Roland, SH-101 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“For Sale – Roland SH101 with Kenton Filter/Modulation CV modification. (will include the 9v PSU multi-adaptor)

I’ve had this synth for some 20 Years. Its in pretty good shape – all knob and sliders intact – and working perfectly. Was serviced around 4 years ago – been perfect ever since. Has some slight corrosion in the battery compartment (mainly rust from original owner) – have cleaned off battery contacts – just some oxidised colouring on internal plastic – I’ve not tried operating with batteries – but if I get a chance while the auction is running – I’ll test it.

It came with a Kenton retrofit allowing CV control over the filter cut-off and modulation speed (pictured). I used this with a Kenton Pro2 – which allowed midi control over the filter and mod speed via a couple of aux cv’s on the kenton unit.

I no longer have a Pro 2 to check this is still working – but did attempt via a +5v cv signal from my modular synth rig – and did get some movement with the filter and mod speed – but wasn’t quite the same as the Kenton Pro 2 provided.

Other than that all works as expected – checked the internal sequencer + Arp – still going strong. I recently cleaned the pots and sliders – as there were a couple of scratchy sliders – all seems fine now.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Incredible sounding classic synth, with its famous Supersaw waveform.

Full working order, one or two slight scrapes and some residue from sticky tape which could be scraped off.

Will include power lead in addition to the synth but no manuals.

I’ve been using this in conjunction with a plugin which allows the synth to be controlled from your DAW, in essence turning it into a Virus-esque set up. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Hierbei handelt es sich um ein gut gepflegten Roland JX-3P aus einem kleinen Heimstudio. Aufgrund Zeitmangel wurde das Gerät in den letzten Jahren nicht mehr benutzt und war sorgsam im Case verstaut. Der Synthesizer funktioniert einwandfrei und es ist sogar noch das original Handbuch mit dabei.Der Verkauf erfolgt in einem selbstgemachten Holz-Flightcase das perfekt auf das Gerät angepasst ist ” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“It is a real pleasure to offer this Roland Jupiter 8 for sale. This synth is excellent physically and is 100% functional.

Prior to sale, the synth has been extensively tested and serviced by my tech. All functions and features work correctly.

The front panel is in excellent condition, very clean and with only a couple of small marks. The paintwork and silkscreening are superb – the black paintwork is dark and solid and the coloured silkscreening bright and sharp.

The mod panel is very clean, with only a couple of tiny marks on the front edge and a small mark to part of thelettering.

The two end panels are absolutely spotless, as good as the day they were machined.

The back panel is excellent, with small marks only.

All knobs, buttons, sliders and switches are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

This is a 100v model so a step down transformer is included as part of the sale.

Included as part of the sale is a Kenton Pro DCB unit which will midi up the Jupiter via the version 1 DCB slot on the back panel (below the Roland logo).

The original Roland Jupiter 8 flightcase is also included as part of the sale.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” Roland SH-101 Analogue Synth. Not sure if working as have no power lead for it. Selling as spares and repairs for this very reason. Unit is very bruised and battered. Needs cleaning up a little. All keys in tact, a few slightly bent. Pitch bender has broken. Please see pictures for condition. ” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” We are offering this Awsome Juno 1 keyboard . It has been tested and sounds great.
It is packed and ready to ship” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” This auction is for a Rare RED Roland SH-101 Analog Mono Synthesizer Keyboard

This unit is cosmetically a 9.9/10. Near mint condition.

Everything works and functions exactly as it should.
NO missing knobs or sliders.

Power cord is included, but not pictured.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is my Roland JD-800 synthesizer in excellent physical, playing and sounding condition. (See pics!) It will come with a foam padded road case, external memory card, Roland DP2 sustain pedal and the power cord. I no longer have the original manual, but I can send the winning bidder a PDF version if you need it.

If you are not familiar with this synth, it has simply stunning strings, pads and lead sounds, and is fun to program with all of the knobs and sliders on the top deck. Not to mention the fact that it looks cool on stage!

As for the techie stuff: I have recently gone through and cleaned all of the key contacts, so every note triggers perfectly. All knobs, sliders and buttons also function properly. I did the “aftertouch mod” on it a few years back, so aftertouch is a bit more responsive as well. While I have not removed the red glue holding in the key weights, I see no obvious signs of an issue, and all the keys play freely. Last but not least, I have restored all of the internal factory patches, with my custom patches saved on the memory card if you want to give them a listen.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Good condition with expected few scuffs. Works good. Home use only.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Plays perfectly, but has minor scratches normal for an instrument of this age, and the power cord outlet on the back is loose so power may go off if the cable moves around while playing.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” Gone thru a pro tech and ready to go. In perfect working conditions.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off







Roland, TR-606 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR-606

100% analog

Works perfectly!

