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Simmons SDS-1000 “RARE Simmons SDS-1000 Vintage Analog Electronic Drum Synth Module Brain Machine

This Simmons drum module has been tested and is fully functional. There are some cosmetic signs of wear and rack rash on the chassis, does not effect the performance of the unit, great vintage piece.

Has a trigger/input for each of the drums (bass, snare, hi tom, med tom, low tom)
Each can be controlled with sensitivity level & output level.
Each drum also has it’s own output (if you want to pan individually into your DAW), or you can run mono or stereo out of master outputs.

Controls for each drum: Sensitivity / Filter / Pitch / Bend / Hit Samples / Body / Decay / Noise / Click
Save programs/patches. Trigger LEDs for each drum. Drums can be triggered by a sequencers, trigger pads, etc.

Item will be professionally packed, shipped and insured to guarantee safe arrival

The item pictured is the one you will be receiving.

No additional accessories included.” Link

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sds-v “Used and as far as I can tell working. All modules work and produce sound. knobs all work as they should.I have only used the synth input to trigger them with the audio out of a drum machine. I have no pads to test the pad inputs. a number of the knob tops are missing. The mixer section has three broken knobs but the shafts can still be turned.

No pads included in sale just the unit.

Pictures are of actual item for sale so please study them carefully to get an idea of condition.” Link

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sdsv “1982 Simmons SDS-V Electronic drum set
includes bass drum pad plus 2 pads snare and toms” Link

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sdsv “The three Toms on this were working about three years ago but at the moment I cannot get any output. I have tried to test this as much as l can but l do not have the right cables or drum pads but using Crocodile clips and a speaker driver for a pad I am getting the three sensing lights to flash on he three Tom inputs but not on the Bass and Snare. l last had the Toms working about two years ago an l will try again this week. I have had this about 12 years and I think either the Bass or Snare used to work but now l get no lights or any other activity from the Bass and the lights on the Snare come on but not the sensing light, so the Bass and the Snare will need some attention. The overall condition is well used, there are some broken pots missing caps and cap heads. Also most of the mini parameter screw heads are ok I used a plastic screwdriver to adjust these that l bought from Maplin.” Link

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Simmons Musicaid SDS IV ” Up for sale is a (1) rare Simmons Musicaid SDS IV drum synthesizer with the original drumpads and stereo-cable to connect them with each other. The unit is just been serviced and in good working condition now. Sounds very, very good! Only 200 units were made and this is one is number 7 build. Optical it’s in used condition with a few scratches on it, wear and tear, and some sticker residue at the backpanel of it. The drumpads have signs of use too (see photo’s). It’s a 220 – 240V unit and the serial number is: 4007.” Link

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sds8 “Analog synthesizer with bassdrum, snare and 3 toms. Each channel features a unalterable factory sound and a variable user sound. The SDS 8 comes with the same analog filters of its predecessor, the SDS 5. Every knob on the metal chassis is easliy accessable. If you are looking for the classic analog Simmons sound with access to all the nice filters forgoing luxury like user banks, midi or modularity, this is the right machine for you. ” Link

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sds-1000 “Great unit. Cool sound on EPROM for snare. Software Kick is punchy and deep with click and some aliasing. Toms are classic analog and can be noise or snares or bass drums however you tweak them.” Link

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sds1000 “Simmons Sds1000 Drum Module” Link

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sdsv“Up for sale is my SDSV drum brain

Excellent condition for age and sounds amazing

Bass drum, snare and 3 toms

Very sad to see this go but need more modules for my modular rig” Link

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sds-v“Simmons SDSV mit 7 Modulen

Es handelt sich um den Kult aus den 80gern, das Simmons SDSV mit der, aus meiner Sicht, besten Bestückung die man haben kann.

