Roland SVC-350 Vocoder ” This is an old Roland SVC-350 rack mount Vocoder. It has a few scratches on top of the unit and was in good working order the last time that I used it, but that was some years ago and, sadly I no longer have any other equipment such as keyboards or microphones with which to try and see how it still works, so will give refund if it’s a ‘dead parrot’!” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 27 November 2016, Comments Off

svc350 “Rare Vintage Analog Synthesizer in good working condition. The high EQ band is making noise possibly due to a bad capacitor. It is missing a level knob and does not have rack ears. This unit has been in climate controlled storage since the 90′s, it was a part of an effects rack used by a notable performer.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 28 August 2016, Comments Off

svc-350 “For sale is a rare vintage Roland SVC-350 vocoder. It’s fully functional and in excellent condition. A few minor scruffs but one of the nicer ones I’ve seen in a while. It has all the white slider caps, runs at 110v USA voltage and includes the rare footswitch. The SVC350 is similar to vocoder section in the VP330, but in a smaller rack form. Yet unlike the VP330, the SVC350 has graphic EQ section that allows you to shape the tone with more control than a VP330 does. This is a classic sounding vocoder, really awesome with vocals and synthesizers but especially cool when paired with drum machines, guitars and effects. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 14 August 2016, Comments Off

svc-350 “Hello and thank you for viewing my Roland SVC-350 for sale!

There are several websites to find out more about the specifics of this unit so just a few bullet points

The Roland SVC-350 is a 2U rackmount Vocoder designed to accept external inputs
11 band graphic equalizer selects which frequencies to process or reject
All inputs and outputs including the 1/4″ Instrument and XLR Microphone inputs are on the front panel
The SVC-350 is the rackmount version of Roland’s revered VP-330

This unit was given a 100% working approval by technicians to Perfect Circuit Audio in Burbank, CA, a leading synthesizer dealer on the west coast. Included in the photo section is a copy of the Perfect Circuit invoice showing the machine is in perfect working order.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 17 July 2016, Comments Off

svc250 “Wonderful condition roland svc350. The original vocoder used on thousands of famous records. Routine maintenance upheld and recent servicing to ensure clean functionality.

One thing to mention which makes this item a big big plus! I had the inputs and outputs split and sent to the rear so there’s no cable mess coming out of the front. Set this up with your patch bay and keep the front of your rack clean of cables! And if you are for some reason insistent on using the ins/outs on the front panel you still can. Huge advantage. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 03 July 2016, Comments Off

svc-350 “Awesome Roland SVC-350 Vocoder up for auction

This is amazing sounding vintage Vocoder up there with the best ever made. If you are looking for the authentic vocoder sound then you are in the right place.

This has sat unused now for a number of years as I am entirely computer based now when making music.

I bought the unit about ten years ago and was used for a few projects. (performed amazingly of course) The sound from this thing is warm and beautifully analogue.

It has had little use since then and has been stored away. I have decided to sell because I am unlikely to use again and am having a clear out to raise funds.

The unit was working perfectly last time I used it, but I have not been able to test the unit properly as I do not have the equipment these days.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 13 March 2016, Comments Off

svc350 “Highly sought after vintage Roland SV-350 Vocoder in excellent condition. One owner (me). Includes original owner’s manual (writing on front but clean and intact otherwise) and Service Notes (= service manual including complete schematics – a bit of soiling on front page but otherwise clean and intact). Has regular U.S. A/C power cord/plug. 2 rack space. Has several superficial scratches on top and one more visible inch and a half scratch on one side. Front looks clean except for wear around rack screw holes. As it always has for me, it’s working great.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 04 October 2015, Comments Off

svc350“Der Roland Vocoder SVC-350 ist eine Referenz. Sehr gute Sprachverständlichkeit, aber mit dem Chorus kann er auch sehr fett und weich klingen. Sehr guter technischer und optischer Zustand.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 12 July 2015, Comments Off

Ich habe das Gerät ca. 1995 gekauft und seitdem sehr selten benutzt, obwohl es klanglich sehr viel Freude macht. Im Zuge einer Ausmist-Aktion verkaufe ich es nun, schweren Herzens (und je mehr ich darüber schreibe, desto schwerer wird es…).

Das Gerät ist in hervorragendem Zustand, sehr sauber, mit kratzfreier Front, Rack-Mounts inkl. Griffen mit sehr geringen Abnutzungserscheinungen (eine Seltenheit, siehe abgeschlossene SVC-Auktionen!), und nur wenigen Kratzern auf der Ober- und Unterseite – siehe Fotos. Es funktioniert hervorragend. Die weissen Kappen auf den Voice-Character-Control-Schiebereglern habe ich kurz vor Auktionsbeginn durch Originalteile von Roland ersetzt, weil ihre Vorgänger mit den Jahren Risse bekommen hatten. Das Netzkabel ist fest eingebaut, siehe Fotos, und das Gerät ist für 220V ausgelegt – wichtig für Käufer aus dem Ausland. Die Spannungs-Auslegung kann möglicherweise intern umgestellt werden, ich bin aber nicht sicher.

