waldorf micro q “Item is used but works perfectly.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 07 February 2017, Comments Off

microq “once in a while the data wheel skips a few on from one move.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

microq “Great multi-timbral synth in perfect working condition.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 13 December 2016, Comments Off

microq “This sale is for a Waldorf Micro Q, made in Germany, great condition. Includes User Manual (English) and power supply.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 22 November 2016, Comments Off

microq “Up for auction is a Waldorf Micro Q synthesizer in good condition. It has a bit of rack rash on it but is fully functional.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 25 October 2016, Comments Off

micro-q “In excellent condition, works perfectly but definitely sold as-is. No exceptions.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 02 August 2016, Comments Off

microq “For sale is my Waldorf Micro Q. This is a wonderful little virtual analog synth that fits nicely in a rack. Over the years I have sold off a ton of real and virtual analog synths, but this little guy has stuck around. Why? Because it is a very flexible VA synth that can mimic a lot of gear while also having it’s own unique sound. It also has a great arpeggiator that goes far beyond your basic arpeggiator as you have the ability to really create and customize your own arpeggiator patterns, including rhythmic pulsating chords in addition to melodic multi-octave lines.

The filters sound fantastic, as Waldorf filters always do. You have 2 to work with and can select from different filter types. You have 3 oscillators and a bunch of modulation options. All the programming can be done via the front panel using the matrix selectors and 4 data entry knobs and align with the selected section. If you like hands on programming, this is the perfect balance of compact size and and ease of use.

The unit has amazing presets that cover a lot of ground. Pads, leads, basses, organs, keyboards, sequence patterns, etc. There are multiple audio outputs and even an audio input.

These are very well loved units that are still very sought after. They are based on the same synth engine as the full sized Q synth, thus the “Micro” Q name. This is just a compact version of that mighty synth.

This particular unit is in absolutely mint condition – not a scratch or blemish on it that I can see. I always take good care of my gear, including using plastic washers when rack mounting gear so the screws don’t blemish the front panel. I have had this unit since 2004. It is in perfect working condition. I doubt you will fine one in better condition.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 26 July 2016, Comments Off

microq “Up for sale is a blue Waldorf Micro Q is very good condition. This unit has the green LCD screen. It does not come with the original power supply, but a replacement is included.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 21 June 2016, Comments Off

microq “Used in good working condition. No cosmetic blemishes. Comes with power adapter and original manual. Comes with OS 2.20. Patches have been cleared.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 26 April 2016, Comments Off

microq ” Selling my Waldorf MicroQ polyphonic synthesizer, as I’ve transitioned onto the computer for my music making. The piece still works great, and retailed for £630 when it was released. I don’t believe they’re available anymore new, so a used one that works well and looks great is a solid pick-up for someone looking to use this incredible machine to make sounds.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 22 March 2016, Comments Off

microq “ich verkleinere mein Studio und habe einen Micro Q Synthesizer von Waldorf im Angebot. Sehr gepflegter Zustand und technisch einwandfrei. Mit dabei ist das Originalnetzteil und ein Manual. Versicherter Versand. ” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 08 March 2016, Comments Off

microq “good cosmetic condition, barely visible scratches on face near control knobs. some green paint transfer/scratches on the backside of the module. power adapter is radio shack replacement.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 01 March 2016, Comments Off

microq “Unit is in perfect operational and excellent cosmetic condition. It was used in a smoke-free professional recording studio. This particular unit was owned by Grammy Nominated producer Chris Cox and it was used on productions for Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and many other artists.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 19 January 2016, Comments Off

microq “You bid on a beautiful yellow Waldorf Micro-Q rack in good shape . You can see some minor scratch on top and the bottom.
Works perfectly.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 05 January 2016, Comments Off

used microq” Up for sale is a Waldorf Micro Q Synthesizer. It is used and does not have the power chord. Thanks for Bidding.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 05 January 2016, Comments Off

waldrofmicro “I have a good condition, fully working Waldorf MicroQ for sale. Really sweet synth. I hate to part with but… I imagine if you are looking at this ad, you probably know what it is capable of, but if not, please do some research online. These can really do just about anything, as far as synthesis is concerned.

The only major problem with the synth is the right output sound jack is missing, but the left supports stereo and mono anyhow, so it really doesn’t affect functionality at all. I just use the left output with a TRS cable and have no problem. Plus, there are sub outputs 1 and 2. This has a phenomenal sound engine, the oscillators are outstanding, multimode filter, full midi implementation, advanced arpeggiator, sound efx engine, aftertouch, etc. German made and built like a tank.

Minor issues: small dent on back near missing output line jack, a couple minor dings and couple tiny scuffs, the four patch bank buttons above the display require a little more pressure to engage but work just fine. Overall it is in good working condition. All parameters can be edited just fine.

I replaced the red middle transparent knob with a Waldorf brick red knob. ” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 22 December 2015, Comments Off

Waldorf Micro Q “Great condition and works perfectly! Super deep and compact synth.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 10 November 2015, Comments Off

microq “Works perfect. Never left Studio” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 03 November 2015, Comments Off

microq ” Up for buy it now is a Limited Phoenix Edition Waldorf Micro Q Rack Vintage Synthesizer Sound Module. It is limited edition number 181 of 500 ever made worldwide. It has been well cared for in my smoke free studio since first purchased several years back. It is great working condition with minimal wear to the outer shell from light studio use. Please see all photos for further details on item condition. Item will be well packaged and fully insured at my expense. Thanks for looking at my item!” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 06 October 2015, Comments Off

waldorf q “I have really enjoyed this unit. It sounds, looks and works absolutely great. However, I’m simplifying my life by getting rid of all my hardware to go strictly digital, and this unit is one of the casualties.

