Roland, TR-707 @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

“Super clean Roland TR 707, works perfectly and sounds awesome. Comes with non-original power supply, re-printed manual and original “fast start, cheat sheet” manual.” Link

CR-8000, Roland @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

“Ein Bekannter gab mir das Ding. Also m. E. nur für Leute, die sich echt auskennen mit diesen alten Rolandkisten. Einige Grooves und Sounds funktioniern auf Anhieb, schon legendär irgendwie. Bei anderen leuchtet kein Kontrollämpchen auf, schließe daraus, dass hier z.T. defekte elektronische Bauteile ersetzt werden müssten. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off


Ein Klassiker zu dem man nicht mehr viel erzählen muss…

Der Synthesizer befindet sich sowohl optisch als auch technisch in einem absolut tadellosem Zustand.

Die SH-101 wurde 2012 in einer namhaften deutschen Fachwerkstatt komplett gewartet, gereinigt und kalibriert!
Somit ist sie stimmstabil und alle Regler und Potentiometer funktionieren einwandfrei.
Der schriftliche Nachweis hierfür wird mitgeliefert.

Bei weiteren Fragen einfach anschreiben!” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

“This is a Roland SH-101 that has three of the NOVA mods installed. Audio input to the filter, three LFO speed settings, and the FM mod.

The synth’s power button has been replaced as it had the dreaded tuning drift problem, which FIXED all the stability issues. Works like a charm, sounds AMAZING as usual.

Comes with non-Roland power supply. Sorry, no manuals or other materials included. All sales FINAL.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

“For parts vintage roland juno 106 keyboard. This keyboard looks pretty decent except for the switch and the key look at the picture. I do get some sound out of the keyboard but that’s about it the lights do lite up. ” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

Here is a original Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer with built-in sequencer manufactured by the Roland Corporation from 1982 to 1984. Only 10,000 units were ever made!

Serial # 235100

Perfect Working order – Comes with the original soft case and user manual.

There are a few scratches on the bottom of the unit, and some slight wear around frequency cut off knob. Other than that, this 303 is in perfect working order. All the knobs are noise free and everything works like it should. ” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a Roland JD-800 Digital Synthesizer in excellent condition. Not a scratch or dent. All knobs and sliders work. This is one of Roland’s finest synthesizers ever. Excellent for atmospheric pads, leads, basses, and can even sound quite analog: and with all those sliders, you can control the sound just like an old analog. It has mostly been an item in my studio and was hardly ever gigged.

The only functional issue with it are that 3 of the black keys (Ab1, Db2 and Eb2) do not respond well at very soft velocities. However, those 3 keys work fine if hit at medium or hard velocities. All other keys work fine. Everything works fine through MIDI of course.

The keybed has been reconditioned with a new flex-PCB contact strip and all new rubber dome strips. It may be that the left-most rubber dome strip needs replacing in order to correct the problem with the 3 keys mentioned above. This is a $10 part and is easy to replace.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 12 May 2013, Comments Off

” this keyboard has never live my non smoking studio since the 80s is in very good shape thanks for watching” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 11 May 2013, Comments Off

“Unit has only been used in studio/smoke-free environment and it is in excellent condition. Flight case custom made by 5 Star Cases to perfectly cushion the 909 with extra room for wires, cables additional FX pedals etcThis machine has been treated with love & care.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 06 May 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction is a Roland TR-909 Drum Machine. It is becoming very hard to find a good TR-909 these days that hasn’t been abused, so here’s your chance to get a real gem at a great price! This VINTAGE TR-909 is SUPER CLEAN and in LIKE NEW condition. I’ve tried to include many pictures so you can see from all angles that there are no dings or dents. Any “dirt” is probably noise from the high ISO(800) I set my camera to.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Juno 106 in great condition but has a fault when you hold a note down the sound just drifts so needs to be looked at so sold as faulty. It has lived in my studio for the last 25 years and was owned by a keyboard player before that and was flight cased from new” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Juno-60 Synth

One owner from new

Includes custom made hard case

In very good original condition some slight marks shown in photos 9, 10 & 11

Excellent working order, all keys, buttons, sliders etc functioning as new

Only occasionally used in the last 20 years, stored in its case in the house

Unable to find owners manual at present, if and when found will forward to winning bidder (can be downloaded from internet)

From a smoke free home” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-101

One owner from new

In very good original condition

Only occasionally used in the last 20 years, stored in its box in the house

Original Boss adaptor included (length has been extended)

Owners manual included” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Cosmetically, the synthesizer shows normal wear from use, mostly light surface scratches. The previous owner said that it was in working condition when last used. However, no guarantees or warranties are made, and no returns will be accepted. It is sold as is, where is. The case is in solid condition, but the interior foam padding liner is deteriorating. I am also removing and enclosing the rubber feet so that it will fit in the shipping box.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Up for Sale I have my Roland MC-202 Analog Synthesiser

