Roland, SH-101 @ 10 May 2015, Comments Off


Roland, SH-101 @ 10 May 2015, Comments Off

used rolandsh101“I Have A Really Nice -
Roland SH-101 Vintage 32 Key Synthesizer

Includes Everything You See Pictured
(Synthesizer, Cords, Copy Of Users Manual, Hard Case)” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 10 May 2015, Comments Off

sh101 “Vintage Roland SH-101 wearable analog synth, Grey / Gray. Includes MGS-1 Modulation Grip, nylon guitar-type strap, and 3 spare parts from Roland: 3 sliders and a pot. The SH-101 worked perfectly for most of the time that I owned it, but it got damaged when movers knocked over my synth stand during my last move. The main issue is that there is no sound output from the VCO section. Actually, to be perfectly accurate, there is a very high-pitched tone from the sub-oscillator when you play up on the high registers of the keyboard, which doesn’t change pitch from key to key, so it would seem the VCO chip is okay but there’s a problem with the VCO-controlling circuitry. It’s probably just a capacitor that snapped a leg or something. Recapping the synth may be all that’s needed to restore sound production to full working order, or just recapping the VCO control section, or even replacing a single capacitor. A very minor issue is that the sound is muted for a couple of seconds after power-on (it was probably that way before the fall, actually). Pushing the bender forward to activate LFO MOD doesn’t work (pressing the button on the mod grip to accomplish the same thing does work, though). One screw for the lower strap mount is missing (although it holds securely with just one), and the screws for the mod grip are not the original ones. There is also one missing screw on the bottom plate of the synth. Other than that, everything on the synth has been tested and is working, although I am unable to test some of the VCO-specific features currently, and I did not test the EXT CLK IN. The synth is actually playable if you use the resonant filter and optionally the noise source as your sound source. I am the second owner of this synth, which, while I’ve owned it, has been kept out of direct sunlight in a clean, non-smoking, 1-person, no-pets household. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 03 May 2015, Comments Off

used roland sh-101
Up for sale is a nice vintage Roland SH-101 analog synthesizer. Unit is in perfect working order, tested with both batteries and adapter. Every function has been tested and confirmed to work flawlessly! Please see photos for condition details. ” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 03 May 2015, Comments Off

sh101“Great condition Roland SH101. Only one previous owner before me, kept in a smoke free studio. More photos coming later.

Includes original:
mod grip
leather Roland strap

I got it signed by A Guy Called Gerald as he was playing in Plymouth on May 10th 2012 and the promoter couldn’t get hold of another 101 to hire for his live set so he borrowed mine instead and I got it signed. It says “Thanks Matt, A Guy Called Gerald” and some stickers on the left hand side of the synth. It’s been sat in my studio for quite a while unused so I’d rather it went to get some use elsewhere plus I’d quite like to get some different studio gear. ” Link

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usedsh101“Has been in a store cupboard on a shelf for years unused. Recently retrieved it and bought a power pack for it. All faders/dials/switches seem to work perfectly – I don’t know what most are meant to do but obviously alter the sound. No hiss or noise through output. 4 screws won’t screw in due to deterioration in the plastic they screw in to so back is ever so slightly loose/there’s movement. Not a big deal but I want to be totally honest.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 26 April 2015, Comments Off

sh101“Hello everybody. I recently purchased a Pro-One, so keeping this is a bit redundant. I have had tons of fun with this little guy. I bought him to learn synthesis, since I am primarily a guitar player. All of the knobs and switches on this unit have proved to be great fun. Trigger the Sample and Hold with a drum machine, and you will be right pleased. This unit sounds great. There are absolutely no scratchy pots of faders. Everything works.

Things worthy of mention include the following:

1- Though there are no missing screws for the back-plate, sometime in the past somebody must have tightened two of the screws too much and cracked the fragile plastic pole pieces. The screws are still there, they just spin and spin. On a positive note, they are really of no importance and the back-plate stays solidly in place.

