waldorf micro q “Item is used but works perfectly.” Link

Doepfer, Microwave, Waldorf @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

mw “Here I have is a Waldorf microwave II Wavetable Rack Synth in excellent working condition. It includes a universal US power supply as well as the original European power supply.

also included is a Doepfer Drehbank Midi Knob Controller. It is programmed to work directly with the microwave II. The device has been labeled to somewhat match the functions of the microwave XT. Other than the labeling the device is in excellent working condition also.” Link

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I am selling this for a friend, I really am very unfamiliar with it so I will try to do my best…. I will find some sounds and transfer onto floppy disk so I can fiddle with it and learn more.

If you’re looking at this, likely you know what it is already – a Waldorf Wave wavetable synth. it comes with a manual and a 220v power cord and a boot disk, possibly some sound disks if i’m successful in getting some sounds on disk.

this was the absolute money-is-no-object top of the line synthesizer that Waldorf made in the early 90′s. It nearly put Waldorf out of business and they lost money on every one of the roughly 200 they sold.
It is considered by many to be the pinnacle of hybrid digital & analog synthesis, using wavetables for complex oscillator generation and Curtis and SSM chips for analog filtering and envelope control.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 07 February 2017, Comments Off

microq “once in a while the data wheel skips a few on from one move.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

microq “Great multi-timbral synth in perfect working condition.” Link

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microwavext “For Parts Only. No power. Console does not turn on. Sold as is. No return. No exchange. Thanks.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 13 December 2016, Comments Off

microq “This sale is for a Waldorf Micro Q, made in Germany, great condition. Includes User Manual (English) and power supply.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 13 December 2016, Comments Off

xt “In great condition considering it’s age. Works flawlessly and sounds awesome. Has all of the original knobs. Has some slight blemishes in the orange paint if you look very closely (paint finish is known to be fragile on older Waldorf synths). This is the original 10 voice version. Comes with newer power supply.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off

xt “Waldorf Microwave XT – Wavetable Virtual Analog Synthesizer — In excellent condition!! 100% functional and sounds amazing!!! This is the 10 voice version, no expansion.
Comes with the original box, manual and US power supply.” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off

waldorf-q “Awesome and rare Waldorf Q for sale.

This synth is pretty special, it sounds amazing and is massively versatile, wish I didn’t have to sell it, but I do. ” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 29 November 2016, Comments Off

xtk “Waldorf Microwave XTk – 30 Voice Expanded Wavetable Keyboard Synthesizer — In excellent condition! 100% functional. Looks great! Has a few nicks in the wood end pieces and some marks here or there in the orange paint. A few of the white keys have some slight yellow discoloring. Everything works as it should except that the “8″, “9″ and “0″ buttons have to be pushed harder than the rest, but they still work.
This XTk has the 30 voice expansion card installed and comes with the original manual and the US power cord.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 22 November 2016, Comments Off

microq “Up for auction is a Waldorf Micro Q synthesizer in good condition. It has a bit of rack rash on it but is fully functional.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 15 November 2016, Comments Off

microwavext “Waldorf Microwave XT Polyphonic Rackmount Synthesizer

All pictures are of the actual item for sale. Includes power supply.

Tested and fully functional. Will be packed professionally and insured.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 25 October 2016, Comments Off

micro-q “In excellent condition, works perfectly but definitely sold as-is. No exceptions.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 25 October 2016, Comments Off

xt “Waldorf microwave XT. Version 2.29. One owner from new . Light home use only. Very good condition.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 18 October 2016, Comments Off

waldorfmicorwavexr “This is a 10 voice Micro Wave XT Version 2.28 Board #3. This can be upgraded to a 30 voice. (buyer to verify if that is eventual intent) Great condition (see photo details) very HOT output! Rack mounted in smoke free home studio. Little to no rack rash due to “set in not screwed in” mounting. Has the original, darker, “suede textured” Nextel paint plus the tapered knobs and raised sky-blue transparent plastic view plate. (Not the “acid orange” and painted blue un-protected LED of the last model) Very “Friendly” Reserve price

Only issue is that LED display has one or two weak spaces, On some settings the vertical lines of text are weak or absent. Has not interfered with my ability to program.”

