Juno 60, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“This is a used item; it is in good, properly working condition. There is some wear on it, scratches and scuffs. There is tape on the ends of it.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“All pictures are of the actual item for sale. Includes power cord.

Fully functional and in very good cosmetic condition. ” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Black Roland Ax Shoulder Synth with the charger and strap on.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Legendary vintage synthesizer. The Roland MC-202 Micro Composer. Fantastic little unit. Works perfectly with as tested with adapter, not batteries. We will include a free Roland Universal adapter, good for use in ANY country in the world. You’ll also get an adapter plug for your region for free.” Link

MPG-80, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

” Der Programmer ist in absolutem TOP zusand, und kommt mit dem passenden Mehrpolkabel.

Viel Spass beim bieten!” Link

MKS-80, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

” Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter in absolutem TOP Zustand” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“The power supply is bad and needs replacing. I’m not sure if anything else is wrong, everything looks fine but so did the power supply. If you are great at fixing synths then you get a really great synth at a great price. I even have the original 40 year old box and may have the original manual. The system 100s have a really great classic sound. I think they are underrated.

System 100 keyboard 101 (not working)
box (fair condition)
…maybe manual.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Selling a Roland Tr-909 Vintage Drum Machine. A Classic. Great sounds and programming features. Very easy to work and manipulate sounds. Everything is working 100%. Each drum has it’s own individual output which makes this great for recording and sampling.” Link

JX-10, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Keyboard is in good shape.” Link

CR-8000, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Roland CompuRhythm CR-8000 with Manual

Micro Computor Controlled Rhythm Machine

Here is my Cerca – 1980….Rhythm Machine

Its in very good condition and in full working order and includes an owners manual.

All the LED indicators light & work as they should.

Just a few user & age related marks on the original case.

Not many of these machines left these days and they don’t come up for sale very often.” Link

PG-300, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Used Roland PG-300 Vintage Synth Programmer in excellent shape.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

” The 606 hardly needs any introduction – suffice to say that it’s like the smaller, simpler cousin to the TR-808. As you can see from the photos, this particular unit also comes with the original box, manuals and case, although the PSU I’ve been using (and which I’ll include) is a more recent Boss unit.

This unit has also been modified. There are two different mods, which were made at different times. The first was to add individual outputs for the different sounds, as the basic 606 just has a stereo output. (Note that there is still a tiny bit of cross-talk between channels even on the individual outputs.) The second mod was an Analogue Solutions MIDI retrofit, as the original only worked from its own internal sequencer – see below for some problems with that.

WARNING! Now for the tricky bit. I’ve been recording with this machine, using the internal sequencer with and without external tempo sync, for several years. While it is functional it is also pretty temperamental. The main problem is that sometimes when you start it up it gets stuck in a mode where the sync doesn’t work and all of your patterns seem to have been replaced with tom hits. This is very disconcerting, but switching it on and off several times always fixes it. It’s fine for recording – which is what I’ve used it for – but I think it’d be too unreliable for live use. The other issue is that I’ve never got the MIDI to work; I’ve always used the internal sequencer myself so I’ve never got to the bottom of the problem, but I’d beware of buying it if you were primarily interested in MIDI unless you’re happy fixing it yourself.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

This Jupiter 6 is in incredible cosmetic condition! I bought it from the original owner who had it stored for many years. All of the sliders are smooth, knobs turn smoothly, keys feel great. However, it needs to be serviced. The sounds are all garbled and sound funky, like some kind of sci-fi effects. The person/shop that works on my analog synthesizers is backed up for quite some time and can’t get it in right now. I currently have 5 of my synths in his shop that have been there since February! So, if you are a synth tech or you have a shop you use then this can potentially be a great deal for you. I have never owned or even seen a Jupiter 6 that is this immaculate and clean! ”

JX-3P, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“For Sale:

Roland JX-3P Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

Vintage, 61 keys

Programmable, Polyphonic, MIDI

Power Cable

Copy of Owner’s Manual

Great cond

Hardshell case

Handle / Latches / Hinges function properly” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Roland TR-909 Drum Machine

THE sound of house & techno

Very good condition for its age and FULLY WORKING

There are some nicks to the left hand side panel, 2 of the rubber feet are missing and some bubbling / scratching to the very front paintwork (see pics for details).

