Juno 6, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“Auction is for one Juno 6 keyboard by Roland. It is in good working condition. It has been in my smoke free studio for its entire life. All knobs, buttons, and switches are in working order and none are broken! It has a few scuffs normal with use and age.” Link

Roland, RS-202 @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

” For auction is a rare Roland RS 202 synth in excellent full working order, please see large photos and youtube link of actual keyboard up for auction below, the only minor problem is the door cover for the plug lead does not close” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“Hi, this item seems to be in mint shape and sounds very nice. I will bring it to any UPS store for you and you pay what every they tell you. I not here to make any money on shipping of my items.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“All functions work perfectly and the keyboard sounds great. Although everything looks and functions perfectly, I did notice that occasionally the B patch button as well as the 6 and 14 patch button LED’s don’t always illuminate brightly (or at all) even though each button works fine — they just don’t always light up when active. I’m guessing that because they do sometimes light up that maybe there is a cold solder issue. Sometimes triggering the sequencer turns the flakey lights on when passing other times it doesn’t. But as I mentioned, even though the lights don’t always shine, the corresponding buttons always work” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“Here’s my much-loved Roland SH09 analogue synthesiser in good working order up for auction. This is the not so famous older brother of the SH101 and in my opinion is equally interesting. Set aside the kudos of the sh101 then you have a very similar machine. The filter of the sh101 reaches deeper into its oscillators but those rich charming analogue tones are very much here with the sh09. This is a worthy device.

The power supply is integral – UK 240V AC

Problems are age related. It has a couple of missing slider caps. Contacts need cleaning on the volume pot and a few notes on the upper octave of the keyboard. The keys engage gold plated wires to rails and YOU CAN clean them. I guess you guys will be using this as a module controlled by a midi cv/gate converter so this problem will not be a problem. You will find a 5-pin DIN plug on the side. It’s a mod I did so each oscillator waveform emerges on a different pin that I can mix them externally. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“It’s with a deep sigh that I put my much loved SH101 up for auction in slightly grubby but good working order. I’m its second owner since I bought it in 1986. It comes with a high quality flight case and original owner’s manual. I’m not including a power supply because any good quality negative pin unit will suffice.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale, a Roland Jupiter-6 Synthesizer in excellent condition and in good working order. With twelve analog oscillators at two per voice, this synth has the signature rich, analog tonalities that only come from Roland’s famed Jupiter line! The Jupiter-6 is excellent for ambient drones, pads, blips, buzzes and leads. The Jupiter-6 is known for being a very reliable, programmable, polyphonic, analog monster of a synthesizer and programming this synth is easy and intuitive via front panel sliders, knobs and buttons that cover all your tweaking needs.

This particular Jupiter 6 is in exceptional cosmetic condition, all key contacts have been cleaned and the keybed has been vacuumed out. All knobs and slider switch tips are intact and all keys respond quickly and evenly. Two of the knobs are replacements, but are also vintage Japanese parts which are consistent with the heritage of this keyboard. There are a few small scuffs and nicks and a missing screw or two on the brushed aluminum sides, but these are very minor issues that are purely visual and in no way affect the functionality of the keyboard.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

” ROLAND JUNO 60 FOR SALE // Great Classic Synth in decent conditon for a refurb. The item will need a service as it has two key’s in need of repair. Also needs one audio channel repair on outputs. In Storage a recording studios.” Link

Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“For sale ROLAND D-70 SUPER LA SYNTHESIZER 76 keys, the synth is in greatest shape and absolutely everything work great: all buttons, wheel, modulation stick, display, all keys works great. This particular synth was actually served about 3 month ago: new battery, cleaning and whole cleaning of keys contact strip, so it is great attack, sensitivity on keys, awesome sounds.” Link

PG-10, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“If you have a Roland GR-50, D-10, D-110, or D-5, this unit is for you. It’s like an extended front panel, allowing you to tweek the settings on your synth! This unit uses the standard Roland/Boss PSA power supply, not included. It includes the manual and original box. Box is in fair condition. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JUNO-106 Kult Synth

technisch 100% Top, optisch ein paar Kleinigkeiten siehe Bilder

der Synth wurde bei “TasteundTechnik” von Jens Lüpke (mit Rechnung)

neu überholt und gestimmt, also von innen wie neu!!!!!!!!! ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

” Functional Roland Juno 60 Synthesiser. Has been in storage for a few years but is still in working order. Stand not included, but comes with operation manual and patch program data tape.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Hi and welcome to this auction for a Roland JP8000 analogue modelling synthesizer, very good condition, has a few small scratches and a very small crack on rear RHS corner but is only superficial, see attached photo. Comes with a power lead and manual on CD. ” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for bid is the ROLAND SH-09 Vintage analog mono synth. Fully functional, tested and works great. All switches, knobs, sliders, keys, audio works as they should. All key contacts were clean. Has minor marks/scratches/scuffs. The power cord is a replacement ( not original). One rubber feet is missing, easy replacement. Some of the slider caps are slightly loose so if you turn the keyboard upside down, some will fall off. Left side panel is slightly off alignment. Overall the unit is in good cosmetic shape considering its aged. ” Link

CR-5000, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland CR-5000 Drum Machine

Minor scrapes and scratches from general use and age

6th button does not light up or sound (Habenera, Rock 6, Rumba)

3rd button on the bottom sometimes has to be pushed a little harder, but it does work just fine.