1x Bass Drum

2x Snare Drum

3x Tom

1x HiHat

1x HiHat-Controller mit Spezialkabel (bitte nur dieses Kabel für den Controller verwenden)” Link

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Simmons SDS 8 ” Simmons SDS 8 Electronic Drum Analog Synthesizer with four drum heads. Great shape. Has been kept boxed and unused for years.” Link

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sds7“The SDS7 was the first Simmons offering a digital sound source beside the famous and well-established analog sound generation. Both “worlds” can be mixed. Each of the up to 12 modules carries an eprom with an 8 bit sound sample which can be edited with the well known and succeful analog filters. These sounds are taken from a Simmons library or can be sampled and burned with the Eprom Blower EPB. The filter settings can be saved in up to 99 kits. The first 16 can be quickly selected by the selector pad.

The SDS7 was the successor of the famous SDS5 in 1983 and entered the market as the new Simmons flag ship. ” Link

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“Various scratches, marks, etc. from use over the years. See pics and refer the listing details for more info.” Link

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“Simmons SDS7 with eight cards (!)

- Each of the eight cards has a CEM3372. a CEM3340, and an original ROM

- Cards include: Bass, Tom, Tom, Tom, Snare, Hi Hat, Cymbal, Cymbal.

Sold as-is. The unit powers up and the brain looks to be clean but I can’t get the machine to do much more. I am completely ignorant of the OS, which is a bit archaic, so that’s not helping. Also, the unit is missing a few of the plastic hats/indicators that sit on the very top of the knob. The original plastic knobs are still there and the pots seem to work fine.” Link

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” Simmons SDS7 with eight cards (!), selector pad, and three original drum triggers

- Each of the eight cards has a CEM3372. a CEM3340, and an original ROM

- Cards include: Bass, Tom, Tom, Tom, Snare, Hi Hat, Cymbal, Cymbal.

Sold as-is. The unit powers up and the brain looks to be clean. I can’t get the unit to trigger drum sounds. I am completely ignorant of the OS, which is a bit archaic, so that’s not helping. Also, the unit is missing a few of the plastic hats/indicators that sit on the very top of the knob. The original plastic knobs are still there and the pots seem to work fine.” Link

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” Vintage Simmons SDSV Analogue Drum Brain with 3 Drum Pads. This is a shortloaded SDS5 with 3 Tom modules and one Snare module. The Snare and 2 of the Tom modules are 100% functional; HOWEVER, one of the Tom modules has a bad pot. The 3 presets on this module work fine, but when you set it to be adjusted via the panel pots, it doesn’t work.
3 Drum Pads are included as well. First is 1 of the old style SDS5 pads–this one has a rubber head as opposed to the earlier polycarbonate head. The other 2 are later (SDS 9 era?) pads, that are less sturdy but easier to play. All the pads are in good working order. The older pad is in good cosmetic condition, but the newer pads show more wear.” Link

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“Leider muss ich mich von meinem geliebten Simmons SDSV (SDS 5) trennen.
1x Tom
1x Snare” Link

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“Simmons SDS9 analog drum module in excellent working condition. The snare trigger sensitivity knob is broken off, but can easily be replaced. The knob still turns and fortunately is one of those knobs that you really only need to set once anyways. Includes removable rack ears. Hard to find one of these in this nice of condition.” Link

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“in working condition, not excellent (some pots krackling, some switches do not work) but every sound is triggerable
worlds first real e-drum, I also got the 5 original pads in black (very used, not part of this auction, you got them for 100 Euro on top…)
very punchy !” Link

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Sie bieten auf ein klassisches analoges E-Drum-Modul vom britischen Kult-Hersteller Simmons.

Das Gerät ist voll funktionsfähig und optisch in gutem Zustand, mit ein paar kleineren Kratzern hier und da. 3 Potikappen fehlen.

