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systrem100m “For sale is my Roland System 100m synthesizer. It’s in excellent shape and working perfectly. Sounds awesome, one of my favorite vintage Roland synths. It includes the 180 keyboard making this really fun set to play and use. The 180 keyboard is in like new minty perfect shape. Includes all necessary module & keyboard connecting cables plus an assortment of patch cables (some old, some new) to get you started. Check out the detailed pictures to make sure you like it. Don’t miss out!” Link

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184 “A most rare bird, or board, the 184 is a 4 voice polyphonic keyboard for the Roland System 100M, but will work with any analogue system that uses the 1V/Oct standard. Built around the same keyboard logic as the Jupiter 4, the 184 controller has a fully featured arpeggiator onboard. This unit is power rated for Japan, and while it may function OK with US wall power, we recommend procuring a transformer to ensure accurate keyboard tracking and Gate levels.” Link

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100m “Roland system-100M modular synthesizer.

Looks 9.5 of 10
In very clean condition, pictures say everything.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors, voltage regulators, short life transistors, OpAmps and logic ICs with new ones,
and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning.
Voltage adjusted for free on buyer’s request, to 100/120/220 or 240, need no extra cost.

This comes with five DIN cables (for power and keyboard sinal rails) and about ten patch cables in original carton, doublepacked for safe journey.
#Original carton is just for safety, please don’t find commercial value in it.”

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roland-system100m “Up for auction is hardly used Standard Roland 100M + 180 Keyboard plus all the cords in Excellent Condition. This unit works without any issues at all. Cosmetically it is in excellent condition. Please check out all the pictures from the actual product.” Link

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systm100 “Roland SYSTEM-100M
★ rhea 191-J ★

One of the image is all.

We were able electrification verification insert the outlet.

Connect the keyboard with a dedicated cable, keyboard reblogged reaction all.
Keyboard-free reaction could not be confirmed.

Both five and connected by a dedicated cable,
Reaction by the lamp lighting,
Changes in the sound to move the knob
There has been one of the reactions such.

We did hear the sound in the earphone connection.

We can not validate the fine function respectively.

It is used goods.

There is a feeling of use.” Link

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system 100m“ROLAND System 100

Das System kann gerne vor Ort besichtigt werden.” Link

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system 100m “Here for sale the rare and highly sought after Roland System 100m. Without doubt the best bass I have in my studio, and there is quite a selection to chose from.

Just back from a full service and all working 100%.

Whole system is 220V so fine for UK and Euro voltage (no nasty step down converters needed)

Included in this sale

1 x 191- j

2 x 112

1 x 121

2 x 130

2 x 140

All the above I would describe the condition as mint. Hard to believe how old this piece is. Certainly one for the collectors out there.

1 x 184 polyphonic 4CV keyboard

The condition of the keyboard I would describe as very good, as there are some blemishes as seen in the photos but nothing major.

Also included is rare System 100m literature, inc patch sheets, spec sheets, original Roland modular book set and original Roland patch leads” Link

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100,191 “This listing is for a vintage Roland System 100M 191J cabinet. Used with a step down transformer (100v). Includes print of the 191J manual. Custom African Bubinga wood sides.” Link

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system 100m “Vintage Roland System100M

191J 121 121 140 172 132 Set Analog Modular Synthesizer

in Great Condition!!!

Comes with Original “Sound Sample”Pamphlet by Roland.

-191J SER.No.961385

-121 SER.No.071693

-121 SER.No.132236 a low pass to a high pass filter remodeled by Roland. you can control voltage, but not the filter outgoing.

-140 SER.No.072260

-172 SER.No.990502

-132 SER.NO.010735″ Link

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100_m“This package includes 9 modules, a CV controller keyboard and lots of connection and patch cables. It also offers the facility to convert CV to midi messages via the Kenton Electronics PRO-2 dual channel MIDI to CV converter.

