p2k “Up for sale is a Sequential Prophet 2000 keyboard. It’s working but will not read any floppies. All keys work and presets/sounds play, you can sample and everything with the exception of saving to disk. It give the error ND every time with a brand new Sony disk. At this time, you can use the built and sounds as well as sample new ones and play them through the 8 analog fliters. It can also be used as a midi controller with advanced split and arpeggiater features. This is being sold as is with no returns.” Link

p2000 “Up for sale is a Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Keyboard. Keyboard is currently in non-working condition. It blows fuses when powered on. It does not come with any floppy discs. Message with any questions. Selling AS-IS as a project/parts. It does not currently create sound or power on. It’s worth fixing, as these are becoming harder and harder to find. This unit is Serial # 2000-00999″

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 02 March 2017, Comments Off

prophet2000 “For sale – well loved Prophet 2000 (SN#399) built in 1985. Considering its age, it is in remarkable cosmetic shape. There are some scratches here and there (please see photos). The electronics are fully functioning, with a brand new floppy drive replaced in Jan 2017 from winecountrysequential.com. This synth comes with approximately 30 floppy disks, some already loaded with great samples, some ready to format/record your own samples to. I’ll pass along a .pdf of the manual as well. The Prophet 2000 is great for sampling anything from drums/percussion to ambient drones. This synth has a great sounding filters, a slick arpeggiator, and it’s fairly easy to dial in a warm analog tone once you get the hang of it.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 25 August 2016, Comments Off

p2k “Up for auction a very rare and unique sampler by SCI, designed by Dave Smith.

Auction Includes:

Prophet 2000 Sampler
Original User Manual
Link to digital disk images

It is an 8-voice, 12-bit sampler with real Analog Filters and VCA. Deep editing and sampling capabilities.

It has a built-in operating system, and some preset sounds (so one is not forced to use the floppy drive to use the sampler). The sampler also includes a very unique arpeggiator with very musically useful parameters.

It has an amazing UNISON mode, not often found on samplers- that is quite refreshing. I believe this sampler can produce and keep up with the same quality of sounds as the famous Emu Emulator II sampler. For most sounds and blind A/B tests I prefer the P2000 to the EII.

Cosmetically the sampler is in good condition for it’s age. The original floppy drive has been replaced but the cover faceplate for that drive has been removed. It still operates and will load/save disks. I’ll include a few homemade disks of analog synths that I’ve made. I will also send a larger collection of digital disk images for this sampler.

Used in a smoke free studio. The keyboard will be professionally packed and shipped via a local UPS store. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 07 July 2016, Comments Off

200 “The Legendary Prophet 2000 Sampler/synthesiser has been utilised by a multitude of famous pro performers & session musicians alike.A mainstay tool in the Recording Studios world.
This particular instrument has had a quiet life in our store room for 12+yrs, since dismantling a specific studio setup, was working upto being stored..The manual has not come to light, and insufficient knowledge to test out further.Have powered it up.Lights come on.Have no current midi or recording system to connect it to . Due to suffering a major burglary in which much of our equip.inc computers, discs, ancillary cables software stolen, we haven’t any discs to generate sound.The little mic/line slide switch on rear panel came away from mount, when trying to move it (clumsy).Switch issupplied will need to be fixed back on p c.b.mount bracket. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 14 April 2016, Comments Off

prophet 2000 “It in pretty good shape other than having a broken volume knob control. All the other knob controls, LED screen, push controls,lights,input and outputs and keys on the keyboard seem to be fine. The body of it isn’t nicked up, dinged up or scratched up. Please view my pictures” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 07 April 2016, Comments Off

2k “Got it with the studio acquisition. Was stored in a back room for years. Has some dust on it but doesn’t have any critical damage. Power socket has one connector missing, so I’m not able to verify if it works. Have no time to work on this. Selling it for parts, just 3-day auction.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 21 January 2016, Comments Off