2- The battery cover is cracked, but manages to stay in place. Do not ask me how, it just does. I do not understand it.

3- The silver “Hold” button was replaced last month. It was working intermittently. Now it works perfect every time.

4- I had a 10 turn trim pot installed in the VR-7 position to make for easier and more accurate adjustments of the tuning and scaling. It is the blue squarish looking device by “VCO Tune”.

5- Being an older analog synth, the tuning/scaling does tend to drift depending on how long you have had the unit on, your power supply etc. Since I used this mainly for bleeps and bloops, it really never bothered me. If you are playing some Chopin Concerto with an orchestra and need ultra precise intonation, then you may have a problem on your hands.

6- Power switch was replaced for greater tuning stability. The original power switches have an issue that if you tap around them, the tuning dances around. This unit does not exhibit this problem.

7-The modulation grip needs two thumb screws in order to connect. Nothing fancy. Should be easy to find.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 19 April 2015, Comments Off

roland sh-10 “I’m re-listing this mint-condition SH 101. As you can see from the photo’s there’s not a mark on it and all the sliders work fine (I’ve been playing it over the past few days and the crackle on the “Noise” slider has gone).” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 12 April 2015, Comments Off

sh101“For sale for spares or repair. The synth itself powers up and makes sound but some of the sliders are inactive or don’t function as intended. All keys are functional. There is some staining on the plastic body and the battery cover is not original. I was quoted £150 for a refurb before Christmas but have since picked up a System 1 so no longer require this.” Link

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used roland sh-101 “Roland sh-101 mono synth for sale.

The iconic analogue synthesiser. Forget plug-outs and get the real thing

Never gigged works perfectly just missing battery cover. Comes with boss power supply, original box and manual.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 05 April 2015, Comments Off

sh101“This is the very rare red version of the Roland SH-101. It has a manufacture date of 1-13-1983. Fully functional. Since I live near Asheville, NC I was able to get it checked out by an engineer at Moog. He cleaned, checked all functions and calibrated it. He replaced the portamento pot, the bender lever and the ac input jack during the checkup. Cosmetically I give this synthesizer a “good” rating. There are dings and scuffs here and there (see pics) as can be expected from a 30+ year old keyboard. There are some imperfections on the outside of the bottom plate (see pics) but the inside has been refinished . The MGS-1 modulation grip and the original Roland ac adapter as pictured are included. I will also provide the Owner’s manual and the Service manual PDFs on CD. The batteries are not included.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 29 March 2015, Comments Off

roland sh101
I’ve got a SH-101 synth that works, but probably needs a good cleaning to sound it’s best. I’ve had this since the late 80′s, and time to let it go.

The Condition: It is missing a knob and a slider, as shown in the pictures. There is a hiss in the background when notes are played, the sliders all need some good contact cleaner as moving them produces some crackle (none when they are left alone), the waveform knob is loose, and the LFO seems to be more variable then normal.

It plays, and all the keys and buttons all work. With a little cleaning, and some parts, you could have yourself a classic synth from the 80s!” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 29 March 2015, Comments Off

used 101 “Up for sale is a Roland SH-101. It has been tested and works great with the exception of one key that probably just needs the contacts cleaned. It works but it doesn’t make contact every time it is pressed. The key is shown with a blue dot sticker on it in one of the pictures. The plastic is somewhat discolored, but in overall great condition considering its age. This unit does show some light signs of use/age but looks like it has been taken care of pretty well. All knobs, sliders, keys, and buttons are present and work smoothly and properly. The battery compartment is nice and clean. I did take the bottom panel off to check for water damage and corrosion before listing. Inside looks very clean. I don’t know how all the switches and knobs work on this thing but I did try all the functions to the best of my knowledge. It all seems to work great. Except for the one key. Comes with original Boss/Roland PSA-120 power supply and original Roland output cord.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 29 March 2015, Comments Off

