Juno-106, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“You’re bidding on a blast from the Past. A Roland Juno 106 in near mint condition. I am the original owner, only played it rarely while taking piano lessons. It was only used in the home, never travelled with it anywhere so it’s still in the same condition as when I got it. It’s never required any servicing. It’s fully functional, just tested it to make sure it’s still in perfect working order, and it’s still in excellent cosmetic condition as well. Includes original manuals provided by manufacturer, also in excellent condition. Item is very heavy, so I’m currently offering it for pickup only in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“Up for sale is my Roland Jupiter 8, one of the best analogue poly synths of all time. This is an early serial number (151359) so it has the 12 bit interface board, which some say sounds slightly better, and some say has slightly less stable tuning. The tuning on this board is rock solid, and I’ve never had it side to side with a later revision JP-8, so I can’t say if it sounds better or not, but it sounds incredible.

It is in spectacular condition, and could probably be considered museum quality (though I’m not 100% sure what that means, so just consider it mint!) I can’t find a single blemish anywhere, but my eyes are pretty bad, and I’m a player, not a collector, so there could be a minuscule dot here or there that I’m not capable of seeing. That being said, my Poly Evolver, which I bought a few years ago new, and has also been babied, isn’t in as good condition as this Jupiter 8, which is 31 years old, so you can pretty much consider this board to be in the best shape that you will ever find. There’s not even a scratch on the glass which covers the LCD display. The keyboard action is also perfect, and is the best synth action that I have ever played.

The same, however, cannot be said about the Calzone hard case that houses it. The foam, which is also 31 years old, is starting to deteriorate a bit, so after being shipped, there will probably be some little black bits here and there on the board, which are not the least bit sticky and will blow right off. At one point I stepped in the case to get leverage to pick it up, so there’s a boot print in the center of the foam. The case doesn’t have wheels, and is so heavy that, when the keyboard is inside, I can barely move it, so, bottom line, if you don’t want the case, let me know and I’ll just throw it out; It’s definitely not the least bit practical.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“This is the famous vintage MC-202 Roland Sequencer Synthesizer in great condition. This MC-202 has been modified by Sam at Third Wave Music in Hawthorne, NJ.

The mod: By flicking the switch on the back the mod bypasses the internal sequencer so there is no lag when using the CV/gate. So basically you can use this MC-202 just like an SH-101. The mod was installed where a non used input jack was so there was no drilling and the MC-202 can be returned to it’s original state. I am including the original plug as well. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“This Juno 60 is fully functional, as I use it for production almost every work day. It has been upgraded with minerva, which works like a charm. TLhere is absolutely no glitch or problems with minerva. It’s amazing. The cosmetic condition of the board is an 8/10. It has minor wear near the top grill. The wood is about as good as it gets. I would say a 9.8/10. All buttons and sliders work as they should. UNDER THE MIDDLE E KEY, there is a slight chip, nothing to hinder the playability or anything. I wouldn’t replace the key. you can’t see it when you are looking down on it. It chipped from the ears of my headphones. Again, nothing that affects the key. Absolutely problem free, and reliable! The synth is fully calibrated and sounds awesome. A good juno will cost you about 1k nowadays unfortunately, and factoring the cost of Minerva plus labor. ” Link

D-50, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“Thanks for looking. I have a Roland D-50 for sale, in good condition. All of the keys work and it sounds great — restored to the original factory patches. It does have a couple of scratches, tape marks, and some of the menu keys require an extra push every now and then, but for a synth of this age I think it’s pretty good. I will include a printed out copy of the PDF instruction manual and the power cord. This does NOT include any memory cards. The default patches were restored via MIDI and the excellent D-50 Librarian program.

