6t “here im selling the sequential circuits six trak midi analog synthesizer in extremely good condition nearly no marks see pics
best one you will find
this is the us version 110v and comes with small coverter included

it has that amazing sequential sound nice alternative to the silly expensive prophet
i find it extremely easy to program you dial in the parameter and turn the value
there is also now a fully dedicated programmer form stereoping in germany for arround £200
but honestly you wont need it its very easy” Link

t6 “A classic synth in fair condition. The six trak needs to be recalibrated and there is a crack in one of the keys but otherwise the synth looks great. Feel free to message me with any questions. I’m quite reluctant to sell this synth but have come to the conclusion that I don’t use it enough to justify having it.” Link

6track “Apart a bit of dust here and there from my room (the white shadows you can see on the surface is only dust), you certainly won’t find an other model in this Mint condition. The previous owner was the first owner of the synth. He bought it NEW at the end of the 90′s (don’t remember the exact date). Crazy when you think it’s the first synth using MIDI from… 1983. I tend to believe it when seeing the condition of this unit. (Notice for example that the buttons are grey, their original color, not yellow or orange as you can see on all of the other units today.) This guy was a true compulsive collector and has pretty much never used, just keeping it like a piece of museum. I bought it this year, in April 2016. It’s a real pitty I had no time to used it more than 10 hours 4 or 5 times and have to sell it now.

It’s a bit sad because I love its dark funkyness and also its Boards of Canadaïsh possibilities for very moving and strange cinematic pads. Some people could compare it to a Matrix 1000, but it’s a different color and will fit perfectly if you have one (in that case, use it more for bass or leads, it will punch the pads of your Oberheim in a very nice interactive bread and butter way).

I like its “primitive” steppy filter which gives colors you don’t hear in other synths (nothing to see with the not-so-great stepping of the SE-1 I could compare). 1 OSC, like the 106, but darker, more unusual than the Roland which is “too popular” nowadays. If you want a sound that is different from the Juno’s (and all the emulations), it’s a seriously good and still cheap alternative.

Why the name Six Trak ? Because it’s poly-timbral and you can create and play up to 6 monophonic tracks (not tested, I like too much poly). Beware, the audio output is mono though. Or to play up to 6-notes like a normal poly. I was a bit scared about programming, but the buttons and the knob “value” work like a charm (and in Mint condition), and surprisingly quick to edit. There is an ipad editor for controling it too, and also a free vst WIN/MAC you can find on CTRLR.” Link

6t “This is a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak vintage analog synthesizer in very good condition. I bought it new for use in my home studio. Includes operation manual, service manual, and MIDI CC chart.” Link

g6 “Sequential Circuits Six Trak, Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer in excellent condition. Very clean, wood side cheeks in great shape, was in use in my studio for the last 2 years, no scratchy pods, no miss-firing keys, all buttons work. It features a wonderful arpeggiator and and a simple sequencer.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 02 February 2017, Comments Off

6t “Schöner Six Track steht hier zum Verkauf.

Die Ziffern Taste 0 geht etwas schwer. Das bedeutet man muss etwas schwerer drücken und öfters. Die ganzen Parameter sind aber auch per midi CC steuerbar.

Das Holz Seitenteil rechts hatte mal einen Riss. Dieser wurde wieder verleimt.

Ansonsten funktioniert alles.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 26 January 2017, Comments Off

6tt “Here is a super clean SCI Six Trak. Fully serviced with full recap, MIDI Thru Mod, and output boost mod. Awesome synth, sounds excellent.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 26 January 2017, Comments Off

usedsixtrak “Up for sale is this vintage, rare 1980s Sequential Circuits Six Trak polyphonic analog synthesizer in great condition.
Sounds huge! Has MIDI in and out. Shows minimal signs of wear & use, but very clean. Low serial number #325!” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 26 January 2017, Comments Off

6trak “Used Sequential Circuits Analog synthesizer, 49 keys. Two owner, not a collectors item, I gigged with it and made a lot of money with it, hope it does the same for you. Lots of custom programs, used primarily for bass and solo sounds, very fat in stacked mode. I taught it to say “Mama” (really!) Spent a week going over it and everything works fine. Reloaded lots of factory programs.”

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 29 December 2016, Comments Off


Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 22 December 2016, Comments Off

p5 “This Prophet 5 is in good condition with some minor scuffs, scratches and blemishes.

It is 100% functional and has been overhauled top to bottom by a qualified and experienced synth technician.

All knobs and button tabs are present.

I’ve tried to show all aspects of the synth in the photos, if you need more detail of a certain area don’t hesitate to ask for more photos.

This is a Rev 3.0 which means midi is not standard (midi kits can be purchased from Kenton in the uk).

Some details on the work that has been done:

-All tantalum capacitors have been replaced (these are notorious for failure in synths of this age and this is an essential repair that would otherwise cost a considerable sum at a repair shop)
-All key bushings have been replaced (this means no clacking keys, smooth and soft key action)
-All key contacts cleaned
-Sample/Hold Logic chips and buffers replaced (common failure on prophet 5′s causing zipper noise when adjusting controls on the synth)
-Power Supply Overhaul (including new voltage regulators mounted off the PCB)
-Cleaned all pots and switches
-New back-up battery for patch memory” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 22 December 2016, Comments Off

sixtrak “Get that classic poly sound with out breaking the bank!