sh101 “Roland SH-101 Blue
Come with Bag,Belt and manual
See in the last photo – CRACKED
Fully Working – Fully Serviced” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 March 2015, Comments Off

sh101“This one’s in pretty much pristine shape… ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 08 March 2015, Comments Off

sh101 “The synth was recently serviced and tuned to pitch (without any problem)

but it was discovered a malfunction with the pitch-bender, which the

technician believes it lays in the T1 transformer – it is giving uneven

current (the negative current of -14v is reduced to only -5V) causing it to

not work properly (mainly sideways).” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 01 March 2015, Comments Off

used rolandsh101
The synthesizer is in full working order. There are one or two cosmetic scuffs which are commensurate with the age of the instrument. Image two shows a scratch to the lower octave D.
I will include original Boss PSU as well as a new 9v adaptor. The battery compartment is totally clean.” Link

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used sh101“vintage roland sh-101, sounds amazing, in good condition, everything works as it should… comes with a power adapter, synth will be packaged with utter care…” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 01 March 2015, Comments Off

used roland sh101” Selling my Roland SH-101 synth, in great shape, sad to see her go but must pay the bills.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 01 March 2015, Comments Off

used roland sh101“Description

・Title : Roland SH-101
・The Roland SH-101 is a 32 key, monophonic, analog synthesizer.

This SH-101 has a good preservation state. . Please check with a photo . There was no leakage of a dry battery room. Power supply is 100V. When a power supply is besides the 100V, please use an adapter of correspondence. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off

grey sh101“Verkaufe meine Roland SH-101 daher ich es nicht mehr brauche.
Es funktioniert einwandfrei und wird geliefert mit anleitung und neues Boss netzteil.
Diese Roland SH-101 wurde in Januar 2015 geprüft von Profi Techniker.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off

rolandsh101“zu ersteigern 1 Monophonic Synthesizer der Fa. Roland
vollfunktions fähig mit Baterifach und Netzteil , Schutzhülle
auf Bild 7 zu erkennen kleine Schadstelle oben am Gehäuse
sonst alles Top OK” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off

red sh101
Selling my beautiful red SH-101, she’s not received much attention for the last 10 years so I think it’s time to send her out where she might see some action.

Everything works
No damaged parts or non functioning components – with the exception of the original battery door… it works but the tabs are broken. I’ve purchased and include in this sale two replacement red battery door covers – an added value of $60 to $80
There is a scratch you can see in the photos near the bottom of the VCA and ENV area of the synth.
Blue LED’s added by last owner, you can change them back to RED if you like.
Rare MGS1 modulation grip and the sister component which fits on the other end of the synth allowing you to wear it with a guitar strap.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off

sh101mgs1 “Near perfect Roland SH-101. Rare blue color and matching modulation grip. I hate to let this go but I have too many synths for my studio space. Works flawlessly. Two slight scratches from the keytar strap pegs (see photos). I fully tested all functions. This is an amazing synth for any collector or electronic musician.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off

101 “Works perfectly. Fun synth.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 February 2015, Comments Off

roland_sh_101“Roland SH-101 Analog Vintage Monophonic Synthesizer in excellent working order”As mint u can posible get, this SH101 had 1 owner only.
Synth was used in a smoke free studio, pets free as well, it has a recent dust clean by the guys from kenton electronics , since was kept in storage from 2005,
No wear at the knowbs,faders they look and feel like new!! battery compartment clean, bender smooth and flexible, rest assured everything works perfectly fine
Buy with confidence from a colector and a sound engineer with 35+ years in roland industry
Unfortunately a surplus to requirements in our studio due to recent changes ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 February 2015, Comments Off

roland sh-101” I spent a week searching all of Tokyo for this SH-101 a little over 6-years ago, it was the best example I could find and I’m proud to say it’s basically like new.

