PG-1000, Roland @ 10 August 2014, Comments Off

” We found this at a church garage sale today and there is not any power AC adapter. Says use boss PSA adapter only. We don’t have one and grandpa said sell AS IS unknown church item. ” Link

D-110, Roland @ 10 August 2014, Comments Off

“This is a used module but appears to work fine.” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 10 August 2014, Comments Off

“Vintage Roland alpha Juno-1 Synthesizer

Excellent Condition
1 Owner
Being sold by original owner
All keys, switches, buttons, joystick, screen in perfect working condition
Includes power cord.” Link

MKS-80, Roland @ 10 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer in excellent condition for sale.
There is some cosmetic wear, however this unit has been tested and is in great working order.” Link

Roland @ 10 August 2014, Comments Off

“We aren’t able to do a complete set up to test all functions, but when plugged in to an AC outlet,
all leds light up and the channel set functions as intended.” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Here is a serious gem of a 1974/5 analog synthesizer. This Roland SH-1000 sounds fantastic and is 100% operational, tuning is good. (Don’t expect these to lock into tune like a modern Prophet 08)– this puppy is stable after a few minutes and occasionally needs a tweak there after.

This is in collector condition, maybe a few light scratches and few tiny spots but overall very clean, well kept and beautiful. All original parts, never serviced, original case (smells great- no must or odor), original manual (a $75 value in itself!), keys are straight and work great, every switch and slider tested by ear during highly enjoyed hours– it all works great.

All knobs, faders and switches are original and work great WITH ONE EXCEPTION, and this is the 1% that keeps this from being a $1000+ vault piece– the Sawtooth Rate knob’s potentiometer in the Mod. Gen. section (only controls the sawtooth speed of the tremolo option) has either come unscrewed or the shaft is possibly broken. (see picture #8) I believe it simply came off it’s nut because if you pull up on the knob and turn, the potentiometer still works well and changes the rate.

If I had the patience I would open it up and tighten that nut and double my take but alas, I am not a synth tech and I have learned moons ago not to screw with delicate beauty.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“In great shape-a few things to note.
Needs a new battery.
Someone must put something heavy on top of it at some point and a few sliders are slightly bent but nothing serious.
One toggle switch missing.
Minor wear-looks pretty great.
It’s old so I’m sure it could use service at some point but works and sounds soooooo good!!!!
No warranty implied due to age but as mentioned – it’s in great working condition.
I was able to load factory presets as well-without a battery they don’t save however. ” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“This Super Cool Gear was a studio extra that has seen very little use. It is in super-clean, near-mint, physical condition and looks like it’s fresh out of the box. Everything is 100% functional. Battery compartment is clean with no residues of battery leaks (which is often the case with electronics of this age). The only slight issue is that the volume pot is a tad scratchy (only when turned); this is a simple and super-cheap (if not free) fix if you know what you’re doing. This TR-606 is near-mint and in excellent working condition! Includes Original Vinyl Carry Case and 3rd party power supply. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on this classic beast which completes Roland’s Analog Holy Trinity of 808, 707, and 303 in pristine condition!!!” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland Juno-106 analog Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer
Includes case, original manual and power cord.
The serial number for this synth is 511715.

This Juno-106 is in great condition and all features work great as far as I could tell with my recent testing of this synth.

I bought this synth used from a music store in the Chicago suburbs (it was either Gand Music or Guitar Center) in the mid-’90s. It served me well and I only used it in my smoke-free home studio. I rarely use it these days, so it’s time for it to go to someone else to enjoy.

