Roland, RS-09 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Optisch hat der Synth ein paar Gebrauchsspuren siehe Fotos.
Technik ist zu 100% in Ordnung. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Sie bieten in dieser Auktion auf einen gebrauchten funktionstüchtigen Roland JX-3P Analog Synthesizer ( der 2. verbesserten Serie) inklusive das raren Roland PG-200 Programmers. Eine englische Anleitung in gedruckter Form gehört ebenfalls zum Auktionsumfang. Die zweite Serie dieses Synthesizers verfügt über einen MIDI Thru Ausgang, den die erste Serie nicht aufweist. Der PG-200 Programmer mit dem passenden Verbindungskabel (guter Zustand / kein Standard MIDI Kabel) ist ebenfalls funktionstüchtig und macht die Bedienung des Roland JX-3P sehr intuitiv und lässt dabei große Freude aufkommen, da man den Sound mit Schiebe- und Drehreglern direkt manipulieren kann. Der Synthesizer und der Programmer arbeiten perfekt zusammen, die Klaviatur lässt sich einwandfrei spielen, alle Kontrollleuchten brennen, die Taster, Schieber und Drehregler funktionieren. Funktionen wie ‘Tape Memory’, ‘Sequence Trigger In’ u.ä. kann ich auf Grund von fehlendem Equipment nicht testen. Der JX-3P stand immer in meinem haustierfreien Nichtraucher Studio und wurde pfleglich behandelt. Ich besitze den Synthesizer seit gut 15 Jahren. Der Synthesizer hat mich nie im Stich gelassen und war immer für gute vintage Sounds zu haben. Deswegen hoffe ich das er in gute Hände kommt. In den letzten Jahren habe ich nur ab und zu ein paar Sound von ihm gesampelt. Da der Synthesizer etwa 30 Jahre alt ist, sind die ein oder anderen Gebrauchsspuren unvermeidbar.
Die Fotos zeigen den angebotenen Artikel.
Der Synthesizer wird zum Versand sehr gut verpackt.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“MC202 in great shape.full working order Lovely synth
Comes with power supply, 110v.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Cosmetically in really nice condition and very clean! A few minor scuffs here-and-there. The tempo knob and start switch cover are missing. Track 1 and 2 switches do not “click” like the others (see pictures). Serial number is 437904.

I bought this machine without a power cable so I have no way to test it, I don’t have one that fits, and I don’t know enough about them to pursue trying to use it. So I am selling it AS IS for a low price. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive! ” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for purchase is this Roland Juno 6 / JU-6 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer that is in very good condition and is fully functional. This unit sounds great and plays well; all keys, sliders, pots, switches and bender function properly. This synth has some wear to the finish but looks good overall: metal has some paint scratches here and there; simulated wood covering on the side and front have some scrapes; I was going to re-cover since it would be easy to do, but like other projects…!!! Really doesn’t look that bad…see images. ” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“This is an awesome sound unit for some sweet 80′s drum sounds! It’s in solid shape and everything has been fully tested and works. This is a USED unit so expect the usual LIGHT wear but nothing noticeable and all I/Os, faders and buttons are clean and working. We assure you that our staff will pack and ship with care and your TR-707 will arrive in the same condition pictured.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“hey guys! im selling my vintage Roland Drumatix, it works fine, the only thing is, i lost the power cord and the battier cover, but if your interest i have seen both of these items being sold on Ebay/Craigslist for very cheap! thanks.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a vintage Roland TR-606 Drum Machine. Everything functions perfectly and is in fair physical condition, considering its age. The knobs are clean and shiny and everything electronically is exactly as it should be. The unit was serviced and dialed in to sound amazing. All original parts and all fully functional. Battery compartment is NOT MISSING!” Link

Roland, SH-2 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland SH-2

Serial # 044497

100% Perfect Working

see in the pictures about cosmetic conditions” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Very good shape, one small ding and a few minor finish blemishes, works perfectly, with original Roland Power supply.” Link

MSQ-100, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland MSQ-100 Midi Sequencer / Midi to DIN sync.

In good shape, some scratches and a little residue from a sticker I removed (which you can see in the one picture), but nothing major.

Step and Real Time sequencing of MIDI keyboards/drum machines. I used it with my Juno-106 to great results.

These units can also be used to sync gear with DIN connections to computers or MIDI gear. (such as: TR-606, TR-808, TR-909, TB-303)

I’ve tested the sequencing capabilities but I have no gear that uses DIN.

Comes with a power adapter.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“The MC-202 has basically the synth engine of an SH-101 with a very powerful sequencer similar to the TB-303. The MC-202 has the extra ability to program accents on the filter (just like a TB-303) or on the VCA. It also has an LFO delay. These features are not available on the SH-101 or the TB-303. The MC-202 is very compact and portable and not much bigger than a TB-303. The sequencer is a 2-channel CV/gate sequencer, with both channels being capable of driving external synths that can receive standard CV/Gate. Its DIN-sync capabilities are that it can receive on one port and send out over two ports.

