PG-800, Roland @ 05 February 2017, Comments Off

pg800 “Don’t need to keep these around anymore. ” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 30 October 2016, Comments Off

800 “Up for sale is a Roland PG-800 with carry bag and 2 cords. (A 3 foot and 12 foot cable)

I’ve shown this programmer a lot of love over the years.

It works great!” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 11 September 2016, Comments Off

pg800 “This is marked as a Roland Synthesizer Programmer. I have no idea how it works and therefore is sold as untested and as is. It comes with it’s case and a cord.” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 29 May 2016, Comments Off

800 “Roland PG-800 in very good condition.
Includes cable.” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 24 April 2016, Comments Off

supeir jx “Super clean MKS-70 used in smoke free, climate controlled studio.
This Roland synthesizer comes with the Roland PG-800 programmer.
Also comes with the original carrying case for the PG-800
and the special connecting cable
Also comes with the original manual and power cable
Also comes with 2 plastic placards that came with the manual.
And loaded with Kid Nepro sounds from the Patch King

All knobs and switches work perfectly
This unit has never been repaired or modded
Version 1.04″ Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 03 April 2016, Comments Off

jx8p “This is a Roland JX-8p and PG-800 programmer. Also comes with an original PG-800 carrying case and M-16C Memory Cartridge for storing extra programs. 6 pin Din connector also included. Everything is in 100% perfect working order. Will ship to lower 48 US states only.” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 24 January 2016, Comments Off

jx8p“Roland JX-8P Analog Synth with PG-800 Programmer’s Module.

Vintage Unit. Unit is in great shape. No issues. Original owner. Well cared for.

JX-8P Synth
Power Cord
PG-800 Programmer
Programmer Cable” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 10 January 2016, Comments Off

jx8ppg8000I’m the second owner of this JX-8P. It’s in really great condition although the bottom is scratched (but who looks at the bottom?!).

The rare and hard to find PG-800 gives you the tactile experience that comes with external gear and really a necessity with the the JX-8P. You’ll be hard pressed to find one in such immaculate condition.

There are two dead keys (G1 and A2) when triggering them directly off of the JX-8P (probably dirty contacts that can be fixed easily and cheaply) however, everything triggers via MIDI so it never was / never will be an issue.

You’ll be walking away with more than any other JX-8P eBay auction:

- Vintage Roland JX-8P analog polyphonic synthesizer with power cable
- PG-800 synthesizer programmer with cable
- Roland M-16C Memory Cartridge
- Patch sheet from the original owner + all of his custom made patches
- 2 CDs containing “all things JX-8P”
- Gator case” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 03 May 2015, Comments Off

jx8ppg800“Both the synth and programmer are in good working condition. The JX has a missing screw so i have put a strong piece of tape where the screw was. ” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 19 April 2015, Comments Off

jxp8“Up for auction is a vintage Roland JX8P Analog Synthesizer plus the PG-800 Controller with the carry case. A quick test confirms that all audio outputs are working, all keys function, all the patch-preset buttons work, and the display is fully functional. The PG-800 is also in working condition.

Please note that the previous owner was a smoker. Both the JX8P and PG-800 were surface cleaned, but still shows signs of a smoker’s environment.

This auction includes:

(1) Roland JX8P w/original box
(1) PG-800
(1) PG-800 Carry case
(1) PG-800 Cable” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 25 January 2015, Comments Off

jx8p” Roland jx 8 and pg 800 in great condition. No cable to connect the two any more i lost it recently. Both are fully functional.” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 30 November 2014, Comments Off

jx8p “The Ultimate Roland JX8P Synthesiser Package

Roland JX8P Synthesiser
PG800 Programmer complete with the original carry case
Original Memory Cartridge M-16C
All Original Manuals
Custom built 5 Star flight case

Everything works except the aftertouch.

