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“Most reading this will know exactly all about this very popular synthesiser.
Mine is in very good condition with no obvious marks.
As with a lot of these units the grey now has a greenish tone to it.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 27 October 2013, Comments Off

“Absolutley fantastic synth and it’s RED!! Amazing analogue sound. In superb condition. There are some light marks on the side and back panels but hardly noticeable. Especially as you will normally be looking at the front fascia which is in astounding condition considering age. Been kept in a box for several years (without batteries left inside) and only seen the light of day very occasionally. Always brings a smile to my face when I plug it in and start playing. This really is an awesome sounding and looking piece of synth history that will make the perfect prize for the right person. ” Link

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“I am selling my mint Roland SH-101 analog monophonic synthesizer because I am no longer using it in my current setup. This particular SH-101 is in incredible condition! I’ve never used such a mint piece of gear that is 30 years old. This thing is incredible. Sonically & cosmetically it is flawless. I love this synthesizer so much, but it is time to sell.” Link

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“This is a fully functional used Roland SH-101 Analog Synth.

It sounds great, i’m just reducing my gear and simplifying my workflow.

As you can see in the pictures the compartment for the battery is not available and there is some rust near battery inputs. In addition, there is a chip on one of the black keys. All visible in the picture.

Other then that the keyboard works and sounds great. ” Link

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“The synth has been tested and it’s fully working. There is one fader cap missing but it’s only the cosmetic issue. ” Link

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“MIDI, Nova Mods, and Blue LEDs have been installed. Has been professionally cleaned and calibrated. Battery cover and power transformer included. Link for downloadable user manual in ad.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“Transpose Lever is missing – still works if you stick something in there to move it. Lever can be fixed pretty cheap. Some scuff marks on top right of device (pictured).

This unit is fully functional. It does include the optional hand grip and a guitar strap. The power supply included is not the original one, but it’s a good one that is nice and quiet. No noise or hum. There are a few cosmetic scratches on the top. Also the transpose lever is missing. I believe it can be fixed pretty cheap. Pretty nice vintage unit and is a must have for the audio collector! ” Link

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“rare red Roland SH-101 anologue vintage synth synthesizer with modulation grip
In full working order with batteries or mains (both not included – but very easy to obtain)
Unmolested original example which makes this a very rare find along with its colour. It
Will be missed and I hope it goes to a good home. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

” I have decided to part ways with my beloved Roland SH101 synthesizer, in the very rare blue color. This has spent most of its life unused, and it shows. It’s in near mint condition and fully functional. Minus a few small scruffs on the sides/corner it’s in perfect shape, the front is super clean. Tunes up perfect and calibrates across all octaves. I’ve owned a few Sh101′s and it’s hard to find one that actually stays in tune like this. A great keyboard for leads, bass and effects, with a useful built in sequencer and arpeggiator. The only thing worth mentioning is the tabs to the battery cover have broken off, but the cover still holds in place no problem fine. Make it Yours! A techno acid analog dream!” Link

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“Rare Vintage ROLAND SH-101 Synth

Fully tested, working. I’ve even bought a brand new BOSS PSA-240S 9V Power Supply. NEW IN BOX cost me $55.00
Stand in photos is NOT included in sale. ” Link

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“Sie bieten hier auf einen sehr gut erhaltenen Roland SH-101.

Das Gerät funktioniert technisch einwandfrei und befindet sich optisch in einem sehr guten Zustand. Lediglich zwei Tasten der Klaviatur haben einen kleinen Kratzer (siehe Bilder), die jedoch kaum zu sehen sind. Die rote Abdeckung ist die Klappe für das Batteriefach, die ausgetauscht wurde. Ansonsten ist das Gerät im Original-Zustand und für sein Alter außerordentlich gut erhalten. Es stammt aus einem tierfreien Nichtraucherhaushalt.

Zum Lieferumfang gehören der SH-101, die Bedienungsanleitung und ein passendes Netzteil.

Schauen Sie sich auch meine andere Auktion an (Ensoniq DP4)!

Bei Fragen können Sie mir einfach schreiben.

Da es sich um einen Privatverkauf handelt, übernehme ich keine Haftung oder Gewährleistung.

Die eBay-Gebühren übernehme ich als Verkäufer, die Versandkosten trägt der Käufer.”

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“technisch als auch optisch in tadellosem Zustand.

- mit rotem Mod-Grip

- orig. Roland Leder-Umhänge-Gurt

- mit originalem Karton!

- Manual engl. (Kopie)

- ein nagelneues original Pitch-Bender-System (Ersatzteil)

- mit Netzteil + einem hochwertigen SKROSS Adapter f. dt. Steckdosen

Eine einmalige Gelegenheit, einen SH-01 in so einem außergewöhnlichen Top-Zustand mit allem Zubehör zu bekommen.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“For sale: 1 x Roland SH 101 monophonic synth unit and power cable. No original box or instruction manual.