The unit has a Synhouse MIDI jack installed which can bypass the internal sequencer for MIDI control of just the synth engine. There is a button installed on the front which allows you to select which MIDI channel (1-16) it will receive on. The MIDIJACK can be turned off completely so the internal sequencer will function normally on its own and can sync via DIN.

I have the original manual (the cover has a minor blemish as noted in the pictures), quick reference guide, the Synhouse MIDIJACK instructions, as well as a more powerful adapter than the original 9VDC BOSS adapter (a fully compatible 15VDC, 900mA) required for the extra power needed to run the Synhouse MIDIJACK. For more info, click on the link: Synhouse MIDIJACK

The MC-202 is an absolute classic in the Roland X0X production line and I wouldn’t be letting this one go if I didn’t need the money more than than the unit.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is my Roland Jupiter 6.
This Jupiter 6 has the Europa upgrade as you can see from the receipt and CD in the pictures.

This unit has been serviced in and out. The internal battery has been changed everything has been set back to factory specs.

The unit is near mint 9 out of 10. This jupiter 6 is upgraded to its fullest potential with the Europa upgrade. The Europa upgrade expands it to a fully functional modern day synth allowing you to tweak out basically every function on it.

The Jupiter 6 has been maintained in a smoke free studio and has not been abused at all . It’s always been covered when not in use.

You’re not going to find a better Jupiter 6 in this kind of condition and upgraded to its full potential on eBay.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JUNO 106 synthesizer in clean/excellent condition. S/N: 525783. Made in japan. All functions work great. Includes power chord & soft case. (stand not included).” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for your consideration is a pre-owned ROLAND JUNO 6 VINTAGE SYNTHESIZER LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. In fair used condition. Pre- MIDI. The power supply is British , so an adapter has been taped to the original. Some of the sliders are bent ,but still work. Scratches, nicks dents, chips in the wood ,and other signs of wear. Great sounding synth!” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Tb 303 baseline with original case. Comes with Boss adapter and Doepfer Midi to DIN Sync converter. Unit has new LEDs, new tactile switches and new battery terminals. Works like new. No scratchy pots. No cracks to housing.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“ou are looking at my beautiful Vintage Analog Roland Juno-60 61 Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer. She has been with me for at least 20 years stored in my mini music studio. She is in great working condition. There are two missing buttons, a cosmetically surface enamel cracked unimpeded working note, plays as if it were not there, “cosmetics”. The four screws to keep it close are missing, an oversight from the previous owner, so was the missing buttons and note. The screws may have been 2 and 1/4 inch long, “computer printer cable screw threads”. This is not an item that I am trying to get raid of but offering at e-bay to the bidder that will put her to good use. Compared with what may look pretty after a good superficial clearing, she has no major careless nicks and scratches, her circuitry remained clean as can be seen due to her non exposure to dust but an air conditioned home. The few tiny marks are by use and of age and not caused by carelessness. She has and continues to be cherished so don’t expect her to be gotten cheap, she will be missed. Because of her minor details, she is being offered at this low starting price.” Link

Roland, SH-2000 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

” Recently acquired this nice Roland SH-2000 here on eBay, only to realize that my SH-1000 is fulfilling my needs in this area.

Sweet little synth, all analog (of course), nice filter, great voice presets in a vintage package that is getting rarer by the minute.

This unit is cosmetically very good, with a couple of minor dings and scratches, and functionally excellent. All voices, keys and functions seem to work as designed, with the exception of two missing voice-selection tabs on the right-hand side (“Song Whistle” and “Wind”).

Item includes SH-2000 only (with integral power cord).” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“i am sell my tr606
she’s in really clean condition all over apart from a small chip in a corner, see pic
all the tact switches has been replaced and the pots all work great, she functions as you would expect
i just plugged it in to give it a test drive and was bopping along in no time
perfect hats, snare kick toms all sounding great and the ride all spot on
i’m selling with the original box, original carry bag
any question just ask” Link

Roland @ 17 February 2013, Comments Off

“This unit is in pretty good condition, works well, but has some scratches on the rear of the top (see second photo), otherwise it’s fine. Sound is perfect and all working.

Comes complete with original manuals.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“I have a Roland MC 202 with power adapter, Owners manual ,Circuit diagram, five batteries in good condition the only thing I can see is the one green slider on the middle of the SOURCE MIXER is missing a piece. I had it checked out at Guitar Center by a friend of mine it works he said it just needs to be sprayed.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Juno106 Excellent condition W/ SKB Hardcase” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a used, working and in generally great condition TR 808 drum machine. It was taken to The Analog Lab about a year ago for a cleaning and I’ve had no problems with it at all since I purchased it. Sounds great. Needs no further introduction.” Link

CMU-800, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“This is a mint condition roland cmu 800.

This is supposed contain the guts of a roland tr 606 analogue drum machine as well as a close cousin of the famous tab 303, some sort of poly synth and four channels of cv gate for external gear.

It comes in its original box and packaging and is essentially a new item . Think museum quality piece.

