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evi “This auction is for a Steiner Crumar EVI Electronic Valve Instrument Analog Synthesizer. It’s in very good condition. Thanks and good luck” Link

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evi “This item is in mint condition and works like new. I bought this new and I never ended up learning how to play it.It does not come with manual. Please look at pictures. ” Link

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Steiner-Parker Synthacon“Steiner-Parker Synthacon model 174 Silver Face. Offered as is.
I bought it used from a music store in 1978. Excellent original condition with everything working.
Original cord. Never been on the road, stayed in my studio. I’ve never cleaned the face or internals.
Keys are still loud and slow like they’ve always been. Contacts and pots could use a professional cleaning
but just playing it and turning knobs has it sounding good as is.” Link

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synthacon “I am selling my 174 Synthacon I have had it since new.
It has never been gigged I only used it in my home studio.
It has been stored for the last 25 years and was only used occasionally.
It is in as new condition and has been cleaned and checked by Luke from Synth Service in Melbourne who specialises in analog Synths.
I could rave on about how great this unit is but if you know anything about Synthesizers you will have heard about the filters and unique switching system.” Link

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Steiner Parker EVI ” This EVI was made by Steiner Parker in the USA sometime between 1975 and 1979.
It predates the more common Crumar modle.
Extremely rare, only around 200 were ever made. Each by Neil Steiner himself.
This unit is in mint condition. It has sat in storage for nearly 30 years, a real time capsule.
Everything works and functions as it should. Amazing sound.
This is a 100% analog synthesizer. ” Link

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“This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with much restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! As you may know, Synthacons are pretty rare and they do not come up too often. This one will come with a custom road case. International buyers should keep this in mind as it’s big and very heavy.” Link

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“Exquisitely rare little box with one each of VCO, LFO, VCF, and AD envelope. Built-in power supply. The unit is about the size of a small pocket
calculator in width and height, but is about four times deeper. One of the first expanders, maybe inspired by the Oberheim SEM.

Three waveforms; LFO level, rate, beat and vibrato controls; VCF frequency, gain and resonance; EG – attack, decay, sustain, damp;
VCA trigger-controlled audio gate; +/- triggers out; VC Filter in; calibrated and uncalibrated VC in; signal out; trigger in.

This rare expander is in perfect working condition and in excellent physical condition. Very minor scuff marks on the bottom as shown in these actual pictures.” Link

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“This is a fully working very rare Steiner Masters Touch Breath Controller!!! This not only doubles as an analog breath controller, but also has CV outputs to control your CV synthesizers. In addition the unit has unique analog filters built in, (think Moog-style) controlled from your breath!! This unit is in excellent condition, with only a very minor scratches from studio use. This was made in Italy by Crumar around 1980-82.” Link

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“This is a Crumar EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) designed by Nyle Steiner, made in Italy around 1980. These were made for brass players who wanted to double on synthesizer. I inherited this instrument from its original owner and it has sat unused for some time. The unit itself is in very good condition with minor paint chipping. The case exhibits signs of age. The serial number was actually handwritten with Magic Marker #110.

I’ve tested it to the best of my ability and everything seems to function correctly.” Link

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“Up for sale is a crumar Master’s touch synthesizer interface unit. It has several functions:

First, you can run any audio though the internal VCF (steiner-parker’s signature resonant lowpass filter), while controlling the cutoff with the breath control tube, and the resonance and cutoff ranges with the slider. The filter is very responsive and expressive.

Second, it has CV and Gate outs (positive and negative trigger jacks!) for the breath control tube

Third, it has CV out for the touch pad, a little felt pad that responds to wiggling your finger on it. (very fun!)

Fourth, it has CV out for another breath tube labeled “bite,” (There is a closed end tube which responds to pressure change inside the tube when you squeeze or bite it.)

