Suzuki @ 06 September 2016, Comments Off on Suzuki SX-500

sx500 “Here’s one I picked up about 15 years ago, and have never seen another in existence.
It works perfectly, powers up and responds well to midi.” Link

Suzuki @ 10 November 2015, Comments Off on Suzuki SX-500

sx-500 “Up for sale is a Vintage Suzuki RARE Synthesizer Model SX-500. Used. Powers on & Works. Some wear(see pictures above).” Link

Suzuki @ 19 April 2011, Comments Off on Suzuki M-300 Project Machine

“Keyboard is in good physical condition. Works bad, but all knobs, keys and buttons are functioning. Outputs dont work at all. Built-in speaker works.
Sold as-is for PARTS or REPAIR.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.