Juno 6, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

juno-6 “Up for sale is my Lovely Roland Juno 6 analog synthesizer.

-Excellent mint condition. Just some minor scuffs on the side wood panels. Other than that this baby looks great considering its age.

-No missing keys, knobs, sliders etc.

-Works 100%.

This synth is awesome. So fat sounding it will blow your speakers up. It’s rare to find one like this. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

juno106” This late 80′s unit has been for tinkering only. Has not been in storage, but not really played either. looked really nice in the music room! all slides and knobs are in tact. Seems to work exactly the same as the day it was purchased new. So as far as I can tell, all features work. Has Midi. comes with power cord and owner’ manuals. no case. has a lot of really nice features and sounds. just never learned to use them! she says it’s gotta go…….” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

This particular one is in very good working order with a little scuffing here and there. It’s surprisingly clean for its age. The output jack was getting a bit crackly, so I opened it up and cleaned it thoroughly. Now solid as a rock.

Included with the synth, you get a perfectly fitting, heavy duty molded Gator ATA case and a heavy duty two-tier stand to hold this and another keyboard or anything else you like to perform with. This is a ready to go complete package, and that’s why I’m offering it together rather than parting it out to get the maximum possible cumulative sale price. It’s also why it’s for pick up only. All told, it’s a great deal for a great sounding synth.” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

alpha juno 2 “Cosmetically good condition, comes with sheet music rack not pictured.
Case included, has extra space inside for power cable, midi cables, power strip Etc” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jp8000 “Roland JP-8000 Analog Digital Modeling Synthesizer. Good condition!!!Tested 100%.Body has some white spots.ONE SWITCH BROKEN BUT STILL IS WORKING(pic 3). Normal signs of use.Get an immediate offer Up to Item comes as shown in the pictures. Refer to pictures for details. ” Link

MKS-7, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

mks-7 ” This auction is for a used Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet Vintage 80′s-era Synthesizer / MIDI Module. It’s fully operational and all the sliders, knobs, and buttons on the front and back panels are intact and functional.” Link

Roland, SH-3a @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

” This SH-3A is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!!
This unit was overhauled by professional technician.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

system100101“I bought these beautiful synths in Japan 4 years ago and the guy who sold was the 1st owner, i can say that he kept it really well. Later it was fully serviced in London (it was already working fine but just wanted to be sure) and never had any issues since. They are in %100 working condition, all parts are original and intact, all buttons, switches, knobs, inputs, outputs and parameters are fully functional, they are solid machines! Cosmetically they look excellent for its age (studio use only), there are two visible wears just above the resonance and VCF cut-off frequency on the Model 101 which can be seen on one of the photos. I have been loving and using it since and its time to let it go due to my studio upgrades. There is not much to tell about these synths everyone knows it, they are just so powerful and almost never disappoints. Amazing for dirty bass sounds! To complete the full System you can add the Model 103 mixer and Model 104 sequencer for greater control but you can also use a standard step sequencer like the MFB Urzwerg or Doepfer sequencer patched to CV’s of the System 100 to sequence sounds keyboard-less.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

juno106” Some programs and levers are not working. Other wise these analog sounds are glorious! It has midi and can be driven by other keyboards. A keyboard/synth bag and power cord will be included at no additional charge.” Link

D-10, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

d10 “Hi and welcome to this auction for my Roland D10 synth. It is in excellent working condition. Unfortunately there is no manual but one can be downloaded via the web. Please note that due to its weight and fragility it must be collected – can’t risk it being chucked around in a van!” Link

D-550, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off


*For Parts* Roland D550 Rack Module Synthesizer

It’s not power up. Dead unit.

SOLD AS-IS for parts repair purpose ONLY.

power cord is not included.

No memory card.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

roland jupiter 6 “COMES WITH HARD-CASE!!! GREAT CONDITION!!!” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

alphajuno2 “This Alpha Juno 2 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!!
This unit was overhauled by professional technician.
with original case.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jx3p “For sale is my Roland JX3P Synthesizer. I’m the second owner and I’ve had it in my smoke free studio for approx 2 years. The synthesizer is in excellent operational condition with no issues to speak of. Cosmetically, it’s in very good condition with minor surface blemishes here and there (Please refer to pics).” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

red sh101“Vintage Roland SH-101 Analog MonoSynth.
Rare RED with the RED modgrip!

Well maintained and working 100%.

- Mod Grip attachment for use as a keytar
- power supply
- strap pegs (for strapping it on as a keytar)

This is some light scratching on the front panel above the VCF section but aside from that it is very clean and fully functional.” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

ax09 keytar “Barely used, very clean. Complete with all original packaging, literature, power supply and shoulder strap.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jd800” Full working order JD800 digital synth, in perfect working order with only a cosmetic crack to the top left hand plastic corner panel which has left the cover ‘loose’. A few scratches and marks consistent with a 20 year old synth. Otherwise no problems at all – perfect working order, including all sliders and 61 keys.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

red roland sh101 “Hello and welcome to this auction. I am a home studio hobbyist and am putting up for sale some of my favorite pieces of gear. Please check my other auctions for nice vintage synthesizers and recording equipment.