This vintage reconditioned Sequential Circuits Six-Trak has been upgraded to feature a female IEC connection for the users convenience.

6 Analog Oscillators

6 Voices

One of the earliest synths to feature Midi!” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 15 December 2016, Comments Off

sci_six-trak “Near Perfect!

A well loved Six Trak. Has lived in my studio for the past few years. Sounds so fat!” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 01 December 2016, Comments Off

sci6trak “Vintage Synth, never played out with. Strictly studio. Works great! The Six-Trak features two operational modes: Polyphonic Mode and Unison Mode. In Unison mode, with all six oscillators, the 6-Track gets fat, rich, creamy and wild making it an excellent stand-in for Moog-like sounds.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 10 November 2016, Comments Off

t “Great condition for its age. All keys work. Crazy classic sounds! Pair with guitar pedals or an amp or tape echo and go next level. Any scratched or scuffs are cosmetic and don’t effect operation. Three prong grounded power cord.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 27 October 2016, Comments Off

six-trak “Selling all of my music gear and retiring from music. This listing is for a Sequential Circuits Six Trak analog polysynth in amazing condition!

Everything works as it should. All of the buttons, knobs, and keys work properly. Sends and receives MIDI without issue. Outputs are clean and free from noise or oddities. I replaced the internal “barrel” type battery myself about 3 years ago. It’s good for another decade. As you can see from the photos, it hasn’t leaked and the circuit boards are very clean (a common concern with this type of battery).

Cosmetically, this synth is also in great condition. There are some minor blemishes on the back…hard to capture with photos. The front and face are just about new looking. Only very minor wear in some spots. I replaced the wood sides with a pair I made myself. They are stained dark mahogany…a shade or two darker than the originals. Although I think they look fantastic, I’ll include the originals in case you prefer them instead (one side is chipped).

This synth excels in a variety of places. It’s not good for bass…wasn’t intended to be. But it is amazing at leads. It has a wonderfully rich vocal tone that just cuts through the mix. All six voice chips respond wonderfully. You can play in poly or stack them for that killer lead. The sequencer works well too. Alec Empire recorded his entire “Les Étoiles Des Filles Mortes” with this model so you can get an idea of the incredibly mystical tones it is capable of.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 20 October 2016, Comments Off

six-trak” Mint, absolute museum quality. Comes in original 1984 packaging inside and out.
Everything plays perfect as it should.
Kept with me in my AC controlled studio all its life. 1 owner.
Amazing sounding poly Analog synth. Sounds a lot like its big brother the
Prophet 5. Also has a unique 6 track sequencer and Midi.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 20 October 2016, Comments Off

used6tk “Vintage Sequential Six-Trak Synthasizer, Good condition, Works well slight wear to the wood on the edges as seen in pictures. Keys are near perfect, All buttons work.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 13 October 2016, Comments Off

six-trak “This is a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Vintage Analog Synthesizer in very good condition. I bought it new and used it in my home studio. Includes PDF copies of the Operation Manual, Service Manual, and MIDI CC Chart (download link will be provided to buyer).” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 13 October 2016, Comments Off

sci_six-trak “Six track in schönem Zustand.

Funktioniert alles. Dazu gebe ich noch meinen Usb stick mit eine menge Sounds.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 06 October 2016, Comments Off

sixtrak “Sequential Circuits Sixtrak

- Vintage Analogue Synthesizer with MIDI
- works 100% fully tested
- one year warranty
- 220V Version
- worldwide shipping” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 18 August 2016, Comments Off

six-trak “You are bidding on a very rare SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS SIX-TRAK ANALOG SYNTH with a high quality FLIGHT CASE.

The synth is in very good working order. No faults to report.

The cosmetic condition is excellent, with a few tiny knocks to the wooden end cheeks.

It’s an amazing piece of kit, combining the versatility of MIDI in and out with the warmth of an analogue synth.

It’s lived in a home studio for most of it’s life, hence the great condition.

Please take a good look at the photographs, as they show an honest representation of the item for sale and form in integral part of this description. ” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 18 August 2016, Comments Off

sci_six-trak ” Original owner, never really used, NEVER out of the house! Like new, excellent condition. New battery 2 months ago. All knobs & keys work just fine! Original box for shipping. If you’re looking for a pristine example of this synth… This is the one for you.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 11 August 2016, Comments Off

6tra “Great analog six oscillator, six voice synth. Features MIDI…. Full of soul, used on a lot of great records….” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 11 August 2016, Comments Off

6trak “Sequential Circuits Six 6 Trak Midi Analog Poly Synthesizer

In good working condition, all synth functions / keyboard / buttons / knobs / memory working well.

In very good cosmetic condition but does have some marks and scratches here and there.

