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1 “Roland Sh1 in beautiful condition.Cosmetically it looks amazing with a few blemishes around the tuning and volume pots.A fine example of the much sough after analog synth.” Link

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sh1 “This rare unit has not been fully tested. It is sold as-is.
Cosmetically in great condition. One of the thickest sounding mono synths.
Comes with a 100V power cord.” Link

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sh1” Up for auction is my Roland SH1 ..70′s analog mono synth, this synth is in incredible condition, and sounds huge, look at the pics, I bought it only 6 months ago, it had had a full service and check up right before I bought it so you can buy with confidence that this thing is going to rock on for a long while yet. I really don’t want to sell tbh but I have a modular that is really taking front and centre with my music currently and to be able to finish it and enjoy my dream system, I need to sell all my other hardware, even this baby…so here it is..” Link

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used roland sh1” For sale is a beautiful example of a vintage Roland Sh-1 analouge synth. If you are looking at this you already know what this is so I’ll just give a description of it’s condition. Cosmetically as you can see it is probably 8.5. Very very good. Everything works as it should although it could the pots could use a good spray (a few of them can be a little fussy from time to time) All keys track and the action is perfect. The oscillators take a minute or so to stabilize but isn’t that the beauty of these old synths? :) You can really get amazing sounds out of this guy!” Link

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sh-z ” Absolute Rarität Roland Syntesizer SH-1. Top Teil Super Sounds programmierbar. Modulator, VCO, Sub OSC, Noise Generator, ENV, VCF, VCA usw. Output, Ext.Sig input, output CV Gate, input CV Gate, Trigger input. All das macht den SH-1 zu einem Top Synth. mit einmaligen Sound. Bj. 1978. Voll funktionsfähig. Keine Garantie- kein Umtausch mit Bedienungsanleitung (Englisch). Nur Abholung.” Link

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“VCO slightly unstable. Other than that, unit is working perfectly! Rare and beautiful unit with Original Manual!” Link

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roland sh-1” Up for sale is a (1) very cool sounding Roland SH-1 synthesizer. It’s working fine, with some slightly crackling switches and sliders. Optical it’s in used condition with some scratches and wear and tear on it (see photo’s). It runs on 100V, we deliver it with converter to 220V. The serial number is: 690222.” Link

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“This SH-1 is functioning properly and sounds great. I have tested the CV/ gate inputs and was able to control this synth with a Midi to CV Gate converter with VCA hold turned on. The previous owner clearly took good care of this SH-1. Cosmetically it is in good condition. There are some marks and scratches on the unit. The case is included.” Link

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“Unit is in perfect working order and FANTASTIC cosmetic shape. Even has the plastic cover still on it!
Missing a knob cover for the vco but that doesn’t effect performance. If you move the button on the back for high/low/mid output for headphones during play, sometimes signal will cut out. This happened rarely, but please set your level before playing.

Please see photos for details.” Link

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“This SH-1 is in perfect working and very good condition!!
This unit was professionally checked/serviced/cleaned.
with original case.” Link

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“While I know a good bit about synths, these SH-1′s are very rare. This is my first one, so in order to describe this perfectly, I created a video showing off the features. I am not sure if the VCO is supposed to sound this way, so thats why I demoed it. Either way, its as is. Signal outputs fine, all functions and features work…the only thing is I am not 100% sure if the vco is supposed to sound this way. A Beautiful condition model though. Made in Japan in the 1970′s. These don’t come around often!” Link

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“You are bidding on a tested and working Roland SH-1 synthesizer. All functions, knobs and buttons work. The left front corner was broken at some point and re-glued well, there is a detail photo where you can see it. Additionally, this item was originally imported from a zone where 220V is the standard, so the internal transformer has been swapped out for a 110V transformer so you can use it in North America without any converters.” Link

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“As with instruments of this age it does have some signs of use with some scuffs,

scratches and marks here and there. There are some scuffs on the body but it looks quite good for its age.