Apart from that it’s a great machine and still sounding LARGE.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“For your consideration is a vintage Roland model JX-8P Digital Synthesizer. Since acquiring it I have cleaned out the interior with a keyboard cleaner and have replaced the power cord with a new one. Aesthetically the synth is a little gnarly. There are scuffs to the paint and plastic which I tried my best to capture in the photos. On the bottom of the keyboard two of the eleven screws that hold the wooden backing are missing. There appears to be white-out painted onto most of the keys with sharpie on top. All of the keys are intact and free moving. All seems to be working well, guaranteed functional.” Link

GR-500, Roland @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Vintage Roland GR-500 Guitar Synth Module

This powers on but barely any response… A little from the LFO and Pulse

Missing the EQ Freq slider on the left side…and missing 3 other knobs

The case is in good shape though has tape/sticker residue” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off

“Original Roland TR606 drum machine in excellent condition. Full working order with only a few slight scratches to the bottom and sides. No battery leakage. It comes with the original soft case and instruction card. Not much more to say about this classic piece of kit so get bidding!” Link

Roland, SH-5 @ 06 July 2014, Comments Off




Roland, SH-09 @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off


Juno 60, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer (vintage!)

They synth appears to be fully functional. Needs some cosmetic love though (see pics). Various dings and scrapes here and there, most noticeable on the ends. There appears to be some grime on the keys here and there.

When testing, I only used the headphone jack on the back, The volume pot is very scratchy and the audio cuts out now and then sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right, but never seems to be both. Patches can be modified and then written and recalled after powering on (man I love the sound of this thing!) All functions seem to work (VCA, VCF, ADSR, FREQ, RES, etc, etc..) LFO Trigger works as does the bender.

Plug is missing the grounding pin (see pic). Not sure why it was ever removed. I’m not the original owner, but since I’ve had it, it’s been in a smoke free studio. But as I said, it needs some cosmetic love! I would also recommend having the battery replaced, or doing it yourself if you can.. my guess is that the battery that’s in there is original.

Three of the slider caps in the VCF section are missing (see pic).

Keys seem to re-trigger now and then and I did have a key or two seem to not trigger when I was testing it out. But, it wasn’t consistent behavior – meaning it was never the same key that wouldn’t trigger. During some testing and patches all keys triggered fine. Not sure what’s up with that!” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“Roland JP-8000 in perfect condition. Lightly used in smoke free studio.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“This auction is for 1 Day Only and features very desirable Roland D50 vintage Linear Synthesizer in excellent physical condition. I got this synth from a friend of mine who traded me the D50 for some new speakers for his man cave. The keyboard looked to be in excellent shape and worked fine so I took it. I recently pulled it out of storage where it has been sitting for the past 6 years, I plugged it in and it powered right up but I get a “check battery” message and I get no sound when I press the keys. I don’t know anything about keyboards and I don’t know if this is normal or not. The keyboard screen powers up fine and displays the battery message and a bunch of settings I know nothing about. This Roland looks as good as when I first got it, it has spent the past 5 years in its case and shows very little wear and all the controls, buttons and keys are all intact and in great physical condition, it comes with a cool vintage brown vinyl case with plush interior, audio cable, power cable and D50 Memory Rom card. It could be an easy fix if you know how to operate these things or a gold mine in parts if you have one for restoration. I have sold many items in the past that required only minor attention to get them going again, this could be one of them. Sold AS IS for parts or repair ONLY!!” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“This keyboard looks to be in very good condition, powers on perfectly, but has not been tested with an amplifier. It comes with a professional road case.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“Everything on the synthesizer works perfectly. Note that no battery nor power supply will be provided (you can buy a power supply at the store for like 10 bucks). I only ship in the USA. You will have to pay for shipping costs. The accent cap is missing, but it’s really unnecessary because you can still turn the knob without it. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

” Selling my much loved Roland Juno 60. The synth has all its keys, sliders and knobs and still sounds great when played. Also included but not pictured is a fairly ugly but functional wooden case.