2k” Up for your consideration is a pre-owned Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Keyboard Synthesizer (BROKEN). It is deemed as Broken. Assume nothing on this keyboard works. Only thing confirmed is that the Disk drive is not functioning. Multiple keys, CEM chips and logic boards are faulty. Maybe fixable…Please buy at your own risk. We do not accept returns. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 14 January 2016, Comments Off

p2k “Reluctantly I have for sale my Prophet 2000 In excellent condition – clean and recently serviced It has not been used outside of Studio Selling as moving and I’m limited for space” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 31 December 2015, Comments Off

sci prophet 2000 “For sale is a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Digital Sampling Keyboard. This one is in good vintage condition, works perfectly, and sounds fantastic. The Prophet 2000 features 8-voice polyphony, a 12-bit sampler, 8 analog VCF’s, 8 analog ADSR’s, up to 30 seconds of memory, and 3.5″ disk storage. It’s a 61-key velocity keyboard with MIDI. The Prophet 2000 is a rare piece of gear, and extremely hard to find in good working condition. One knob is missing the chrome cap, however it is an original knob. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 26 November 2015, Comments Off

p2k “Aus Platzgründen müssen wir uns leider im Laufe der nächsten Tage und Wochen von verschiedenen unserer Geräte trennen,

hier habt ihr schon mal die seltene Möglichkeit einen Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 zu kaufen!!!

Mit acht Einzelausgängen

Zustand top, siehe Fotos, tadellose Funktionen. Ein Ohren und Augenschmaus.
Aufgrund der langen Standzeit sollten nach Erhalt die Tastenkontakte gesäubert werden.
Inkl. Bedienungsanleitung” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 03 April 2015, Comments Off

sci prophet 2000 “Prophet 2000

Good condition and working well.
Nut and washer missing from one of the connections on the back

An old school sampler synth. similar to Ensoniqs from that era. It has a small sampler by today’s standards 256k / 12 bit sampling. Although it does have analog VCF’s and VCA’s you can generate some great lo-fi sounds with this synth. It is an 8 voice, the keyboard can be split into 8 layers, MIDI equipped, and there is an arpeggiator. Designed in 1985 so now a classic instrument. Features 61 keys so this is quite a large keyboard. Original retail price an affordable £2000″ Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 19 March 2015, Comments Off

p2“Overall for 30 years old looks fine, some marks/dents etc, all keys work, 12 presets play fine, one key is quieter than the rest, disk drive might be faulty, not sure if all parameters work, I did manage to sample on it, Vintage synth so cant say its fully working, selling as spares or repair, a small socket in the back is missing not sure what it does see pic. Seems to take 5 minutes to fully warm up but plays straight away.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 12 March 2015, Comments Off

prophet2k“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Sampler/Synth in good working condition. All keys, buttons, and knobs work and function fine. In decent cosmetic condition, some scratches on the metal casing. The Midi Thru/Midi Out 2 switch has broken off and is currently stuck in place on midi thru. The original disk drive failed so I replaced it with a new drive. This new drive is smaller in physical size compared to the original so there is an opening above the disk drive. As you can see in the picture, I have placed a piece of black tape to cover that gap. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 05 March 2015, Comments Off

p2k“Prophet 2000

Good condition and working well.
Nut and washer missing from one of the connections on the back” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 19 February 2015, Comments Off

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 “12Bit-Sampler mit guter Tastatur und analoger Klangbearbeitung (VCA + Prophet-Filter!). Diskettenlaufwerk funktioniert, auch wenn es bei einigen meiner Sound-Disks immer mal gezickt hat.

Hier kurz die Fakten:

• 8-stimmig

• 12Bit-Sampling bei 42 kHz, 32 kHz oder 16 kHz

• 256 kB RAM

• 12 feste ROM-Preset-Sounds

• 8x analog VCF (1x VCF pro Stimme)

• 8x analog VCA (1x VCA pro Stimme)


• Arpeggiator

• 61 Tasten mit Velocity (bis zu 8 Layer können über die Tastatur verteilt werden)

• MIDI (In/Out/Thru)

Technisch ist das Gerät in gutem Zustand, alles funktioniert wie es sollte. Optisch gibt es einige Kratzer vor allem auf der Unterseite und 2 Schräubchen fehlen, außerdem löst sich die Folie an der oberen Kante etwas ab. Insgesamt aber nichts ernstes.

Der Prophet wird sicher verpackt mit Netzkabel und Original-Handbuch verschickt.