Q, Waldorf @ 18 October 2016, Comments Off

q ” This synth is rare and difficult to find. It’s an amazing sounding synth. This one is in good condition.” Link

Microwave, Waldorf @ 11 October 2016, Comments Off

microwave “Waldorf Microwave II – Wavetable Rack Synthesiser

Excellent condition. Works perfectly

Comes with power supply” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 04 October 2016, Comments Off

waldorf-q “This synth is rare and difficult to find. It’s an amazing sounding synth. This one is in good condition.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 27 September 2016, Comments Off

microwavext “Great condition wavetable synth complete with extra banks of patches plus a wave table editor so you load your own – a smudge to the paintwork and a few marks are the only cosmetic issues but it’s 100% working, with a cd PDF copy of the manual.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 20 September 2016, Comments Off

xt Waldorf Microwave XT. I love this synth but selling all my gear. Great synthesizer comes with original power supply and in quality used condition. The only thing that needs mentioned is that there is one missing knob and a few others that are cracking not sure how this happened but they have broken down a bit over the years, doesn’t effect the playability of the synth at all. Cheap after market knobs can be purchased separately.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 13 September 2016, Comments Off

microwave-xtr “This auction is for a used Waldorf Microwave XT.

This is the 10 voice model. There are a couple preset expansions added to it, so there’s a fair amount of presets for ready out of the box use.

The previous owner had the synth racked, so there is wear around the edges. Some basic scuffs. On the face, there is some mild wear and dirt marks. I am not going to clean it. I will leave that task to the new owner.

As for the functionality, this unit is in flawless working order. The amount of modulation possibilities and pathways is obscene. What a monster poly synth.

The only reason I’m getting rid of it is because I don’t like the menu setup. That, and I have 3 other polys.” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 06 September 2016, Comments Off

q “This WALDORF Q synthesizer sounds absolutely amazing and the keys still play like new. This is the later model Q with latest OS installed and with the better OLED display. It comes from a SMOKE FREE, clean environment. It was made in Germany. To say this synthesizer is built like a tank is an understatement. No synthesizer made today can match the build quality except maybe MOOG but thats just a mono, this synth is more like a poly modular. Google the specs and you’ll be blown away with how feature rich this synth is. Nothing else sounds like a yellow Q, this is a must have for musicians and collectors. You will receive the WALDORF Q with the original manual and power cable. I will make sure it is packaged and shipped properly.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 02 August 2016, Comments Off

microq “For sale is my Waldorf Micro Q. This is a wonderful little virtual analog synth that fits nicely in a rack. Over the years I have sold off a ton of real and virtual analog synths, but this little guy has stuck around. Why? Because it is a very flexible VA synth that can mimic a lot of gear while also having it’s own unique sound. It also has a great arpeggiator that goes far beyond your basic arpeggiator as you have the ability to really create and customize your own arpeggiator patterns, including rhythmic pulsating chords in addition to melodic multi-octave lines.

The filters sound fantastic, as Waldorf filters always do. You have 2 to work with and can select from different filter types. You have 3 oscillators and a bunch of modulation options. All the programming can be done via the front panel using the matrix selectors and 4 data entry knobs and align with the selected section. If you like hands on programming, this is the perfect balance of compact size and and ease of use.

The unit has amazing presets that cover a lot of ground. Pads, leads, basses, organs, keyboards, sequence patterns, etc. There are multiple audio outputs and even an audio input.

These are very well loved units that are still very sought after. They are based on the same synth engine as the full sized Q synth, thus the “Micro” Q name. This is just a compact version of that mighty synth.