The second picture is how this looks packed, with packing peanuts poured on top afterwards. Please note to anyone that may have a foam allergy — I’m sorry, but have packed this with copious amounts of foam padding and peanuts, and will not be able to accommodate any other form of packing requests. Due to size and weight, I will only ship to the US 50 states.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“Roland D550 (the rack module version of the D50 keyboard)
Good cosmetic condition overall and sounds as great as ever.
NEW memory battery inserted for many more years of use. (CR2032)
Factory sounds were loaded back in after battery replacement

NOTE: Front face is in good shape with minor scratches that are in line with a unit of this age.
The TOP of the case is scratched into the vinyl coated aluminum on the left and right sides as shown in the photos. There is nothing to affect the sound or structure of the module.
The LCD backlight is pretty much ‘gone’ but as you can see in the photos, it’s still very clear to read.
Replacement backlights are available on ebay if you so choose to put one in.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“Roland Bassline TB-303 Devilfish. Fully functional with midi mods as well. This is the beast!” Link

MKS-80, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“My friend is sorting thru his pro audio equipment… Please see his other auctions as shipping can be combined!

This MKS-80 is fully functional and has been well maintained by the original owner in a smoke-free, air-conditioned studio environment. This unit has a brand new internal battery! There is rack rash; please see photos. Auction includes the memory cartridge and power cord.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off




Roland, TR-707 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“In good shape, missing a knob, but no cracks, scratches. Works fine with the right adapter with 12v dc adapter (not included)” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“This Auction is for a used Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. One of the most iconic pieces of Hip-hop music to date, the legendary TR-808. All the pots and switches work as intended, nice and smooth the way its suppose to be. There are some signs of wear from love and use of this machine. A few scratches on the face of the unit, also near one of the screws. Cosmetic marks that do not affect the performance of this killer instrument. The TR-808 has been opened up to have all 16 buttons exchanged for better closed Tactile switches. This is simply the functioning unit under the button everything else has been left original. This will extend the life of the machine for years to come to make sure you will always get the quality beat. The mods were done by a professional and have been tested to make sure everything still functions properly, and it sounds amazing. Crisp functioning buttons; pots; and switches, exactly what the beat doctor ordered. This machine was also thoroughly cleaned. This Auction also includes two step pads for use in controlling the TR-808; also the manual for it, which was printed off the internet. These machines are getting more rare every day so if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one, wait no longer” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“For sale is a vintage Roland TR-606 analog drum machine. This TR606 is in excellent shape and fully functional. Includes original case. Battery compartment is clean. Great classic sounding drum machine, and the best for programming and using live since you can switch and reprogram patterns without stopping. See pictures below for more details. Don’t miss out!


- Faceplate in overall good condition
- On the back edge next to the ports there was a sticker and there is glue residue left along with some paint pealing off (see picture).” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“You are bidding on perhaps the best TR-808 I have seen come up for sale in the past few years….mine. I have been following 808 sales and inevitably they are described as perfect etc etc, then the caveats start coming…”except for the usual bumps and dings and dents”. This 808 was cared for like a child of mine and has only one minor ding hardly worth calling that. You can see that clearly as a white spot on the one edge. Otherwise the whole thing is pristine and in perfect working order. So there are really NO caveats about my unit at all. Even the bottom is scratch-free.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off

“Up for auction is the legendary Roland TR909 Rhythm Composer. This machine has had only one owner who purchased it brand new in 1985, and it is in beautiful cosmetic condition. Its original power cable and manual (not a photocopy) is included. It is in excellent working order – all pots move noiselessly and everything functions exactly as it should. ” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 24 September 2012, Comments Off

“verkaufe meinen Roland JP 8000, wer danach sucht weiß sicherlich bereits worum es sich handelt – wer dennoch mehr technische Details sucht, bitte ich danach zu Googlen
bei konkreten Frageen zu Gerät selbst bitte einfach fragen, ich werde mich bemühen alles so gut wie möglich zu beantworten.
Da ich das Gerät schon eine ganze Weile besitze, gibt es trotz exklusiven Nichtraucher Zimmereinsatz inzwischen natürlich ein paar Staubkränze um die Poti und Regler( Fensterreiiger und q-Tips wird es entfernen ) aber auch ein paar tiefere Kratzer an den Seitenteilen lins und rechts ( da wo man quasi nie hinschaut) – ich habe mich selbst gewundert, keine Ahung wo die herkommen , ich erinnere mich an nichts. Die Seriennummer ist AJ92195, mitgeliefert wird das Netztkabel und eine Bedienugsanleitung in Englisch, letzter hatte ich nie in Deutsch, warum frag ich mich jetzt auch, wer es braucht findet es bestimmt als *pdf im Net – ich helf gerne suchen und bei allem anderenwas es zu helfen gäbe …” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“SH-101 with some of the Nova mods.
I have owned this synth for about 5 years and did the mods myself using CTS pots and good quality components.
In December 2008, I had the synth checked out and tuned calibrated etc. by Analog Sweden and it has worked 100% since then.