This is well used with a few scratches and scrapes.
The flight case has the name of a band stencilled on the front and a few old stickers.” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 16 November 2014, Comments Off

jx8p “Up for Auction is a used Roland JX 8P Polyphonic Synthesizer
I bought this brand new, in the early 80′s, I am the only owner and it has been used only in my smoke free Home Studio
As you can see from my other 2 auctions, I’m doing a little house cleaning, I need a little money
This baby still works & sounds wonderful, I love the strings, it comes with the PG-800 programmer
I hate to let this go, but stuff happens, you will love this keyboard” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“You are bidding on a Roland JX8P (with power cable) and PG800 Programmer and Hardshell Case. FREE SHIPPING!” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 15 June 2014, Comments Off

“I have a Roland jx-8p in good working order with a PG-800 controller. The Bag for the controller is included as are the power cable and jx pg800 connector cable.” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 01 June 2014, Comments Off

“This is needed for quick and easy editing of the JX-8p, MKS-70 and JX-10 synthesizers.

It offers complete control of all parameters in an easy to use traditional slider controller. A must have since the synths alone employ a tedious system of editing.

The underside has 2 strip strong magnets which keep the unit completely secure on the synth (see the pic of it attached to the JX-10 while it stands on end against the couch).

The cable to connect the unit to the appropriate synths is included.” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 01 June 2014, Comments Off

“Roland PG-800 in really really good shape with manual . As is . Domestic bids only please.” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 12 January 2014, Comments Off

“This analog synth is in flawless condition and sounds absolutely gorgeous. I am wanting to biy a digital studio set up and so I wanna sell this unit along with the pg 800.” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 15 December 2013, Comments Off

“This PG-800 is in excellent cosmetic condition and works 100%. There are a few light scratches on the unit if you look really closely, but nothing major.” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off

“Awesome combo – Vintage Analog Roland MKS70 + PG800 + programmer cable and power cable!

NEEDS A LITTLE WORK (do not bid without reading and understanding the issues below):

PG800 – works perfectly except the “write button” does not function. Button is not necessary because once you program a sound on the PG800 and want to save it, you just use the write button on the MKS70 instead. Perhaps your keyboard tech can fix it or replace with a functioning button.

MKS70 – could use a cleaning (clean buttons/contacts). It works fine except some of the front keys double trigger when you press them or you have to press them firmly. I imagine this is a matter of cleaning the contacts or opening it and blowing some compressed air back there, but I’m not a technician. There are some marks on the synth, and rack ears show some bumps/bruises!

Get this setup for a great price. A great addition to your studio – they sound great!” Link

JX-10, PG-800, Roland @ 15 September 2013, Comments Off

“Included in auction:
- Roland Super JX10
- Roland PG 800 programmer and case
- Roland M-64C memory cartridge
- Roland M-16 memory cartridge
- Roland DP-6 pedal switch (not shown)
- original power cable (not shown)
- original manual

This is the Roland JX10 package you have been looking for. Selling to downsize studio. All 100% working condition. Great cosmetic condition. ”

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 25 August 2013, Comments Off

“Note I will have to be creative on packaging on this item since I do not have the original boxes…What you get is:1) PG 800 Roland2) Special cable for the PG 8003) Roland JX-8P 61 Key Synth4) a special power cable that only works with the JX-8P synthI’m not a professional keyboard technician, but from what I can tell, it appears that everything works, so this is an AS-IS sale. No Returns! No Returns!I will only sell this to people in the Continental USA. So if you are not in the continental USA, please do not bid! Only bid if you have greater than 10 in your history (with good marks) otherwise do not bid.This is old equipment so I put Vintage in the title. I can not guarantee that everything works… AS IS SALE” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 09 June 2013, Comments Off