This is the rare Japanese model that has individual outputs for each voice enabling you to mix each voice separately if you wish.

Unit runs off 100V so you may need a transformer depending on your countries power.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 05 August 2016, Comments Off

sci_six-trak “Minor blemishes on the end caps and a few scratches here and there but minimal. There appears to be something like candlewax on the back of the keyboard but there’s not very much of it and does not affect the operation.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 04 August 2016, Comments Off

six-trak “Great condition. Had the internal battery changed 6 months ago so your presets will be safe your years to come. Great functioning and cosmetic condition. Sometimes the “3″ key will do a double press so you just have to tap it quickly, but that is the only quirk.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 04 August 2016, Comments Off

model 800 “Very rare SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS CO. Model 800 Sequencer. Serial number 800-00203. Made in Sunnyvale, CA. Excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Purchased from Rod Argent’s old keyboard shop in London in 1978(still has sticker). 100% stock components.

From web: “The Sequential Model 800 Sequencer is a 256-event cv/gate sequencer based on microprocessor technology. This was probably Sequential’s first product. Dave Smith started making these units in his garage. It was built like a tank, encased in a 8″X10″X5″ metal box. It represents one of the first attempts at a commercial meld between analog and digital technology.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 28 July 2016, Comments Off

5t “Some cosmetic wear and tear including chipped paint work and one chipped side panel as seen in photos. A real testament however to proper USA engineering. A reluctant sell to be honest.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 07 July 2016, Comments Off

6t ” Here for sale , 6 voice multi timbral Sequential Circuits Six Trak in absolute great working and cosmetic condition.

I am selling with custom programmed Behringer BCR 2000 controller.
All the parameters has its own custom stickers under every knob and button. (Please see the photo of it)
It took me ages to program this. (Believe me , it was very difficult ! )
All the knobs and buttons on Behringer Controller responds identical to Six Trak’s own knob steps.

You can use this controller to program 6x mono voice separately (!) or as 6 voice poly .

It has the very latest EPROM version, which provides you bug-free operation in multi channel usage and sequencer is able to sync with external sources !

It has perfect cosmetic condition. Almost no scratches .
The knobs are turning like its mint.

It is 220V version. ” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 07 July 2016, Comments Off

6trak “This item is used. One key may stick when unit gets warm. However you can use a MIDI control to avoid this from happening during performance. There are many videos, and even the user manual for this item, online.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 30 June 2016, Comments Off

6t “SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS SIX-TRACK Model 610 Serial # 610-000061

Multi-Track Controller/Sequencer
Midi Input/Output
1/4″ Output
Control/Sequencer Footswitch Input
49 Key

Powers up and all 49 keys play through the 1/4″ output.
LCD works in control panel for program/parameter/value/record functions.
Plug and cord in great shape.
Wood finish on sides is clean.
Missing 5 knobs and 2 buttons.
Some black paint chipping off the back and bottom, and very small chipping off the front under about 4 of the keys.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 30 June 2016, Comments Off

six-trak “Good overall condition. Expect some cosmetic nicks and scrapes in the finish, mostly on the bottom, and some on the side panels from normal use of a vintage synthesizer. Low serial number, in first 50 made. Recent service. New battery, and factory patches reloaded.” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 23 June 2016, Comments Off


* Cosmetically:

Never gigged, always stayed in pet/smoke free Home Studio, so it is in very good condition (like new). I have attached a lot of pictures to see exactly how it looks.

** Technically:

Recently maintained and upgraded by a professional synth engineer:

power supply (220V) electrolytic/tantalum capacitors and regulators are replaced
all voice board electrolytic/tantalum capacitors are also replaced
new battery box with 2x AAA batteries (for easy future replacement) is installed
ROM has been upgraded to the latest version 14.0 (mainly fixes various midi bugs and introduces Unison detune)
new Z-80 CPU is installed in socket
internal boards, sliders and keyboard contacts are cleaned
most of the ICs are socketed (for easier future maintenance)
the instrument & wheel are fully calibrated/tuned
factory presets are restored” Link

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 16 June 2016, Comments Off

used 6trak ” This was purchased in the fall of 1984. As the photos show, it is extremely well-kept. Once my first sampler was purchased in the later ’80′s, this Six-Trak went into climate-controlled, smoke-free storage.

The original injection-molded foam packaging was kept and can be seen in the second picture.

All the keys and the two wheels work. (The pitch wheel is not spring-loaded.)

The photos of the wood panels on either side speak for themselves.

Turning the value knob can cause the two-digit read-out to flicker, but it can still be adjusted.

The instruction manual has some scribbling, but not much. The blue laminate fold-out sheet is a function overview, and the white fold-out is a MIDI control summary of Sequential Circuit synthesizers from that time.

The original footswitch is included, inserted beneath the foam mold.

I do not remember when the battery was last changed. It’s still retaining its patches which have been reset to factory defaults.

Most amazing to me is the sound, which is still that clear SCI signature performance. If you turn the volume knob quickly, you can hear some audio scratching but there is no distortion when playing.” Link