No issues!!

Is used but in good condition, Minor scratches (nothing to mention), has been fully tested and in perfect order!!”

Roland, TR-606 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” i bought this unit new and was used briefly in the early 80s and then put in storage, some case discoloration but otherwise in very good condition, includes vinyl case and instructions.

i had this unit professionally modified with 5 separate outputs for each drum so the sounds can be processed individually using out board devices.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage Roland Drum Machine TR-707 that I bought back in the 90s for approximately $800 from Guitar Center. It has been lightly used and is in good condition.

However, it has been in storage for approximately 10 years and not used. The unit powers up and you can tap the buttons to generate the voices, which are exactly from the factory, but the start button does not start a sequence any more, and not sure why this is the case, and the display shows vary strange display, which changes around. This is why I shelved the unit. I was going to send to Roland and have them repair this, but decided to let someone else do this. I am not an electrician so, this is above me.

If you are able to repair this, these do sell for a lot on Ebay used, maybe you can make some money, or use it. It is missing the original box and the owner’s manual that I can not locate, but it does have the original AC adapter, midi book, stereo out put chord, and a few other stereo chords and the plastic bag I got with it.

I used to make house music with this machine, and was real fun.

Keep in mind, this needs repair, but you can manually play it when hooked up to an amp.” Link

Roland, Tr-727 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off


D-50, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Original owner, bought 1987.

Comes with four memory cards: a back-up for the original
internal sounds, Roland PN-D50-01 and PN-D50-02 sound cards,
and an extra mystery sound card. In addition, it comes with
a light-weight stand, a Roland EV-5 volume control pedal and
Boss FS-5U pedal (which I usually used for sustaining).

I should have the original users manual, however I have not
been able to find it. I will continue to search for it. The manual
is available online in pdf format.” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Zur Auktion kommt ein Roland Alpha Juno 1 analog Synthesizer.

Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei , die Folientaster sind alle intakt , ich habe das Gerät mit einem Controller programmiert , der ebenfalls hier angeboten wird.

Ich habe mir einen anderen analogen Roland gekauft der leider etwas teuerer war und aus diesem Grund trenne ich mich von 5 Geräten , bitte meine anderen Auktionen beachten , vielen Dank !!” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“For sale — You are bidding on the greatest analog poly synth ever made: the Juno 6. This is classic analog synthesis in the truest sense. No presets, no menus to scroll through– just pure awesome late 70′s synth tone! This particular piece is all original. Sounds are classic, unique and one of a kind. Inspiration in a box.

Arpeggiator, key transpose, chorus, pitch bend wheel, oscillators, lfo, asdr and filter section all work great. All jacks, knobs, sliders and pads work as they should. Sync function works (used with a dr-55 but would work with 808s etc.)

Cosmetically, I’d give this a 9/10. It hasn’t been gigged with (purely a studio piece.) It does have the usual ding or 2 on the retro wood panels, but nothing that affects tone or collectibility.

As for sounds, this thing can do 303 style squelch, dreamy pads, kraftwerky arpeggios, filter modulated stuff that wouldn’t be out of place during a daft punk/deadmau5 set. You can make switched on Bach inspired stuff or make aggressive dub step bass drops: In other words, it’s a great place to start creating great sounds.” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” Analoger Synthesizer Roland SH-1000; Growl Schalterabdeckung fehlt (Effekt voll funktionsfähig)
Gerät ist gebraucht, aber in einem gutem Zustand und kann nach Terminabsprache in 40472 Düsseldorf in Augenschein genommen werden.” Link

D-10, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” Legendere Synthi von Roland mit super Sounds in gutem Zustand und mit einigen Gebrauchtsspuren zu verkaufen. Alles fuktioniert und die Bedinungsanleitung ist auch dabei. Privatverkauf, ohne Garantie und Rücknahme!” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“bitterböse zugerichteter SH-1000 im Chaosband-Proberaumfundzustand. Wenn man ihn anschaltet gibt er noch ein paar sehr leise traurige töne von sich. Einige Funktionen des Panels zeigen noch Funktion… ebenso reagiert der Sound auf die Spieltasten. Die Kippschalter an der Vorderseite zeigen keinerlei Funktion… diverse Schalter sind auch abgebrochen und mechanisch zerstört. Hier Angebot als defektes Bastlerobjekt bzw. Ersatzteilspender. Der Synth hat zahlreiche Gebrauchsspuren und Verschmutzungen, Blech ist verbogen & Holzstücke fehlen etc. Angebotsumfang und weiteren Zustand bitte ich den XXL-Originalbildern zu entnehmen die Bestandteil dieser Beschreibung sind.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JX-3P programmable preset polyphonic synthesizer. Comes with gig bag.
Everything seems to work great! I don’t have any way to test midi interface.
I very good condition! All controls, switches, sliders, and buttons are present and functional.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

