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60f “Teisco 60f Analogue Mono synth dating from around 1980. (Re-listed now with international postage options)

In good condition for its age and working well.

See pics for a better idea of condition.

Will be packed very well for postage.” Link

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110f “Up for sale is the rare and amazing Teisco 110F. Everything works great, sounds beautiful and it’s been a very reliable synth over the years. I bought it with the added midi kit*(more info below). There are a few blemishes on the end caps but otherwise this is very clean and looks great in the studio. It will be packed very carefully and double boxed.” Link

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teisco 60f ” Teisco 60f synthesizer. Analogue monosynth that runs on 110v. Good condition. Great sound. Comes with leather bag.” Link

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1000p “Fair condition. A few small rust spots. Some scratches on woodwork.Missing two lever caps (Shown in photo)Otherwise fully working.” Link

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60f “Teisco 60f synthesizer. Analogue monosynth that runs on 110v. Good condition. Great sound. Comes with leather bag.

Imported from Japan earlier this year on ebay for £600 + £200 tax + £100 postage therefore the price is £900. Someone claimed to me that you can find this synth for £200, good luck with that lol.” Link

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100f “Teisco 100F Analog Synthesizer

In good working condition, all synth functions / keyboard / sliders working well.

In good cosmetic condition but does have some marks and scratches here and there.

Comes with original case, patch charts and even the original waranty card!

Unit runs off 100V so you may need a transformer depending on your countries power.

Amazing sounding monosynth with some very interesting modulation routings available, quite unlike many monosynths of its size, with a wide range of sounds available from moog type basses and leads to crazy modular sounding synth effects!” Link

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60f “Baujahr 1981 – optisch und technisch top.
Als ARP-Lizenzbau mit dem original typischen fetten bis schnurrigen ARP-Sound, und dies in Japan-Qualitätsbauweise!
Ich habe einen ARPSoloist, einen ARPProsoloist und nun noch einen ARPPro-DGX, daher muss/kann der kleine weg.” Link

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60-f “Rare vintage analog mono synth, Teisco 60F in very good condition for its age and good working order. Recently cleaned and tested. an ideal synth for bass, leads and weird effects!” Link

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110f “Overall, the synth is in excellent working condition. It has been fully tested throughout and all features are 100% working. All switches, knobs and sliders work as they should and are crackle free.
There are some small marks and blemishes to the synth, but overall it is a nice example – please refer to the photos I’ve attached.

Included is the original carry case for the synth.

This unit is a 100v model, so is sold with a small wall plug style stop down transformer.” Link

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This unit is sold for parts or repair, and sold as is!

Vintage Teisco SX-210 original patch memory

Check photos for wear and use and details such as scratches and blemishes! Sold for parts, although it does power on, and it is missing some keys! The wood side panels are included! This unit is sold for parts or repair, sold as is…zero returns…your project!” Link

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100p“Verkaufe hier einen Synthesizer von Teisco Kawai 100P.
Es ist ein sehr seltener und beliebter Synthesizer .
Er ist sehr gut erhalten und in einem sauberen Zustand.
Er wurde unter der Lizenz von ARP USA hergestellt .
Aus den 70er Jahren.
Wie gesagt in einem guten Zustand.Funktionieren einwandfrei !!!!!!!” Link

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Teisco - 110F

Beautiful synthesiser I inherited from my uncle. He was the only owner prior to me. Reluctant to sell this hugely creative & powerful beast, but moving abroad necessitates sale.

VCO 1 is in perfect tune. VCO 2 is flat at 12 o’clock, but you can obviously simply adjust this to correct pitch by turning up the tune slightly. It holds tune once set.

It comes in terrific condition (near perfect really – Just a couple of small marks/scuffs) & only ever had studio use. Also has manual & IEC.” Link

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teisco“Teisco S110f Synthesizer.
Its probably one of the craziest mono synths thats ever been built in the 80’s
Its in pretty good condition for its age.Some of the pots are a bit crackly.
Especially the eq section. The Osc’s are pretty much in tune to get 2 octaves. ” Link

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“Here is a Teisco 110f Monophonic / Duo-paraphonic analog synthesizer! This one is really rare, has amazing sound and a lot of unusual features. Teisco was manufactured by Kawai in the early 80’s. The duo-paraphonic keyboard technology was based on ARP design.

Appart from some normal wear signs, it is in very nice condition. It has been serviced all the way last summer by one of the best tech here in Montreal. Every knobs, switches, sliders, keys, lights, buttons and jacks are working perfectly. The most obvious wear signs are on the wooden sides (see photos #4, #5, #6) and on the bottom side (normal scratches).

