Roland, System 100 @ 27 November 2016, Comments Off

syste100 “Our Tech did a Major Service on this Roland. Everything functions and works properly. Gig ready on Arrival!

Serial Number: #612529″ Link

Roland, System 100 @ 11 September 2016, Comments Off

100-101 ” This System 100 – Model 101 keyboard is in excellent cosmetic condition as depicted, and everything works. Light tarnish on many of the jacks; several of the sliders are slightly scratchy. Local pick-up in the Los Angeles, CA area welcome. ” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 31 July 2016, Comments Off

systm100 “Roland System 100 keyboard and expander. Both are in excellent cosmetic condition as depicted with only some slight jack tarnish. Everything works, a few of the pots and sliders still are slightly crackly, we exercised them with ChemWash. Will be professionally packed and shipped – it’s heavy and will be in two separate boxes. Local pick-up in the Los Angeles, CA area welcome.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 01 May 2016, Comments Off

system 100 model 101 “Great condition, great sounding, well-loved, never gigged System 100 101 synth. Works perfectly. For a synth of this age I think it looks fantastic and I’m quite OCD about my synths’ condition. Priced to sell. I’m chucking in a cover too.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 24 April 2016, Comments Off

100-102 “Everything works, in EXC cosmetic shape as depicted, some light jack tarnish, a few of the sliders are scratchy, I washed them with ChemWash but you may want to repeat this procedure. A great add-on to your System 100 keyboard with many functions that it doesn’t/can’t produce on its own. ” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 17 April 2016, Comments Off

system 100m “Everything works, in VG+ to EXC- condition as depicted, some light jack tarnishing, light scratches on back sides bottom, a few scratchy pots. Will be expensive to ship (any excess shipping deposit promptly refunded); local pick up in the Los Angeles, CA area welcome.” Link

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systme100 “for sale is a vintage roland model 101 system 100 synthesizer in great working condition, there are scratches and minor scuffs and a screw missing like shown in the pictures, also there is one key that does not spring back up correctly like shown in the pictures, please view the detailed pictures before bidding.” Link

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system 100 “This keyboard is in great condition as depicted, some light tarnish around the jacks, all electronic controls work, the pots and sliders are a little bit scratchy but fully functional. Part of the larger System 100.” Link

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system10 “for sale is a vintage roland model 101 system 100 synthesizer in great working condition, there are scratches and minor scuffs and a screw missing like shown in the pictures, also there is one key that does not spring back up correctly like shown in the pictures, please view the detailed pictures before bidding.” Link

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system100 “Both the keyboard and the expander module. In VG+ cosmetic condition as depicted. Slight tarnishing on some screws; some of the switches, pots and sliders are scratchy (I squirted them with ChemWash and exercised them but you can do it some more). Everything works! ” Link

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sysstse100 “The classic synth is in great condition for its age. Tested and working.

Due to it’s age there is slight yellowing of the keys, but other than that

no other cosmetic issues.

Comes with a 100V-120V power supply and the original box. Owner for 7 years. The original manual and patch book in Japanese are also available and can be included if required.

Serial no.: 440265″ Link

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Roland System 100 “Roland System 100 model 101

This unit is in excellent condition. Tested and working perfectly.

Cosmetically very good for its age.” Link

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system 100 “Up for sale is my Roland System 100 Keyboard. Its in amazing shape, just had it professionally serviced at the Analog Lab in Long Island City. All knobs, sliders and keys were checked, cleaned and the synth has had a full calibration and cleanup done. There are no double triggering keys or noisy pots on this one! The unit itself is in great cosmetic condition as well, built like a tank, these were truly made to last. If you’re reading this far you probably don’t need a formal introduction to this bass monster. This synth IS what people would be referring to as the “Roland Sound” when talking analog synths, it has a pure rich quality and is often compared to something like the TB303. The rare diode ladder filter and oscillator combo are what gives it a unique analog punch and warmth. The patch points on the front panel and the CV IN/OUT make it a great keyboard to interface with Eurorack systems.” Link

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system 100

Condition: Powers on and all keys working good. all sliders and knobs seem to be working correctly. I am not a professional on this synth. you can watch the video below and see how this unit works. there is no overt damage or broken keys. some age and wear. no missing or brokend knobs or sliders. this unit has been in storage a long time and will need some service and cleaning perform optimally so please take that into account when bidding. you can hear my dog howling a bit here and there – that is not part of the synth sounds. ” Link