” Roland Monophonic Synthesizer SH 101 and owners manual (photo copy supplied by Roland £20). My keyboard is in great working order. This classic keyboard has the following and more:
The Roland SH 101 offers various functions for more effective and flexible performance as well as excellent synthesizing ability.The built in sequencer allows automatic playing of up to 100 steps.The Automatic Arpeggio function allows automatic playing simply by pressing a chord. Provided with output/input jacks for CV/GATE and external clock input and head phones at 1/4″.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“This ORIGINAL Roland Juno-106 is a 61 Key, six voice, fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer from 1985.

MINT CONDITION, perfectly functional, rarely ever left the case, hardly even a scratch on it.

Comes with Case, Power Cord, and Original 1985 Owner’s Manual

I hate having to part with it, but I’m hoping this lovely piece of classic equipment with make somebody else very happy.” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-09 MONO SYNTH
3rd time lucky, if you believe in luck?, the last buyer wouldn’t even communicate.
These are going up in price all the time & so useable in the Studio.
Amazing effects/sounds & comes with service sheets & schematics.
Vintage Roland synth, fully working with no issues, though it shows general marks, scratches & some loss of paint. The end of the jog wheel has a small piece missing.
Quite a few fader caps missing as well.” Link

Roland, System 100m @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“For sale is a vintage Roland System 100m 181 Keyboard. This is a rare keyboard and perfect to interact with your System 100m. It’s in excellent shape and working great. A few small scruffs but otherwise it’s in excellent shape, looks quite clean for a 40 year old keyboard! Includes keyboard and the keyboard connector cable. I have my System 100m for sale in a separate auction. The keyboard is working well though its switches and jacks are a bit scratchy, I would recommend bringing to a technician and getting it cleaned out/serviced up to spec. ” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Works well, some minor cosmetic damage to ‘wooden’ ends. One key needs refixing and the trig switch needs to be replaced but works well without these minor repairs.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“You’re looking at a classic Roland Juno 106 from 1984. It has had just two owners, me for a short time and its previous owner from new who did a bit of light gigging over the years, but mostly used it in his studio. I actually only just picked it up a few weeks ago but circumstances force sale and I’m sorry to see her go as she’s in wonderful condition as the photos testify. There are a few marks on the back where cables have rubbed against the cases, but considering its 29 year heritage, it’s been extremely well looked after!

All switches, faders, dials and buttons work perfectly and the voices sound PHAT! The keyboard is still lovely and responsive. It’s an amazing example of this synth and it could be yours.

There’s loads on the web so go and look it up if you want to know more – researching potential gear purchases is part of the fun – you tube has loads of videos, but I’m sure that you know what you’re looking for if you’re looking here.

It comes with a gig bag, original manual, cassette with preset voices for loading and a power lead if you need one.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“Membrane switches, sliders and display all work. A few intermittent dirty keyswitches. Normal wear & tear scuffs on plastic, but no gouges or cracks. Left cheek is unhinged from the front of the chassis, probably a broken screw mount. See 4th picture for that detail.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 November 2013, Comments Off

“In excellent condition and perfect working order. Has just been serviced by James Walker at Synth Repair Services – several new voice chips installed. Comes with two spare working original Roland voice chips. Minor blemishes to paintwork, otherwise mint condition.” Link

D-5, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off

“Was working fine when I last used it – But has been in storage for a couple of years and the power supply is missing – So unable to test – Selling AS IS” Link

Roland, SH-7 @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off

” For sale is a rare Roland SH7 analog synth, great condition for age ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off

“selling for spares or repairs
it was working last time it was in use ~ about 6 years ago
has been sat in roofspace since then
don’t need it anymore” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland MC-202 in good condition and full working order.

Synth has been modded with direct CV inputs meaning it can be used with a MIDI to CV convertor without a delay in responding.

Also supplied with a Kenton Pro Solo MKii CV to MIDI convertor, CV cables and power supplies.” Link