op-1 “Teenage Engineering op-1 with case, original box and bands, strap and strap clips, antenna, bender and crank with original boxes and charging cable.” Link


teop1 “Like new Teenage Engineering OP-01 up for grabs. You will receive the OP-01, Paper foam case that it came in, usb cord and rubber bands. This machine is packed full of features and perfect for beginners or experienced musicians. Really fought myself on selling this piece of equipment but i simply don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. The unit is in perfect condition and has never left my home studio. ” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 07 February 2017, Comments Off

op-1 “Hello! Here it is, available to ship immediately after payment if you are here then you already know what this is. Still on back order from most retailers but you can get yours now! lightly used very light wear fully functional and comes with extras like the crank and the antenna and original box and most of the original packaging. To sweeten the deal a bit I am also throwing in a PO-24 Office drum machine as well. I need to downsize due to other obligations but please don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a great piece of equipment before they’re all gone!!” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off

op-1 “Gently used op-1 comes with accessories show and the additional (80$) soft case.

Works great with no issues.

Please note 2 of the rubber feet were lost at one point but it doesn’t hurt anything.

Thanks!” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off

op-1 ” Not sure if you’d be on this page if you didn’t know how special this thing is. Synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, 4-track tape recorder, mixer, effects module, FM radio, easy-bake oven, etc. etc., multi-award winning and permanently chilling in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Excellent condition. Minimal (nearly imperceptible) signs of bodily wear, perfectly clear screen, and all buttons and encoders are spotless and completely functional.

Includes the crank, bender, and FM transmitter, the official case by Unit Portables, official USB cable, and the two rubber bands from teenage engineering that came with the original package.

This machine was dearly loved and I hope it finds a new loving home.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

op1 “Super clean, barely used OP-1 that won’t turn on anymore.

I updated the firmware to the latest and the next day it no longer turned on. It makes a quiet “click” sound and nothing happens. It will boot into the system startup (COM + power), and all the tests run fine. The battery also charges fine. When it was working I had no problems!

I tried replacing the connector board, but it did not make a difference. I will include the extra connector board ($50 from iFixIt)!

Also included are the rubber bands and USB cable.

I don’t know what is wrong and I don’t use it enough to keep dealing with it. It is being sold AS IS!” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off

op-1 “Up for sale is a used Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer. Item is in good working condition. Minor issue with last key, needs a quick fix. Item does not have headphone jack component. Part was moved to fix the aux component. ” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 03 January 2017, Comments Off

op-1 “Great condition, everything works perfectly. A little bit of scuffing on the front but nothing else. Comes with mini USB cord.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 13 December 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “In great condition, barely used, all buttons work- no scratches. Amazing little portable synth! Comes with a new USB cable.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “The design of OP-1 is brilliant. This particular unit is used but in very good condition. All of the buttons and dials work perfectly. The display has some minor abrasions that are visible if you look carefully from a certain angle. The unit comes with a transparent reference overlay and a red usb cable. The cable is not original.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 22 November 2016, Comments Off

op-1 ” Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer W/ Accessories + Case

almost new, just a couple of times in the studio,

Includes, original box, cables, Case and accessories” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 15 November 2016, Comments Off

usedop1 “This auction is for my OP1 workstation/synthesiser.

It has been minimally used over the last 4 months or so.

The coloured blur on the right of the boot screen is not a fault, this has been confirmed by TE as a “feature” of this firmware and in NO WAY affects performance.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 01 November 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “I’m selling a used Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer. I will also include the Teenage Engineering USB cable, the radio antenna accessory, and the Unit Portables carrying case that was designed for it.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 25 October 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “I’m selling my Teenage Engineering OP1.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 11 October 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “This OP-1 is in like new condition and working perfectly. Not a scratch or scuff on it, everything feels and works great. Comes in its original box with the original micro USB charger cable and, of course, the all important rubber bands. ” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 11 October 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “This is brand new Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer/sampler. Comes with the original box, cables, etc.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 04 October 2016, Comments Off

used-op1 “Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer in like new condition. I purchased this about a month back and have used it 3 times. It shows zero signs of wear and appears brand new. Comes with original packaging, USB charging cable, and keyboard cover/directory.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 27 September 2016, Comments Off

teenage-engineering-op-1 “Excellent condition OP-1. Works perfectly. Comes will case, antenna, crank, bender, and a charger.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 20 September 2016, Comments Off

op1 “new barely used teenage engineering op-1

used it twice, didn’t like the layout.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 13 September 2016, Comments Off

op1 “Although 2-3 years’ old, it’s hardly been used and is in tip-top working condition. I’ve done a factory reset. I’m including a Unit Portables carry case with it and the original TE packaging is also intact.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 06 September 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “Hate to sell this but I haven’t really used it very much & it’s time to move on. Never gigged, just light studio use. Works great, comes in box with USB cable. No other documentation included.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 30 August 2016, Comments Off

te op1 “Up for auction here is my beloved op-1. It comes with a soft-case and two accessories, crank and Bender. More information on the products can be found on the teenage engineering website: https://www.teenageengineering.com” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 23 August 2016, Comments Off

usedop-1 “Turned it on twice, Used for under 5 minutes total. Battery is good, Knobs and buttons all work, Basically brand new without packaging.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 16 August 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “Great Little OP-1. Works great, all keys work, Battery stays charged. Has a few small scuffs.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 09 August 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “missing a knob and damaged volume knob” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 02 August 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “Amazingly fun little synth! Gently used in smoke free studio. Ships in original box.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 19 July 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “LIKE NEW Teenage Engineering OP1 Synthesizer, Drum Machine, Sampler, and more!
Has been used, but only a couple times, NOT A SINGLE COSMETIC OR FUNCTIONAL BLEMISH” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 12 July 2016, Comments Off

used op-1 “Up for auction is a very lightly used Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer in like-new condition, showing no cosmetic wear. All functions properly.

Included is the provided USB cord, as well as the Unit Portables OP-1 carrying case.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 05 July 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “Like New Perfect Working Condition. Includes the original USB as well as the original packaging.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 28 June 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “In mint condition. hardly used” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 21 June 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “Up for sale is a used te op1. Item is in perfect working condition, I am the original owner. Item has a scratch on the edge below the keyboard ( pictured). This does not effect playability and is purely cosmetic.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 07 June 2016, Comments Off

op1 “Like New! Case was $80, and including it (you will absolutely want one anyways if you buy an OP-1)” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 31 May 2016, Comments Off

op-1 ” Up for sale is one (1) OP-1 portable synthesizer made by Teenage Engineering. It is in like new condition. I have used this synth just a few times, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is in excellent cosmetic condition, and all keys, switches, and knobs work as intended and without issue. There are no scratches or marks. As fun as it is, I am selling it because I can use the money.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 17 May 2016, Comments Off

op-1 “Hi here is my OP1 synthesiser for sale in excellent condition like new I’ve only used it for 12 hours tops because I’m always doing audio editing on a PC I never get time to use this op1 that’s why I’m selling it is an amazing useful FUN piece of equipment but sadly don’t have time for it as I’m always working o audio editing it comes with USB cable original instructions plastic and FM aerial and I also will have a disk with extra additional drum kits and ther will is new operating system update coming out soon for the op1 ” Link