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synare “Classic Synare Sensor with rim attachment.” Link

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s3x “This rare vintage Synare S3X by Star Instruments is in good working condition. Includes a copy of the Synare S3X manual, 1/4 inch cable, Drum sticks, and universal power adapter. The type of power adapter that comes included with this drum usually comes with multiple tips to fit a variety of different devices. I have included its appropriate tip and have taped it to the cord to prevent loss. Although the power adapter is not the original Synare power adapter it is fully functional. Drum pad is aging and creates white dust. Please review pictures and see condition. Item is in great condition, works, and ready for use.” Link

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Synare Sequencer “The listing is for a 1970’s Synare Sequencer for Synare 3.

I bought it years ago when I was into analog drums and synthesizers
but I never got to use it, don’t have the power supply.

I opened it to check the insides and they look very clean,
there are a couple of Motorola chips and an Intel ’76 (check pictures).

Please check pictures for item condition or feel free to ask questions.

The item will be sold AS IS.
No reserve. Absolutely no returns.
International bidders welcome (different shipping rate).
Thanks for looking.
Happy bidding.” Link

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synare3 “Perfect working condition! Recently serviced by Waveformless synth shop, fixed all cold solder joints which is a common problem with these since they get repeatedly hit with a stick, replaced caps and batteries and tested. Sounds amazing, pure analog synth with 2 oscillators filters etc the sweep sounds sick. Nothing like it. Has some white pencil markings and the screws are not original, some paint chips and cosmetic wear but works great. ” Link

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sex3 “I acquired this in an estate sale. A tune pot is loose and the presets knob cap may not be original. I tried it with the power supply I had and I did not get sound out of it.” Link

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s3x “This is a rare Synare S3X Drum Synth. Please read carefully so you know what to expect.
I tested the unit and couldn’t get any sound out of it. Therefore it is being sold AS IS NON WORKING FOR PARTS with no returns.
The metal bottom plate is missing.
The Tune knob of OSC 1 is missing the plastic cap. The knob itself seems to be a replacement and not the original.
Cosmetically, it has a good amount of wear. The rubber pad has a lot of damage and cracks (see photo) and will probably need to be replaced. The unit has scratches, marks etc.
The S3X takes a 9v adapter with a mini jack plug and tip polarity is positive.” Link

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used synare 3 “This listing is for a Synare 3 analogue drum synthesizer. The Synare is in great shape for its age and is wired to run on a DC adapter. ” Link

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s “Fully Functional. Volume knob replaced, looks/ works great.” Link

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synare3 “Not working. Or at least, not working as far as I know. Was traded to me and I was told it was not working. It appears as if a pot or two has been replaced. I’m not sure what it will or will not take to get it fully functional. Schematics are available online. Consider it for parts.” Link

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s3x “This is a rare Synare S3X Drum Synth. Please read carefully so you know what to expect.
I tested the unit and couldn’t get any sound out of it. Therefore it is being sold AS IS NON WORKING FOR PARTS with no returns.
The metal bottom plate is missing.
The Tune knob of OSC 1 is missing the plastic cap. The knob itself seems to be a replacement and not the original.
Cosmetically, it has a good amount of wear. The rubber pad has a lot of damage and cracks (see photo) and will probably need to be replaced. The unit has scratches, marks etc.
The S3X takes a 9v adapter with a mini jack plug and tip polarity is positive.” Link

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s3x” Original owner. Comes with original instruction sheets and an after market external power supply. S/N 101244. Unit has been tested and all the controls work but the filter tune and filter osc2 pots are a little “scratchy” . Has a Ludwig round mount on the bottom.” Link

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Synare Lo Tom.
Vintage Synare Lo Tom drum synth made by Star Instruments in the early 80s, in very good condition for it’s age. Functions perfectly, recently serviced.

The Synare Lo Tom produces a low-pitched drum synth sound that can be tuned and decay time can be adjusted. Similar to the Synare 3, except that the oscillator is tuned lower in pitch. Lots of sounds and tuning “drift” can be coaxed with the RUN setting. Very good cosmetic condition for its age; wear on head as to be expected.