I honestly think this item has never been used. Selling it as I was never able to locate an apple 2 or commodore c64 to use it. Looks like there are plenty of mods discussed about it on the net.” Link

MKS-80, MPG-80, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“In very good condition and working order. Scratches on the back of the Synth, but only cosmetic. Some scratches on top of Programmer, but again only cosmetic doesn’t affect sound or use.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“Used Juno 106. Was cleaned 2 months ago by The Analog Lab in NYC. The keyboard sounds great and all voices are working. No mechanical errors. Some minor noise when the chorus is switched on, but I was told by the technician that this is the nature of the 106′s analog chorus circuit and is not a flaw. This thing sounds great. Warm pads to sharp sound effects. No introduction needed for this synth.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

” MC202 in great shape. Lovely synth, sadly need to let it go.
Comes with power supply, 110v.” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

” Fine working condition, well kept and for the last 15 years only used in my studio.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

” Hey folks. This is the fantastic and classic Roland Juno 60 synthesizer with a dTronics midi in/out retrofit installed.

100% fully-functional (all 6 voices work, filter, arpeggiator, envelopes, LFO, chorus, waves, MIDI) with the following exceptions:

1) Battery needs to be replaced in order to save patches. Right now there are very spacey and ominous sounds programmed. You may find them quite useful; I did. I never got around to doing the battery replacement because I just worked in manual mode. It is easy to find the instructions for battery replacement online.

2) This Juno’s pitch bend wheel has been modified to behave exactly like a filter mod wheel. Therefore it only controls the filter, even if you raise the DCO level sent to it. Also, it does not return back to the neutral position like a pitch bend wheel- it stays where you set it and you can easily glide up and down. This resulting filter mod wheel is much more useful than the pitch bend wheel, in my opinion. The Juno’s factory pitch bend wheel was quite useless when it came to modifying filter; what you lose in pitch bend is more than made up for in what you gain by being able to sweep the filter from this wheel.

Cosmetically it is a solid 7/10. A few dings and scratches here and there; nothing major. Keys are all great. Switches are all good. Sliders could use a little TLC- they have a bit of resistance to them and some of them don’t slide all the way up to ten (RATE goes to 9, SUB OSC 9.5, ENV 9.5, RELEASE 8). That being said- I have NEVER found any of that to get in the way of making music with this keyboard. It hasn’t bothered me enough to even consider cleaning them up.

The volume knob can be a little scratchy when you move it. I’ve never played a Juno 60 that didn’t do that. Again, this is easily cleaned up.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“You are looking at my beautiful Vintage Analog Roland Juno-60 61 Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer. She has been with me for at least 20 years stored in my mimi music studio. She is in great working condition. There are two missing buttons, a cosmetically surface enamel cracked working note.
This is going to be a feat to properly pack and ship and therefore an AS IS, NO RETURN, NO REFUND item.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off


Lightly used and working perfectly
Includes Synthesizer, Mod Grip
Well packaged and shipped out quickly
$40 Shipping is to continental US only

This unit DOES NOT come with a power supply, it can be powered by using a Boss PSA-120 AC Adapter. ” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“This, for those of you who know, is the Roland JD-800. a great digital synthesizer in the same family tree as the legendary Jupiter 4, Jupiter 8, and D-50 Roland synthesizers of the 1970′s and 1980′s. This beast is digital, but is fully controllable from its dozens of knobs and sliders on the panel, and with some great analog-sounding wave samples, it does a fine job of emulating analog. For the money, it’s a great, powerful, and very versatile synthesizer. Only a few operational issues – the mod wheel only changes pitch (the LFO connection is not working) and the aftertouch doesn’t work anymore. Otherwise, it’s great – all keys work smoothly and 100% reliably, and all sliders, switches, and knobs work great. ” Link

Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“This auction is for one ROLAND D70 SYNTHESIZER in AS IS condition. Cosmetically the piece is in GOOD condition, showing signs of wear and tear from normal use. Missing two feet and several chassis screws on bottom of keyboard. This keyboard powers on, but immediately asks for a RAM card which we do not have. You can exit from that screen, but the keyboard has no output. Some screens show jargon in the LCD display. It’s hard to tell if there is something wrong with the LCD as on some screens it displays properly, and on others it does not. Assume that there is at least something wrong with the connections to the LCD if not the LCD itself. All buttons and sliders seem to work properly. They change values on the display. Additionally all front panel LED’s do work. All keys and controls transmit midi data fine when hooked up to an external module, so at least that much we can say works for sure. No internal sounds. Attempted factory reset procedure, but it will not allow me to do that, due to the RAM card error. Assume this keyboard will only be good for parts. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“This synth is in VERY GOOD condition. It has a few chips on the edges of a few keys but otherwise is very clean. It is missing the top to the bender wheel, which still functions. Some of the case foam is missing but it still protects the instrument well.

This unit has had a full run through by our tech shop. The controls and switches were cleaned, and the jack connections were solidified. It has been fully tested and is guaranteed to be 100% functional.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 10 February 2013, Comments Off

“Verkaufe hier ein Orginal Roland TB-303.

+ Orginal Tasche (Tragegurt fehlt)

+ Orginal Procedure Card (Kurzanleitung).

Das Gerät ist voll Funktionstüchtig!

Batterienfach ist sauber, keine ausgelaufen Batterien!

Alles wird so verkauft, wie es auf den Bildern zu erkennen ist!” Link