I doubt that this needs much of an introduction – although for those that didn’t know, this is sought after vintage sythesiser from the early 1980′s.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage Sh101 for sale including the Modulation grip and original manual.

This synth is in really good condition and works well.I have used it at my studio for years.
It has a really fat analog sound and no plug-in can come close for bass, leads and FX.

I can guarantee to pack it up very well as I would expect it myself.”

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“For sale is my old Roland SH-101 which comes with a Phillip Rees Little MCV MIDI to CV converter, a pair of 3.5mm to ¼ inch jack leads for CV and gate, a device I made to filter out the hum from power transformers, a midi cable and a couple of patch leads as I have a few spare – they may be useful if you intend to use the MIDI to CV for other equipment.

I originally bought it second-hand (from Cash Converters no less) around 2002/3 and it has been kept in smoke-free conditions since then. My usage of it has dwindled over the past couple of years and, to be frank, I’m in need of the cash. It is a reluctant sale as it is a fantastic synth and all the features are in good working condition.

I have calibrated the tuning so the octaves are correctly spaced and I also removed the keyboard assembly to clean the keys as best I could, though didn’t disassemble the actual assembly. I have also given all the plastic knob caps a clean and cleaned and lubricated all of the potentiometers (sliders and knobs). There was some surface rust (probably battery leakage?) on the bottom plate and on a bit of the keyboard assembly which I have scrubbed off as best I can.

The cosmetic flaws in the unit which I am aware of are: some of the screws for the backplate are missing, there is a tiny bit chipped off next to the battery cover and there is the odd mild dint or scratch, especially on the rear corners. The these are detailed in the pictures below. The main cosmetic flaw is that the plastic casing has suffered from photo-degradation, giving it a yellowed hue. This is mostly evident by looking under the battery compartment cover where the original grey is visible.

I don’t have a spare power supply but I will include a device I made for removing the power hum that is audible with some cheaper power supplies (like the Maplin adjustable supply I have). The box simply consists of a very high µF capacitor wired correctly. You will need a 9-12v power supply with the tip wired for negative polarity. I don’t have any batteries of the correct size to properly test the battery compartment but it turned on with an assembly of smaller ones held in by hand.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-101 monophonic synthesiser (grey)
Manufactured by the Roland Corporation (Japan) 1982-1986
Condition: Very Good” Link

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“Most reading this will know exactly all about this very popular synthesiser.
Mine is in very good condition with only one very small scratch to be found as per photo.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 06 October 2013, Comments Off

” A collectable classic 80s analogue 2-octave monophonic synthesizer, unfortunately non-operational. Comes with manual, but without original box. Might be repairable, or used for parts.

This synthesizer was popular in the mid-80s, often worn with a shoulder strap and an optional modulator grip. Retro analogue fans seem to like these synths. Working copies sell for well over £300 on eBay.

It was stored in a basement for several years, where the batteries leaked over the battery compartment, a small auxiliary circuit board, and the rear metal cover. Part of the rear cover is badly corroded and disintegrating.

The case was filled with many small bits of corroded steel from the rear cover, which have been tipped out, and all controls move smoothly. A repair of the small circuit board was attempted but unsuccessful; the unit working only for a few seconds. One of the battery springs has broken off.

All corrosion damage is shown in the photos.

I was planning on a proper repair for years, but decided to sell as faulty instead, as now I use MIDI gear. The keys, controls and main circuit board look fine, and I reckon there’s a fair chance it could be repaired electronically, but I will not and cannot guarantee this. Failing a repair, you may be able to use most of it for spares.

Due to the poor state of the rear cover, it will be shipped unscrewed and bagged to prevent possible contamination, as it may disintegrate further in transit. Collection in Person is recommended if you really want to save the rear cover.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 06 October 2013, Comments Off

“Excellent condition and fully working Roland SH-101 with grip and a strap! Also It comes with the original manual and a power supply! Very clean! I pack PRO for you!” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 29 September 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction is my Roland SH-101

I’m sad to see this go but truth be told it’s been sitting doing nothing for years now. I have tested it all out and everything seems to be working just as it was when I was writting some dance tunes, back in the 90′s with it.

The only problem that I can see with it is the tuner seems to be a little temperamental. However when I use to write tracks with this I never did use it as I prefered to used the pitch bend instead. Also as you can see there two controller knobs missing so I have attached a link to a ebay store that sells them should you wish to restore this to pristine condition.