Abholung in Berlin-Charlottenburg ist ausdrücklich erwünscht!

Als privater Verkäufer schließe ich eine Garantie oder Rücknahme aus.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 05 February 2015, Comments Off

prophet 2000 “Here’s another piece from my studio collection that I’m selling off; however I never got around to playing with this vintage keyboard until now, when I played with this Prophet 2000 for about a half hour or more prior to listing it.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 05 February 2015, Comments Off

p2k“Vintage 1985 Sequential Prophet 2000 with 256 meg sample ram. Sold as-is, but all functions seem to work. Owners manual not included, but it can be purchased, along with sound discs upgrades, and service from Wine Country Productions. Very solid construction, great instrument for it’s time. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 29 January 2015, Comments Off

p2k“SCI Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000
+ 512 k memory expansion
+ 5 sound disks” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 23 October 2014, Comments Off

prophet2000 ” 1986 SCI Prophet 2000 sampler fully loaded expanded 512k version. In good condition for age a few dents and scratches here and there but fully functional and sounding great. It’s not the original floppy drive but it is fully working and comes with 35 sound disks to get you up and running. These are extremely underrated bits of kit, being a Sequential product it has that important Sequential trademark sound and features a very cool programmable arpegiator. I’ve also used it with a HxC floppy emulator which is great if your using it live (which I have been) as it saves lugging loads of floppies about, The HxC floppy emulator is for sale in my other auction but is attached to an Ensoniq Mirage. These things will only continue going up in price and will be a solid investment. I will post but I’d prefer local pick up as this is a heavy board.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 07 August 2014, Comments Off

“This one has been sitting around in my loft for many years, but it has been dusted off, tested and I can confirm that everything works as intended. ” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 31 July 2014, Comments Off

“I do not have the discs anymore so is sold as is , but worked perfectly when I did .” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 17 July 2014, Comments Off

“SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS PROPHET 2000 SAMPLING KEYBOARD, 61 keys.This keyboard is not in working cond.The only response i get when i turn this on is a hum.When this stopped working on me years ago i put it in storage and never had it looked at by a tech.The keyboard has a few scratches in the paint here and there and the knobs look rough.This was SEQ. CIR. first sampler and was 12 bit.This is of course an AS IS sale” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 27 February 2014, Comments Off

” This auction is for an original vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 synthesizer/sampler keyboard. I rescued this babe from the local pawn shop. I am not a synth guy, but I understand that there is big demand lately for these old analog sweet sounding keyboards. It seams like everything is running good and there are some build in sounds and you can also create your own samples.”

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 30 January 2014, Comments Off

“not original drive see photos missing volume knob see photos.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 16 January 2014, Comments Off

“This auction if for a used sequential circuits prophet 2000 digital sampler. I’m not sure how this beast works but it powers on, all of the buttons work and sound comes out. Some of the 1/2″ outputs are chipped but still seem to work.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 26 September 2013, Comments Off

“Technisch wie optisch super Zustand!
Inclusive einer Menge an Zubehör: custom made Case (sehr stabil!), 67 Disks, 3x Handbücher, Steinberg Software und 1x Staubschutz.
Siehe Bilder !!” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 29 August 2013, Comments Off

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000
•Sold AS IS For parts or repair•
•Powers up as seen in pics•
•Has no output•
•Great project•
•Or fix up that ailing Prophet…•” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 15 August 2013, Comments Off

“guter Zustand inkl. Case und einigen Disketten” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 04 July 2013, Comments Off

Machine does not power but is complete .
Please see all pictures before bidding.
Comes with custom fit flight case (please see all pictures for condition)
and power cable.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 13 June 2013, Comments Off

“A cool analog filter 12 bit sampling synthesizer from 1986 as I recall. I played around with it a bit after installing a new floppy which I initially thought wasn’t working either but then discovered I was having old floppy media issues it appears. I decided to try tossing a regular 1.44M HD floppy disk in after wiping it with a magnet and voila it worked! On my dss1 I use I was always told you had to have the DSDD disks and I bought some for it. One out of every 4 or something wont’ format for whatever reason and maybe they just aren’t working on this diskette drive for some reason OR I grabbed a couple bad ones in a row with with my typical luck isn’t uncommon. 1:16 odds. But whatever the case it works with more common HD disks I see. I saved a sample, reloaded and it was all good. I didn’t have time to learn all the features but I got into it enough to make sure it was working. All buttons seem to respond fine and not in bad cosmetic shape. A little spray paint got on the right side…fine speckles here and there. Easy to throw some more black over it but figured it wasn’t that noticeable so I’ll let the end user decide on that.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 18 April 2013, Comments Off