MIDI has been added by the same awesome tech (see photo 8) with the “MIDI to CV-Gate Interface MCV-628” by Papareil Synth Labs. All information, documentation and software can be found on the web. The interface let you control notes and one selectable control (either Filter Cutoff, PWM1 or PWM2). This implied the modification seen on photo 7, let me describe the elements seen on this photo from left to right:

the switch is to choose either the notes will be triggered by the keyboard or the incoming midi message
The LED: here is the Papareil’s website description about it: “It is a multi purpose led! It blink 3 times at power on, after the complete init of the cpu/software. It means “All is ok”. In normal working condition, the Gate led lights when a note is played or if a recognised SysEx message is received. […] When the interface is in Autolearn mode, the Gate led stay on, until a MIDI message has been received.”
The red button is for autolearn (channel)
The knob has 4 positions and decide which parameter will be affected by modulation message (cc1): 1-cutoff, 2-PWM1, 3-PWM2, 4-OFF” Link

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“Tiesco 100F synthesizer pre kawai

American version 110/120vac

Another rare analog treat from the collectors sale in South Florida

Unit is in good condition, all knobs, sliders, knobs work as intended

some of the slider caps look like the are not original, but they look good

Keyboard is in tune and has a good feel

keyboard sounds good, filter is working properly

sold as/is, check my feedback you will not be disappointed” Link

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“For sale a rare vintage Teisco/kawai 60f analog synthesiser as used by Hot Chip. The synth seems to be in full working order except the pitch bend buttons don’t seem to be working although I may not be using I correctly as I am not a synth player. All keys work and all dials work and effect the sound as they should. It does not have the wood sides and is missing one knob cap and a slider top, which can be replaced for a couple of pounds. It is in good condition for a synth from the 80s, however some scratches and general wear as shown on the pictures. Would probably benefit from a good clean and service hence the low price, grab a bargain this is a serious synth similar to an arp oddesssey!” Link

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“Selling some of my synth collection.

This is quite a rare and under reated synth in my opinion. Has very rich filtering.
I would describe my synth as being in very good condition with only small wear the the wooden laminate corners to the rear.” Link

SX-210, Teisco @ 26 November 2013, Comments Off on Teisco SX-210

“Up for sale is super rare Teisco SX-210 Vintage Analog Synthesizer (also known to be manufactured under the name of Kawai).

The unit appears to be fully functional, all the keys and buttons and knobs working fine, as well as Writing / Editing new patch programs.

Cosmetically the unit is in very nice condition as you can see. There maybe some minor wear and marks here and there, with slight damage on the woodend corners as shown, but nothing major at all and obviously have been looked after very well. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.

Power cable included.” Link

Teisco @ 05 November 2013, Comments Off on Waldorf Microwave XTk

“This Waldorf is in fantastic condition and sounds absolutely beautiful and unique.

I removed one of the red knobs to clean it and a tiny bit of the rubber button cap came off. This is the only thing of note to mention on the machine otherwise as stated it is fantastic condition.

This synth is so unique and rare, it took me two years to find one!! Unfortunately time to sell as needs must.” Link

Teisco @ 01 October 2013, Comments Off on Teisco Synthesizer 60F

“Only minor wear in a few areas as all of them seem to suffer from, laminated wood effect at the edges. One of the keys has a deep scratch in it and there are few very minor scratches to paintwork. The underneath is as expected with scratches. I’d rather point out the niggles, but it is 30 years old.” Link

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” TEISCO 110f inkl. ext. MIDI DarkTime Interface (USB/MIDI)

Diskret aufgebauter Synthesizer (VCO / Filter).

In diesem Zustand kaum mehr zu finden. Voll funktionsfähig.
Arp Filter & Filterbank. Schnelle Hüllkurven, Ring/Cross/FM.” Link

Teisco @ 20 August 2013, Comments Off on Teisco Synthesizer 110f

“Sadly I am downsizing and have to switch in an all in the box solution.

This synth is a real gem, I can quite happily say it doesn’t sound like anything else I have used. The overall condition is good considering its age but there are a few marks here and there but thats what you come to expect with these things” Link

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“This is a Teisco 607 vintage synthesizer (1980’s)

Very good condition – tested and working fine (some crackling on a few faders due to it not having been used for years, but nothing major).

There are a couple of minor scratches but they are very small.

Please see my other items for another vintage synthesizer.” Link

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“Has been in stored in a flightcase in parents attic for around 9 years. At that time, I didn’t have enough space and since long forgotten that it was up there. They are moving house and discovered it, so I was excited for it to join the others but sadly it no longer powers up and I don’t know why – It wasn’t the fuse. Cosmetically in good shape, the Memory Protect button top is missing and so is the Oscillator Waveform Shape cap. Usual signs of wear and tear, like a few scratches and scuffs but actually nothing much at all considering it is around 30 years old. If you have the technical knowledge or the time to get it sorted it would be so much worth it as this synth sounds completely awesome in unison/quad mode. I still remember a couple of sounds that generated from this monster” Link

Teisco @ 27 March 2012, Comments Off on Teisco S-110F

“It is in pristine condition for such an old synthesizer (as you can see in the pictures) and everything works just as it should. It has been kept in a temperature controlled environment and covered when not being played.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” For sale Teisco 60 F vintage synth. It served me very well over the years, great for growling bass lines and big leads. Most of the keys are not working. All the faders and knobs work fine. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Teisco Synthesizer 110f