The batter compartment is also in perfect condition so no corroding at all. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 29 September 2013, Comments Off

“This synth is in great condition and has never given me any problems. Everything works well except the output which “works” but you have to push too hard to get the input jack in, so i’ve been using the headphones out which works great. The unit is very dirty but I would rather not clean it because i’m not sure what should be used to clean it. One of the black keys has a chip on the end of the key but does not effect play at all.
DOES NOT COME WITH POWER SUPPLY, it takes any 9v adapter or boss plug. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 29 September 2013, Comments Off

“One slider knob is missing (see Picture) and there is a slight crack next to the modulation wheel. The wheel is a little loose as well but still works. All details can be seen in the pictures.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 29 September 2013, Comments Off

“Excellent and fully working condition! Just taken out of storage! fully tested and 100% good to go! Ships with a NEW custom hard flight case, original manual, not a copy! and a after market NEW power supply. it also comes with the grip and NEW strap!” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 22 September 2013, Comments Off

“Zum Gerät selbst gibts nicht viel zu sagen die technischen Daten sollten weitgehend bekannt sein. Ein echter Klasiker der in vielen Produktionen der 80er und Technostücken mit 90er zu hören war. Monophoner Analogsynthesizer von Anfang der 80er Jahre der über einen eingebauten Sequencer/Arpegiator verfügt. Der Klang ist sehr typisch das Filter klingt “ähnlich” der TB-303. Neben Sägezan verfüg er über einen Puls VCO mit regelbarer Pulsweite was klanglich stark an den C64 erinnert und ihn somit auch für 8bit-Freaks interesant macht. Was mich an dem Gerät sehr begeistert hat ist einfach die Motivation die von ihm ausgeht. Die einfache und intuitive Bedienung machen Lust auf´s Rumexpirimentiern.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 22 September 2013, Comments Off

“Good as new Roland SH-101. No power pack but can supply one for extra cost (£10) if required.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 22 September 2013, Comments Off

“Having trouble getting battery compartment lid off. It is an aftermarket replacement part. There are no batteries in it and the compartment looked pretty clean. It may be missing a screw or so on the bottom. There are a few faint reddish marks on it.” Link

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“This is a Roland SH-101 vintage analogue synthesizer in very good condition. It comes with the original owner’s manual, the Boss adaptor plug & amp lead. The unit also has the battery power option of 6 C-cell batteries. There is no rust, corrosion or sign of battery leakage within the compartment and both springs and terminals are present.
It has never been used professionally and is still in the original box, & although the box shows signs of wear & tear the synthesizer itself is almost unmarked except a little dirt that is around the sliders. It has be stored safely in a wardrobe in a centrally heated home.
There is no mod grip or shoulder strap with this unit, but the inputs are there so there is the option of using one.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 September 2013, Comments Off

“This listing is for 1 x ROLAND SH-101 Analogue Synthesizer (actual items in images).

The unit functions as it should, and is in very good condition (please see images). There are no crackly pots or switches, each one having been treated with Caig Labs DeoxIT® Fader F5.

There are couple of small marks on the unit, some discolouration but nothing that affects playability. The clips are missing from the battery cover (see image #4) but it keeps the batteries secure and stays in place fine without them.

In the listing images you will see that the SH101 is powered up. Batteries not supplied.” Link

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“Roland SH-101 synthesizer , keyboard SH 101, missing one knob” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 September 2013, Comments Off

“Hi for a sale vintage synthesiser roland sh 101 plus modular grip . Everything working fine . It has cigarette burn on one of the keys . ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 September 2013, Comments Off

” Just had it cleaned (Compressed air, contact cleaner), no scratchy pots/faders here!
EVERYTHING works and SOUNDS AMAZING! Cv/gate, sequencer, modulation…everything.
Comes in sky BLUE, the best SH101 color :)
Overall great shape with some slight age, blemishes on keys and a cracked battery notch (see picture), battery compartment also works.
Will be packed with extreme care involving wrapped foam, not newspaper or air bubbles! All inside a sturdy box with insurance.
Please ask if you have any questions and thanks for looking
Can include a Power Supply if requested, a 9v or a 12v, whatever your preference (some people prefer 12v)” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 15 September 2013, Comments Off

“In full working order no power supply but will work with Roland 9v adapter. Batteries included.

One owner. I bought this in the 80s for my home studio. Never gigged so is very clean.

Barely used but is in good working order.

Battery compartment is intact with no corrosion.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 08 September 2013, Comments Off

“Biete hier den legendären ROLAND SH-101 in Rot an.

Der Synthesizer ist ein Klassiker unter den Analog Synthesisern!

Der Synthesizer wurde 1982 gebaut. Viele technischen Informationen zum Ausstattungsumfang findet man im Internet.

Hier bietet sich der sorgfältig geschriebene Bericht auf an.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 08 September 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-101 Blue Edition
with original manual” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 01 September 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesiser
Highly sought-after classic 32 key mono analogue synthesiser.
Used by such artists as: The Prodigy, Orbital, Future Sound of London, 808 State, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin

Amazing analogue synth.

Includes rare hand grip with mod wheel so can be used as a keytar (it can be powered using batteries). Ordinarily 9v. The classic “keytar” for live running on C batteries .

Recently serviced so all parts working – sliders good and even – not sticky – and no crackling.” Link