As you can see from the pictures it is cosmetically far from mint condition. The synth was kept in storage for around 6 months and as a result, the wooden end on the right side has some warping and blistering. It has been out of storage now for a number of years with no progression in damage. This has not impaired the sound quality of the synth.

Other cosmetic issues are that there is some rusting where the paintwork has chipped and on some of the screws.

As is the case with most old synths, the battery for the memory needs replacing in order to save your programmed patches. Other than that the sockets and volume control could do with a bit of a clean.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“THE sound of Acid…..but you know that because you are looking at this. Original Roland TB303 with carry case and instruction card. Works fine with no battery leakages. Excellent condition, but has a few light scratches and one mark, which looks like some budding house producer has rested a fag against it and melted a small ding. It is not very noticeable at all and doesn’t spoil the machine as you will see from the picture.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

” This item is fully functional. All control sliders, switches and knobs are working perfectly and all complete. Just took it out the case for the first time in 3 years and it’s playing perfectly. There are some minor asthetic imperfections due to the usual wear and tear expected from an early 1980′s synths, plus a very small defacement (god knows why) on the picture that says the name of the synth. (just above the blue line at the top right hand side of the picture is inscribed ‘chess kba 3′. this was on the synth when i bought it. it’s a very small scribe and is hardly noticable. This is one of the few examples of the instrument to come complete in the original Roland flight case.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“As is missing knob
Hardwired power adapter
Appears to work but tambourine/hand clap button not working” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a vintage Roland synth, the Alpha Juno-1. It is used but was well taken care of and is still in nice condition. It has been tested and was found to be in good working condition. It will come with the music holder, a soft case, and a power cord. The only flaw I can find with this keyboard is a chip on the underside of one of the keys, this is visible in the last picture. Please check out the pictures closely to get a good idea of cosmetic condition and to see exactly what is for sale” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

” Hello, you are looking at a Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer. Fully bench tested, and it is 100% functional. Cosmetically it is in mint condition. There are no scratches, dings: the keys appear never to have been played. The keyboard also includes the original packaging, ac cable and manual.” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“Roland super jupiter MKS 70 Synth Module. I am the original owner. It doesn’t work. The internal battery has expired. It needs new battery and sounds reloaded. It worked fine until battery stopped. Its about 20 years old.” Link

CSQ-600, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“Unit is in perfect working order. Includes voltage converter (to convert from 100v to your countries power) and the regional adapter plug! Please see photos for unit condition details.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

“JD-800 in great condition considering it’s 20 years old! All sliders, buttons and knobs are present and working. Patches sound great! Some keys are a little sticky but still play fine. They need a good cleaning. Aftertouch works but needs solid pressure to respond. The case is in great shape, with just a few scuffs and scratches. No cracks or broken componenents. I was blown away by the sounds on this thing. Due to its age, I am selling it as-is, no returns.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off

” Hello and welcome to this auction. I am a home studio hobbyist and am putting up for sale some of my favorite pieces of gear. Please check my other auctions for nice vintage synthesizers and recording equipment. All my gear is well cared for, lightly used and kept in my smoke free dust free home studio. I haven’t gigged with any of my equipment.

For sale is my Roland Sh101 mono synth in grey color. Includes the MG-1 modgrip. This is an amazing keyboard, it is in excellent shape and fully functional. Includes batteries. Holds tune & calibration quite well. Check out the demo to see that it is 100% functional. See the detailed pictures below. A classic for acid electronic techno house, bass leads & effects. Don’t miss out!” Link