Roland, TR-606 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“I’ve owned this unit since the early eighties and it’s been used less than 10 times. Some discoloration near battery compartment. Battery terminals appear corroded but unit works perfectly on wall power. There is a volume knob missing. ” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Scratching/wear, due to it being a vintage item. Drill holes covered in the back with cosmetic piece. Hi-hat knob was replaced. Scale switch missing, but can be fixed or easily maneuvered with a tool. 4 lights are a little dim. Batter cover is loose/you should use tape if you use batteries instead of buying power. Everything else functions perfectly and sounds great!!! Power supply not included on any given item.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“In amazing cosmetic and physical condition. The SH101 sounds amazing, especially on the low end. Those dub step warble base lines can be dialed in quickly. Cool sequencer too.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland MC-202 MicroComposer – Classic Vintage Analog Synth with Sequencer. Missing battery lid. No battery leaks. Cleaned and in good condition. Does not come with power supply but uses 9V with + on outer and – on inner.” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“I am selling the last of my analog synths as I wind down my studio. This is the venerable Roland Jupiter 8 – the grand-daddy of the analog polysynths. This is a great opportunity to get one of these beauties from a trusted US seller with a great reputation.

It is in excellent shape functionally and cosmetically. In preparation for sale, it was just serviced and tested by none other than the famous Retrolinear analog shop.

It has light scratches on the side plates and a small dent on the case (see the photos – it’s in the LFO section, just above the yellow arpeggiator buttons). The silkscreening looks great and the colored buttons are not faded.

Serial no. 141xxx.

The synth comes with the flight case shown in the pictures. The foam is in decent shape and should be good for keyboard storage and light travel.

The owners manual and service manual will also be included.

It is a 220V unit – US buyers can use any $15-20 transformer. ” Link

CR-78, Roland, WS-1 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

Items you are bidding on.

-Roland CompuRhythm CR-78
-Original owners manual
-WS-1 Writing Switch (with original box and owners manual)

You are looking at the legendary electronic rhythm machine of the late 70s & 80s; The Roland CR-78. The CR-78 was one of the favorite instruments of pop and electronic musicians in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Famous songs that make prominent use of the Roland CR-78 include “Vienna” by Ultravox “Heart of Glass” by Blondie and “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

It is in amazing condition, and works great. It comes with the original owners manual, and the very rare WS-1 writing switch (with it’s original box and owners manual) Everything is in nearly perfect condition. The only flaw is some very light specs (maybe paint?) on the top of the case. (shown clearly in photos). I’m positive that they can be cleaned off, but I haven’t tried it yet. ”

JP-8080, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

” Unit is in excellent condition and works/sounds great! Includes the synth, the original rack ears, custom wood sides and the power cord. The power button sticks a little bit but it’s nothing major. Would love to keep it but the holidays are coming. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship to addresses within the U.S.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“This Roland TB-303 is in superb condition & has been kept my smoke free studio & never used live or in gigs. What’s unique about this auction is that this unit comes with a Dyn-Sync to MIDI Converter Box WITH Dyn-Sync cable and MIDI cable included. So you can hook the TB-303 to your DAW like PRO-TOOLS , LOGIC, & more, & have your programmed 303 tunes play back TEMPO-SYNCED with your DAW (like pro-tools, logic) as the Master & the 303 as the Slave. All lights work, the battery holding box is clean with NO battery acid stains found unlike many others sold AND the battery cover IS included which is also missing from many other vintage 303′s. Also, Cosmetically this is almost a 10 with the exception of very minor scuffs for its age. One of the pots come loose & in the battery area there is a piece of foil to ensure a tight connection with the batteries. All of it IS ORIGINAL & works great. The original CARRY CASE is included & comes with a new compatible BOSS/ ROLAND a/c adapter that also can be used on the Dyn-sync converter when using the batteries in the 303. So there is ONE a/c adapter. How I used it was to put the batteries into the 303 & connect it to the converter & have the converter powered by the a/c adapter. Then I’d connect it to the MIDI port of my audio interface & record it tempo-synced to my DAW. This is as authentic as it gets to capture the true & unmistakable TB-303 sound. Here’s a list of what’s included in this auction:

Original Carrying Case,
Dyn-Sync to MIDI converter box,
Dyn-Sync Cable,
MIDI Cable,
1- compatible BOSS/ ROLAND a/c adapter,
4 C-Batteries,
Converter Box instruction sheet.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Presenting a vintage Roland Juno 60 Polyphonic Programmable Synthesizer.
All controls functions. No missing knobs. Cosmetics while not mint are real nice and respectable. The wood panels are even nice. ” Link

CSQ-600, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland CSQ-600 sequencer.

Tested as best as we could in the studio.

Was able to record some notes into the machine and play them back on a Roland MC-202 synth via the CV gate 1/4 cable to mini jack.

Only the CSQ-600 sequencer is for sale, attached power cord included. Printed b/w manual included.” Link

Roland, SH-3a @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off




JX-3P, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Has some scratches on the sides and few knobs are slightly bent but only cosmetic. Lights up and plays with no problem.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a beautiful vintage Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. I am the second owner of this instrument, having purchased it a year or so ago from the original owner, who purchased it in 1982. This synthesizer is a 61 key, 6 voice fully programmable polyphonic. All functions have been tested and to the best of my knowledge (I am a highly successful bedroom musician) works great and the instrument itself is in great cosmetic condition with just a slight scuff on the right side wood grain (see photos) and some tape residue over the Memory Protect switch (will easily come off with some GooGone or similar product). This instrument has NOT been serviced to the best of my knowledge, however I have had no issues with it going out of tune, or any voice related issues. This synthesizer comes with a beautiful hard travel case (Modern Engineering brand, purchased at the same time as the synthesizer) as well as two 15′ instrument cables (1 is a gold connector Mogami and the other is a gold connector Planet Waves to get you running in stereo) and original manual (see photos). Also included is the original patch cassette and instructions for reloading. This is a fully functional, professional synthesizer that has been taken care of very well over the years. It pains me to let this beauty go, but I am focusing all my creative energies on my Vintage Vibe electric piano these days, and this Roland simply is not getting the attention it deserves.” Link

JX-3P, PG-200, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“We are selling a Roland JX-3P and the PG 200 with it.BUT it does not work properly.when you turn it on it works for about 10 seconds and starts fading out to no sound at all.we do not want to mislead any one …this thing needs repaired to work right.the short cable from the synth to the pg200 is also bad. The synth does not have all the right screws in the bottom of it so someone had took it apart before i got it.Someone who knows how to repair these instruments could get a deal on a vintage synth!!!” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“The synth was owned by Ott, the legendary british producer. It’s in a good cosmetic condition, fully working except the envelope. I realised that the Attack does not respond properly. ” Link

Roland, SPV-355 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

+ 110 volts version
+ has scratches & wear
+ missing rack ears and all slider tips
+ lights up

Juno 6, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“SED ROLAND JUNO-6 Music Synthesizer

This works perfectly

This comes with the hardcase

This unit is for 100Voltage ( Not unit for 240V )

You need the voltage converter to use it

But we will give you voltage converter from 100V to 240V or from 100V-120V, if you need it with the adapter ” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Overall, the synth is in outstanding working condition. It has been fully tested prior to sale by my synth tech and is 100% working.

Cosmetic condition for the full set is near mint – an outstanding example:

101 keyboard: condition is near mint.The front panel is very clean and 99% free of marks, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. There is a rectangular shadow on the paintwork on the right hand side just above the keyboard where a Roland sticker must have been fixed at some point. This is difficult to see in most lights. The side panels are excellent. The rear panel is also free of marks. The base panel is free of marks.

102 Expander module: overall condition is excellent. The front panel is very clean with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. A small mark at the bottom of the main front panel below the control area and a couple of tiny (1mm) blemishes on the front control area are all to report. The side panels are excellent. The rear panel is also free of marks. The base panel is free of marks.