These are very rare, only a handful of them made, even rarer than the Synare 3. ” Link

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synare 2 “Super Rare Star Instruments Synare 2 Analog Percussion Synthesizer from around 1978. I bought this a few years back NOS from a music store that closed shop. It comes with a custom Calzone case (maybe the only one in existence!). According to one of Star’s founders, about 50-75 of these units total were built. I’ve been collecting these units over the past 15 years and I have to say this is the best cosmetic example out there. Pads look like they have never been hit. Missing a few slider caps, previous owner (store) said they disappeared while on display at the store. As with just about every Synare 2 I’ve encountered, this unit has the common mis-triggering issue, where it takes more effort to get some pads to work than others, and some double-trigger. All pads do work though. Sequencer works. Calzone case is fully functional but has a some surface rust and the foam inside was rotted so I gutted it. If you want to get the triggering working right I’d send it to Switched On in Austin, maybe the only people in the US who know these things. Additional description: This model was manufactured from 1976 to 1982 and was Star’s flagship model. This was very much like the Synare 1, with one oscillator with sawtooth, and pulse waveforms, white noise generator, etc. But this had assignable functions, ie. routing the LFO to control certain parameters at once. The LFO also added a sawtooth waveform You could also select a wide range of octaves for the pitch to sound at, along with a fine tune function. A major adjustment was the introduction of a fairly advanced sequencer with different patters, and the ability to change patterns and octaves. You could also adjust the speed and the note(s) sounded by the sequencer. This model features 16 pads instead of the previous four.”” Link

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syanre4 “Two very rare synare 4s.

One is in very good cosmetic condition, one not as good.

I attained these a few years ago, and never attended to them so it is time to let somebody with more enthusiasm take them.

I was told one worked and one didn’t, but i never attained a proper power supply to test. As far as I can find, they need an 18v 1/8″ connector power supply with + center, but please do your own research.

I am selling them as not working as I am not able to test, so please do not complain if neither of them work, but one might.” Link

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synare 3 “The original and best DUB drum synth.
I’m in two minds about selling this Synare, but I hardly get a chance to use it anymore so it seems a shame to just keep hanging on to it.
Original 1970’s model created by Star Instruments and used on countless hit records from the 70’s and 80’s. Remember the electric snare sounds of Ultravox (Vienna), Gary Numan, Flock of Seagulls, countless disco records etc.
Can be used for more than just drum sounds and can make amazing fuzzy bass sounds, synth zaps, whooshes and all kinds of weird analogue synth fxs as well as amazing electric snares that sizzle and crack.

Lovely unit and works perfect and the sensor pad is in very good condition which responds to how hard you play the pad.
Also included is the original drum mount which allows for you to mount this on a drum stand.

There are some marks here and there on the unit which seems to be common on these items; it is from the 70’s and has spent its life being hit buy a drum stick.
Pad is in really good condition and is one of the best I have seen on these vintage Synares and is very responsive and has loads of life and spring left in it.
All dials and switches work.
They don’t come up for sale that often as people tend to keep them because they sound great.
Bargain price for quick sale. Please do not ask me to do deals outside of ebay or offer me deals, this is a great price for a Synare.” Link

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synare 3 “vintage star synare 3 analog drum synthesizer. been in storage for 25 years tested and working well. the only issue seems to be the oscillator 1 tune potentiometer seems to be unresponsive. would be very simple to replace. comes with original mount” Link

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synare 3“Zum verkauf steht eine Synare3 von Star Instruments.

Über die Synare3 , den Klassiker für die Disco- und Dub-Reggae Sounds, muß eigentlich nichts mehr geschrieben werden.

Außer: „oft kopiert und nie erreicht.“

Der Zustand ist für sein Alter ist OK, hat natürlich seine Gebrauchsspuren. Vor allem sind Markierungspunkte um den Potis, die man mit Nagellackentferner bestimmt entfernen kann.

Technisch ist sie funktionstüchtig, und von einem Fachmann Generalüberholt. Es wurde auch ein Netzteil Gebaut, um das nervige Batterien wechseln zu umgehen.” Link

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synare“Synare 3 analog drum synth in good condition for its age.
Works perfectly.
Missing three screws that hold top to bottom.” Link

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“Cleaning out my projects! See my other auctions!