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roland system 100” Roland System 100 Synthesizer in perfect operating condition(a couple scratches).Is going for up to $2800,right now,on Ebay.Includes copys of Owners and Service Manual.” Link

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system 100 “Mint Condition Roland System 100
All units are in their original boxes, with original manuals, patch leads, patch manual with templates and the
original receipt (one owner my uncle)
All units are in mint condition, fully working and have been PAT tested. This beautiful example of analogue
synth history deserves to go to a loving home or studio, where it can be appreciated
Will not sell separately.” Link

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102“For Sale ist this very rare

ROLAND SYSTEM 100 Model 102 Modular Synthesizer Module

The very rare and classic Roland Model 102 synthesizer expander is in good sounding and fully working condition. It was recapped 2012 in Japan and also serviced 2015 in Switzerland for 100% working condition. This unit works with 220-240 Volts – for other voltages you will need a converter.” Link

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system100 101 102“Roland System 100

consisting of synthesizer expander 101 and 102

The system 100 is a great sounding analog system from the 1970s with the classic vintage Roland Sound.

The synthesizer 101 is a completely self-contained analog semi modular single-Synth. It features a 37-key keyboard (no performance controls, velocity or aftertouch), and a controller. The design is similar to the Roland SH-series analog synthesizer. The controls for VCO, LFO, VCF low-pass / high-pass filter, VCA with ADSR, Noise, and portamento / glide effects are easy to reach. There is also a handy A-440Hz tuning oscillator, as shown on the Minimoog.

The expander 102 is upright behind the main synthesizer 101. The expander has in addition to the VCO, VCF, ADSR, LFO and mixer on sample and hold function and a ring modulator. The expander is an excellent way to expand the 101 to a system with multiple oscillators and synthesizer effects such as S & H and ring modulator. The expander 102 is much less than the 101 because many people only 101 could afford alone.

The synthesizers have all the right parts 3.5mm jacks to which they are ideal synthesizer with popular Modular modules eg Doepfer connections and can be extended.

The equipment is in fully working and also slightly good optical condition for their age. The 102 was partially revised a few years ago in Japan. Of course, there are some signs of wear and signs of aging such as scratches etc. See example in the pictures next to the S & H section. But the system is finally over 35 years old! It was owned by a rock band at that time, they modified it with DIN plug to quickly connect the two main modules using only one Din cable. This Modification is fully passive and could be removed but it was made at that time so i left it as it was.

The Units are 220 / 230 Volts. For Use in the US you will need a voltage converter or someone who will modify the power supply (easy mod).” Link

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system100model101” Near-perfect condition. This baby has shook dancefloors in multiple recordings since I’ve owned it. Want that thick analog sound? Look no further…” Link

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system100” Roland system 100 model 101 keyboard fully working and mint condition.” Link

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system100101“I bought these beautiful synths in Japan 4 years ago and the guy who sold was the 1st owner, i can say that he kept it really well. Later it was fully serviced in London (it was already working fine but just wanted to be sure) and never had any issues since. They are in %100 working condition, all parts are original and intact, all buttons, switches, knobs, inputs, outputs and parameters are fully functional, they are solid machines! Cosmetically they look excellent for its age (studio use only), there are two visible wears just above the resonance and VCF cut-off frequency on the Model 101 which can be seen on one of the photos. I have been loving and using it since and its time to let it go due to my studio upgrades. There is not much to tell about these synths everyone knows it, they are just so powerful and almost never disappoints. Amazing for dirty bass sounds! To complete the full System you can add the Model 103 mixer and Model 104 sequencer for greater control but you can also use a standard step sequencer like the MFB Urzwerg or Doepfer sequencer patched to CV’s of the System 100 to sequence sounds keyboard-less.” Link

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“Not complete system but i have essencial parts of this vintage system. Only speaker part (Monitor Speakers 109) and mixer part (Mixer 103) is miss.
Synthesizer 101, Expander 102,, Sequencer 104 is very good condition and working perfectly.” Link

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“The power supply is bad and needs replacing. I’m not sure if anything else is wrong, everything looks fine but so did the power supply. If you are great at fixing synths then you get a really great synth at a great price. I even have the original 40 year old box and may have the original manual. The system 100s have a really great classic sound. I think they are underrated.

