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“An iconic and beautiful sounding synth in time-warp condition with original hard case. It doesn’t come much better than this.

Bought for a project which is now nearing completion.” Link

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“For your pleasure, an RS-09 string/organ by Roland. This synth has an incredibly full sound and everything works on it. It works great for any studio or keyboard setup. I have a video demo of it but I cannot post it.” Link

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rs09 “Roland RS-09 Polyphonic Analog String / Organ Synthesizer with stereo outputs.

This is the model that came out in the 808 era, hence the button style.

This is the non-american version so I’m including a voltage transformer that makes it work with any outlet in your house/studio/stage.

Everything works and it’s in tune. Check out the pictures to see the features. Looks like there’s a couple rivets missing from the front but everything is held together firmly with the screws so that doesn’t seem to affect anything. Last time I turned it on the volume was a slight scratchy sounding when you turn the knob but not when at rest. I’ll give it a squirt of contact spray before shipping but this is an old unit so you may or may not have to give that knob a better cleaning.

Has all knobs and faders. ” Link

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-SN: 156307 (MANUFACTURED OCTOBER 1973)” Link

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used rs-09 “Roland Organ/Strings 09 (RS-09) – Vintage Keyboard Synth. Plugged in and tested and everything seems to work ok. Organ sounds weak compared to the strings. Some cutting in and out which can be remedied with a good cleaning of the connections. Has No case.” Link

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rs09 “Later version Roland RS09.

Tested working today, functions well and sounds great. I love the quirky organ/strings and lush classic chorus.

Few minor cosmetic blemishes and a missing slider knob – see photos.” Link

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used rsop“Good condition cosmetically. Some scratches on sides and back (as pictured). All knobs and sliders work perfect.

Sounds amazing in all it’s analog warmth!

The sound no plug-in can duplicate!!

Comes with only keyboard and electric power cord.” Link

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used roland sh 09“Nice vintage Roland RS09 organ/strings synthesizer! Awesome sounding unit. Slight quiet ring at the lowest volume, as is common with these units, not audible at higher volumes. This unit belong to my brother, he haven’t play it in a couple of months now, all functions and keys worked when he played it. ” Link

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used roland rs-09 “The unit is missing one slider cap and there is some minor cosmetic issues, such as a number etched on the back by a previous owner. (see pictures). Functions perfectly and sounds quite wonderful – suitable for everything from trippy choral swirls to garage combo organ cheese!” Link

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rs09“Roland keys. It all works and sounds really nice. Could use some cleaning” Link

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roland  rs09“Vintage Roland RS09 Organ synthesizer.
It is in amazing condition and sounds awesome. All the switches buttons sliders and keys function beautifully, i had a lot of fun testing each one. The ins and outs are clean and work perfectly. Great Thank you.” Link

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rs09” Roland RS-09 Analog Organ/String Synthesizer from 1979-1980. This is the later Version 3 model.

This is a small but mighty keyboard.

If this sound fits your style of music this is the keyboard for you.
Totally analog distinctive and phat.

It does have a gate out so you can use it to drive other devices.” Link

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rs-09“This RS-09 is in perfect working and very good condition!!
This unit was checked by professional technician. with original case.” Link

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used roland rs-09“Roland organ\strings 09 RS–09. This instrument was extremely well cared for. Everything on it is 100% functional. All of the controls have been serviced so there is no aged electronic static. The photos speak for themselves as to the condition. Hardly a scratch on it. No cracks in the casing or keys which work perfectly. Considering this keyboard is from the 70s it is exceptional. Clean from top to bottom. Even all of the graphics have no signs of wear. If you buy it you are going to love it!

It will be packaged so that it arrives in the same amazing condition it is currently in. ” Link

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used rs-09“Very good condition Roland 09 RS-09 analogue synth, everything works! All knobs are intact.” Link

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rs09” Roland RS-09 Keyboard in good working condition. Thanks!” Link

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roland rs09 “Unit is in perfect working order. Good condition, sounds phenomenal. Please see photos for cosmetic condition details. Includes both the voltage converter and the regional adapter plug so you can use it in your home country immediately upon arrival!” Link

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This is a 70s-80s keyboard. It has organ section and string section. Sound vintage.

As you can see, it has a road worn condition. but it does work fine. all keys are good and still in its dynamic and strength.

all buttons and faders work fine. The faders are awkward. they need some grease for smoother movement. ” Link

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“Unit turns on, but no sound comes out.

Includes hard case. This is a 100v unit for Japanese voltage, so please prepare a voltage converter for this item on your own.