“Hello! I am selling my Roland PG-800 that I have owned since the late 90′s. The unit is 100% functional and in amazing condition. All of the sliders work great, and are nice and smooth and send all values properly. I’ve taken great care of this unit over the years, and tried to keep it as nice as I can. I even have the original silver carrying case for the unit! So the Pg800 will come with the 6pin DIN cable to connect it to your Roland synth and the carrying case. I personally used the unit with a JX-10 that I am selling as well. If you want a near mint PG-800, here’s your opportunity to grab one. To me they are worth every penny! ” Link

JX-8P, PG-800, Roland @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

“All push switches and sliders on the JX-8P and PG-800 appear to be working fine. There are no dead keys on the keyboard, but i’ve noticed that on a couple of occasions a key may need a second press to trigger – a bit of searching suggests that the copper contacts probably just need a clean (e.g. with isopropanol and a Q-tip), doesn’t look a hard job and it’s a non-issue if you’re driving it via MIDI. ” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 20 January 2013, Comments Off

“In perfect working condition, well kept and used in my studio.This is a true analog heaven synth” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 17 June 2012, Comments Off

“Roland PG-800 programmer for jx-8p, jx-10, mks-70.
Great condition. Works perfectly. As pictured. Comes with carrying case and cable.” Link

PG-800, Roland @ 28 November 2010, Comments Off

“Roland PG-800

Programmer for the Roland JX-8p, JX-10 and the MKS-70

Banish cumbersome and tedious button pushing and reinvigorate your sonic creativity

Real faders and knobs with visual feedback so you know exactly where you are

Good working order, clean with slight scratches to the casing

Well it is 25 years old” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 10 October 2010, Comments Off

“Up for grabs is a used Roland PG-800 programmer. I used it for the JX-8P, but it can also be used with the MKS-70 and the JX-10. It has wear around some of the sliders, but all controls slide smoothly. It comes with a 6 pin DIN cable. Not gigged out.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 12 September 2010, Comments Off

“Roland PG 800 PG-800 Programmer SUPER CLEAN in Case with MIDI cable. Used a few times many years ago.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 29 August 2010, Comments Off

“Works perfectly,With connecting cable and copy of the manual.Not mint,Has some nicks and scratches from use over the years.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 20 June 2010, Comments Off

“You are bidding on a PG-800 programmer for Roland synths.

This unit is in awesome “like new” condition and comes with the original case, cable and manual.

It was tested and works 100%, all sliders and buttons feel like new, because they basically are, it was used only a handful of times before it was put in storage.

These are rarely seen in this condition, don’t miss your chance!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 06 June 2010, Comments Off

“Roland PG-800 programmer w/ proprietary connector cable in excellent condition. All functions work as they should. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 03 January 2010, Comments Off

pg800 “Sie bieten auf einen gebrauchten Roland PG-800 Synthesizer Editor. Er passt zu den Roland Geräten JX 10 Super Jupiter sowie MKS 70 und JX 8p. Durch den Programer kann man alle Parameter des Synthesizers in Echtzeit verändern und auch speichern mit echten Reglern und Schaltern. Der PG-800 kommt mit dem passenden Kabel in einer silberfarbenen Kunststofftasche! Den Programer habe ich gestern an meinem JX 8p ausprobiert, er ist voll funktionsfähig. Ich verkaufe privat, deshalb keine Rücknahme, keine Garantie. Viel Spaß beim Bieten!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 03 January 2010, Comments Off

pg8002 “This auction is for a used Roland PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer. Auction includes the PG-800 programmer and an extra long 12′ Roland branded connector cable. Item is in very good condition cosmetic condition and all sliders and switches work well. Looks great, works great!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-800, Roland @ 03 January 2010, Comments Off

pg800 “Roland PG-800 Controller for sale.
Original bag, cable and manual included.
Controller is in excellent condition. Some MINOR marks and scratches on unit, hardly visible. Bag has one edge torn, some minor scratches .Manual has some fingermark, but nothing special. All in all, very good and working condition. Everything has been handled with care, and it shows.
Has been used with a JX-8P, and handled its job brilliantly. Last 5 years stored in a safe and dry place.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.