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“All three are in nice shape and power up, but detailed inspection beyond that has not been done, so selling as is. Please assume some repair required as these are finicky units. Includes 3x universal adapters to go with the units. You’ll also get a black carrying case and original manual as shown.” Link

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“Roland TR-606

Looks 8.75 of 10
In average condition, please see pictures and trust your eyes.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators, some short life OpAmps, transistors and logis ICs with new ones.” Link

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“Near MINT condition TR-606. Superb condition cosmetically and functionally – all buttons, knobs, etc. work. Selling for what I purchased it for several years ago.

This TR-606 is simply the best you’ll find for sale anywhere. If you’ve been looking for a museum piece, this is it.

One scratch that I can see on the bottom, also some black ‘smudges’ on bottom (see video). Thanks for looking and good luck!

Auction includes TR-606, original box, original bag and power adapter.” Link

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606 “Up for sale is a Roland Tr-606 Drum machine in excellent condition, everything is tested and works. There are some light scratches on the front panel, a small ding on the back, some scratches and light signs of corrosion on the bottom. The battery compartment is clean inside and fully functional.

Comes with power cord and additional touchprone midi/Din-sync converter (one of the best converter on the market, no battery/power needed, $90 value).” Link

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606303 “Condition:Used
TR-606 and TB-303 body only
The item is in excellent condition for its age.
There are some minor wear/marks on the body.
Basic fuctions work correctly.It sounds great!
The voltage for this item is 100V. The item can be used in the United States, we recommend using a transformer for safe use over a long period of time.
If you use this item in countries where the voltage is more than 100V” Link

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606 “Roland TR-606 tr606 Drum Machine Vintage rhythm machine w/universal adapter!!
Unit in perfect working order. Includes original manual, carry bag, universal adapter! See pics for details.” Link

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tr606 “Roland TR-606 Computer Controlled Drumatix with Manual. I bought on ebay a few years and never used it much. Everything works and it is Excellent condition. Only minor cosmetic blemishes-see the pictures.” Link

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606 “Used approx. half a dozen times when bought in 1984 and been in its original box ever since. Good as new!” Link

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tr-606 ” Up for auction is a Roland TR-606 analog drum machine. It is a classic piece and this unit is working fine. It has some scotch tape on the front around the tempo knob, but the machine is working fine and sounds incredible (nothing else out there like a TR-606). It includes a Panasonic power adapter. The original case is included, though the case is pretty worn/used. Good luck and happy bidding!”

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tr606 “Roland TR-606 not in mint condition but appears to be fully working, I’ve created patterns on it and played them through headphones. It needs a bit of a clean but is completely original. The volume pot needs a clean, it’s a bit crackly but works. I haven’t used it for about 30 years but it sounds pretty cool through my monitors, you can’t beat a bit of analogue” Link

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tr606 “One of the all time classics when it comes to drum machines. Not as well know as it’s bigger brothers the 808 and 909 but just as powerful! Easy to use and setup. In perfect working condition. ” Link

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606 “Roland TR-606 with Analogue Solutions sound modifications…

This unit is in generally good condition but does have some superficial wear.

Everything works fine but a couple of buttons do not make as reliable contact as they used to … you just need to take care a little care when pressing the buttons.

The battery compartment is in good condition and the lid is present as shown in the photographs.

Power supply is included.” Link

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tr-606 “Genuine sale of original Roland TR-606 in carry case with power adaptor.

In good working order with new power supply. Some slight cracks on edge of unit and a few bits of wear around pots. Some small pen marks below 4 of the step sequence buttons. All pots seem clean (although a bit dusty) – no crackling though. Haven’t checked unit with batteries so can’t confirm whether working with those.

Carry case in good condition with one missing stud as shown.” Link

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606 “Diese 606 hatte ich kürzlich schon einmal eingestellt. Leider war der Höchstbieter, auf gut Deutsch gesagt, ein Arsch mit Ohren und hat nicht bezahlt. Deshalb kommt sie hier noch einmal unter den Hammer. ” Link

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606 “There is a time-honored scratches and dirt. Therefore, there is a feeling of use.
But, the play condition is good.” Link

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A rare opportunity to grab both units in one auction!

No need to harp on about these units and what they can do, as I’m sure you know what you’re buying and its intended use.



I had previously bought this as back up for my studio but it’s surplus to requirements. It has wear and tear as you would expect and I have highlighted what markings I can otherwise it’s as you see it in the pictures.

It was serviced by Synthrestore in Bedford a couple of years ago and still holds in tune and works as it should.

There are the slightest of fade marks around one or two pots from use and also surface marks on the casing otherwise it functions as it should.

A power adapter (not original) will also be supplied and a copy of the manual.


In very good condition with carry case, everything works as it should…not much else to say really. I will add the disclaimer that it is 30+ years old so please do not expect it to be brand new just that’s its in very good condition. There is no adapter here.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 22 May 2016, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

606 ” Roland TR-606 Drumatix analog drum machine, with original silver soft case in very good original 100% complete condition. The only cosmetic flaw is the small plastic chip by the start/stop 1/4″ jack as shown in the picture. All controls, tactile buttons and jacks work well especially considering the unit is 34 years old. I have been the owner for over 20 years – it has been lightly used in studio use only, no knob thrashing typical for many old TR-606/TB-303’s. No leaky battery damage inside.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 27 March 2016, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

tr-606“Roland TR606 drum machine.
Seems to be in good working condition.
This is a estate item purchase I found..
The batteries were a little corroded inside
I cleaned the terminal and put new batteries in.
Everything seems to be working good.
Returns are accepted.
No reserve price” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 13 March 2016, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