103 Mixer module: Front panel is in near mint condition, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. Only a couple of tiny (<1mm) blemishes. The side panels, rear panel and the base are free of marks.

104 Sequencer module: Front panel is in near mint condition, with the paintwork and printing in superb condition. Only a couple of tiny (<1mm) blemishes. The side panels, rear panel and the base are free of marks.

109 Speakers: Both speakers are in near mint condition. All panels are clean and free of marks.

All knobs, buttons, switches and sliders are present, original and function correctly.

The original boxes for the 101 and 103 modules are also included with the sale.

These are 100v models - a small wall plug style stepdown transformer is included for each unit." Link

CR-78, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a (1) vintage Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm machine. This one is in near mint condition (see photo’s) and in perfect working order. Great analog drum sounds for in your studio! It’s a 220V version and the serial number is: 925172.” Link

Roland, System 100 @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

“It functions %100 perfectly and flawlessly.

This sequencer is a very hard one to track down.
Lord knows it took me a wile. I haven’t seen one come up on ebay in over a over a year.

This unit just came back from Portland Custom Shop were it was professionally deep cleaned, calibrated and gone over with a comb.
The receipt for these services will be shipped with the unit.

It is missing a knob cap, but the knob functions perfectly. I would have replaced it for the cost of $20 for the exact type of cap, I just never needed to as it never got in the way of tuning the step note. Other than that, the only other cosmetic flaw would have to be a few tinny little paint scuff as seen in pictures.
All in all not bad for being from the 70′s. They just don’t make em like use to.
This thing is built like a tank and its heavy.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“A Roland MC-202 monophonic synth/sequencer, unmodified and in completely original condition. One owner, bought about 1983, very little use, stored for most of its life. Comes with a non-standard power supply plug pack (9VDC 300mA) with an Australian plug. Everything appears to work: all synthesiser functions and controls work, all pots and sliders are smooth and not noisy, both LEDs and the internal beeper work, all keys function reliably. All sequencer and programming functions also appear to work. Did not test saving and restoring from cassette tape, nor DIN-sync, but no reason to think they would not work.

Please note the following carefully:

there is a small crack at the lower left corner of the case (see photo), but it is very minor
there is a very small amount of corrosion on the battery contact in the battery compartment (see photo), but there has been no battery leakage.
there is a dark patch at the upper left of the LCD – see photos, including photo with the unit powered off showing the dark patch. The dark patch does not obscure any information in the LCD display.
the LCD has very poor contrast when seen from directly above. When viewed from about 45 degrees (which is the normal working angle) it is perfectly legible (see photos)
some of the segments in the LCD display flicker slightly from time-to-time.

It is possible that the LCD is beginning to fail. However, it remains 100% usable as it is – the LCD is completely legible. The LCD unit is replaceable (see page 3 of the service manual available at ), it is not soldered to the PCB and can be readily replaced if a new LCD to suit can be obtained. Alternatively, this MC-202 would be perfect for the popular and well-documented CV and gate external jack modifications which bypass the sequencer CPU, if you just want to use the synth engine (which sounds great), or as a donor for spare parts to keep other MC-202s going.” Link

CMU-800, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Analoger 6-stimmiger Sound-Expander mit Poly/Bass/Solo-Synth + TR606 Drums + 8 CV/Gate Outputs zum Ansteuern von externen Synthesizern. Handbuch, Sequencer-Software und Interface für MZ-2000 / MZ-80B Computer werden mitgeliefert. Herstellungsjahr 1983. Unbenutztes Gerät im Original-Karton!” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Here we go guys!

Regrettably I am selling my beloved Vintage Roland Juno 60 Pure Analogue Synthesizer Keyboard!

Its in extremely good condition for its age as u can see in the pics & works perfectly.

Not to mention there are not many JUNO 60′s left in the world that are in really good condition as u can see above.

Its just been recently serviced by one of the most respected service & repair technicians in Germany.