Extreme fun and very useful in any modular set up. I am including the original breath and bite tubes, which I recommend sterilizing before use :) This particular unit is in tip top shape. All the sliders were just cleaned and lubricated, and it is functioning great.” Link

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This synthesizer came to us in need of some work. After a restoration by our specialized synthesizer technician, we are proud to announce that it is 100% functional. One of the oscillators was repaired, as well as the pitch bend and portamento. Some issues involving the power supply were also fixed and a broken key was reglued. All the old parts are included, as well as a printed out manual and calibration instructions. Also a neat little fact : the printed circuit board appears to have hand-punched holes!

Cosmetically, this synth is in GOOD condition for its age. Some of the keys have yellowed as is common with these synthesizer. The ones that are used more often turn yellow. There are some chips and dings on the wood siding and some stickers and tape residue on the back. Also some replacement screws. Some of the small colored switch caps may have been replaced but all the major knobs are original. Overall the synth is structurally sound.” Link

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“Extremely rare vintage Steiner Parker Microcon Analog synth module.

I had this hooked up to up to my Moog Rogue and it sounded great! It’s got a really fat warm low end! I’m not that well versed in synths so that was all I could check. ” Link

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“This auction is for an incredible rare vintage (1970′s) Steiner Parker Analog Synthesizer Module in good condition. I believe these were used in guitar synthesis back in the 70s, but they could be used for any modular synthesizer purpose. They have 1/8″ mini jacks, like ARP or DOEPFER synths but easy to adapt to 1/4″ etc. Simple but powerful features. Oscillator, Filter, Envelope Gen, LFO included. There is a 6-way Cinch Jones jack on it – but I do not know why, as we have no manual for this. It has not been tested. It also has an AC cord, two prong plug, attached. The winning bidder will receive exactly what is pictured. ” Link

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“Your lucky day!!! I’m selling my beloved Synthacon to finance a home studio. I am the second owner, the first owner told me he bought it in the seventies, used it for a couple of years, covered it in plastic and forgot about it until I came along and bought it last year. This is the 1191 model; the very first model released in 1974 (which in my opinion make it even more rare since there were less than 300 units total ever made.) It is in great condition considering it is 38 years old. There are a couple of chips in the wood and one scratch on the face I did accidentally when my screwdriver slipped off the screw (oops!). It has been serviced, cleaned, conditioned, and calibrated. I thoroughly went over her with a fine toothed comb and lots of T.L.C.(see picture of insides). I made a manual for it and even made a settings template so you can copy down all of your sounds. I made a video, as you can tell I am not well-versed, but I tried to demonstrate everything is functioning as it should. Here is your chance to own a monumental piece of synth history!! They do not appear on the market very often so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!!!” Link

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“Here’s your chance to own a fully working very rare Steiner Masters Touch Breath Controller!!! This not only doubles as an analog breath controller, but also has CV outputs to control your CV synthesizers. In addition the unit has unique analog filters built in, (think Moog-style) controlled from your breath!! Comes with the breath controller tube, and original manual. This unit is in excellent condition, with only a very minor scratchy fader (easily fixable with some contact cleaner). I am the original owner and even though the unit is from the 80′s, very little use!” Link

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Contains one calibrated and one uncalibrated Voltage Input to the oscillator, one CV input to the VCF, one positive trigger input, one negative trigger input, and an audio output.

Single VCO with 3 waveforms, coarse and fine tuning. LFO level, rate, beat/vibrato. VCF frequency, gain, resonance. Envelope generator has attack, decay, sustain, damp. VCA triggered audio gate.