606“Roland TR606 drum machine. In very good working condition. How do I know, well I use this machine weekly. I have owned and have other 606’s come and go in and out of my life, I’m a bit of a 606 and analog drum machine enthusiast, anyway. All buttons are working well, all though the battery compartment cover is stained, the compartment is not corroded, works fine and will include batteries, also works well with a proper negative center 9v A/C adapter which is not included. I know because I use it with batteries and A/c adapter. The din sync is also working. I use it. Volume potentiometer is nearly completely quiet not scratchy and the individual instrument volume pots are quiet and work well. These machines all sound a slightly different and I feel like this one has some especially nice hi hats, that my opinion, but that doesn’t matter. Cosmetically it is nice except the lower left corner is cracked, but is stable and not coming apart, it was like that when i bought it, although the seller didn’t mention it. It no way effects it’s operation” Link

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606505100 “Working Vintage Roland tr-606, tr-505, MSQ-100, and DOEPFER MSY2 (din sync to midi converter). Play these classic machines live with Ableton. The star of the show is the Vintage Roland tr-606 Drumatix. Sad to part with this amazing machine. As seen in the photos there is some wear around the sync and the accent knob, but does not effect sound or functionality. The tr-505 also has some wear as they have both been used. The msq-100 works great and is in almost perfect condition. The DOEPFER MSY2 is mint and still has the box and manual which I will send. Power adapters are included for every device shown and listed. I will ship with tracking. No Returns. Hope you make some awesome electronic music!” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 24 January 2016, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

606 “Selling my TR-606. Everything working properly. Good condition, but far from mint. Only detail is it’s missing the battery door cover. (you can get it in stores like Perfect Circuit Audio). Includes 9v AC adapter.
Unlike the rest of the TRs (including the 808/909), the 606 has a valuable feature: it’s possible to switch between play and write modes during operation. This is very useful when playing live, as you never have to stop the rhythm while programming it.
I really love this machine, but I have to let it go. My loss, your gain.” Link

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tr-606“Machine is tested and working. No power cable is included. ” Link

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used tr606“Working great. Few scratches as picture .

Come with 9v adapter” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 29 November 2015, Comments Off on Roland TR-606 Project Machine

606“I do not know anything about this item but, I have plugged it in a more modern power supply to check if it came on, hopefully you can see the red lights on, it appears to work as it does a lot of “scanning” but I have nothing to check the output with, so it sells as is.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 22 November 2015, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

used tr606 “Hi, I am the original owner, and bought this in 1982. Normal wear, and I do not have a external power plug for it. It runs fine on (4) “C” batteries. I ran it just now, and it seems to still be just fine. I have the original box, the original instruction booklet, and the original protective case/cover. It is a really nice unit, and I’d love to see someone get this that will really appreciate it.” Link

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used juno 60 “Very clean condition Roland TR-606 Drumatrix. Case and cross strap are very much intact (see photo’s). Powers up and works well. Looks to be an after market power supply (see photo’s).” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 18 October 2015, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

606“100% working order

ships with power adapter and fresh batteries” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 11 October 2015, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

used tr606“Great condition on this piece of music making. History was made with the this device. I will refrain from explaining this, if you are searching this device you know what it is that you are looking for. Condition is about an 8 of 10. It is clean, a few minor tiny dings, the bottom you can see has some scratches from moving the the device. This is really clean and a great find. The batter cover can be ordered for 14.99. that is the only thing missing. All switches, buttons and knobs are in tact and turn with the proper tension. All lights work, I didn’t put batteries in this, but here is no corrosion or any indication that the batteries would not work. I just don’t want to use batteries when I can plug it in. ” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 27 September 2015, Comments Off on Roland TR-606

606 “Vintage ROLAND TR-606 DRUMATIX Computer Controlled Drum Machine

Made In Japan

Missing DC 9V Adapter & Door for Battery

I tested it with a spare adapter & every function works perfect.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 24 August 2015, Comments Off on Roland TR-606 with EX-Fade MK II

tr606 “Roland TR-606 with EXFADE MKII and Quicksilver 606 mods – in excellent condition. 100% functional. This is an 808 killer! The Exfade MKII mods add lots of sound shaping control over each voice, separate 1/4″ outs and mute switches. The Quicksilver mod brings the TR-606 into the 21st century with tons of new sequencer applications and full Midi in and out. As this is a vintage 606, there is some bleeding between channels(not too loud) and occasionally some LED noise, as is/was typical for many TR-606s I have owned. Comes with US power supply.” Link

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used tr606 “Roland Tr 606 in full working order, has some wear but nothing major. Battery compartment is clean and comes with an adaptor and the battery compartment cover.” Link

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303_606 “A very VERY reluctant sale – sadly needs must and it’s time for these bad boys to have a new home.

THE Original, Vintage & The Best




Analogue Units

Their History:
I have owned these two since the mid 1980’s (bought them from a friend when he emigrated to Hong Kong) so I am only the second owner.
I have used them only a handful of times myself “back in the day” before both were lovingly stored away in their cases and in bubble wrap due to a house move to be used again another day – that never happened.
So they have been safely in storage for nearly 30 years – and are now ready to to be heard again!” Link

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606“ROLAND TR 606 … EX-FADE Modified…
very desirable modification of 606 .. each sound module can be tuned and tweaked” Link

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303 “Verkauf
Roland TB-303 Bassline Analog Synthesizer & TR-606, beide Geräte zusammen, icl Manual TB-303 und Netzteile, TB 303 hat an einem Poti leichten Wackler, ansonsten beide Geräte einsatzbereit und in den letzten 10 Jahren kaum benutzt” Link