When I moved to a new home in 2006, I thought I lost the power cord, so I bought a new one at that time. The original manual is included in this auction, as well as the heavy duty custom built case. (I did not build the case, it came with it when I bought it.)” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“The legendary Roland Juno-106 with fully restored chips from the Synth Spa. Bought it many years ago and 1 voice chip died. Had the synth spa restore all of the voice chips and now its fully functional. Looks and sounds great. Not really showing its age at all. A couple of light scuffs that are visible in the pictures, but nothing major. In really great shape. You probably know what you are looking at.” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland Juno-6 polyphonic analog synthesizer for sale. Fully functional, recently restored electronically by Tim at Portland Custom Shop and given a clean bill of health. Overall, this synth is in amazing shape considering it’s age. There is some light cosmetic damage, which I have done my best to show in the photos. One slider cap missing right now, but I might have it by the end of auction. This is an amazing synth to hear and play, I just have too many. I will be sorry to see it go. ” Link

Roland, SBX-1000 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Very great condition and all working.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

You are bidding on a pre-owned Roland JX-3P Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer. Keyboard is in good condition with normal scratches and scuffs. Front has sticker residue on side. Keyboard works, but has some preset keys that do not function, and there is also one key stuck.” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“You are viewing one Roland Lucina AX-09 synthesizer.

I am selling this for a musician who had an accident.

This synthesizer and all other features work fine!


This synthesizer can only be played with the power cord.

What you see is what you get in this auction.

Comes with manuals, stickers, strap and power cord.” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“The Hoover! I’m looking to sell my Alpha Juno 2. Everything except the middle C key works great. It has a small chip in one corner. Comes with the power cord, a midi cable, and the manual.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

Roland JX-3P Polyphonic synthesizer. This a nice high-quality vintage synth that is in great condition and is also midi-capable. The synth requires external speakers to play. It has a UK power cord but I’m including the power converter.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“I real do not want to do this but we need the cash…

This is a very solid TB 303 in great working condition. With normal wear and tear. see pics. It has a sequentix midi system added so you can link right up to most DAWs.
MIDIBass 303 Mark II if you go to the sequentix web site they have tons of info.

The MIDIBass 303 is the ultimate MIDI retrofit for the classic Roland TB-303.

As you’d expect, MIDIBass allows the 303 synth section to be controlled by any MIDI keyboard or sequencer.
And now the Mark II version adds MIDI control over filter cutoff.

More significantly, MIDIBass transmits the notes from the 303′s internal sequencer via MIDI – giving you the ability to capture the unique quality of patterns created through the TB user-interface.
This is ideal for further editing or chaining patterns on a PC or hardware sequencer, pattern backup, or doubling-up the 303 sound with another synth.

it recently had new knobs , buttons and led lights. Was just tuned by my tech.
Check my feedback, I am a solid seller and this was my personal studio 303. It was never on the road. as is.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland Jupiter 6 Synthesizer
Model: JP-6
Serial no: 343358
Made in Japan
Please see the pictures for details.” Link

Roland, SBX-80 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Hi there This is ROLAND Roland SBX-80 MIDI Machine Synth Sync Box

Unit works perfectly, except for the “sec” button, which didn’t respond to pushing. It does light up however, when global control settings are applied

This unit is for 100Voltage ( No unit for 240V )

But we will give you voltage converter from 100V to 240V or from 100V-120V, if you need it with the adapter converter” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off


MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland SH-101 – analog Synthesizer

in der seltenen Ausführung in blau

inkl. Modgrip (Modulationsgriff) und passendem Netzteil.

techn. voll funktionsfähig, alle Schieberegler laufen einwandfrei, ohne Kratzen
leichte alterbedingte optische Gebrauchsspuren
Originalbilder folgen.

gerne können Sie mir auch einen Preisvorschlag per Mail zukommen lassen.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

” Up for auction is a vintage Juno 60, which should need no introduction. This thing sounds amazing and everything works as it should. No missing slider caps or anything like that- fully functional,fully complete and it holds it’s presets perfectly (no battery replacement needed). The physical condition is easily a 9 out of 10, in my opinion. Smoke-free home. I took a lot of pictures to show the condition. There are some small dings you should hopefully be able to see on the wood end cheeks. There is also a scratch on the “d” on the back that I also tried to capture in the pictures. But for a synthesizer of this age, I can’t imagine but being very happy. ” Link