For Sale here is my beloved monophonic/Duophonic Teisco Synthesizer from 1981.
It was recently serviced and cleaned by none other than continental Europe’s
finest analogue Synthesizer and Drumachine Service Xtended in Berlin. (www.xtended.de)
As you can see on the photos it has some cosmetical wear but is in 100 % working condition.
It has a quite unique overall sound and filters comparable and beyond to Rolands TB-303.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 25 October 2011, Comments Off on Teisco Synthesizer 110-F

“This teisco sythesizer is very rare, made in 1981. It is in reasonably good condition. Some scatches and marks are all around on the surface , and small chunks of wood on the right side has been broken off , also two pieces of wood(about 2cm) has broken off, due to the ages , wear and tear. In general, this sythesizer has small chips all around on wooden surface. It doesn’t affect the image at all. The electrial concection is loose so the power can be on and off. Some knobs are missing. I’ve taken some photohraphs of where the knobs are missing, and where the damages is. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 04 October 2011, Comments Off on Teisco Synthesizer 60F

“But be warned i am no keyboard player,everything seems to be working ok as far as i can tell ,could probably do with the sliders cleaned, as its been under a bed for a long time.

As i said Ive posted this as needing fixed so if you buy it you keep it , its not here to try out and then send back.

The condition isn,t bad despite its age it has the usual dinks for a vintage synth,nothing major,the pitch knob looks like its been replaced one point but looks and works ok.
All the keys are fully functioning.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 02 August 2011, Comments Off on Teisco SX-400

“Selling a rare vintage Teisco SX-400 Synthesiser from 1981
A couple of marks and scratches but still in excellent condition as you can see from the photo.
It still has its original packaging, original owners manual and original cover.
This is an extremely rare opportunity as there are very few, fully working SX-400 left in the world!(see quote)
also includes the stand.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale here is a rare Duophonic Teisco S110f in good condition considering it was made around 1980. It has recently been serviced by James at Synth Repair in Stoke on Trent and is in full working order. There are no scratchy pots, it is in tune across all octaves and the touch sensitive pads work for their full range.

This is a very versatile analogue synth with great modulation routing options, full sounding oscilators, great filters, external input to the filter, ring modulation and the option to link up with CV.

The lacquered side panels have some damage to their corners and there are a few small scratches to the front panel but other than that it looks great.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 07 June 2011, Comments Off on Teisco SX-400

“Hi and thanks for looking at my auction .

I’m selling this Synthesizer for a friend and here is the description :

TEISCO which is Kawai brand name model number SX400

This is Voltage Control Analogue synthesizer with 4 Oscillators .

Please look on NET for more info .

I turn it on and power does come up , sound does come up but its not fully working

Its a bit random , when you power it up it plays note straight away . But Sounds … are GREAT . This is monster Synth , fantastic dance and electro vintage sounds .
But it behaves a bit random , Im not really sure what needs to be fixed . When I touch Filter / it reacts fine , Resonance fine … etc .. LFO fine ..
But sometimes its not playing at all , sometimes it plays when you don’t even touch it etc … I cant really fully explain it but its obviously in need of service .

In short this keyboard needs service so please remember that when buying .

Generally speaking keyboard looks good , it does have some signs of its age and it is far from looking as new but in my opinion it still looks very cool .

Serial Number is 5692

If you know how to fix synths this is real bargain for you . If you don’t , you should still be able to repair it for not much money * I would think perhaps 80 pounds based on my experience with repairing my own stuff at the service centre.I don’t know for sure but that is my honest opinion .” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 19 April 2011, Comments Off on Teisco SX-400 Project Machine

“Up for Auction here I have a Vintage Teisco SX-400 Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer, for spares or repair only

As you can probably see from the photo it’s a bit beaten up and has a lot of scratches on the casing, but this is hardly suprising given that it was built approximately 30 years ago.

I acquired this about ten years ago with the intention of getting it fixed up, but alas never had the spare cash.

Other than a missing Portamento Knob, it is all present and correct and would make a great restoration project for someone.

It lights up when you plug it in and it does make weird noises (yes, I know that’s the whole point), but I suspect that these noises weren’t quite what the manufacturer had in mind when they designed it” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 22 February 2011, Comments Off on Teisco 60F

“Teisco 60f Synth

In Great condition, used by bands such as Hot Chip & Autechre.

All Sliders work fine, this is a great synth for unusal noises, i used mainly for effects but use to put guitars through it.

Its a shame i am selling, because it would be hard to get a new one, but it would be good to sell it to somebody who would get some use of out it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Teisco @ 15 February 2011, Comments Off on Teisco 60f

“Selling due to general clearout. I bought this in about 1992 and it’s never been out of the house. Everything works however the sliders would benefit from cleaning as house dust may lead to noise when the sliders are tweaked.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.