Designed by Nyle Steiner, inventor of the EVI and EWI (Electronic Valve and Wind Synthesizers)
The power supply was replaced and unit tuned two years ago by Matt Traum at Patchman Music. Replaced the old dried out rubber feet.
Works great – tested today using a Frostwave fatCONTROLLER analog sequencer and Lyricon Driver.
The only quirk is that the change in sound on the waveform switch is extremely subtle, so I’m not sure if that is intended or if the switch is dirty. Other than that everything sounds fantastic.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“In VG+ cosmetic condition with some scratches and smudges top bottom front back sides esp. wood panels, as depicted. It appears that at some point somebody may have put some kind of varnish on an incomprehensible selection of nine of the keys (no known mode), which we have not attempted to remove. I also have been apprised by an expert in the field that this simply is a natural discoloration of the keys, the Steiner Parker company evidently used a kind of keyboard resulting in inconsistent coloration of the keys over time. Everything works, however this synth has not been “restored.” ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” To start off, I do not know much about this item. I have researched and found this information on it:

Steiner Masters Touch

Manufactured by CRUMAR
Model: MAT?
Serial Number: M2-00591

The Masters Touch is an awesome, breath controlled resonant analog filter designed by the legendary Nyle Steiner. It is also a unique CV controller, putting out voltage from breath, bite, and touch (from the touch pad). The Masters Touch was a favorite tool of the Moog Cookbook.
I have no way to test it, but it does light right up when plugged in.

It is in excellent condition. I doubt you will find another one in this good of shape. It does have one scratch on the bottom. (see photos)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The Masters Touch is an awesome, breath controlled resonant analog filter designed by the legendary Nyle Steiner. It is also a unique CV controller, putting out voltage from breath, bite, and touch (from the touch pad). The Masters Touch was a favorite tool of the Moog Cookbook.

This Masters Touch works perfectly. It needs some plastic tubes for the breath and bite control, but those are easy to find. The tubes just slide onto the ends that stick out of the front of the unit. It has some marring and wear to the finish on the faceplate. Check the photos for condition details.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The year, 1971, 16 years old from Japan, on a trip to NYC.Walk into Manny’s Music in Manhattan. Excited that I’m getting my first “real” guitar, a new Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ( still have it!! finish is cracking nicely!!). Strange keyboard with a ton of switches catches my eye. Way cooler than the Mini-Moog I had seen before. My Dad, being cool that he is, urges me to check it out. Makes all kinds of weird noises. Gotta have it!!! Wow everybody back home, groove to Walter Carlos, pre Wendy, Morton Subotnick, etc. Awesome tones and crashes when I intertwine the oscillators, envelope generators, VC filters. Many a stoned headphone journeys taken. 2010, Synth hasn’t seen the light of day in 30 years, packed away the whole time. Plug it in, move around the oscillators, and BAM, wacka-wacka memories!!!!!! I have no use for it now.But I know that it’ll make someone’s fantasy come true!!! The workout…. Every switch works, every knob works, every key works in tune ( all keys are uniformly stiff. they will need to be re-conditioned.. felt?) As you can see, no dings, a little dusty. This machine has never been played outside. Never been onstage like my Paul. Just in great condition for its age. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For your consideration is the very rare Steiner Parker Masters Touch CV Breath Control / Filter.
The unit has been used sparingly over the years and is in good cosmetic condition(see pics).
The unit has been tested and is 100% working.
This listing includes the Steiner Parker Masters Touch as well as a set of breath/bite tubes(pictured).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare Vactrol based filter. Breath controller, bite and touch modulator. Perfect working order, very good cosmetics.

Auction includes original owners manual, schematics and breath/bite tubes.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“~~ Vintage 70′s Steiner Microcon Mini Synthesizer!! ~~
~~~ Extremely Rare and hard to find ~~~
~~~~ Fantastic array of sounds made possible in a palm-sized package! ~~~~

~ This really packs a lot into such a small synth: 3 waveforms; Fine tunable VCO; LFO; great sounding voltage-controlled filter as well as a vcf in jack; and envelope generator. This incredible piece of kit can also send positive and negative triggers.

~ The casing is in great condition with no wear to the white lettering which can often be the case with items like this. There are a few scratches around the edges and chipped paint but only what is to be expected on a synth over 30 years old! It even has all of its original green felt feet!

~ The old style 2 prong plug has been changed for a fused 13 amp uk 3 pin plug. The original plug can be included (for restoration etc.) if the successful bidder asks in the message box at the checkout!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.