The case of the 101 has several scratches and what look like small burn marks. See photos, I am trying to be as honest as possible with the condition. I would describe it as OK -> GOOD.
The internal parts of the synth are fine. There was a small repair made to the LFO section at the time of the calibration etc. Some traces were re-soldered.
All of the sliders and pots work perfectly, no scratching or noise.
The synth is working as it should and sounds great.

I have done the following mods;

1. VCF overdrive.
This allows you to overdrive the signal going to the filter to make some fantastic “ripping”, “screaming” or “chewy” sounds. I have called this “Filter Cleanup” as the knob works in the opposite way from expected.
This opens up the range of timbres possible on the 101 extensively.

2. External Audio Input.
This allows 2 possibilities; to run external audio through the filter and the overdrive section OR to use an audio signal as a 100% mod source for the VCF cutoff.
When the audio passes through the filter, the VCA gate must be on for the signal to pass to the output. This means you can use the sequencer or keyboard to make some cool gating effects.

3. LFO multiplier.
Three modes are now possible; standard 101 LFO speed, slow speed (~0.03 Hz at the slowest) and high speed (up to around 1.5 kHz). This allows you to do FM and to modulate the VCF at audio rates. The LFO also controls the arpeggiator and sequencer playback speeds so you can make some CRAZY timbres by sequencing and transposing at high rates.

Again, everything is working 100% on this fantastic synth.” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Roland SH-1000 in sehr gutem optischen und sehr gutem technischen Zustand. Alle Regler und Funktionen sind einwandfrei, die Tastatur dieser Serie neigt zu Doppeltriggern, je nach Intensität des Spiels gibt sich das.

Ein echtes Juwel! So viele außergewöhnliche Möglichkeiten bietet kaum ein alter Synthie. Wow und Growl, 2 (!) LFOs, jede Menge gleichzeitig wählbare Wellenformen und Lagen, eine pfeifende Resonanz, S&H und vieles mehr. Sähe der SH-1000 nicht so orgelmäßig aus… Ein Soundmonster, ehrlich.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Biete einen Roland juno 60 an. mittlerweile ein Klasiker. Der Zustand ist gut bis sehr gut der Bender ist einwandfrei. Der juno wurde wenig transpoetiert..
Was der Synth kann und wer ihn alles verwendet hat bitte einfach googeln das sprengt hier den Rahmen !
Alles funktioniert. Da es aber von Privat ist keine Garantie. Versand übernimmt der Käufer.” Link

Roland, SH-5 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Wie man auf den Fotos erkennen kann, ist das Gerät ist optisch sehr gut erhalten – es ist ein gepflegtes Exemplar, das nur im Nichtraucher-Studio stand und bei Nichtgebrauch meistens abgedeckt stand. Ein zweites Exemplar in diesem Zustand wird man unmöglich finden können (man bedenke: über 30 Jahre alt!). Alle Bedienelemente sind original und funktionieren einwandfrei.

Der Synth ist technisch in sehr gutem Zustand, stimmstabil und richtig gestimmt. Man kann damit also gleich losrocken. Der Filter Resonance Regler kratzt altersbedingt manchmal etwas. Kommt mit Deckel (genauso gut erhalten, ich hab’s vergessen ihn zu fotografieren), Bedienungsanleitung (Kopie) und Soundcharts. Deutsche 220 V Version. Der SH-5 ist selten – wurde in Deutschland nur ca. 50 mal verkauft.