You can see small scratches on our pictures” Link

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” Up For Sale is my Roland SH-1. The plastic casing of the synth itself is cracked which is not immediately noticeable unless it is lifted up. It aslo took a minor hit on the corner so there’s some damage to the plastic there as well. All this is in the included pics.
None of this affects the sound or functionality of the synth. It sounds clean, and functions perfectly, although I’ve noticed it likes slightly thicker audio cables for the output to fit perfectly tight. From my experience, when I used a Monster Cable I have no issues, but with cheaper cables, sometimes the connection is looser and needs a wiggle, still works fine though.” Link

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“Roland SH-1 Vintage Synthesizer
Awesome sound! Works great!
missing 1 fader cap.(see picture)
I have been using this board for years and hate to let it go.” Link

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“This SH-1 has been professionally serviced by a Roland specialist. It is functioning perfectly and all the sliders and knobs have been cleaned so there is no noise at all. I have tested the CV/ gate inputs and was able to control this synth with a Midi to CV Gate converter with VCA hold turned on. Cosmetically it is in good condition. There are some marks and scratches on the unit.” Link

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Roland SH-1 SH1 Vintage Analog Synthesizer with Original Case Rear Used

It comes with AC Transformer (to use in AC 110V – 120V, 220V – 240V)

Description: It works perfectly. It’s in very good condition (as you can see in the photos).

The white keys are yellowed a little (Please check the photos).

Payment: Paypal only. (No exception)

Shipping: From Japan (EMS, Registered). Ship to verified address in paypal only.(No exception)

Customs duty: Not included (Import duties, taxes and charges)

Notice: International buyers must check with your country’s customs office to determine about import customs duty.” Link

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“This Roland SH-1 is in mint cosmetic condition as you can see from photos.

Sold with original box. Protective plastic cover also still intact.

I do not know the history of the synth other than it has spent its life in Japan however it looks to be unused.

The SH-1 is a rare synth in any condition and it is unlikely you will find one as nice as this again.” Link

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“Amazing museum quality!! 100% fully functioning and recently serviced and calibrated …. Second owner …. Sounds killer and is rock solid . This is a US voltage version …” Link

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“Generally this SH-1 functions properly. I have tested the CV/ gate inputs and was able to control this synth with a Midi to CV Gate converter with VCA hold turned on. There is some noise when moving some of the sliders and knobs. Cosmetically it is in good condition. It is missing the handle of the pitch bender and the EXT CV Gate switch. The keyboard can be played as long as the cables are not inserted in the CV gates inputs. So, the lack of EXT CV gate switch doesn’t really affect the overall operation.” Link

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“This is a vintage Roland SH-1 classic monophonic analog synthesizer. Excellent condition, very clean & in perfect working order. Beautiful analog sound & has many features for classic leads, fat bass, & experimental sounds. This synth is the 117 volt model which means that you won’t need a power converter to play it in the USA or anywhere else that has 117-120v power.” Link

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The unit appears to be functioning fine, all the keys and knobs and sliders working well to the best of my knowledge as I went through some basic testing.

One thing I noticed is that the Output switch seems like its not reacting too well, when its set on ‘H’ it only produces small sound, it works fine on ‘M’ and ‘L’ but you may need to move a few times to have it actually set on right output level. Phones switch was the same too, ‘H’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ works but you may need adjusting. Also a bit of noise on the volume knob, which should probably do with some servicing/adjusting.

Cosmetically the unit is in nice and reasonable condition as you can see. There are some minor signs of wear and marks here and there, but nothing major. It seems to be missing the two small rubber caps on FREQ and WIDTH, in which I’m not too sure what they are for. Otherwise all original knobs and sliders and keys are in place and in good shape. I will include plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.” Link

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“Roland SH-1 Analog Mono Synth

Extremely rare synth from the late 70′s.

Absolute classic warm analog sound!!

In excellent condition with all knobs and sliders intact and working perfectly. There are a few blemishes here and there but nothing more than you would expect for a 34 year old synth! There can be a slight crackle from the outputs if you wiggle the cable.

Recently serviced by Kent Spong of KSR.

