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“Sweet atari 2600 setup. Includes modified console with 1/4 audio output jack to connect directly to your mixer, sampler, effects, soundcard, etc. Also includes Synthcart, crystal castles (game cartridge), power supply, 2 keyboard controllers, 2 joysticks. The game reset lever is missing, but the switch can still be operated with skinny fingers. 🙂 Sounds sweet and works great.” Link

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“I am selling a white painted Atari Console with the “kid” control pads needed to trigger sounds from the included SYNTHCART cartridge.

Has a 1/4 in Audio output Mod.

Also included is a “highly liquid MiDi Mod kit” that I never figured out how to install.

The sounds can be triggered without a monitor (but i never tested it with or used it with a screen).

comes with an adapter which is a bit flimsy and you need to toggle the voltage switch to make it work or get another adapter.” Link

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“classic Atari 2600 w/ vintage wood panel, modded w/ 1/4″ audio jack for use in studio/live. audio still works thru the tv. excellent condition.

comes w/ 2, 12 button controllers, synth cart homebrew cartridge, power supply, and various TV adapters.

synthcart turns Atari into a full fledged 2 voice, 8 bit lofi synths w/ drums, rhythms, glitch. a bunch of different synth voices, noise sources, arpeggiator, tremolo, sustain envelopes, etc.

sounds are awesome, OG video game tones, lots of fun, also has a secret menu that acts as a visualization to your music.

really simple to use, and fun to play. plug into tv and use the screen as a menu guide for the synth cart. switches change voices and select other menu’s. controllers act as mini keyboards, play notes, sounds, rhythms.

SUPER VINTAGE” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Atari 2600 w/ 2 pad controllers. Synthcart homebrew synthesizer music cartridge. portable B&W TV to use w/ the atari and synthcart.

everything works. comes w/ all necessary cords, cables, adapters so you can jam right out of the box! has 1/4″ jack installed into the back for audio as well as the regular atari audio/video cable.

the TV works w/ the Atari and is a nice portable setup for the synthcart. TV shows the synthcart menu/settings and even an interactive light show if u press the secret code!

chip tune sounds galore. synthcart comes w/ a bunch of different sounds like Saw, Bass, Lead, Square, Noise, and pre programmed beats/loops.

each controller pad controls 1 instrument, can have 2 instruments at a time.

Arpeggiator is wicked fun, tremolo and short/long decay settings. sounds like video games. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Atari 2600 with synthcart. very cool synth I’ve had this since 2007. A favorite among my friends especially when jamming. .

I soldered the 1/4” jack myself so I could hook it up to an amp or through effect pedals. Comes with the television adapter(which i had to search a few flea markets for. It connects via coax), two key pads, and the power adapter that I took from an old phone. Everything in the Atari itself works as it should.

The number pads have quite a few buttons missing. I’ve filled the empty buttons with bits of wadded up paper which works fine. But I would suggest looking for the Atari “touch pad”. They have nice rubber buttons that don’t fall out. They sell for pretty cheap on eBay. I’m including these because they’re all I have.

I also know that this can be controlled via midi e.g. you can hook a midi controller to the Atari. There’s a few kits available online to do this. just Google “synthcart midi highly liquid” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Atari 2600 with Synthcart synthesizer cartridge, two keyboard controllers, 1/4″ audio out and Highly Liquid MIDI aftermarket module! I purchased the Atari 2600 and MIDI module separately, had it installed by a licensed tech here in town. All the blippy, buzzy video game 8bit sounds are all here and controllable by MIDI. This is not software – this is the real thing and the difference is inarguably significant. Great for live performance as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The 2600, synthcart, two touch pads, cable+ac adapter, and synthcart instructions…” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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synthcart “Lo-fi gaming sounds yah! Up for auction I’ve got my circuit bent atari 2600. The video out has been moded to an audio out (1/4) the synthcart with instruction booklet, and controllers. The drum sounds are really crunchy. One of my favorite chiptunes of all time was made with this little machine..” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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synthcart “Hi, you are bidding on a Complete Synthcart System, no TV Required . everything you need to rock out. what you get : Synthcart cartridge w/ instructions, a 4 switch Atari 2600 with 1/4 inch output jack, 2 Keyboard controlers, 9v power supply, I added a 1/4 inch out put jack so you can plug the Atari Directly into a AMP to hear the sounds. its a really Clean output, good for Recording. Features of the synthcart are. Play using an assortment of familiar Atari sounds,—– – Use two different sound types at a time, one assigned to each controller —— – Intelligent voice management constantly re-assigns the two oscillators for maximum perceived polyphony ——— – 8th, 16th, and 32nd note arpeggiator ——– – Can arpeggiate both oscillators simultaneously —– – Beat Box with many pre-programmed beats and fills —— – Play two beats simultaneously to create custom beats —– – Two tremelo settings —– – Four attack/release settings —– – User interface designed so that you can program and play the synth without a TV. —— – Easter egg: secret light show mode that displays color patterns based on sound output. To activate, put the scale on “major” and put the left keypad on “pitfall” or “saw” and play the notes: 4 7 8 9 8 9.—————- .THE ATARI IN THE PHOTO is a Stock Photo , I Sell lots of these Systems . you will get a Woodgrain or Black Darth Vader model atari. the Atari’s are the same . but some have a fake wood grain sticker on the front. like the one in the Photo” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.