This auction is for two Synare 1 synthesizers, both missing bottom panels and noise chips. I have also included one trigger pad assembly. I have no way to test these in their current condition.

Sold for parts only and strictly as-is. ” Link

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“Rare percussion synth (basically a monophonic synthesizer) that is triggered by touch. Made in the USA by Star Instruments in the late 70s.

In perfect working order. Great cosmetic condition except where “KV” wrote his initials on the underside. Also missing 2 back panel screws (easily replaced).” Link

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” Here is a rare find. Pair of vintage Synare 3 analog synth drum pads. These are in excellent condition with hardly any pad wear. Rare to see them this clean. Comes with the hardware stand as well. ” Link

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“Vintage “SYNARE SENSOR” Rare
Working and fully functional .

CONDITION .Visually and structurally sound original circuit board and chips
The Original sensor and cap has been replaced and originals are included with the unit .
Some anomalous wear on the outer back panel . ” Link

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“Sold as is, includes european power adapter, has not been tested, but was sold as fully functional. No visible damages” Link

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“Synare3 STAR INSTRUMENTS INC PS-3 USA original works great guaranteed. Ludwig drum mount 2 new batteries 9v. 3.5 out of 5 condition. Total blast on Roland long delay.” Link

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” Biete einen Star Instruments synare sensor.
Auch gut für Reggae dub soundsystems.
Sehr guter Zustand läuft mit 9V Batterie.
Verkauf privat o. Umtausch o. Gewähr.” Link

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Structurally sound but I cant get the unit to function I did the research on line for information and found a friend with a drum plugged it in but to no avail -.
I’m selling this unit as not working needing repairs I’ll leave that up to you or an electronics experts to make this assumption. ” Link

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“Used synare 3. Has some drum stick marks on the top on pad. Has manual I’ve printed off the internet. Works 100%. All original parts.” Link

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“This SYNARE PS-1 has Taurus style bass pedals in place of the pads.

The synthesizer is 100% functional.

See Pics Here:

The 4 sliders that control the pitch for each of the 4 pads have broken off

All other sliders are there!!

This synth was made to be triggered by drum pads, so using the pedals is a bit weird.” Link

Synare @ 17 September 2013, Comments Off on Synare Sensor

this is in fine working order. comes with original instruction book and original box.

knobs are TUNE, MODULATION, SWEEP, FREQUENCY, DECAY, & VOLUME. also has an on & off switch. backside has quarter inch output, and 2 footswitch jacks. you can link this to another like it to control the on and off of all units..

note you can play this w/o a drum at all, just tap it. the 9 volt that powers it is housed inside, need a flat head screwdriver to get in there. unit is quite light weight, the housing is hard plastic. pretty sturdy stuff though.” Link

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” Vintage analog drum synth , works goods , has some finish wear . Pad surface is in good shape. Battery powered.” Link

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“Worked great until the drummer I was playing with borrowed it. The battery jacks have come off the board. Looks like an easy solder to fix. I’m lazy and need the extra $” Link

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“During the ‘70s and ‘80s I was a drummer. In April of 1979, my dad bought me these two Synares for my 18th birthday, and made the custom case and the “Y”splitter. Since perhaps 1984 or so they have been stored in a closet, and at that time were in working condition.

Everything you see pictured is included in this auction, as follows:

· two Synare 3 drums with Ludwig mounts

· hard case

· two manuals

· custom “Y” splitter

· two 20-foot audio cables

· Ludwig stand key and ¼” coupler

The drums never received heavy use, although there are some cosmetic marks. On both drums (pictured), the outer baked finish was rubbed off by my crash cymbal in two spots. The rubber drum pads show some marks, and the “Synare 3” decals are beginning to lose some of their adhesive and lift a little.

Before placing these up for auction, I had them taken to an electronics technician to check them over. He said they both worked fine. However, I can’t replicate those results. I don’t have an amp to test them through, and can only rig them up through my PC. One seems to work as it should, but I have been unable to get the other to respond. My dad was an electrical engineer for nearly forty years, and said it’s possible that there is a simple electronic part (I can’t remember the name) that will dry out over time, but can be easily replaced by someone familiar with circuit boards. The “pots” are clean and turn freely, and I have no reason to suspect that there is more serious deterioration. The drums were never stored with batteries.