Mitgeliefert werden neben einer Kopie der deutschen Anleitung (bezogen bei Roland Deutschland) auch die englische Original-Anleitung, an der sich leider ein paar Kinder (des Vorbesitzers) mit Filzstiften vergangen haben. Vielleicht kennt jemand einen Trick, wie man die Spuren beseitigen kann – mir ist es mit Isopropanol nicht gelungen. Die englische Anleitung kann ich als Ausdruck aus dem Internet gerne auf Anfrage dazu legen, ebenso das Service-Manual.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 05 July 2015, Comments Off

dvc-350” For sale is a Roland Vocoder SVC-350. The unit receives and passes a signal, however does not process the altered signal correctly. I believe this to be a simple solder fix that is probably due to a broken transistor or resistor but do not have the time or finances to currently fix it. I would hate to let it go and would love to fix it but there is a baby on the way. Due to its age and issue it is being sold AS IS. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off

svc-350“Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

Lovely condition as you can see from photos. Works as it should.

The classic electro vocoder. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 25 January 2015, Comments Off

svc-350 vocoder“This is a no reserve auction on a Roland, SVC-350, Vocorder. One owner – great working condition – some lite scratches on top of cabinet. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

svc350 vocoder “Roland SVC-350 Analog Vocoder; a true classic. Comes out of my non-smoking private studio.This unit is in amazing condition !!!

This has the original rack mount ears, all of the original EQ slider caps( except for (3) which are missing (which does not affect the performance any as its not the faders that are missing- its just the plastic caps that go on top of (3) of the faders that are missing), all original knobs and switches. Everything works perfectly.

The Roland SVC-350 has an input for guitar, microphone and keyboard. This vocoder has a true analog stereo output. The tone is impeccable and impossible to replicate. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 17 August 2014, Comments Off

“Classic Roland analog vocoder. The unit powers up, takes a carrier signal, takes a mic signal input and outputs a vocoded signal. All inputs/outputs function, all feedback lights work, all the voice character sliders function. Missing some caps on the voice character sliders. Rack mount ears included.

I don’t know everything there is to know about this unit, so this unit is being sold AS IS. Like I mentioned above, everything works on it in terms of inputing carrier signal, vocal signal, and producing a vocoded signal from the output. I can’t get it sounding the way I would like it to, so I’m selling it. It has not been refurbished or extensively tested, so no guarantee is given as to it sounding the way it was designed to sound, as I am not very familiar with these units. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“This is all original and in very good condition for its age. Some scratches/rack rash. The vocoder was overhauled and cleaned last week
of X-Tendet (repair service) in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is therefore in a really good condition. All potentiometers were cleaned, do not scratch and
all equalizerknobs also available. This unit was unused for a long time in the studio and now have to get out, unfortunately for reasons of space.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

” Fine working condition, well kept and for the last 15 years only used in my studio.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 27 January 2013, Comments Off

“For sale is a rare Roland SVC-350 analog vocoder. This is a great sounding vintage vocoder and beats any of the modern plugin digital vocoders. Easy to use, nice tone and great with synthesizers, vocals, drums, guitar and more. Fully functional and in nice cosmetic shape, missing one slider cap (you can still use it fine), a few small scruffs on the top (you won’t notice if it’s racked) and still includes all four rubber footies which is rare to see, so it works well on tabletop use as well. See pictures below for more details. These are getting hard to find, don’t miss out!” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 13 January 2013, Comments Off

“Offering an older Roland SVC-350 rack mount vocoder unit. Appears in good condition. person am selling for says tested and working. Lights up, etc. Shows normal wear, not abused. No smoke. Serial 363xxx. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 30 December 2012, Comments Off

“I’m an electronic musician in the process of re-vamping my setup for live performance (which means I’m selling my vintage gear). This unit is in great condition.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 07 October 2012, Comments Off

“Works great! Looks even better! Classic vocoder sound from the Roland VP-330″ Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 02 September 2012, Comments Off

“…und das Teil ist im Keller aufgetaucht:

Roland Vocoder SVC-350

optisch und technisch gut in Schuß

(die kleinen Aufkleber werde ich noch restlos entfernen)” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 26 August 2012, Comments Off

” This is an excellent vocoder which I have owned from new since 1979. It was purchased in the UK so it runs on 220v. It is in fairly good condition for its age. One of the rack ears sheared off many years ago and was re-attached with a powerful epoxy. It is perfectly stable. There are typical scratches on the top and bottom from insertion into racks between other equipment. The fascia itself looks good for its age with no significant scratches and will look very nice in a rack. There is some evidence of a little glue seepage around the left rack ear. One slider cap is missing. I believe they are easily replaced quite inexpensively and, if necessary, I will take care of that for an additional fee.