Der SH-5 kann in Neu-Ulm angespielt und abgeholt werden. Aus finanziellen Gründen muß ich mich leider von ihm trennen. Wer einen außergewöhnlich gut erhaltenen SH-5 zu einem bezahlbaren Preis möchte, sollte sich diese einmalige (vielleicht die letzte) Chance nicht entgehen lassen – günstiger wird er nicht mehr werden. Im Ausland werden deutlich höhere Preise für einen SH-5 verlangt und bezahlt. ” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Beautiful Roland TB 303 in great working condition! This particular TB 303 is enhanced with the Kenton modification. This adds 5 sockets to the back of the unit to fit CV, Gate, filter, slide, and accent inputs. Using the added CV & Gate, Filter, Slide and Accent sockets in conjunction with a CV converter you will be able to play the sounds of the TB-303 from a mother keyboard or from a sequencer/DAW directly. Use the TB 303 with automation – a feature that would be impossible to do with a standard 303! Comes With THE Original Black Bag, which is more rare than the standard silver one, in really good condition. And of course you will get the adapter too. Battery compartment is clean and works like it should. Cosmetically there are a few paint blemishes here and there, but overall the unit looks good and most of all the sound is amazing and everything functions as it should! Kept in a smoke free environment. If you already own a TR 606, 808 or 909, this would be the perfect companion. Sold AS-IS. No Returns.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“About this Roland System 100

Overall, the synth is in excellent working condition. It has been fully tested and serviced prior to sale by my synth tech and is 100% working.

Cosmetic condition:

101 keyboard: overall condition is near mint.The front panel is very clean and 99% free of marks, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. There is a rectangular shadow on the paintwork on the right hand side just above the keyboard where a Roland sticker must have been fixed at some point. This is difficult to see in most lights. The side panels are excellent. The rear panel is also free of marks.

102 Expander module: overall condition is very good. The front panel has some small marks and minor blemishes to the paintwork, which is not unusual with Roland synths of this era. Side panels are excellent. Rear panel has a few small marks but is in very good condition.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Hi Guys up for sale is my TR707 I think a classic in the making.
Not quite in the same league as it’s big brothers the 909 and 808 but not far off and at a third of the price.
I’ve been using it with my x0xb0x and it sounds awesome.
I was told that the 707 actually uses samples of the 909
I gave it a good run through this morning testing the midi and audio outputs all ok.
Comes with a new switch mode PSU an after market unit not made by Roland.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Vintage Roland SH-101 Analog Monosynth
Comes with Strap Pegs and Mod Grip
Excellent to Almost Mint Condition
There is one scuff on the plastic that is visible in the close up picture of it, its right near the battery compartment.

Battery works as well, comes with Power adapter.

Sounds fantastic, no issues with the unit, gauranteed to work, no DOA.

The only modifications have been the following:

The Pitch/Mod Joystick has been replaced witha Transluscent one (it does not light up but it is Transluscent)
The LEDs below the Arpeggiator/Sequencer are the White/Blue LED Lights not the Stock Red Ones. ” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“This is the Roland MC-202 synthesizer, sequencer. It comes as shown with the original data cassette, the original manual, a user guide on cd, and the power supply. The unit has been tested and found to operate perfectly. I found a white mark on the backside of the unit, over a bank of jacks, which is visible in photo # 5. Otherwise, the unit is in excellent condition. All keys and sliders, buttons and knobs are present and accounted for, and all move smoothly…pretty impressive for a unit of its age!” Link