This particular unit is in absolutely mint condition – not a scratch or blemish on it that I can see. I always take good care of my gear, including using plastic washers when rack mounting gear so the screws don’t blemish the front panel. I have had this unit since 2004. It is in perfect working condition. I doubt you will fine one in better condition.” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 26 July 2016, Comments Off

microq “Up for sale is a blue Waldorf Micro Q is very good condition. This unit has the green LCD screen. It does not come with the original power supply, but a replacement is included.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 05 July 2016, Comments Off

xt “The Waldorf Micro Wave XT for sale ..

The Microwave XT is a great big orange polyphonic rackmount synthesizer. While combining the power of the Wave and the compact design of Waldorf’s Microwave II, the XT adds a bit of knob-laden heaven. At first glance the top section completely resembles the 2-space rackmount version of the Microwave II. And then there are three more rack-spaces full of knobs and lots of knobs means lots of control.

As far as enhancements, the XT model has 20-bit DSP functions but that’s about it. Its true power and features lie in the 44 hands-on knobs which make editing in real-time quick, easy and perfect for performance and studio work. All of the knobs transmit MIDI information as well!” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 21 June 2016, Comments Off

microq “Used in good working condition. No cosmetic blemishes. Comes with power adapter and original manual. Comes with OS 2.20. Patches have been cleared.” Link

Microwave, Waldorf @ 21 June 2016, Comments Off

WALDORF MICROWAVE “Used. Some wear and tear. Please view photos. Thanks.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 07 June 2016, Comments Off

xt “No scuffs or scratches (a scuff appears on the plastic LED cover but that’s only the photo). Everything is functioning perfectly including all 44 knobs transmitting/receiving MIDI. Just removed from my smoke-free production studio that I’m moving locations and condensing the outboard gear in the process.” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 07 June 2016, Comments Off

microwave ” Works perfectly, mint condition, manual and power supply included. Classic synth, sounds great! This is the board #3 version, which is expandable to 30 voices.” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 07 June 2016, Comments Off

waldorf q “Q

the best synth in the World

> killer tones
> massive flexibility…..dial in any sound you like
> works perfectly
> latest OS ( 3.02 )

> built like a tank

> sounds MASSIVE

+ sound quality is astonishing

There are 2 knobs that have ‘issues’……they do not impact usability. See photo.

>The “routing” knob is wobbly. It works 100%, but it wobbles.

> the “panmod source” knob has a bent shaft. It works 100%, but the shaft is bent.”

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 31 May 2016, Comments Off

xt “I’m selling Waldorf microwaveXT rack mount. Board#3, Ver.2.33 10 voices. Perfect working unit. One of the knob’s top cap has fallen off, but it won’t affect any operation. This is a beautiful orange synth with unique sound. It has been used in smoke free studio. If you are looking for versatile ambient knob-tweakable machine, this is it! Oval of Markus Popp has been using this synth. ” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 24 May 2016, Comments Off

xt “Waldorf Microwave XT – 10 Voice – First Model

This unit is in excellent working order with a few scratches due to the original paint job using this weird felt like paint (cant remember the name). Comes with the power adapter and the synth itself. This is the best digital synth i’ve ever had the pleasure of using, blows any software synth out of the water. This unit has had the 10 voice upgrade. ” Link

Waldorf @ 03 May 2016, Comments Off

rack attack “Here’s a chance to grab the Waldorf uber-synthetic drum synthesizer. I bought it three years ago and I still haven’t got the time to work with it, so off it goes to a home which will give it the attention it deserves.

I was not the original owner and it doesn’t come with its original box or manual. It doesn’t even come with a power supply – I’ve been using it with one of those multi-adapters.

The knobs are not original – but looks really nice to me. The unit is second hand – but there are no major scratches or problems what I could find.” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 03 May 2016, Comments Off

waldorf “The superb, coveted, and increasingly rare Waldorf Q 16 voice polyphonic synthesizer in Rack/ Desktop format for sale.

The synth is fully functional, updated with the stable 3.02 OS and includes the Q card memory expansion and sounds spectacular. There are some minor cosmetic scuffs (see photos) and the sequencer and volumes knobs are not original, but no jumpy or loose encoders. I ship extremely securely with excessive amounts of anti-static bubble wrap. ” Link