List of Modules and other devices:
M-112 dual VCO, with 3 CV ins, 2 outs, and weak/strong sync
2X, M-121 dual VCF, with low-pass and high-pass filters with 24 dB/oct slope
M-130 dual VCA, with a linear/exponential switch
M-131 Mixer, 4 X 2 X 1, with panning and a tuning oscillator (220/440/880Hz)
M-132 dual Mixer and Voltage Processor
M-140 dual Envelope (ADSR, invertible, and manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)
M-172 Phase Shifter, Audio Delay, LFO, Gate Delay
M-181 Keyboard, 49-note (C-C) same as M-180 but with added portamento switch and bender lever (with CV out)
M-182 Analog Sequencer, 2 X 8 step, serial or parallel modes
2X, M-191J five-module rack with multiple connectors on its base
Kenton Electronics PRO-2 dual channel MIDI to CV converter” Link

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polyphonic 4cv “Excellent working and cosmetically clean Roland System-100M Polyphonic 4 CV 184 Keyboard. Serial Plate is in Japanese. Used with my System-100M. Selling to finance other interests. I was told the previous owner probably bought it new in Japan and brought it to California where it stayed for decades in his home studio. I’ve barely used it. Pretty sure I am the second owner. Sadly no original box.

Overall this analog multi-CV controller is visibly excellent, almost like new. It’s condition is remarkable. (I’ve been a synth collector since 1984). There’s no visible mold or mildew or rust. A little legacy dust here and there from 36 years of use. Input jacks all look very clean and feel solid, I cannot make out any oxidization and I would put them at 95% clean.

Pitch bend works. Tuning knobs works. Portamento works. Transpose works. All keys work and appear very clean. Action is springy and tight. Arp and control buttons appear like new, all buttons engage and all knobs work. Both wood end panels appear very good to excellent. One small plain white sticker from previous original owner on top left wood panel, clearly visible in photos. An area with slight gum residue from probably a removed sticker (not me) is next to power button. A few rubs and marks on underside. On long surface scratch on the underside. All cosmetic issues appear in the photos.

*One issue or concern, which may be my older System-100M: slight intermittent tuning changes happen when you twist “Pitch Bend Sens” knob while playing a note. That said, after my 100M warmed up, this effect was diminished. I just leave it at 5 and there’s no issues. Again this may be a System-100M issue, not 4CV 184 issue. I’m not sure. My 100M does need a tune up, one VCO and VCF have scratchy pots.

All 4 KCV and Gate outputs work and have been tested on my System-100M, MC-202 and SH-101. Both 1/8′ and 1/4″ and one each Total CV and Total Gate outs. The 4CV will play the System-100M, an MC-202 and a SH-101 all at the same time, or individually, using both ⅛” CV and ¼” CV outs from the 184. Pretty cool!

The arpeggiator on this model is unique and odd. Everything arpeggio works and the arp will sometimes place rests in Up/Down and Random Mode – I don’t know if that is common or voltage oddities or an issue. Sure does sound cool and unpredictable.

I was able to patch the 100M’s LFO to the 184’s Arpeggio Clock In and use the LFO Freq (speed) to affect the 184’s arpeggio speed. Very cool!

*Another Issue – and I may not be using it properly, when “Unison 1 and 2″ are depressed, keys play, but nothing sounds like it’s in “Unison”. *When Poly 1 Button is pressed, keys play intermittently*. When Poly 2 is pressed, all keys play.

Polyphonic: I have been able to play 4 notes through two VCOs on the 100M but the fourth note sometimes cuts out one of the others. Playing one key and holding, then playing another, then a third, does work, making a chord. Playing three notes at once on this unit sometimes plays a chord, other times not. However you can connect two to four CV outs to as many other instruments and play more than one note, sustaining one after the others, like they are all playing on the same MIDI channel. ” Link

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system100m “Roland system-100M modular synthesizer

Looks 8.75 of 10
Average condition. both wood ends have some damage, please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators, some short life OpAmps, transistors and logis ICs with new ones,
and knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.
Voltage adjusted for free on buyer’s request, to 100/120/220 or 240, need no extra cost.” Link

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system 100m“ROLAND SYSTEM 100M synthesizer with polyphonic 4 CV 184 keyboard.

This is a top of the range vintage synth and keyboard.

This system comprises of a full 5 unit module rack patch bay, two extra units, and the highest model keyboard .
This system also comes with all leads, a bundle of patch bay wires and manuals.

In the module:
1 : 112 VCO
2 : 112 VCO
3 : 121 VCA
4 : 130 VCA
5 : 140 ENV

130 VCA
140 ENV

M-184 ,49 note, 4voice with switchable mono/polyphonic, an arpeggiator and polyphonic portamento.

