Omega 8, Studio Electronics @ 14 February 2017, Comments Off

omega8 “I do not know a lot about synthesizers, so I took this unit into the synth experts at Logical Audio in Tucker GA. They replaced the battery, re-flashed the memory, and gave it a full test run to insure that everything is functioning as it should. This rare synthesizer is working flawlessly and is ready to be played. Cosmetically this unit is in very good overall condition, with a couple of scratches on the top case (SEE PHOTOS).” Link

Omega 8, Studio Electronics @ 01 November 2016, Comments Off

omega8 “Studio Electronics Omega 8 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Had this custom made by Studio Electronics a few years back. It’s 4-voices with the Oberheim and Moog style VCFs. It’s been in the 4-space ATA touring case you see pictured since purchasing it. I am the original owner and used this for studio work. I finally decided to make way for new gear so you can have it for much cheaper and sooner than if you bought it straight from SE.

The synth is in perfect working condition and only a few scuffs from cables on the back panel.

I had the case specially made to be just the right depth to hold a couple of cables. It’s pretty much the smallest and lightest case you can mount the synth in.” Link

Omega 8, Studio Electronics @ 04 August 2015, Comments Off

se ” Excellent condition+ S.E. Omega 8 with standard Oberheim and Moog Filters. This is a truly awesome analog synth but I am about to move and need to downsize. You will not be disappointed! Shipped UPS insured.” Link

Omega 8, Studio Electronics @ 10 March 2015, Comments Off

omega 8“This is the Omega 8 from Studio Electronics, an analog 8 voice polyphonic synth.

It has enjoyed a tune up from Greg St Regis at SE. I thought this synth had the standard

configuration but I was told during the tune up that it has an upgraded output amp with Moog

character adding a lot of value to the synth.

I’ve owned this synth for three years and will now sell it in order to afford a piano.

I’m a primitive musician and feel I didn’t explore half the possibilities of a machine like

this. My favorite application was pitch modulated bells shimmering together in

an 8 voice polyphonic heaven. Studio Electronics currently lists this synth for $5500

and thats with the standard output amp.” Link

Omega 8, Studio Electronics @ 03 June 2014, Comments Off

“Up for auction a like-new Studio Electronics Omega 8 analog synth. You won’t find one in better condition: less than two hours of use. ” Link

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“Studio Electronics Omega 8 Tim and Bob Edition is in great working condition, the item has a few minor scratches . Please check the images posted for visual details.The item has a power cable included. This piece has been tested prior to listing and is guaranteed to be working.” Link

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“Where do i begin with this!! Okay this is the best Omega 8 EVER!!! It started its life as a stock Omega 8 (5000.00) then added the MIDIMINIAFY 8 mod, adding 8 discrete VCAs via toggles on the front panel (1400.00) THEN added 8 CS-80 filters, these arent the SE CS-80 rather than 8 actual MOTM CS-80 filter boards!! I didnt stop there, there, i also added 8 actual MOTM 440 (SSM) filters to this synthesizer, it is the only one ever to have this modification…and it sounds wonderful. This also has a newer front panel, It will be very sad to see this go, as i’ve had it for about 10 years, and cost would be close to 10 grand! ” Link

Omega 8, Studio Electronics @ 14 June 2011, Comments Off

“I am selling my beloved Omega 8 voice synth. Has 2 extra rom banks and no extra filters, but has all 8 voices. save a bundle off of a new one. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.