Please see photos for details.” Link

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“This is very rare, Roland RS 9 not saying it’s as good as a new child’s toy piano / organ. But it’s got a sound that is cheese in a very original way.
My partner and I went through it and it all works. Including some cool routing tricks. Included free.
Great condition I think one knob is missing.
I cleaned it up and have worked the knobs back and forth without contact cleaner. This can change the cheese. You might want to do it but try it first. Pretty clean. ” Link

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“Good condition, with all buttons, keys and sliders functioning. There are two slider caps missing and one button cap missing, but this does not impede functionality.

The synth starts up and works fine for about 5 minutes, then a noise fault develops and continues throughout use. It sounds very much like a loose connection somewhere as the synth continues to function as normal but just with this white noise over it. I believe a service with a good engineer will be able to sort this issue.

I’m selling in order to pay for flights but otherwise I’d love to keep it as it sounds awesome when fully functional.” Link

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The RS-09 is an analog string and organ synthesizer. It’s old, it’s cheap and they’re usually worth finding! The string sound and organ sounds are nice, fatty analog sounds. The organ and string sections can be played simultaneously or individually. An ensemble/chorus effect and external sound input are welcome features. But aside from all this, there isn’t much else left to this synth. A simple 2-vco architecture with simple and limited editable parameters, no patch memory and a small keyboard.

There are three versions of this unit. The one for sale here is a V.1. The differences are mainly cosmetic and in the control surface; the V.3 uses touch-switches, the V.1 uses rockers and tends to be more reliable due to that. This instrument could add a nice flavor to any modern analog-electronic keyboard studio. ” Link

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“1980’s Retro Roland RS09 Organ/Strings Keyboard. Was used as additional keyboard on top of Organ.

Been in loft for a few years but works perfectly.

Great for sounds like OMD synth type music.” Link

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“Hi, you are looking at a one (1) Roland RS 09 from 1979! if you are familiar with these, you know how warm and wonderful this machine sounds. I bought it from Japan over a year ago and loved it, but I’m downsizing my collection right know (unfortunately). Works and looks awesome, all keys, faders, switches and knobs are in working condition. This is 100 AC so you’ll need a voltage converter to use it properly (it still can be powered form a 120v outlet tough). -I will supply one voltage converter with buy it now-” Link

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“ROLAND RS 09, works fine, 110 volts version .” Link

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” Vintage, excellent condition, works with no problems at all. ” Link

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“This RS-09 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!!” Link

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“Up for sale is a vintage Roland RS-09 in overall very nice condition. Fantastic, fat sounding, lightweight synth that is perfect for gigging. Sound every bit as good as my Juno 60! There are some signs of age including a small amount of tape residue on a couple small sections and some light/shallow scratching on some of the keys. These are not deep scratches that feel course under your fingers, the keys still feel quite smooth. All of the faders, buttons, switches, keys, output/input jacks work great. Sometimes the first “organ” button needs to be pressed more than once to get it to turn on/off, other times (more often than not) it works flawlessly on the first push.” Link

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” Found among our dads stuff” Link

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“I was hesitant for such a long time to sell my RS-09 but its time to downsize and let go of this beauty. It includes original case that I had to restore given its age but looks really nice as it is specifically designed for the rs09. The synth itself has no issues whatsoever other than a few knicks as seen in the pictures. Every key, knob, lever and switch works just the way it should. ” Link

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” Selling my beloved RS09 organ and strings synthesizer. Original owner. 9/10 cosmetically (few scratches here and there) and works fantastic. 100% functioning. The only thing that might even be considered wrong with it is that the Ensemble button for the organ has to be pressed slightly harder than the other ensemble buttons, but not by much.

This synth has a lot of character and includes an ensemble effect “basically a chorus” that has been included on some of Roland’s most legendary and expensive gear. You can also plug instruments in the synth and take advantage of the chorus effect.” Link

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“Roland organ/ strings 09. Rs-09. I do not know know much about this. So I really can’t answer to many questions.” Link

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“This auction is for one used Roland RS-09. The unit powers up and all keys and buttons work except for the ensemble. That only works when you play organ and strings at the same time. For some reason it doesn’t work on them individually. If this feature is essential to you, this is not the unit for you. Otherwise it looks and sounds great. Believe it or not, I think the organ sounds even better than the strings its famous for! ” Link

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“Roland RS 09 organ/strings synthesizer in near mint condition, 9 out of 10 condition. All knobs and switches are present and ALL functions and colored buttons have been tested and function as they are supposed to.” Link

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“Optisch hat der Synth ein paar Gebrauchsspuren siehe Fotos.
Technik ist zu 100% in Ordnung. ” Link