Condition: very good ,it has been tested ,examined and had a light service , it has no faults or issues. The keyboard is also in good condition ,also no faults but does have a few marks here and there.” Link

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system100m“These modules are fully functioning and in fantastic condition for age. In detail, there are some minor scratches to the paint work, some of which have resulted in minor rust and on one of the VCF modules a small amount of paint has rubbed off next to one of the faders. Further on the keyboard there are some minor chips to the veneer casing along the edges. There is also evidence of identity markings etched on some of the pieces. However, as will be seen from the photos, all items are in generally good condition. Please see description below.” Link

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roland system 100m” Zum Verkauf steht hier mein super gepflegtes Roland System 100m. Es handelt sich hierbei um das D-Set und beinhaltet die Module 112, 121, 130, 140, 150 und natürlich das 191J. Der Synth wurde von mir ausschließlich im rauchfreien Studio betrieben. Technisch und optisch steht es um den Synth bestens. Alles funktioniert so wie es soll. Übrigens wurde der Synth vom professionellen Techniker auf 220V umgerüstet, somit benötigt ihr keinen lästigen Konverter. Optisch befindet sich der Synth in einem bemerkenswerten Zustand. Keine Kratzer oder sonstige grobe Beschädigungen. Speziell die Module sehen absolut mint aus. Lediglich minimalste Gebrauchsspuren am Kabinett, die beim Alter des Synths auch vollkommen in Ordnung gehen. Der Synth kann verschickt werden. In diesem Fall wird der Synth absolut sicher verpackt. Eine Abholung vor Ort ist ebenfalls möglich. Die Ware wird unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewährleistung verkauft.” Link

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system100m modle 181“- in technisch einwandfreien Zustand
- Siehe Bilder
Da ich das Gerät im Auftrag verkaufe, kann ich keine technischen/fachlichen Auskünfte geben, ich habe jedoch die Bilder gemacht und das Gerät begutachtet.” Link

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This one has been kept in my smoke free studio.

The including modules are as follows:

module 112 VCO
module 121 VCF
module 130 VCA
module 140 Envelope
module 150 Sample & Hold, Noise Generator, LFO.

Please look at the picture carefully and ask all the questions pertaining to this synthesizer. The unit has a little dent in the metal part of the enclosure. It does not affect the unit functionality at all. Also as this unit is an Analog device, it might need calibrating.” Link

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Roland System 100M Module 130 Dual VCA“Funktioniert bestens und ist in sehr gutem Zustand für das Alter (siehe Bilder)
Kommt mit original Anschlusskabel.
Roland System 100M Dual VCA 130
Fragen bitte vor Abgabe des Gebots stellen.

Viel Spass beim Bieten.” Link

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“This listing is for a Roland 100M Vintage Analog Modular System.

The unit is in very good cosmetic condition and fully functional. All buttons, knobs, switches, inputs and outputs, and parameters have been tested and are fully working. The item will be professionally packed and shipped. Feel free to e-mail me any questions. Thanks!

This D-Set includes:
191J Cabinet
M-112 dual VCO, with 3 CV ins, 2 outs, and weak/strong sync
M-120 dual VCF, with an low-pass and high-pass filters
M-130 dual VCA, with a linear/exponential switch
M-140 dual Envelope (ADSR, invertable, and manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)
M-150 Ring Mod, Noise (pink and white), S&H (with lag), and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10) ” Link

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” This is an auction for an excellent System 100m. It is 110v but has a transformer included. Works great and in very good condition. Modules are:
112 Dual Osc
121 Dual filter
130 Dual vca
140 Dual env + LFO
150 Ring mod / noise / S+H / LFO” Link

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“Roland system 100M 191-J Modular Synthesizer and Keybord

* This instrument’ pictures take a photograph as real status , external appearance and each function keep up best condition
* This was imported as original item from Japan, used by a musical composer
* We can guarantee quality and will do shipping and packing the safest way

Excellent Sound!!! , you will be able to feel peak point of modular sound !!!