All functions work (see video url) and is the cleanest example of this famous synth you’re ever likely to see. Only selling to make room for more studio gear incoming. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 08 February 2015, Comments Off

used roland sh101]

Roland SH-101 Analog Vintage Monophonic Synthesizer in excellent working order”As mint u can posible get
Buy with confidence from a colector and a sound engineer with 35+ years in roland industry
Unfortunately a surplus to requirements in our studio due to recent changes ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 08 February 2015, Comments Off

sh101“Up for auction is a Roland SH 101 synthesizer with gig bag in great condition.The item is in absolutely perfect working order.It functions and works 100% absolutely perfectly without any kinds of problems.It is in great condition cosmetically as well.The unit is 220V.I will send you a 220V power adapter along with the item.Original gig bag included.No manual included.Thanks.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 07 February 2015, Comments Off

sh101” I’m selling a Roland SH 101. Two keys which are marked red in the pictures do not play. All other functions are working. I have never used an AC adapter for power. I have always used batteries and I assume the AC adapter would work if you get the manufacture recomended adapter. This synth makes some great sounds and is very fun to play with. It has all the knobs and slider caps. Has scuffs from wear over the years. Thanks for looking. ” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 01 February 2015, Comments Off

blue sh101 with mgs1“Roland SH-101 in blau
Analog Synthesizer

Der hier angebotene Roland SH-101 stammt aus einem privaten, professionellen Nichtraucherstudio und
befindet sich in einem technisch einwandfreien Zustand. Das Gerät weist optisch leichte, altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren auf. Siehe Bilder.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 01 February 2015, Comments Off

sh101 “Roland SH-101 in great shape. I sell lots of high-end music gear on ebay. Check my feedback and bid with confidence! All sales final. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 25 January 2015, Comments Off

sh101 “The SH-101 is very cool, especially for techno, drum&bass and ACID! It’s a monophonic bass synthesizer. Its sound lies somewhere between the TB-303 and a Juno bass sound. It has a lot of simple but cool features. You can control the VCF, pitch, LFO or all from the pitch bender. It has a white noise generator, arpeggiator with up, down and up/down patterns and a simple real-time sequencer. The LFO offers random, sine, square or noise waveforms. And normal or auto portamento effects give you that elastic bass sound. There are external clock inputs for the sequencer and arpeggiator, CV/GATE inputs and outputs. Comes with a power cable. ” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 25 January 2015, Comments Off

blue sh101“For sale is a rare blue vintage analog synthesizer Roland SH-101

The synthesizer is in very good condition with a couple of scratches that you are able to see on the pictures.

Everything is in perfect working order besides the panel with sequencer, arpeggio, hold and key transpose that doesn’t work.

There is also a second adapter plug (see pictures) which was made because back in the 90′s it was hard to find the adapter converter. Both are working fine.

The item is located in Poland at the moment(delivery time approx. 1 week). It is possibile for a local collection in Chesham HP5 3AX.


- Mod Grip attachment for use as a keytar

- power supply” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 18 January 2015, Comments Off

used hs101“Sie bieten auf den Roland SH-101 Kult Synthesizer aus Anfang der 80er!

Die letzte Zeit findet man diese auch auf Ebay immer seltener!

Er funktioniert technisch einwandfrei ist aber natürlich entsprechen dem alter “bespielt”. Er zeigt entsprechend optische Gebrauchsspuren wie Kratzer USW. Der Lautstärke Regler hat ein leichtes Kratzen – der Eingang des Netzteils ein leichten Wakler. Einmal angeschlossen und die Lautstärke eingestellt führt das aber zu keinerlei Beeinträchtigung im Gebrauch.

Alle Regler sind vorhanden und laufen einwandfrei!

Über CV/Gate kann er mittels (nicht mitgelieferten) midi-to-CV Port auch über den Rechner angesteuert werden.

Geliefert wird er inkl. Original Roland Netzteil und Handgrip.” Link