesizer with 16 analog Filters with analog drive.

I’m selling this huge sounding monster synth which is also pretty rare nowadays. It combines the flexibilty of a digital synth with the fat analog filters which sound pretty much like the old Oberheim filters.

You can use the ppg-like wavetables and also use the sample & Hold effect, which is basically some kind of bit reducer. Combine that with the analog filters and you get very, very close to the original ppg sound of the 80s. I’m a huge fan of the ppg sound and tried all substitutes, like themicrowave 1, software stuff etc. I think the Q+ comes closest to the real thing. Now I’m a bout the get the original old ppg and therefore I’m selling the Q+. The OS is the latest and everything works just fine. Comes with wood case.

Any questions, don’t hesitate.


Viel muss man zu diesem wunderbaren Synthi wohl nicht mehr sagen. Ein moderner Klassiker. Der Zustand ist sehr gut. Kaum bis keine Abnutzungsspuren. Technisch läuft alles perfekt. Das Betriebssystem ist das aktuellste. Da ich den Q+ auch noch anderweitig in Kleinanzeigen anbiete, kann es sein, dass ich die Auktion frühzeitig abbreche.

Bei Fragen einfach melden. Ich wäre auch an einem Tausch interessiert.” Link

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waldorf q“This particular Q is in very good condition and functions perfectly.

Have a look over the attached photos and draw your own conclusions as to the excellency of condition.” Link

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wladorf qVerkaufe hier einen der begehrten


inkl. der Original Bedienungsanleitungen und einer Riesen Soundlibrary
(müsste alles dabei sein was jemals veröffentlicht wurde)

Der Waldorf Q ist ein Wahnsinns Synth – Der “Rolls Royce” unter den virtuell analogen Synthesizern.

Wirklich tadelloser Zustand ! Trenne mich nur sehr ungern von dem Synth.
Aber leider keine Zeit mehr zum Mucke machen !” Link

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qplus“This is the very first Waldorf Q+ Phoenix Edition synthesizer ever made.

It was purchased in 2007. It is serial number 0001 as indicated on the serial number sticker and displayed on the LCD screen when powered on.

It is in gorgeous cosmetic condition – barely a mark on it.

The Phoenix Edition have a reputation for stability issues. The unit for sale here occasionally needs to have its filter tuning and calibration/diagnostic menus run and then it is solid. This takes 5 minutes. This is especially true when moving the synth around to a new location.

Once it stabilizes it sounds incredible and works beautifully. This is NOT a synth to gig with, but is better suited to living in a studio setting.

This auction includes MANY desirable extras:

Spare AFM filter board acquired direct from Waldorf Germany (a valuable back up!)
Official Waldorf “Q+ clock modification” kit w/ install instructions (I never installed it, but this supposedly addresses stability issues).
Original owners manual.
Original Q+ analog filter addendum sheet.
Original power cord.
2x custom Q+ wooden side panels (if you prefer a more vintage look.)
1x spare original Q+ black metal side panel.
Original shipping box with matching serial number labels.
Original Waldorf Q 256 RAM card.

The spare AFM daughter board has 4 VCF channels on it – the synth has four of these boards in it to achieve 16 VCF channels. Remember these boards accounted for the $2000 USD price difference between Q and Q+! I don’t think you can get this spare part anywhere.

Waldorf Germany sent me the clock modification kit but I never installed it because I was fine with the synth’s behavior as-is, but the new owner may wish to do so. This was Waldorf’s official fix for the Phoenix issues. Again, I don’t think you can still get this official kit.” Link

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waldorf q“Waldorf Q Keyboard – 16 Voice

I am selling my Waldorf Q keyboard. I’ve owned it for years and only used it in my smoke free home studio.

It is in excellent working condition. Every knob and switch functions perfectly, the backlit screen is bright, the keys play flawlessly, and it sounds amazing!

The front panel is in great cosmetic shape, but there are some minor dings around the edges (worst of which are shown in the photos).