This is a 110v volt model and is supplied with s compact transformer.” Link

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“Up for sale, Roland SH-1 analog synthesizer. Has been serviced, all capacitors (electrolytic, plastic, tantalum) have been replaced, keyboard disassembled cleaned, all the sliders have been disassembled cleaned and, re-lubricated, also new dust cover for the sliders has been installed, power supply rebuild, new voltage regulators everything calibrated to specs. Really nice sounding synth, the first one from the SH-series. Everything has been tested and works 100%. No smoke smell, no scratchy pots, no surprises. Rated 100volt you may need a transformer depending on your country. Comes with original case.” Link

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“MINT Roland SH1 – Classic Vintage Analogue Synth – In Original Roland Hard Case – WITH KEY — In AMAZING condition!

This auction is for a rare SH1 classic analogue synthesizer
A sensational example of this killer synth – photos don’t really do it justice.

From TB303 type basslines to Punchy TR909 Kiks, this synth can make magic happen
Also has external signal input to utilize it as an effect for truely unique sounds.

The unit seems in pristine condition.
Everything works as it should and is noise free.” Link

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“USED Roland SH-1 Vintage keyboard WorldWide Shipment

All of knobs and buttons seem to work perfectly

When you change pitches using the wheel, you will get some hum noise or something like that ” Link

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“Roland SH-1 analog synthesizer.

In as new a condition as you’ll ever find.
Fully working.
All sliders are silky smooth.
This synth is better than the SH2, SH09, SH101.
take a look at the front panel !

so clean

includes a Roland SH1 flight case.

this synth is very rare and the best condition you’ll ever find” Link

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“Vintage Roland SH-1 Monophonic Analog Synth

I’m selling this for a kindly old chap who has decided he is done with synthesizers. Classic indeed, you’ll have hours of knob-turnng analog fun!

I delicately cleaned every nook and crannie with air duster, a slightly damp cloth and Q-Tips. No chemicals were used.

Every knob and slider appears to work perfectly, however there are three physical items of note.

The joystick is missing it’s stick, so you’re left with a “joy wheel”. The pitch bend function works perfectly and you can certainy add a clever modification to make it fully functional again.

The other item is the internal plastic screw connector for the lower left underside screw has become detached. I can quickly remedy the situation with Krazy glue, but some buyers want their items unadulterated and I’ll leave it to the buyer to decide on that prior to shipping. It’s an internal issue and therefore, unseen, but I want to keep everything about the item above board so there are no surprises when it arrives.

The owner was a smoker and gigged with it in the 80′s in smoke filled bars, so you get the picture.

All in all, it’s a great synth that makes really cool sounds. If you’re a smoker, even better.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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ALSO INCLUDED IS ANOTHER CARRYING CASE. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Today I am auctioning off my Roland SH-1 Analog Monosynth. It sounds fantastic and works great! It has some knicks here and there, the original knobs had to be replaced, it has some wear, plus the metal tip fell off of the switch for the “KYBD – CV/GATE” stick but it still can be switched using a pen tip (it’s not something you’d have to fiddle with much anyways), but the synth feels solid to play and all of the sliders were replaced recently. It is their first real monosynth so it’s old! This synth has many more facilities than most monosynths of that time, including two fully-functional envelopes, external input (for processing guitar, vocals, other synths, drums, anything) AND external envelope follower, autobend, etc. It really nails that 70′s thick tone, much more-so than other more famous Rolands like the SH-101, 303, etc. This one is pretty hard to find, pick it up while you can.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for grabs is a mint Roland Sh-1 Vintage synthesizer…it looks good and sounds great. This item has no scratches or damage marks. Hate to part with it, but need the extra cash for school.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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WORKING 100% TESTED” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Selling an SH-1 Synth, technically nearly everthing is working but really not like it would be factory new
you can use it for making music, the oscs are stable, but most faders are hard to move, but still working…
maybe not all functions are working, i did it not test so deep… the power supply is not original
all osc are working, that for sure, and the bass is BIG with using the sub osc! sounds different than an sh-101

Its a monophone synth nice for bass and lead… MIDI capable if you have a CV GATE interface…. with power cable 220V” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for a Roland SH-1 vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.