Roland, RS-09 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“This is very rare, Roland RS 9 not saying it’s as good as a new child’s toy piano / organ. But it’s got a sound that is cheese in a very original way.
My partner and I went through it and it all works. Including some cool routing tricks. Included free.
Great condition I think one knob is missing.
I cleaned it up and have worked the knobs back and forth without contact cleaner. This can change the cheese. You might want to do it but try it first. Pretty clean. ” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland JP-8000 8 Voice Analog Modeling Synthesizer in Great condition with owners manual, patch/performance list and power cord. Fully functional with a few minor scuffs from normal wear and tear.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Product: ROLAND JUNO-60 Analog Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer with Foot Pedal

This item was purchased new in the mid-80′s and only experienced general wear and tear. It has been stored in my home for the last 15 years. I am the original owner.

Includes Foot Pedal
100% Working Condition
No Damage to body or keys.
Wear from previously attached stand on bottom
Comes from Smoke-Free Home” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Die Legende – Analoger Synthesizer – Roland TB-303

Ich versteigere meine Original Roland TB 303 wie auf dem Bild zu sehen mit Netzteil. Sie ist völlig unverbastelt, voll funktionsfähig und NICHT abgegriffen, da in den letzten 20 Jahren nur sehr selten benutzt. Natürlich Nicht-Raucher-Gerät!!!

Die Tasten sind alle sehr leichtgängig, Regler für Tempo und Volume lassen sich leicht drehen. Regler für Pattern Group und Mode rasten sauber ein. 6 Regler für die Frequenzen lassen sich easy drehen.

Das Batteriefach ist wie auf dem Bild zu sehen super sauber.

Das Handbuch finde ich leider im Moments nicht, falls es auftauchen sollte packe ich es auf jeden Fall dazu. Das Gehäuse hat ein paar leichte Kratzer, der Zahn der Zeit halt … aber nichts Wildes.

Der Versand erfolgt über die DHL versichert.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“The ORIGINAL legendary Bass Line machine. With original Roland carry case and power supply. Also comes with a Dtronics MIDI to Sync Converter to make use the 303′s excellent programming interface with a computer.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Roland SH 101

(2 owners from new – The original power adaptor is missing but a replacement PSU, which works perfectly fine with this synthesiser, has been included)

I bought this classic synth from a relative, who decided to buy one back in the 80’s to recreate the Synth-pop, Electronic & New Wave sounds of the time. I’ve only ever used this for one live gig and its main use was for home recording. This was then consigned to the attic for many years but has now been dusted off and is ready for sale, as I no longer have a use for it. Anyone who knows this synth knows what is can do. So hopefully it will find a home where it can be put to good use.

I have tested this using both the adaptor and batteries and this sounds as good as it did back then. The battery compartment cover has been lost and there’s some slight discoloration around the main body work, however, as indicated in the attached pictures the unit still look great.

All switches, faders and knobs have been tested to ensure that they are crackle-free and I can also confirm that the Pitch-Bender bends works as it should and the sequencer works as intended. All in all, this looks great, sounds great and will make someone very happy!” Link

Roland, RS-09 @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“Good condition, with all buttons, keys and sliders functioning. There are two slider caps missing and one button cap missing, but this does not impede functionality.

The synth starts up and works fine for about 5 minutes, then a noise fault develops and continues throughout use. It sounds very much like a loose connection somewhere as the synth continues to function as normal but just with this white noise over it. I believe a service with a good engineer will be able to sort this issue.

I’m selling in order to pay for flights but otherwise I’d love to keep it as it sounds awesome when fully functional.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 03 August 2014, Comments Off

“This JX-3P is fully functional and all keys, buttons and knobs are working. No faulty connections or damage to keys. Power cord is also in good condition. No damage or known issues. Some cosmetic damage to upper-right corner portion under programmer base section. Strictly cosmetic and not visible once programmer is placed on keyboard. Please see photos for more detail.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 27 July 2014, Comments Off

“Roland Jupiter 6 Synthesizer with Europa, ATA Calzone Flight case, Service Manual
Auction includes the following:

Roland Jupiter 6 Synthesizer with Europa Mod.
Power cord
Service Notes with full Circuit Schematics / Prints
ATA Calzone Flight Case
Le Cover Vinyl custom cover
Europa Operation Instructions/Installation Guide

This is a Classic 6 Voice Analog Synthesizer first produced in 1983.
Cosmetically this is 10/10 beautiful condition
Functionally this is 10/10 (no dead voices/filters/adsr etc)

This classic synth was kept in a smoke free studio and never gigged in the 13years I owned it.
Europa Operating System allowing easy Digital Audio Workstation integration can send and receive midi CC commands, from front panel sliders/knobs.
Control your DAW via the Jupiter front panel, great for live work.” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 27 July 2014, Comments Off

“Roland Juno-6 Polyphonic Synthesizer.

Excellent condition. Fully tested and working.

Amazing depth of sound. A true classic.

Cosmetic condition is excellent for its age. The front panel is very clean and the paintwork is perfect.

The wooden cheeks show a few marks and could be repaired with a bit of glue relatively easily.

There is an area on the front panel where a sticker has been previously which has left an outline (see pic) might be able to be cleaned but might be permanent.

The only functional issue is that the volume control is a bit crackly when adjusting the knob but once set it’s fine. I think it just needs a bit of contact surface spray. ” Link

Roland, TB-303, TR-606 @ 27 July 2014, Comments Off

Mit diesen zwei kleinen Kisten sind Acid bzw. Techno und alle anderen elektronischen Musikarten erst entstanden.
Zu der TB-303 und der TR-606 muss ich sonst wohl nichts weiter beschreiben – kennt und liebt jeder, der mit Acid und Techno groß geworden ist oder heute erst dazu gekommen ist.
Die TB-303 und TR-606 haben die üblichen Abnutzungen, wie alle diese Gräte, sie sind ja über 30ig. Eine der Tasten der TB-303 prellt ein wenig, was auch normal bei einer TB-303 ist und nicht die stört.
Ansonsten in wirklich sehr gutem Zustand – selten so zu finden. Oft werden die abgerotzesten Teile auf Ebay für viel Geld verkauft.
Da bei fast allen dieser Maschinen die Klappe zum Batteriefach fehlt, habe ich sie durch neu ersetzt. Alles funktioniert einwandfrei.
Die TR 606 hat sogar einen Kenton Kadi Port, welcher mit einem passenden Kendon-Interface als Einzelausgang für die Drumparts dient.
Mit den zwei Acid-Maschinen kommen beide originalen Bedienungsanleitungen, die zwei Koffer für sicheren, stylischen Transport, die Netzteile, sowie ein Midikabel zum synchronisieren der beiden Synths, plus ein Patchkabel zum triggern der TB-303, TR-606 oder anderen oldskool Maschinen. Alles, wie auf den Fotos zu sehen ist.
Ich versende die zwei Schätzchen in den Koffern plus zusätzlicher, sicherer Umverpackung – so kann nichts beim Transport beschädigt werden.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 27 July 2014, Comments Off

“Roland JX-8P Synthesizer, for Spares or Repair

This synth is essentially working, but has a few problems which I will detail as best as I can, and therefore I am selling it as Spares or Repair.

The synth powers up fine, and works as it should, but occasionally the main display does not light, it worked fine when I photographed it, as it does most of the time. The sliders are not as smooth as expected, as a result, the volume slider is crackly and the data slider is somewhat erratic (there is no problem editing the data externally via sysex). I have not attempted to clean the sliders in any way as I have a new synth to replace this now.

The overall appearance is acceptable, but far from perfect; there are a fair few surface scratches and marks which can be seen in the photographs. There is also a chip on the bottom of one of the keys (also photographed).

Please be aware, this is being sold as spares or repair, and due to the nature of this sale, I will not accept returns.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 27 July 2014, Comments Off

“This unit working A++ excellent condition. There is a very few cosmetic wear, discoloration, nothing that affects playability. This SH-101 is nothing broken all perfect conditions. We have already checked all keys, knobs, arpeggiator, cv/gate, and also tested working with batterys.” Link