Comes with original user’s manual and power cord. I will be including and shipping it in an ABS hardshell road case (padded, boxed, and with synth bubble wrapped inside)” Link

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waldorf q” In PERFECT working condition every knob is tight with zero skipping, LCD screen is nice and bright, all the keys work flawlessly and every button clicks nice and firm. The only thing I can see wrong are on the ends and underneath there is some slight paint chipped (you can see in the pics) but other than that it works and plays like brand new. I babied this thing in my smoke free studio and will be very sad to see it go and already know now that someday I will replace it. Seriously the best VA ever IMHO. I will be shipping it in a metal case that it fits perfectly in with foam lining on the inside and wheels outside to help roll this beast so you know its going to arrive safe. Included in this auction is the original manual in MINT shape, original power cord, Waldorf Q synth and professional road case. ” Link

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q“Waldorf Q Rack Synthesizer

Biete einen Synthesizer der Spitzenklasse an .

Leider ist er nicht Funktionstüchtig , da auf dem Display die Fehlermeldung (siehe Bilder) immer angezeigt wird ,

außerdem fehlt noch die Waldorf Karte,deshalb biete ich den Synthesizer an Bastler als Ersatzteilspender ohne Rückgabe und ohne Garantie an.” Link

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waldorf q“Cosmetically, 8 out of 10 on the scale, due to some wear & tear on the body, all photographed, all functions are at factory specification or better.” Link

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waldorfq” Waldorf Q rack synthesizer in mint condition. I’m only selling to fund a coming keyboard version purchase.” Link

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used waldorf q“zu Versteigen habe ich einen Waldorf Q OS:3.02 der sowohl Technisch wie auch Optisch in einem sehr guten Zustand ist. Es wurde sehr wenig genutzt, deshalb wird er auch verkauft, das Gerät ist 100% in Ordnung, Privat Nutzung, (Hobby) Nichtraucher, Wohnzimmergepflegt. Hier noch ein paar Daten und Eigenschaften.” Link

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waldorf q “Waldorf Q Rack
- BLUE Edition -

Wegen Homestudio-Auflösung steht mein Q Rack zum Verkauf.
Er befindet sich technisch in sehr gutem, optisch in gutem Zustand.
Ich bin Erstbesitzer!
Nichtraucher-Studio” Link

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used waldorf q“Waldorf Q Rack for sale. All pots work great, show no signs of parameter values jumping around. Very good condition, Amazing sounds! Latest OS version installed. Comes with power cord.” Link

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waldorf q“Zum Verkauf hier ein sehr gepflegter Waldorf Q in der blauen Tastaturversion
mit der sehr seltenen Stimmenerweiterung auf 32 Stimmen.
Die Technischen Daten sind sicherlich bekannt und müssen hier nicht weiter erläuterert werden.
Der Waldorf Q stand nur in Homerecording Nichtraucher Studio.
Voll funktionstüchtig.
Abholung in Hamburg nach Rücksprache möglich.
Nach Benenden der Auktion und Zahlungseingang (2 Tage max) erfolgt der Versand innerhalb von 2 Tagen
Bis 50€ keine Versandkosten. Extrawünsche bezüglich Versand nach Absprache.
Der Waldorf wird zum Versand gut und sicher verpackt.
Versand und Verkauf nur innerhalb Deutschland” Link

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waldorf q“Here’s your chance – 100 voices, 16 analog filters, external inputs (the secret weapon).

Already boxed up – flaky buyer means you get another chance.

Worldwide shipping. The PS is universal, so no power worries.”

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waldorf q “I am selling this beautiful original yellow synth reluctantly as I have no space for him And because I also have a Q+ which will do all the original Q does and a bit more. I will miss this synth. Comes complete with red Solid Flight-case. In excellent condition – all working correctly. ” Link

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“Here for sale is my Waldorf Q, its in perfect working condition and has its flight case, original manual and power cable, it has also had the latest OS installed with presets.” Link

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“Selling my Waldorf Q Rack, it’s in real good condition…normal wear some scratches nothing major, unit functions 100% and sounds fantastic, comes with power supply, built in power has power cord. Thank you and buy with confidence 100% feedback.” Link

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“Analogue type controls and parameters, 3 oscillators per voice, 3 LFOs with ramp, sine, square, etc. Operating system is the OS: 3.00. Used but in good condition.” Link

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“You are bidding on a used Waldorf Micro Q rack synthesizer. The item is as pictured (main photo on left); it has been tested and is in excellent working condition.” Link

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“I am selling this beautiful original yellow synth reluctantly as I have no space for him And because I also have a Q+ which will do all the original Q does and a bit more. I will miss this synth. Comes complete with red Solid Flight-case.” Link