The rest of the machine/buttons work just fine.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

” Good condition!

It works very good! No problem.

The Roland MC-202 is very rare in the world.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Jupiter 6 Synthesizer in excellent condition. Looks super and the synth functions perfectly electronically and mechanically, with the exception that the bender on/off button seems to be stuck on. This doesn’t seem to be a problem as the bender functions fine if you want to use it. I purchased it about 5 years ago and it has stayed in my studio since. I also purchased a complete kit of replacement slider pots and audio pots for the synth with the plan to replace them all. There were about 6 audio pots that were no longer working on the synth and I replaced these. The rest of the original pots are fine so I decided it was too much work and not necessary to replace them all. The extra replacement sliders and pots are included (approximately a $100 value). A copy of the owner’s manual, the service manual, and the original 2 prong power cord is included.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off




Juno 60, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Here is a great example of the classic Juno 60. Google it. One of the last analog poly synths before they went all digital. It has great pre-sets but can make endless sounds when you start to play around with it. I bought this 10 years ago from someone that took real good care of it. It was never gigged with or smoked around. It is in perfect working condition. All knobs are intact and no issues in the function department WHATSOEVER!! The only things visible are the two scratches on the back left, the small scratch on the top above the “O” on the word Juno and the light dings on both side wood panels (see last 4 pics). Not bad for an instrument that is pushing 30 years old! When I bought this synth 10 years ago I replaced the battery as they tend to only last 15 years. I then reprogramed it and has worked flawlessly since. I am selling it as I haven’t played it for 4 years. I really don’t want to sell it but it is a time in my life where I need to downsize. Bummer as These are going way up in price and feel I may not be able to replace it. Oh well… My loss, your gain. It is a GREAT Juno 60!!!” Link

CMU-800, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“The Roland CMU-800 is a four-channel mixer with internal preset voices and sequencer software for an Apple II or PC. There is a ribbon cable out the back with a card attached. It features analog synthesis with fixed sounds. Four note polyphony in the chord section, monophonic bass and melody synth sections, and an analog drum section.

The Chord/Melody section has only 1 sound. The drum section is similar to the TR-606 Drumatix, and the bass section is similar to the TB-303 Bassline (some limited adjustments in sound were possible via software). It has separate melody, bass, chord, rhythm, mix outputs. There’s also 8 cv/gate outs to run external analog equipment by control voltages, and there’s a click in/out. On the face it has knobs for portamento, Melody sustain & decay, Bass decay, and Chord decay. It also has volume level sliders for each of the instruments and a master volume slider. The software uses a similar music programming method as the MC-8 or MC-4.

This unit being offered is in EXCELLENT working condition – actual photos shown.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off


Juno-106, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Another Fine Offering From

Instrumental Music and Sound

Roland Juno 106

With Roland Molded Case.

Just Returned From Synth Doctor

Any/All Problems Dealt With.

The Case Has One Pin Missing, But Is Still

Quite Functional ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction is this Roland SH–101 synthesizer in excellent condition. This is a very sought after unit. Purchased from an estate sale from original owner. Had it professional checked out, everything is working. The only issue is that its missing the back cover and is priced accordingly. I cut a piece of plexiglass to fit under the unit just to protect it. Unit is cosmetically in excellent shape no cracks or chips, very clean no other missing parts. Comes with a AC adapter and a copy of the service manuel.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“This piece is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well.


MC-202, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

Ich biete hier ein in einem Nichtraucherhaushalt genutzten analogen Synthesizer/Sequencer an.
Das Gerät ist technisch in einem einwandfreien Zustand und hat einige geringfügige Gebrauchsspuren.
Das Batteriefach ist unbenutzt und in einen 1A Zustand.
Er klingt sehr ähnlich wie die TB-303 und SH-101 Bass-Synthesizer von Roland.
Der MC-202 hingegen ist intensiver und geht über die einfache monophone Bass-Linie hinaus.
Er kann aber auch extern über den Anschluss eines MID-CV/Gate gesteuert bzw. konvertiert werden.
Der Sequenzer ist ein 2-Kanal-CV/Gate-Sequenzer, mit beiden Kanälen ist man in der Lage einen separaten externen Synthesizers anzusteuern.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