Included in the sale are the following :

- Mains Adaptor
- Original Manual
- Reprinted Manual (from PDF)
- 16 New Technology Transplant Slider pots (not pictured)
- Spare RAM chip (not pictured)
- Spare PCB’s (for parts) inc replacement CPU and LCD screen! (pictured)
- Spare Battery Holder (pictured)
- MC-202 Hack

MC-202 Hack Sequencer Back up and Editor software (Mac OSX & Windows) (License will be transferred to buyer) Please see Link:

Details about the synthesiser :

Apart from a few rough edges (see images), the unit is fully operational.
It has been recently serviced with all faders cleaned with Deoxit, and the volume pot replaced with a NOS.
Also it has had the necessary proper CV input mod, as if you intend on running this synth from CV rather than the internal sequencer then this will allow the correct timing to take place as the incoming CV will not be quantised first by the CPU.” Link

Roland, RS-505 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Unit functions as designed…There are 2 of the plastic slide pieces missing…” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“You are looking at my beautiful Vintage Analog Roland Juno-60 61 Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer. She has been with me for at least 20 years stored in my mini music studio. She is in great working condition. The four screws to secure the lid are missing. Two slider caps have been replaced post picture shoot. A replacement white D key (picture 3 left side) will be included to replace one that has a superficial crack. Her circuitry remained clean as can be seen due to her non exposure to dust but an air conditioned home.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Classic flagship digital linear synthesizer with instantly recognisable, unique sounds and layers.

Rear panel features mono/stereo output, phones output, 4 x control pedal inputs and full MIDI in/out/thru.

This instrument has had very light use, only gigged a few times.

Full working order.

Comes complete with top grade flight case, data rom card AND full suite of original manuals, patch guides etc.

Option to collect in person (Glasgow area) or will happily courier to anywhere in UK (sorry, no overseas).

A great addition to any home or pro studio. I’ll never forget the first time I heard a D-50 in an Edinburgh music store, then live in the Usher Hall – brilliant memories make this a reluctant sale!” Link

CMU-800, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“What you get. Roland CMU-800. Apple IIe computer(Has had power supply rebuilt) and Apple IIe Owners Manual. Video Monitor.MPC Electronics Sync track so you can control the CMU from your din sync equipment(timing sounds better to me doing it this way around than syncing from the CMU, but you can do it that way if you want, with some experimentation)

This is a fairly unique opportunity to get hold of a Roland CMU-800, and the computer required to run it, with an easy to use and space saving SD card floppy disk system, without having to spend months/years trying to put your own set-up together. Buy it all in one go and take all the ball ache out of the equation. Hook it up to your CV/Gate synths and start making music now.

Mint condition and working Roland CMU-800 8 channel CV/Gate Sequencer and manual,with built in 7 voice analogue drum machine supposedly similar to the TR-606.(I actually prefer the CMU’s drums as they seem cleaner and snappier to me than the 606.The hats are also better in my opinion.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction is Roland JX-3P

This keyboard is in great shape and perfect working order.

Missing two of the slider knobs.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Very good shape, pretty clean unit for it’s age, works perfectly, W/ Power supply.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“ROLAND TR 606 DRUM MACHINE . In good used condition. Minor scratches , a little grime and other light signs of wear. Patterns were run and the outputs were tested. Did not write pattern , but everything seems to work fine. Comes with original manual. Powered by 4 C batteries. Or 9v power supply (not included). See pics for info. ” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“This unit is not working and is being sold as is/for parts.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Item sold as is. Please research and be aware of voice chip repair/replacement issues with the vintage Juno-106. This keyboard will need to be serviced and voice chip(s) may need to be repaired/replaced, but is in overall fair condition as noted in the photos with normal wear from usage. All controls and outputs work properly; however, after just testing it out of storage, it definitely has voice chip issues at this point. No dead notes but what started out with a note barely audible in the background, as it was left on and played longer, became noticeable hanging voice issues and random crackling. It is having what I believe may be voice chip issues that are common with the 106, but from what I’ve read, it can be fixed. One slider cap missing, scratch on right front, and residue on the upper left from music store’s bad idea to place a sticker on my keyboard (see photos). Includes original owner’s manual and power cord. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

” Has a few minor issues but otherwise in good working condition:

Two small scuffs in paint work ( photos attached).
One black key slightly elevated but still operational (photo).