Contents : all components include cables as shown in pictures” Link

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“This is a Roland system 100 M, in good condition. There are a few very minor cosmetic issues of which I pictured. It includes 5 modules , 112 with 2 vcos. 121 with 2 vcf. 130 with 2 vca. 140 with 2 env and 1 LFO . 150 with ring mod , noise gen , SH , and LFO. This item also includes an original system 100m controller keyboard 181. All in working condition , this item is vintage and rare and In great working order, some sliders are a little stiff , but in fine working order. Also keyboard does not come with connection cord.” Link

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“This one is in full working condition. It sounds HUGE, Beautiful, lush, elegant and to me is Roland’s finest analog synth. The fidelity is amazing. It practicly has no noise… just big killer tone. It, sonically, combines the best attributes of a Roland SH5, SH101 and TB303. For me it has a little mojo of all those classics. I own and have owned many, many, many analog synths. There is simply nothing that sounds like the System 100m. These are some scratches, a small dent on the top panel and some taped markers i have placed on the panels for my personal use, which can be taken off. It comes with cables as well. I had it cleaned and calibrated in 2012 by my long time analog synth tech. Due to the nature of this auction and the nature of a 35 year old electronic item. It is sold as is. ALL sliders, knobs and jacks work as they should” Link

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“For sale is a vintage Roland System 100m 181 Keyboard. This is a rare keyboard and perfect to interact with your System 100m. It’s in excellent shape and working great. A few small scruffs but otherwise it’s in excellent shape, looks quite clean for a 40 year old keyboard! Includes keyboard and the keyboard connector cable. I have my System 100m for sale in a separate auction. The keyboard is working well though its switches and jacks are a bit scratchy, I would recommend bringing to a technician and getting it cleaned out/serviced up to spec. ” Link

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“Original and rare Roland System 100M synthesiser module in good condition.

Module 140. Consists of two ADSR envelope generators and a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator.

This is a vintage item dating from about 1979, made in Japan,with all analogue circuitry, has been tested and is in good working order. There is one small mark on the control surface which I have shown in one of the pictures. It comes with the original rack mount screws and a new 8 pin din lead to connect the module to the rack.” Link

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“This listing is for a Roland Model 184 Keyboard for the Roland 100M Vintage Analog Modular System.

The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and fully functional. All buttons, knobs, switches, inputs and outputs, and parameters have been tested and are fully working. The item will be professionally packed and shipped. ” Link

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“Verkaufe Roland System-100M Modul 131. Der Output Mixer ist ein hervorragendes Modul für Systeme ab einer 10-Modul Größe. Erst mit diesem Mixer wird das Arbeiten mit einem 100M System wirklich professionell und angenehm. Das finale Audio-Signal lässt sich (von den VCAs kommend) hier einspeisen und bequem in Lautstärke und Panorama regeln. Vier Audio-Signale, um exakt zu sein. “Master Volume” erlaubt die einfache Regelung der Gesamtlautstärke des kompletten Systems. Davon unabhängig gibt es einen Kopfhörer-Vorverstärker bzw. -Ausgang. Weiters noch einen Testton (Ton A) in verschiedenen Oktaven – 220, 440 und 880 Hz – zum Stimmen bzw. Anpassen der Oszillatoren. Schließlich sind es vor allem aber die großen Klinken-Buchsen (2xStereo und 1xMono), die eine definitiv professionelle Koppelung des System-100M mit dem Mischpult ermöglichen. Alles in allem: Sehr empfehlenswert. Der Zustand des Moduls ist sehr gut.

Geliefert wird das Output Mixer Modul 131 sowie das zugehörige Stromkabel …” Link

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“For sale is a vintage Roland System 100m with 181 Keyboard. This is a rare system going up in value all the time. It’s in excellent shape and fully functional. A few small scratches but otherwise it’s in great shape, looks quite clean for a 40 year old synth! Comes with everything pictured below, including 112, 121, 130, 140, 150 modules, 181 keyboard, power connector cables, casing and a few patch cables to get you started. An amazing sounding system, almost like a modular Sh101. This is a 100v Japan model, I’ve read some will use these fine with the 110v-120v USA outlets but I would highly recommend picking up the correct transformer to make sure you’re operating this at correct voltage for your country. They are easy to find for around $20 at a local electronics store or online. Let me know if you need help finding the right one. The only issue is there are scratchy sliders/jacks. I find most of these work themselves out as you use it, or apply a little deoxit to help, it may be worth bringing to a technician and getting it cleaned out/serviced up to spec.” Link