Technically, the unit functions perfectly, the sliders operate nicely and the pots are all functioning. The ensemble function is based on Dimension D technology and adds breadth and width to simple sounds, creating a ‘chorale’ effect. It can be bypassed with a footswitch or 1/4 inch jack inserted into the input.(Not included)” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 27 May 2012, Comments Off

“Here is a Roland SVC 350 Analog vocoder in EX condition, sounds amazing. It is setup for 220v so you will need a convertor to use it in the states. Comes with a manual printout and rack ears. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 08 April 2012, Comments Off

“Roland SVC 350 Vocoder in full working order, rare chance to own this rack mountable vintage vocoder. Runs on US 110v so you’ll need a step down transformer to use it in the UK” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 04 March 2012, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a rack mountable Roland Vocoder SC-350. The item is used and has some normal cosmetic wear including a couple of chips in the paint and missing a couple of the frequency control covers, but it works perfectly.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 26 February 2012, Comments Off

“Das Gerät befindet sich in gebrauchtem Zustand – bitte sehen Sie sich diesbezüglich die großen Bilder unten an. An zweien der Frequenz-Regler fehlen die weißen Schalteraufsätze. Der Vocoder lässt sich einschalten und die Power-Leuchte brennt. Weiter ist er (ehrlich) ungetestet, da ich absolut keine Ahnung von dem Gerät habe. Ich kann und werde daher für die Funktion des Gerätes keine Garantie übernehmen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 19 February 2012, Comments Off


A CLASSIC!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 12 February 2012, Comments Off

“This vocoder was just serviced by Audio Electronics in Dallas. The mic input circuits were replaced. There is a carck in the upper right corner of the rack ear, but it can still mount securely with the other three corners. This unit is 220 volt with European wall plug.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 29 January 2012, Comments Off

“Roland SCV-350 vintage vocoder synthesizer. Used but in amazingly good condition. Not a scratch on the thing. It powers up and is fully tested and functional. Sounds awesome. (You will spend a lot of time playing the Transformers theme with this, trust me.) I do not have the original box or manual, but I did download the manual off the web and can email you the .pdf after the auction. Happy bidding!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 15 January 2012, Comments Off

“This is a vintage (1981) Roland Vocoder. It is very clean with only minimal paint scratches, and sounds amazing. This unit is famous for producing the original “robot voice”. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 01 January 2012, Comments Off

“Fully working all original Roland SVC 350 Vocoder.

Made in the 1970s.

Recently removed from the rack – it has had very little use in the last 5 years hence the sale.

All knobs, switches and EQ buttons original, present and functioning properly.

An absolute classic piece of gear!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 11 December 2011, Comments Off


Vocoder SVC-350

100% Working, no problems. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 27 November 2011, Comments Off

” Used tested
SVC 350 is a versatile rack-mount model, with input for the outside carrier signal (the best are well chosen sustained synth sounds), and professional XLR balanced microphone or line input for the modulation signal. 11-band graphic control will enable better sonic control of the modulated sound. Few well chosen controls will lead you fast to the sound you want, be it soft harmonization of your vocal parts or speech, or more robust and prominent robotic sounds. So you won’t be endlessly tweaking the knobs wondering how they did that nice vocoder sounds on your old records! You’ll be playing it in a minutes, concentrating on your music creation.
50/60 Hz
Serial #: 212099
Great condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 20 November 2011, Comments Off

“Offering a Vintage Roland SVC-350 Vocoder in mint condition.
I can’t say too much about this gorgeous equipment, it’s the king of the vocoders, a mixing mojo, or an outstanding sound design tool.
This one is in pristine condition, almost like new, as you can see on the pictures!
Sn.: 504147″ Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 06 November 2011, Comments Off

“Highly regarded vintage Roland vocoder. This unit has quite a following- try googling it. I’m not much for repeating hyperbolic fanbabble just to sell something, but this is a very cool unit. However, I’ve got enough cool stuff sitting around here unused that it’s gotta go.

This unit doesn’t come up for sale often. In good working condition with a some scuffs and scratching- see pics. The worst of the cosmetics is the white plastic slider caps on the equaliser section. They were replaced a couple of years ago with new ones from Roland but they just haven’t lasted. They are split and coming apart. I found a suggested fix on the net- slip short sections of heat shrink tubing over the caps and shrink them down. You’re suppose to carefully use a hot air gun, not a match! The idea is to shrink the tubing over the cap while it’s on the slider stem so that it grips the slider just right. Well, I suppose so, but the only heat shrink tubing I can find is black or red. I will leave it to the buyer to decide how to address this. I will remove the caps and bag them so they don’t get lost in the packing material. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.