I feel sentimental about these because they were a gift from my dad, but they are not getting any use, and I know there must be a better home for them somewhere where they will be appreciated. New digital synth technology can come close, but can’t perfectly duplicate the sine waves from analog synths. These were very neat drums during their day, and still can offer a musician creative options.” Link

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“Synare 3 You are bidding on a Synare 3 vintage drum synth with both owner’s manual and service manual. I can supply the manuals on a stick drive if needed. These drums were quite sought-after in the late 70’s and were a staple of both disco and new wave music. The Synare 3 features 2 oscillators with tune, sweep, resonance, and delay controls. The amplifier section allows you to adjust the attack, decay, and, of course, volume. The drum is in full working condition – all the controls are in effect and it responds well when hit. It certainly isn’t “factory new” in condition, but it does still produce the great tones with a surprisingly wide dynamic range.
This synth was an absolute battery hog (2 nine volt bats). I got tired of replacing batteries all the time so I modified it by adding a Calex 18 volt power supply. The power supply alone is worth $175. You never have to worry about loosing power during a gig. I also have it mounted on an old snare drum stand. I used to place it alongside my hi-hat cymbols.” Link

Synare @ 30 October 2012, Comments Off on Synare PS-3

” The famous Synare 3 in good to excellent condition. Thunderous sound with two tuneable oscillators & noise. Rubber pad looks barely used. Has a couple of non-original knobs but that’s it.

Tested & works perfectly however definitely sold as-is. I do this with all my auction sales as I don’t want problems after transport or post. Happy for inspections & demos prior to auction but definitely no demos at pick-up. ” Link

Synare @ 18 September 2012, Comments Off on Synare S3X

” Up for auction here is a rare vintage Synare S3X drum synthesizer, made somewhere around 1980 by Star Instruments of Stafford Springs, CT. It’s an update of the somewhat more common Synare PS3 drum synth, which turns up from time to time in New Wave and, especially, disco records of the era. Nowadays, these Synare drums are more often used as a nice portable impact-activated analog synth, rather like hitting a Moog with a stick. It’s got two oscillators and a ton of sonic possibilities, you can get real dubsteppy real quick with this thing, it’s got a sound that matches up well with its UFO-like shape. (Check out “Synare” on youtube for an idea of some of the possibilities.)

The differences between this S3X and the earlier PS3 are several:

The S3X allows you to have 5 preset sounds, available by turning the rightmost knob on the unit. These are adjustable, to some degree, by opening up the case and turning one of the five trim pots on the circuit board. The preset sounds can be modified in real time by adjusting the knobs on the front of the drum, e.g., increasing or decreasing the Decay time. Selecting Preset 0 puts the drum in full realtime control without any preset sound source.

The sensitivity of the drum can be adjusted by turning another trim pot on the circuit board.

The S3X can be used with a Synare Sequencer without modification, whereas a PS3 requires retro-fitting to work with the Sequencer.

The S3X uses a wall wart power supply rather than two 9-volt batteries, so you don’t run out of juice during a show. Also, each S3X has two 1/8″ input/output jacks for DC power, which allows you to chain multiple drums to one power supply simply by running a 1/8″ cable between your drums.

The condition of this unit isn’t mint but it’s not at all bad for a 30-year-old piece. The white drumhead is marked from playing but still perfectly responsive, not rotted and flaking like some you see. There’s minor scratches and scrapes on the surface but no dents or rust. I’ve never gotten much of a sound from presets 1 and 2 but otherwise the controls function as they should.

I’m also including an interesting pile of documentation that came with the drum.

A folded one-sheet with a diagram of the drum interior on one side and a description of the internal preset, etc., controls on the other.
A (rather faded) second sheet with a diagram of the exterior controls on one side and some suggested configurations on the the other, and
Four pages of hand-written diagrams and notes, dated 2/11/80, describing the operation of the drum. I don’t know if this came from the factory or what, but it’s interesting.

Finally, this drum comes with an after-market (Radio Shack) wall wart adapter that works well with the drum. It has the requisite 1/8″ male tip, which can be rather difficult to find.

And, finally, finally, I’ll even enclose the original box, though that and everything else will be well-packed and protected in a larger container. ” Link