MC-4, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“For auction is a Roland MC-4B CV sequencer. Although I’ve listed is as for parts, it’s actually working fine except for failing/dead contacts on a number of keys – unfortunately a common problem with these machines. If you can fix this, you would end up with a fully functional MC-4 in excellent condition. Alternatively, you could download MC-4 hack and program your sequences on the computer. This is a 220v unit.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Here is the whole package! All in good working order accept the backlight is out on the D-550 (display still very readable in good light). Included are the Owners Manuals for both units, 1 PN-050-01 Memory card with Bouncing Bows loaded, 1 PN-050-00 Memory card with Fantasia loaded, the D-550 Sound Chart-Parameter Quick Guide laminated card, a sheet with Edit Map, Edit Functions, and Structure of Tone Parameters, and an original D-550 Roland power cord. A wall wart power supply will be included for the PG-1000 although it is not Roland original equipment. Great sounding classic units! With the PG-1000 your imagination is the only limiting factor!” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“I have a near mint TR-909 for sale. It has seen very little use. If you look close at the serial plate, the plastic film is still there. 9/10 condition in my opinion. The only problem I’ve found is the master volume is a little scratchy. My research shows its a late serial number final revision piece. They only made 10,000 of them and only in 1983 so grab it quick. ” Link

Roland, Tr-727 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off


Roland, TR-606 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Here’s a rarely used Roland TR-606 that was purchased new in 1984 and not used in the past 15 years. Cosmetically it would rate a 9.5 except it has some discoloration on the back side around the battery compartment (see pic #5), other than that it’s in near pristine condition with barely a scratch or mar. Looking at it from the front it looks almost brand new! It comes complete with the manual and quick access “cheat sheet” as well as the Roland protective case. I’ll ship it in its original retail box but it’s no beauty (taped, torn). This venerable drum machine operates like new with no issues.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“This is a vintage Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer in very good to excellent cosmetic condition. This unit worked flawlessly in my studio for 12 years, then one day, it would not power up. I’m pretty sure it’s just a part or connection short in the power supply section. I just don’t have the time or money to get it fixed, and hadn’t been using it as much lately as before anyway.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“For starters, this synth is in great condition. It is fully functional. We’ve tested it and found no problems with performance. Okay so there’s a scratch on the back around the input and output, and a few very light marks on some of control panel. Be honest, though, how many synths of this vintage look anywhere near this good? This board has very obviously been pampered. And we know it: the original owner is meticulous about his gear. It’s a Jupiter 6! Do I have to explain how unbelievably, mind blowingly, synthfully cool this is?!” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“This listing is for a Roland Jupiter 6 vintage analog synthesizer.
The unit is is in very good cosmetic condition and fully functional. All inputs and outputs have been tested and all sliders and pots have been tested as well and are fully working. One knob is missing the plastic cover and two slider caps are missing and can be purchased on ebay for around $10. ” Link

Roland, RS-09 @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“Up for sale is ROLAND RS-09 Organ/Strings analog synthesizer. The string sound and organ sounds are nice, fatty analog sounds.

This is the early version of RS-09 with rocker switches, which is said to be more reliable than the touch switches of the latter version.

The unit appears to be working fine, all the keys and knobs and sliders working well to the best of my knowledge. Maybe a slight noise on the knobs and sliders, which I guess could do with some cleaning/servicing.

Cosmetically the unit is in nice and reasonable condition for its age. There are some minor wear and marks here and there, plus a bit of aging on the metal parts, but nothing major. I will include plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks. ” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“For sale is previously owned Roland Jupiter-6 Synthesizer. This is a 61 key synthesizer that is in outstanding, working condition. Everything has been tested and it is working perfectly. The synthesizer shows no signs of serious wear or damage and has no significant damage on it cosmetically, either. The keys are not sticking what so ever and all of the other buttons are functioning properly as well. This is a very cool synthesizer with many effects! It’s in outstanding condition for the age and nothing is missing! It will come with it’s power cord but I do not have an output cord for an amp. Grab this beautiful piece right now for an outstanding price! Pictures do not do it any justice! Item will be sold as is and as seen in the photographs. Bid confidently and good luck! ” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off

“You know what this is. The Jupiter 8 is one of the all time best synths. This one is in perfect functional condition, all knobs, sliders, and displays are intact and work well. cosmetically, there are a number off very minor dings and scrapes, with a few more noticeable blemishes (see photos), and some deformation ear the hinges in the rear, nothing broken, but you can see someone may have once overextended the hinges(I tried to show in photos, too so no surprises)

This is on of the so called 12-bit JP-8′s, some say these sound better, than the later version. No DCB.” Link