” Zum Zustand kann ich sagen, dass er super funktioniert – eventuell abgesehen vom Diskettenlaufwerk. Ich hatte beim Kauf keine Disketten mit dazu bekommen und mit denen anderer Sampler nicht erfolgreich getestet. Der Vorbesitzer versicherte allerdings, es würde funktionieren. In jedem Fall fehlt der aufgesteckte Auswurf-Plastikknopf. Man kommt dennoch gut an die eigentliche Mechanik und kann Disketten ohne Probleme einstecken und auswerfen lassen. Notfalls kann man das Laufwerk austauschen, auch bspw. gegen den famosen und sehr beliebten hxc2001 floppy emulator. Ausserdem können Samples (bzw. Sounds) angeblich auch per MIDI auf den PC und vom PC übertragen werden – leider nie probiert.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 04 April 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a Prophet 2000 Keyboard Sampler. I dug it out about two weeks ago and have been testing it. Everything seems to work as I remember. Using the presets, I tested the analog section, the sampler, Arp, Stack, LFO, pretty much everything repeatedly, including all of the membrane buttons. All working. The potentiometer knob works well and is very accurate, though I think it could use a touch of deoxit. The only thing down is the drive. I’m getting a Lh display when I try to load. This is an easy fix as you can get a new drive for it cheap. I believe Wine Country sells them as well. It’s important to let the Prophet warm up for about 15 mins until it becomes stable. Also I’d recommend digging into the manual (which is actually really well written) and reading about the mapping, splits, voices, analog section, panning etc. as this system was built differently to most modern synths. It took me a short while to get back up to speed. Everything is in layers, and you have to solo parts to hear what the analog section is doing. Once I relearned this, I started having fun with it again. It’s got a lot of color and character due to its Curtis based analog section, and the arpeggiator is a blast. I have lots of great synths now that also take up a lot of space, so this one can’t stay.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 28 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction is a 1985 Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 synthesizer. It is serial number 260 and in good working condition. I’m including the power cable, some blank disks, and several patch disks, some of which are copies of the original factory patches. If you’re a fan of house music, you’ll recognize the strings Marshall Jefferson’s Move Your Body on one of these disks. This synth has identical analog architecture to the Prophet VS (the digital part is quite different). Lots of character.

The floppy drive on this machine has been replaced with one from my old Emax sampler. It works, but please keep in mind this drive is also almost 30 years old and shouldn’t be trusted. Much newer replacements sell for cheap on ebay should you want one. BTW LH means “Locked Head,” as in the drive on the other P2000 on ebay right now is very much dead.

Cosmetically it’s pretty good. There’s a few blemishes and a small amount of rust underneath the back panel. I didn’t notice it for the first few months that I owned the machine, but it’s worth mentioning.” Link

Prophet 2000, Sequential Circuits @ 21 February 2013, Comments Off

” Biete hier meinen SCi Prophet 2000 Sampler an. Bis auf das kleine Loch welches man im Foto sehn kann ist er optisch im guten Zustand, auch leuchten alle LEDs und jede(r) Taste(r) sowie die Potis reagieren wie man erwartet. Auch klappt das samplen und bearbeiten wunderbar, soweit ich durchblicken konnte. Insgesamt im gebrauchten Zustand, aber durchaus gepflegt.

Die Bedienung ist sehr verstiegen, weil ich da nicht ganz durchblicke biete ich den Prophet 2000 nun hier an.

Umtausch und Rücknahme nicht möglich, sollte jemand gegen einen vintage Synthesizer tauschen wollen freu ich mich über eine Nachricht. Ich behalte mir vor das Angebot vorzeitig zu beenden, sollte jemand einen fairen Handel vorschlagen. ” Link