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Es handelt sich um das Remote-Keyboard für einen Roland System 100 Synthesizer

Features: 4 Oktaven, Pitch-Control, Transpose, Portamento, Pitch-Bender

Das Keyboard aus den 80er Jahren fristete sein Dasein im Originalkarton (Folie ungeöffnet siehe Fotos!), trocken und rauchfrei

Es liegt eine Gebrauchsbeschreibung in englisch bei, es fehlt lediglich das 6-pol DIN-Kabel zum Anschluss am Synthesizer, über den es dann mit Strom versorgt wird.” Link

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“For sale is a 130 dual VCA module for the Roland System 100m modular synthesiser. The item is in superb condition and fully working.Feel free to make me an offer, there’s a good chance I will accept any reasonable offer submitted. Payment by PayPal or cash on collection by arrangement. Item will usually be dispatched within 48 hours of payment received. As this is a vintage item containing rare parts I regret I cannot accept any returns, but I can assure you the item is a genuine working example and you won’t be disappointed.” Link

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“Verkaufe Roland System-100M. 10 Module, wie abgebildet in zwei 5er Kabinetten. Mit dabei sind graue, rote und schwarze Patchkabel, wie abgebildet.

Das System beinhaltet:

4 VCOs
6 VCFs
6 VCAs
2 ENVs
2 LFOs
Noise / S&H / RingMod
Output Mixer

Die Module sind in gutem Zustand. Einige Fader sind etwas schwergängig und müssen entweder mehr bewegt oder – noch besser – gereinigt werden.

Klanglich ist das System-100M fantastisch. Dei VCOs sind warm, die Filter edel, der Sound definitiv eine Klasse für sich. Der Output Mixer ist enorm nützlich, da er die Lautstärke- und Panorama-Regelung von bis zu 4 Soundkanälen (z.B. von 4 VCAs kommend) ermöglicht. Zudem hat er schöne 6,3mm Klinkenbuchsen und einen Kopfhörerverstärker …

Versand innerhalb Deutschland und Österreich.” Link

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“Hi there !
100m 191-J is here and ready to be yours.
Anything works, no problem at all. Was 110V in previous life, now is for 220V.
Professionally added transformer inside. Can be just removed if you need 110V.
Will ship worldwide. Will pack it securely with love.
But it not lightweight thing and cost will be 100$ anywhere.
Registered. But I’ll refund if less is enough.

If your 100m grows, you need it, sure !” Link

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“Ich habe dieses System 1980 neu gekauft vom Synthesizer – Konstrukteur Wolfgang Palm (PPG).

Es funktioniert und klingt hervorragend !

Es enthält:
Modul 110
Modul 112
Modul 140
Modul 150
Keyboard M-184
Gehäuse für 3 Module inclusive Netzteil
Patch-Kabel in verschiedenen Längen (ein ganzes Bündel)
Original Manual
Original VCO Adjustment Manual
Original Garantieunterlagen von PPG

Das Gehäuse hat ein paar kleine optische Macken, s. Foto.
NICHT mehr original ist der Pitch-Lever, ich habe ihn abgeschnitten und so ein “minimoog” Pitch-Wheel erhalten -
außerdem sind an der linken Seite des Keyboards drei Schalter eingebaut, die als “schnelle” Switches gedient
haben und natürlich nicht original sind, siehe Foto. Alles andere IST original und top in Ordnung.” Link

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“This Roland System 100m is being sold as-is. The unit has not been professionally serviced. It could use some maintenance. There are four main points:

1. The ring modulator is not working (the rest of the ring modulator module is working (sample and hold, noise gen. LFO etc.).
2. The left oscillator’s tune knob only adjusts the pitch by a about a 5th up or down, rather than a full octave up and down (and so needs to be calibrated). The oscillator is absolutely usable in its current state and the pitch is stable.
3. The unit comes with one of the five DIN cables that power and interconnect the modules (these are available online for £45.95 for set of 5 cables).
4. The top of the unit has numerous scratches and superficial rust and the left wood panel has some missing finish on the edge (see photo)

Having said that, this unit is usable in its current state provided you get the cables. The front panel looks really good and with a little maintenance this unit will really shine. This unit is being sold as is. I used it extensively and to the best of my knowledge I have documented all of the unit’s weak points.” Link