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sy1010 “This is a Japanese domestic market synthesizer from the late 1970’s by Technics. A simple looking synth capable of making a variety of sounds.

This particular unit came from a private collector in Japan, has a clear,acetate overlay in Japanese describing some functions or patches (not really sure)

This machine is clean cosmetically and fully operational , it was also upgraded with audio grade capacitors prior to my purchase. This is a 100v version so a step up/down converter is a good idea for any prolonged use.”

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wsa “Light studio use only. Easy and intuitive to program. Wonderful sound. Very expressive. Main outs and sub outs. Comes with original manuals, and 3 1/2″ floppy disk.” Link

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sy1010“Rare Technics SY1010 Vintage Analog Mono Synthesizer (1979)

Fully functional, all keys, sliders, buttons, knobs, wheels, jacks, ports in full 100% order. A light scuff mark in the rear, synthesizer is in Excellent cosmetic condition and includes acetate overlay with Japanese and English text.

Synth is pristine in its original condition aside from the power board modified to run at 100V-120V/50Hz-60Hz. There are a number of mods and midi upgrade available online for the SY1010 (not included.)

I’ve used this synth a number of times, never had one issue, solid build, gently used in a home studio. Was kept in climate control storage the last few years. Unit has been tested and verified fully functioning.

Auction includes:

– Technics SY1010 Synth
– Power cable” Link

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” Super rare Japan only release synth from the late 1970s.

Single osc with great range as well as a separate noise source and a tuning osc.

Resonant low pass filter

ADSR that can control amp and filter parameters.

Single LFO and keyboard cv mod sources for all main parameters.

Just very rare to find one such as this in reasonable working condition.” Link

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“Up for sale is a Technics SX-WSA1R Acoustic Modeling Synthesizer Module. This synth module was pre-owned, but is still in excellent working condition. There are only a few minor scratches on this synth module due to simple wear and tear. Power cable included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“It is a physical modeling instrument with unique sounds and a great feel to it. It makes a great controller as it has 2 sets of midi jacks of ins outs and thrus. It is in mint conditon and comes with an extra sound set on a floppy disk.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.