Roland, TB-303 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

” Up for auction is my TB-303 with lots of extras. I’ve put a bunch of work into this unit with the intent of making it more useful in the studio environment and to expand some of it’s inherent potential. This unit has the Kenton 5-socket CV mod installed so that CV, Gate, Filter, Accent, and Slide can all be accessed via control voltage signals. TB-303′s have a weedy bass response due to an undervalued capacitors at C20 & C21. This unit now has .1uF capacitors at those locations rather than .01uF. The result is a fuller low end. The filter and envelope parameters have both been modded to have an extended range. The filter will now sweep the whole way down to silence which is handy for performance. The env will also sweep down until it’s completely off. A lot of 303′s are notoriously difficult to program because the buttons stick and enter multiple values messing up the intended pattern. All the buttons on this unit have been replaced with brand new ones and it programs flawlessly. All the potentiometers have also been replaced with new ones and the knobs have been slightly raised so are easier to grasp. Also included in this auction are (5) 10 foot 1/8″ mini jack cables for hooking the Kenton CV Mod up to a midi to CV converter. I also built a custom DIN sync cable for this unit which allows the 303′s sequencer to be triggered by sending the spliced in 1/8 cable a +5V signal. This is very handy for starting and stopping the 303 in your DAW’s timeline. The power supply and a copy of the manual in a 3 ring binder are also included. The original carrying case in fair condition is also included. It has a tacky feel to it due to it’s age and for this reason I don’t keep the 303 in it.

This unit is in overall excellent condition. There is some discoloration of the paint on the front and back sides which can be seen in the photo. There are a few scuff marks on the back and a couple places with some slight marking on the front. All very minor and in no way effect the unit. There are no cracks or chips in the unit. The battery compartment is clean. And most importantly it works perfectly and sounds amazing. ” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Roland juno6
6 voice polyphonic synthesizer.

Well , here is my Juno 6 , up for auction most reluctantly……

Cosmetically the Juno is in I’d say very good shape for it’s years , there are a couple of minor scratches on the end cheeks and one chip on the wood under the keys, which iv tried to photograph , all the metal work is clean and unmarked , all the knobs sliders and buttons are there, I can find only one tiny scratch on middle E key which I didn’t notice until now!

Functionally this synth is a dream , I love it , everything works as it should do.
The volume knob is a bit crackly but once it is set it is just fine and the light for the arp on/off sometimes stays on but the arp switches on and off fine, it most likely just needs a clean.

It also comes with a copy of the manual.

This really is a classic machine and I know whoever gets it won’t be disappointed. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

” Just been serviced by Andy at EMIS to the cost of £90. All works perfectly and sounds amazing. It’s an iconic synth and a great investment. Batteries supplied, no leakage, compartment still works a treat. Will entertain offers from local buyers, you can view before collection if you like. Feel free to ask me any questions, otherwise enjoy!

Edit: Have just noticed the PWM slider doesn’t seem to respond until it’s at the top of its range, will probably need a quick clean though I’ll leave that to the buyer as I never use PWM anyway. ” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Very good condition
Doesn’t include manual but is easily available to download from Roland site” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Roland JX-3P Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer. Has been tested and it works properly. Sounds Great. In very good physical shape with minor wear from use. Please see all the pics.” Link

D-10, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Classic Roland D-10 Linear Synth. All working except for a couple of keys that don’t make a sound. So better suited to studio work and for creating sounds that playing as a live instrument. It may be that it’s easy to fix since all the other keys work fine. Includes the original manual and fixed power supply. It’s obviously quite old but has been well looked after and other than the keys mentioned is fully functional.” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Classic Roland SH-09 analog synthesizer. External condition has a bit of rust on it due to age also the keys are discoloured a little.

but overall it’s in perfect working condition fully tested. switches, buttons, sliders and keys in full working condition.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

” Working condition . No box.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Working condition . No box.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Great synth from around 1983. Been stored for a while. Generally in very good condition cosmetically.