All buttons & keys are working like a charm!

I am also including the roadcase with the Juno 60 as a bonus to protect it during shipping etc!

Not included is a KENTON DCB to MIDI Converter which I will offer the winning bidder 1st preference to purchase it at a reasonably good price if interested.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Angeboten wird hier der Kultsynth JP-8000 von Roland, in einem sehr gutem Zustand mit üblichen Gebrauchsspuren (Nichtraucher, tierfrei). Das Gerät wurde gut behandelt, die Interne Batterie erneuert. Deutsches Handbuch ist dabei sowie ein Netzkabel. Kenner wissen was es kann.Fetter, analoger, warmer Sound. Die Benutzer-Oberfläche stellt für jedes Parameter einen eigenen Dreh bzw. Schieberegler bereit. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“A rather sorry state of affairs for such a classic synth!
This was purchased to help repair a non-functioning 101 a while back, however it never got used so I am selling as is.
The synth PCB and controlling PCB have been cut out and can be seen on top of the synth in the image.
These PCBs may well be working, but I have no way of testing them to be sure. Also, the PCBs for the I/O and the bender/mod section are still inside the case – again I cannot specify whether they are functional.

Plus points – The case is in very good condition, the keys still feel good. Also a large amount of the original potentiometer/slider caps are present.

Anyone looking for a major repair project for a 101 would find this kit of parts very useful.” Link

Roland, SH-3a @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“This SH-3A has been used in various recordings and is in good working order. The hard case is included (top and bottom).
Please note the following flaws:

Case has some nicks and marks inside and out
Output level switch is very loose but works (feels more like a slider than a switch)
Both case catches are broken and need replacing

Otherwise the synth works fine and is in good condition as you can see from the photos. It is fitted with a UK plug.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Made 1982-86, In good clean order , with serial number label inside the battery cover checked over and is all fine and fully working there are no modifications and a new power adapter is included.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Condition:Fully working order

Comes with Case

Cosmetically are clean condition.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Hier biete ich meinen ROLAND JD 800 an.

Das Instrument ist in einem optisch und technisch sehr guten Zustand, hat nie das Studio verlassen.
Zu dem Synthi gehört die Anleitungen und das Netzkabel.

Abholung erwünscht.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Selling my SH101 which has been stored in my loft for 25 years, emigrating so selling up.

No battery cover. Never had batteries so no corrosion, bender wheel has come slightly unattached but that can easily be replaced for approximately £60

A few sliders are bent (pictured) otherwise all works fine. Has kept its colour too. Grey not yellow!!” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“This TB-303 is in excellent condition. It has been kept in my smoke-free home studio, has never been on the road or used in any gig/live settings. There are NO scratchy or loose pots or switches. This unit comes with a new compatible 110vAC adapter and a printed copy of the original manual. Cosmetically, it is a 9 out of 10. No dings or cracked plastic, only minor scuffs from taking it off and on a shelf. It is completely original and sounds fantastic! ” Link

D-10, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

‘Up for sale is a Roland D-10 Synthesizer/Keyboard. I acquired it through a local trade but can’t figure out the concept of the synthesizer. Would rather have a keyboard with more ready made sounds.

Keyboard is in used condition with all functions working. Pitch bend stick is a little stiff but operating none the less. You can adjust the bend range in the settings.

The power cord is attached to the keyboard. As in it is not removable like some of the other D series models.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off


Ax-Synth, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“No reserve auction. Lightly used store Demo Roland AX-Synth Synthesizer. White. ” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Up for auction! This Roland Juno 6 is in full working order. All controls, buttons and sliders are in perfect working order (no bends etc) Cosmetically, it is in very good condition with only a couple of chips in the wooden end pieces (see picture). I do not have the box or manual.

This 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer uses a DCO per voice to generate sound. Built-in chorus effects increases the range of sounds that can be produced. This synth also has a key transpose feature.

This Synthesizer has come from a studio that has since closed and has never been taken out on the road. It has been well looked after.” Link