Comes with original gig bag manual and music notation stand.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a Roland Juno 60 synthesizer. This particular unit has been VERY well taken care of. All of the original slider and buttons are intact and all of the paint looks new. The bender wheel has a great response to it. Keys are clean and play great. The battery was replaced a few years ago and all the original patches were loaded back in. You can create any vintage analog sound on this thing with ease. There is a reason musicians still swear by these keyboards and you realize it once you play one. This is one of the best looking Juno 60′s I’ve ever seen…inside and out. The wood panels are in really good shape with only a few minor scuffs. The wood on the bottom looks almost brand new as well with hardly any scratches at all. It has one chipped key (check pictures) and a few stickers…those can be removed and the key doesn’t affect playability at all. I really hate to let it go because i doubt ill ever be able to find one in this condition ever again but I have another so this one has to go. If you’re looking for a Juno, this is the one to buy…don’t pass it up!” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“This item is a Roland JX-3P analogue, programmable synthesizer. It was made in Japan and it’s serial number is 325699. Also included are a number of extras including:

PG200 programmer remote with cable

Soft carrying case

Owners manual and service manual with schematics

Vintage Roland catalog

Original music holder

Internal Roland Chip

Sustain pedal

2- 8-pin to 3- 3.5 mm male cables

This Synth is older but it is in very good condition. I was able to test almost all of the features. All of the tones and presets work great. The programmer is working well. I was able to use the internal 16 note sequencer with no problems. I saved patches with no issue. I was not able to test the tape memory function.

I am not sure about the included internal chip. It is designed for this keyboard but I don’t know about its condition. I am also unsure about the 2 8-pin to 3.5mm cables. I’m not sure what they are for so I could not test them. ” Link

Roland, SH-2000 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“ROLAND SH-2000 Synthesizer

Verkaufe diesen analogen Klassiker in optisch gutem Zustand, es gibt keine sichtbaren Defekte (siehe Bilder)

Beim Test ließ er sich zwar anschalten, doch gab keinen Ton aus, vieleicht muss man ein anders Gerät extra anschließen.

Ich kenne mich mit so etwas nicht aus.

Deshalb verkaufe ich ihn ausdrücklich als defekt.

Ich vermute aber, dass es sich um eine Kleinigkeit handelt, die ein Fachmann leicht reparieren kann.” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“This listing is for 1 x Roland SH-09 Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer (actual item in images)

The unit functions as it should and is in excellent condition (please see images). All sliders/pots have been treated with Caig Labs DeoxIT® Fader F5.

The internal VCO tuning has also been calibrated.

In the photographs you will see that the SH-09 is powered up.

Collection and viewing recommended.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

“In very good condition, fully working TB-303 Devil Fish. I’m not happy to let this baby go but I need the cash . Including manual & 220v adapter. ”

Roland, SH-101 @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

” Roland SH-101 synth. A great little synthesizer that can make great and enormous sounds. It is fully functional! The power supply died many years ago due to age but the key board has lived on through the modern miracle of batteries. I’m not sure of how long the batteries last but it is hours up-on hours. All it was ever used for was home recording, it was never gigged with. With effects like a tape echo or reverb this thing really comes alive. Alas, I don’t use it much any more but what a fun tool to use when you need it. I have owned this since 1983, so a very long time.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 05 May 2013, Comments Off

” Used but in good condition. The only flaw is that the Bank 6 button doesn’t work, so there is probably a loose connection that someone with a technical background could fix easily. All the other functions are in excellent condition.” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 28 April 2013, Comments Off

” SH-09 synthesizer. Sound module working fine but case broken, power knob missing and one key does not work.(Spring missing!). Would suit somebody wishin to use as a CV/Gate sound module. Has been interfaced with an MS-202 to create a second voice.” Link

MKS-80, MPG-80, Roland @ 28 April 2013, Comments Off

“Up for Auction is my Roland Mks80 and Programmer with one Memory cartridge and inter connecting cable.

The machine is in great condition for its age and has only been used in my studio.

The programming capabilities are amazing.

The MKS 80 is Rev 5. version. Never having used the Rev 4 version I can only say that I enjoyed working with this version and found the sounds powerful

and warm…Not brittle or harsh as others have written…

I have left the original factory set programs in the MKS 80 as a starting point for programming purposes.

You can download the manual from the net if needed.

There are videos on youtube about the Mks80 or you can google it.

This is a great Hands on Synth for those who like real time doodling.

This really is a legendary synth.

The reason I am selling is because I now play guitar and the MKS 80 is no longer used.

I have set the bidding at a reasonable start with no reserve.

So grab yourself a bargain.

I hope it goes to an appreciative home for someone else to enjoy.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 28 April 2013, Comments Off

” Just an amazing techno/acid/funk/hip hop drum machine.
I’ve had it for years, it works 100% correctly, it is in fantastic shape, no kind of rot in the battery compartment or anything at all. ” Link