System 100 keyboard 101 (not working)
box (fair condition)
…maybe manual.” Link

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“Roland system 100 Synth. Really great condition.” Link

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” For sale is a Roland System 100 keyboard. It is in excellent shape and fully functional. A great monophonic analog synth with a full thick sound. Awesome Roland ’70s era synth, great for bass, leads and effects. Check out the pictures below. Don’t miss out on this classic!” Link

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” Verkaufe hier einen Klassiker der 70-80er Jahre, das Roland System 100, Modul 101.
Semi modularer Synthesizer mit genialem Klang. Da ich leider nicht alle Funktionen bis in´s Detail testen kann, verkaufe ich
Ihn sicherheitshalber als defekt. Das Gerät ist über 30 Jahre alt.
Klang ist jedoch soweit ich das beurteilen normal justierbar. Oscillator dank 440hz Funktion einwandfrei stimmbar.
PW funktioniert, LFO funktioniert, Noise, etc.” Link

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“Roland system 100 model 101 this auction is just for the portion pictured I do not have the additional patch bay. unit was shop cleaned and tested by a local synth and keyboard repairman.” Link

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“Roland system 102 expander super rare modular synth piece from the 70′s. I love these units but I’m not using it much anymore, has the most raw sound of anything roland ever produced. This unit is in pretty good shape and the only functional flaw is that the pulse width mod switch is loose but still works. These rarely come up and are like having some crazy buchla type 70′s vibe that integrates perfectly with a modern euro rack setup. This is for the 102 expander only. It’s not us voltage so a converter is included.” Link

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“Up for sale is the classic ROLAND System 100 Model 101 vintage analog synthesizer.

The unit appears to be working reasonably well, all the keys and sliders and knobs worked fine to the best of my knowledge. There is quiet a bit of noise on the sliders and switches, which could probably do with some adjustment/servicing done. Most notably, the VCO ADSR slider only allows output if you move right up to above around 8.

Cosmetically, its in reasonable condition for its age I suppose. There are some wear marks and scuffs here and there, with a sticker mark on the back and few slightly bent sliders as shown. But otherwise, all original parts seem to be there and in shape. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.” Link

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“An unmodified Roland System 100 Model 101 monophonic synthesiser in rough but mostly working condition. Manufactured around 1975, bought second-hand in about 1982, and then stored in a somewhat damp garden shed ever since. Internal 240V power supply with original Australian plug.

Please examine the photos on this listing carefully, and note the following points carefully:

completely original condition, no modifications or additions
there is a lot of rust on the exterior, including rust under the enamel of sections of the control panel, and on all other exterior metal surfaces
inside there is much less rust, just a few small patches at the rear of the case
all the circuit boards, circuit components and wiring look fine, no obvious corrosion or degradation given that it is nearly 40 years old (see photos of PCBs)
several of the keys on the keyboard do not work – the top key doesn’t trigger at all, and a few of the keys trigger the gate unreliably – the contacts probably just need cleaning
all the keys on the keyboard are intact and undamaged, and mechanically all the keys seem to work fine i.e. no broken springs or hinges
all the panel sliders (potentiometers) seem to work, although most of them are a bit stiff, and a few (filter resonance, LFO speed and portamento) seem to be a bit electrically noisy and/or jittery
all the panel rotary potentiometers work fine, although the main VCO frequency pot is very stiff (but not electrically noisy)
the VCO waveform selector switch is a bit unreliable when selecting the sawtooth waveform – it needs a wiggle to make it work sometimes
the high and low level main output sockets and the headphone socket (all of then 6.5mm) all work correctly
the 3.5mm socket modular jack points and the CV and gate input and output sockets (3.5mm) on the rear have not been tested but there is no reason to think they would not work (at worst the socket contact points may need a clean)
all sections of the synth circuitry appear to work correctly and reliably, subject to noisiness and jitter in some of the control pots noted above
no manuals or documentation, but a full set of user manuals, patch cards, and the technical service manual are available at
series of photos showing how to service the control sliders can be found at
the synth probably needs re-calibration, but all the trimpots are very readily accessible on the circuit boards (see photos) and calibration instructions can be found in the service manuals.
please do not open the lid on this synth unless it is switched off and unplugged from all mains power! The mains wiring inside is original, and reflects safety standards from 40 years ago. However, both the mains and DC sides of the power supply are fully protected by fuses. Nonetheless, use of a residual current detection (RCD) power safety device when using this synth is strongly recommended.