The one issue with this unit is that the big red knob used for cycling through the patches is a little quirky and doesn’t reliably inc/dec in the direction you spin it. It’s probably a simple fix, like cleaning the POT a little, but I’m not sure. I always used the computer to select and preview the sounds, so it hasn’t mattered to me, but I thought I’d make it clear and known.

The unit is used and comes with the module itself and the power cord.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 29 September 2015, Comments Off

microq “This is the hard-to-find yellow faceplate version of the Waldorf Micro Q. This unit has a few very minor scuffs on it from being taken in and out of racks over the years. The front headphone jack is a little noisy (it always has been since I bought it), but the rear main outs sound crystal clear, and the unit works great. Comes with original power supply.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 23 June 2015, Comments Off

microq“I’ve used this unit for a few years in my studio. It comes with a new Yamaha pa150 power supply. I’m in the middle of down sizing my studio and I have many other Waldorf synths with the same sounds. This is a great piece of synth rack gear for any home studio. ” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 31 March 2015, Comments Off

microq “Selling my micro Q keyboard. I’ve owned just about all of the Waldorf line it remains my favorite. This unit is working 100% and is in good/very good cosmetic condition.
There’s a couple of nicks here and there but nothing that indicates abuse or neglect.
All encoders are working. I’ll include a couple of spare encoders compatible replacement switches for future-proofing.
The uQk will be reloaded with factory sounds and will come supplied with a power cord and printed manual.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 24 March 2015, Comments Off

microq” Sehr gut erhaltener Waldorf micro Q – allein wegen der Farbe schon ein muss ;)
Alle Encoder, Taster sowie die Matrix-Leds wurden vor weniger als zwei Jahren durch eine Fachwerkstatt getauscht. Die neuen Regler sitzen schön straff und springen nicht beim Werte verändern.
Die unterschiedlich farbigen LEDs bieten mehr Übersicht bei der Seitenwahl, im Vergleich zu den standard LEDs.
Wird zusammen mit Netzteil und Handbuch verschickt.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 24 February 2015, Comments Off

microq“You are bidding on one Waldorf Micro Q rackmount polyphonic synthesizer. This unit was actually a Micro Q Omega at one point in it’s life, but has gone the way of may Omegas and has had it’s voice expansion and omega sticker removed (see picture 10). This is a standard 25 voice model now. Unit will be updated to the latest OS and well packed for shipping. Includes non-original power supply. Only getting rid of this because I recently got a Micro Q Phoenix edition and can’t afford to keep both.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 17 February 2015, Comments Off

waldorf micro q” Up for sale is a working waldorf micro q. Yellow color. This comes with the power adapter. Everything works. It has some scratches but nothing extreme.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 27 January 2015, Comments Off

waldorf micro q “In very good condition. All knobs and sockets working perfectly.
Comes with original manual.
Although never gigged and lived in smoke free studio, I’ll through in a Moog bag with it (worth £65).” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 27 January 2015, Comments Off

waldorf micro q“Up for sale WALDORF MICRO Q Rack synth. Comes with power adapter. The synth is in good condition, the front stereo jack has some minor noise, other than that all outputs are clean.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 23 December 2014, Comments Off

usedmicorq“Up for sale WALDORF MICRO Q Rack synth. Comes with power adapter. The synth is in good condition, the front stereo jack has some minor noise, other than that all outputs are clean.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 09 December 2014, Comments Off

waldorf q“Good working condition. Comes with manual and power supply.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 25 November 2014, Comments Off

Waldorf Micro Q analog modeling wavetable synthesizer keyboard in excellent condition. This powerhouse 37 key synthesizer keyboard really packs a punch and can do timbres from shimmering bells, swirling pads, to bass so low it will shake your house. Unit looks, works, and sounds great and is built like a tank. ” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 07 October 2014, Comments Off

microq” Excellent Condition Works perfectly comes with manual book and a.c. cord .. I do not have the original box..thanks” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 30 September 2014, Comments Off

waldorf micro q“Waldorf Micro Q. Fully functional and in very good cosmetic condition. Power supply included. An amazingly powerful and flexible synth/vocoder in an incredibly small package. Sounds fantastic. I actually have two and am selling one. The list of capabilities and cool things about this synth are way too many to mention.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 09 September 2014, Comments Off

microq“Waldorf Micro-Q rack synth. In excellent condition, sounds amazing. Hate to sell hardware but I need the space. Power supply included.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 19 August 2014, Comments Off

“Vintage Waldorf Micro-Q. Awesome synth. Has incredible sounds and filters. It has been sitting in one of my synth racks unused for several years, and it’s time for me to clean up the studio. Works perfectly, and is in very clean condition aside from some rack rash on the ears from moving it a couple times to different racks or positions. NOTE: I have included 2 photos of the power supply. This is the power supply I received when I purchased this, and for anyone who has never owned one of these, for compatibility overseas, they removed the 3rd prong internally on these supplies. The white you see was where I had duct tape to hold the cord in because without that internal 3rd prong, the cord falls out all the time. This is cosmetic, not a functional issue (suggest you put tape right back on it when you get it otherwise the cord comes loose all the time). There is also an issue with the end of the supply where it plugs into the back of the unit. If you do not tape it in it is also loose and will cause the unit to reboot. I would suggest getting a new power supply for this if you are going to gig it or carry it around outside of keeping it racked unless you don’t mind having it taped to the back of the unit to prevent it from coming loose. I suspect when I got this originally, this was not exactly the right supply for this even if it does match all the power requirements.” Link