Wer die typischen dicken 80er-Toms sucht, ist hier genau richtig, aber das Modul kann viel mehr! Die Sounds können sowohl mit Trigger-Impulsen von Drumpads/Drummachines, als auch mit Audiosignalen angespielt werden. Interessante Ergebnisse erzielt man auch, wenn man längere Sounds oder sogar ganze Loops in das Modul einspeist. Gerade in Verbindung mit anderen analogen Synthesizern und Drummaschines zeigt die Simmons ihre Vielseitigkeit und der Sound ist heute wie damals FETT.” Link

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” Up for auction is a Simmons SDSV analog drum synth. Everything works. Missing one knob, see picture.” Link

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” This is a Classic 1980s Vintage Drum Synth with MIDI (brain only) no pads. 3 of the knobs are broken but still turn. The unit is in good shape for an 80s item. This is a must have if you enjoy tracking analog music!” Link

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“A vintage Simmons Musicmaid SDS IV Drum Synthesizer. I have plugged this in and it all lights up. There is a serial number on the machine which is 4006 beneath the address which is 176 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts. The unit is of a wood and metal construction and is in pretty good condition for its age. One of the skins and metal rim is missing from one of the drums but the brackets are there so fitting a rim and skin should be easy.” Link

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” Selling 1980′s drum module in working condition. Tested and as far I can tell everything works. It has 3 broken knobs but still able to make adjustment on module. Might be an easy fix.” Link

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“Simmons sds8 drum brain powers up but no way of cking it out. The master select switches from fac. To var. and lights are lit. The sds1 has a prom but no way of cking so selling as is. ” Link

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“Das Kultgerät der 80er: Elektronisches DRUM Kit Simmons SDS 8″ Link

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• Klassischer Simmons-Sound aus den 1980er-Jahren

• Guter Zustand, leichte Gebrauchsspuren

• In/Out für Bassdrum, Snare und 3 Toms

• Je Kanal ein unveränderlicher Factory-Sound und ein variabler User-Sound

• Analoge Filter

• Komfortabel angeordnete Bedienelemente
• Sequenzer-Eingang, Einzelausgänge, Stereo Out

Abholung auch im Westerwald/Hachenburg oder Versand möglich !!!
Bei Fragen und für weitere Fotos bitte mailen.” Link

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“For sale 1 SIMMONS SDS 200 Analog Drum Synthesizer . 100% analog .

1980s . In VERY GOOD USED CONDITION . Looks very clean and everything works


SNARES , BASSES TO . Simple as you can get . Famous Simmons FILTER SWEEP


Used but, still very solid . Cosmetically; she still looks very good. A few marks here and there with nothing major .

I plugged it in and turned it up and its good . No scratchy “pots” or unmusical type hums .” Link

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“1984 Simmons SDS-8 vintage, but hardly ever used!!!!! Maybe 40 hours!!! I got the drum set too!!!!! Red & black with heavy duty stands, aluminum bass drum foot pedal , heavy duty stool, cables , 3 drum pads, 1 bass drum pad. Clean, smokin hot and ready to play!!!! ” Link

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“This is it people the sound behind the opening of Eastenders and the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha” kick! This is the Moog of drum synths.

This one is extra special because it has the Kenton MIDI retrofit. It’s the last one they sold and installed in 2002. The brain is clean and sounds great.
Trigger it analog or via MIDI to phatten up your acoustic sound a’la Dave Weckl “Chick Corea Electrik Band”” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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COMES WITH POWER LEAD (NOT SHOWN).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“vintage sds 1000 simmons drum brain. has sounds on it like the ones Alex used on “hot for teacher” !!! good working condition. not bad condition looks wise either. couple scratches and a little bit of old tape marks.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Simmons SDS9 drum unit. Lights up and looks like it wants to work. I have no way of further testing it. Includes 3 proms: Snare, Rim A & Rim B. 4 of the pot shafts are broken off. Also includes foot pedal. Is sold as is for parts or repair.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Simmons SDS-V drum brain in good working condition. Modules include one (1) Snare, two (2) Bass, and three (3) Toms. Checked and verified that all modules and mixer section are working. Portable unit w/carrying handle on end of cabinet. Good overall cosmetic shape, with a few light scratches and small dings on cabinet. Missing one cabinet screw, and several knob caps. Decay knob on one of the bass modules is broken off; can still be adjusted with a small pliers.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Simmons SD8 Works Pretty Good It was sitting in a Friends garage for 20 years
2 working pads an the brain . I will sent the other pad too You might be able to fix it . Start your cars cover band now” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.