” Verkaufe meine TB 303 von Roland. Ich erwarb das gute Stück 1995 von einem älteren Musiker zusammen mit einer 606, der nichts mehr mit diesen beiden Schätzen anzufangen wußte.
Die 303 funktioniert einwandfrei. Ich bin der Zweitbesitzer und habe Sie immer gut gepflegt. Sie stand bei mir im warmen Nichtraucherstudio.
Mit dabei ist das original Netzteil, welches damals zusammen mit der 303 ausgeliefert wurde. Irgendwo habe ich noch den Originalkarton und die Anleitung mit einer Notenlehre. Das kann ich aber nicht versprechen, da ich momentan beruflich unterwegs bin und meine Schwester nur die 303 rausgesucht hat. In der kommenden Woche werde ich meine Unterlagen durchschauen. Momentan also “nur” ne super 303 mit Netzteil, alles andere wird sich zeigen.
Der Versand erfolgt als Paket also versichert. Alles andere nur nach Absprache und auf eigenes Risiko!!!
Die 303 kann vorher selbstverständlich bei mir in Hannover ausprobiert werden.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“great sounding synth
few scuffs but fully operational. will come with a power supply (not original)” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-101
vintage analog mono synth

if you are looking at this listing you probably know more
about this synth than i do

as you can tell from the pictures it is in
‘as new’ condition and
everything works as it should

it’s never been used with batteries
so the tray is spotless
( no leaky mess from those forgotten c cells )

comes with an origional boss 2pin adapter.
+ adapter

it has got the modulator grip
but i can’t find the strap bracket for the other end.
still looking.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JX-3P Synthesiser Keyboard 6 Voice Analogue.
Working.Has had the power supply recapped.
Overall condition is quite good for it’s age but it does have some marks(see pictures).” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“ROLAND SH101 complete with new power source. Just checked out by specialist and in full working order.

If you are reading this you know what you are looking at so no sales pitch necessary.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR 909 Vintage Analog Drum Machine
The First MIDI Drum Machine: Roland TR-909 (source Wikipedia)
With all the Classic sounds the Roland TR-909 is almost THE most sampled Drum Machine ever only surpassed by the Roland TR-808.

Superb condition with some slight wear or a few small scratches (see pics) sold as seen, basically it looks and sounds great.

Currently owned by a collector the 2nd owner from new this TR 909 has well been looked after in a warm comfortable environment for about 23 years. ” Link

MC-4, Roland @ 10 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for grabs is this Roland MC-4b in mint condition. Kept in a smoke free studio for the past 4 years and boxed in an attic for 25 years before that, this cv/gate sequencer is virtually in new condition with no scratches, signs of ware, or dings.

Sequence 4 analogue synths and din sync up you analogue drum machine to play along. Rock solid timing (makes midi seem sloppy by comparison), there’s loads of fun to be had with this bit of kit.

It makes a fantastic addition to any analogue studio and looks the business.

Used by Vince Clark, Aphex Twin, Moroder, Front 242 etc. Very reluctant sale due to needing to free up space and raise cash to finish a modular synth project.

Manual included (some cracks in manual’s plastic binder cover)” Link

MKS-80, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland MKS-80 rev 4 vintage analog synthesizer, works great with no issues, rack+case has some scratches and wear as you’d expect from something almost thirty years old but also in very good shape. The MKS-80 rev 4 was based on the Jupiter 6 synth architecture, and sounds somewhere between the 6 and the holy grail Jupiter 8. Eight classic analog Roland voices with a huge sweet spot, hard to make it sound bad. To program it you will either need to a) buy a MPG-80 programmer, not included b) buy a computer or iPad editor, not included c) program off the front panel LCD, not recommended by me personally, but if that’s your thing go for it. Great, classic analog synth. Includes manual, M-64c memory cartridge, power cord.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“You are looking at my beautiful Vintage Analog Roland Juno-60 61 Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer. She has been with me for at least 20 years stored in my mini music studio. She is in great working condition. There are two missing buttons, parts on e-bay, a cosmetically surface enamel cracked unimpeded working note, plays as if it were not there, “cosmetics”. The four screws to keep it close are missing, never bothered its function, an easy fix finding four screws, and an oversight from the previous owner, so was the missing buttons and note. The screws may have been 2 and 1/4 inch long, “computer printer cable screw threads”. This is not an item that I am trying to get raid of but offering at e-bay to the bidder that will put her to good use. Compared with what may look pretty after a good superficial clearing, she has no major careless nicks and scratches, her circuitry remained clean as can be seen due to her non exposure to dust but an air conditioned home. The few tiny marks are by use and of age and not caused by carelessness. She has and continues to be cherished so don’t expect her to be gotten cheap, she will be missed. Because of her minor details, she is being offered at this low starting price. Please do not construe the sun rays in the pictures for blemishes.
This is going to be a feat to properly pack and ship and therefore an AS IS, NO RETURN, NO REFUND item.” Link

CR-8000, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“This is a classic drum machine. Great analog sounds and feel. Its in a great condition, all buttons were cleaned and fixed and smoothly operates.
Check out its appearance in the photos.” Link