Overall, this synth looks rough but it mostly works, and could easily be restored to perfect working condition (although cosmetically it will never look very good). Due to the many patch points which use 3.5mm jacks, the 10V p-p signal and CV ranges, and the 1V/oct CV tracking (with external CV and gate in and out jacks), it should integrate easily with modern Eurorack module synths for someone who wanted the classic Roland modular synth sound. Alternatively, it could be a donor for spare parts to keep other System 100 Model 100s (or System 100 Model 102 expander modules, which use mostly identical circuit boards) operational. ” Link

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“Overall, the synth is in outstanding working condition. It has been fully tested prior to sale by my synth tech and is 100% working.

Cosmetic condition for the full set is near mint – an outstanding example:

101 keyboard: condition is near mint.The front panel is very clean and 99% free of marks, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. There is a rectangular shadow on the paintwork on the right hand side just above the keyboard where a Roland sticker must have been fixed at some point. This is difficult to see in most lights. The side panels are excellent. The rear panel is also free of marks. The base panel is free of marks.

102 Expander module: overall condition is excellent. The front panel is very clean with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. A small mark at the bottom of the main front panel below the control area and a couple of tiny (1mm) blemishes on the front control area are all to report. The side panels are excellent. The rear panel is also free of marks. The base panel is free of marks.

103 Mixer module: Front panel is in near mint condition, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. Only a couple of tiny (<1mm) blemishes. The side panels, rear panel and the base are free of marks. 104 Sequencer module: Front panel is in near mint condition, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. Only a couple of tiny (<1mm) blemishes. The side panels, rear panel and the base are free of marks. 109 Speakers: Both speakers are in near mint condition. All panels are clean and free of marks. All knobs, buttons, switches and sliders are present, original and function correctly. The original boxes for the 101 and 103 modules are also included with the sale. These are 100v models - a small wall plug style stepdown transformer is included for each unit." Link

Roland, System 100 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“It functions %100 perfectly and flawlessly.

This sequencer is a very hard one to track down.
Lord knows it took me a wile. I haven’t seen one come up on ebay in over a over a year.

This unit just came back from Portland Custom Shop were it was professionally deep cleaned, calibrated and gone over with a comb.
The receipt for these services will be shipped with the unit.

It is missing a knob cap, but the knob functions perfectly. I would have replaced it for the cost of $20 for the exact type of cap, I just never needed to as it never got in the way of tuning the step note. Other than that, the only other cosmetic flaw would have to be a few tinny little paint scuff as seen in pictures.
All in all not bad for being from the 70′s. They just don’t make em like use to.
This thing is built like a tank and its heavy.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 06 October 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage System 100 101 Synth

Fattest sounding one oscillator semi modular on the block !

Excellent for integrating into your modular system…heaps of patch points.

Cv and gate in and out…extra cv and gate on the rear.

Great condition .
100v model comes with step up 240v heavy duty converter.” Link

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“Roland System 100 Model 101

Wie der ARP 2600 ist auch das Roland System 100 mit seinen Modulen intern vorverdrahtet, so dass der Synthesizer direkt spielbar ist mit Patchkabeln aber im Signalfluss verändert werden kann.

Diesen Roland Synthesizer habe ich 1979 im Synthesizerstudio Bonn gekauft. Er wurde ausschließlich gelegentlich im Heimstudio benutzt. Er funktioniert wie am ersten Tag. Das Gerät wurde nie geöffnet, es befindet sich im Originalzustand.

Vorne auf dem Gerät befindet sich noch ein kleiner goldener Aufkleber vom Synthesizerstudio Bonn, also dem Geschäft, wo ich das Instrument gekauft habe.

Interessant ist auch die Anleitung zum Instrument, dort wird die Funktion des Synthesizeres auf sehr anschauliche Art erklärt.” Link