I have decided to part ways with my beloved Roland SH101 synthesizer, in the very rare red color. It’s in excellent condition and fully functional. Minus a few small scruffs it’s in perfect shape. Includes the rare Red Mod Grip! Tunes up perfect and calibrates across all octaves. I’ve owned a few Sh101′s and it’s hard to find one that actually stays in tune like this. Definitely worth having. A great keyboard for leads, bass and effects, with a useful built in sequencer and arpeggiator. Make it Yours! A techno acid analog dream! ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

used jx3p “Vintage Roland JX3P – Analogue Poly Synth. This thing sounds amazing, can be compared to the tone of the Juno and even the Jupiter easily.

Unit is in full working order, has been kept very well and looked after in a smoke free studio.

Cosmetically it’s in excellent condition. There’s a tiny bit of ageing to screws on the back left-hand and right-hand side of the unit.” eBay Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

roland juno 6” Up for sale is a Roland Juno 6 Synthesizer in great condition. Comes with original users manual. It’s been only used for studio purposes and does come with a metal stand if wanted by buyer (add. shipping costs).” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

svc350 vocoder “Roland SVC-350 Analog Vocoder; a true classic. Comes out of my non-smoking private studio.This unit is in amazing condition !!!

This has the original rack mount ears, all of the original EQ slider caps( except for (3) which are missing (which does not affect the performance any as its not the faders that are missing- its just the plastic caps that go on top of (3) of the faders that are missing), all original knobs and switches. Everything works perfectly.

The Roland SVC-350 has an input for guitar, microphone and keyboard. This vocoder has a true analog stereo output. The tone is impeccable and impossible to replicate. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

sh101 “Up for auction is a Roland SH-101 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. It does power on but it is being sold as is – parts only for the following reasons: It is not fully functional. One key doesn’t work on the keyboard, some knobs are missing/broken, it has been written/painted on (see pictures) by the previous owner. It would take some work to get it back in working condition and it could definitely use a good detailed clean job. There could be possibly more wrong with the item than what is listed above. We are selling this item AS-IS – Parts Only! Power cord is included in the auction as well as what you see in the pictures – No other parts/accessories are with this item. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jsq60” You couldn’t find one in better condition. Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer for the Roland Juno 60 or Jupiter 8. Comes in the original box with original packaging, manual, even the warranty is still there. Not a scratch on the sequencer, near mint condition. I have owned this since 2000 with very little use. Just tried it out with my Roland Juno 60 and it works great. ” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jp-800 “This JP-8000 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!!
The internal battery was changed to the new. This JP-8000 was initialized.
with power cable and original bag.” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

ax synth “This AX-Synth was built up to be ready for the road.
It includes a stage stand made specifically for the synth’s unique shape.
I custom installed Strap-Lok’s on the synth to bypass those useless strap buttons that come stock.
The SKB case comes with a locking core and original key.
The strap is the original made by Roland.
The Power connector is the original Roland model.
Original box and manuals included.” Link

MC-500, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

mc500mk2” Like new Roland MC-500 with manuals box and all it’s floppy disks. Including 2.0 operating system.

Fully functional and cero screen issues. ” Link

CR-5000, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

cr5000“ROLAND CompuRhythm CR-5000

Guter Zustand.Siehe Originalbilder” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

tr808 “We are selling this TR-808 on behalf of a dear friend of ours who is forced to let go of it.

The instrument has been restored by ourselves, analogia.pl – all of the switches have been replaced, all of the pots regenerated and the START/STOP and TAP switches disassembled and regenerated.
It has been equipped with excellent MIDI retrofit from CHD.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

106 “Verkaufe meinen Roland Juno 106 in sehr schönem Zustand. Alle Fader arbeiten sehr sauber, nur die Taste 6 der zweiten Bank muss öfter gedrückt werden. Sollte man damit Probleme haben, kann man die Sounds auch per Fuss-Schalter umschalten.
Netzkabel und Anleitung im PDF Format sind mit dabei.” Link

Roland, SH-1 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

roland sh-1” Up for sale is a (1) very cool sounding Roland SH-1 synthesizer. It’s working fine, with some slightly crackling switches and sliders. Optical it’s in used condition with some scratches and wear and tear on it (see photo’s). It runs on 100V, we deliver it with converter to 220V. The serial number is: 690222.” Link

Roland, TR-505 @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off


JX-3P, PG-200, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jx3ppg200 “Roland JX-3P and PG200 programmer In great condition, tested works great” Link

Jupiter 4, Roland @ 24 August 2014, Comments Off

“This Jupiter 4 does not power on. I do not know anything about it other than it doesn’t work and it is in below average cosmetic condition in my opinion. See photos. Master tune pot is missing knob and is damaged. Has some small dents, wear on panels, wear on sides. From what I can tell all the parts are still there. I am selling it as is or for parts. No refunds or returns. I have been clearing out several of my non working synths and this is my last one. I got this in a trade about a year ago from a friend of mine who was playing it at one time. He said the power kept going in and out until finally it just wouldn’t work. To what extent it was working when he was playing it I do not know, and I know he wouldn’t know either because he is a guitar player and received this about 15 years ago from his uncle. I had plans to have it restored but I have decided to clear it out with the other non working analogs I had. ” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 24 August 2014, Comments Off

jp6 “Hello, you are looking at a Vintage Roland Jupiter 6 analog synthesizer with midi. It has been tested and is fully functional. The Jupiter 6 is all original and is near mint with minor scratches on the bottom if the keyboard. It includes original ac cable.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 24 August 2014, Comments Off

sh101 “For sale is a Roland SH-101 with original box. This keyboard is in full working condition. Included is a universal power supply. Thanks for looking!” Link