Functionally there are 2 keys not working and the LFO button is not responsive. Also parch/edit buttons 1-8 do not respond. As far as I can tell all 6 voice chips work. The 2 dead keys are always the same keys. ” Link

CR-8000, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

This item has had some beneficial work done on it. The normally faded yellow case was repainted lake placid blue by the previous owner before i purchased it. All of the normally problematic key-switch buttons have been replaced recently!!!!! There are super tough tactile style buttons installed, they are very similar to the type that go into video game controllers rated at better than 10000 cycles and they preform flawlessly as they should. These buttons should last for as long as the machine is still working. So, that the buttons retain the correct height and look they have been attached to plastic parts that link up with the modern tactile buttons below. They have a good firm push accompanied by a click when pressed. The old switches bash down like an old computer keyboard keys if you’ve never used one of these. I have also replaced a few led lights with blue leds and they look great.” Link

D-10, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off


Juno 60, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“This is a classic Roland Juno 60 Analog Synthesizer. It is in exceptional condition. All the functions have been tested and are working great. All knobs are there and all controls work as they should. This is one of my favorite synthesizers of all time and sounds amazing especially when using the built in arpegiattor. This synthesizer has also recently been professionally serviced to ensure years of trouble free play including cleaning all slide controls and potentiometers, replacing the battery and reloading of all factory sounds, and full calibration of all internal controls to factory specs. Included with this beautiful synthesizer will be a really nice Calzone hard carrying case, and of course the AC power cord. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Selling my beloved Roland Juno 60. A nice example of a much loved synth. We had it professionally upgraded to Midi a few years back by Groove Electronics. The synth was also serviced last November. The keyboard was completely rebuilt and cleaned as were the sliders. There are a few dings and scratches here and there. The synth is fully working and some amazing sounds can be produced! The arpeggio is stunning along with the built in chorus circuit – the 80ies machine, a true gem. I bought a new case for her just after the servicing which cost over hundred squids, the service was £166 plus the Midi kit was over two hundred 3 years back. We have lost one button cap but can easily replaced.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Phat analog bass, pulsing arps, vintage strings, warm pads, brazzy brass, warm organs, bleeps and more, Vintage 80s. I was there and remember it well. The Roland Juno 60 is one of the synths that started it all. Released in 1981, it was there at the beginning. With six voices of pure analog power, a brilliant filter section, Lfo, and envelope section alone with a really nice arpeggiator. There is unlimited analog potential. I have one those synths listed here. It is in really nice condition for a 33 year old synth. The side panels looks nice with only slight wear as you can see, nothing major. There is also one missing slider cap which you can buy online if you really need it. This synth is in really nice shape. All knobs, sliders, Lfo trigger, buttons, switches, and outputs works perfectly and no scratchy volume knob. The casing is in good shape with no dents. The keybed is nice and level with all keys working properly. The Juno 60 has that unmistakably analog vintage poly synth sound. It is a premium for analog sound. Also check out my other listing for a Roland Jupiter 6. Thanks for looking.” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“For sale I have the very first model Synthesizer made by the company Roland. The SH-1000 has been a great synthesizer EXCEPT FOR ONE ISSUE.. The power light always turns on when it is powered up but for some reason it will go through periods of time where it will output no sound. Eventually it starts playing properly again. Besides this issue it is in excellent condition cosmetically (check out pictures). It stopped out putting again so I finally decided to sell it to someone that can hopefully fix it and get proper use out of it. It may be anything from a lose wire to a blown fuse, I don’t know I just know that I don’t know how to fix it and don’t have the money to put into fixing it. This synthesizer is an excellent collectors piece. ” Link

D-10, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Used Roland D-10 This synth fully works but has the following minor issues:

- Several buttons are “sticky” that is you have to press harder to make them engage – some are worse than others but especially the first row;
- Sometimes – rarely but it happens I noticed when the machine is not being used for long periods of time – it doesn’t boot the first time around: you have to press the power button two or three times – again this doesn’t happen often but for full disclosure I mention it;

If you are versed in electronics, you can most probably fix these issues yourself, which I think for my experience they would be cleaning the button contacts, and recap the power supply.

- Cosmetically, the black case is a bit “bubbly” as it often happens to older electronics (see photos) since this synth is from 1988.

Other than that the D-10 works great, all keys sound, and I loaded it with the original factory sounds.

Comes with its original double-carton box, and the original two manuals.

NOTE Since this synth is not perfect condition, I’m selling this in “AS IS” format only, hence I can’t accept returns since I disclosed all the problems of this D-10. Thank you” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“What’s included in this sale?
(If it’s not listed below, it is NOT included!)


Item Condition:
(Please read this carefully before purchasing)


The unit is 100% functional!! It works great just as it did when it was purchased on day 1. It does have some cosmetic flaws:

missing accent knob (but you can still turn it)
looks like it may have had battery corrosion (see pics of bottom)
has a smokey smell to it
other normal wear and tear seen” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“For sale is my Roland Sh101 mono synth in the rare RED color. This is an amazing keyboard, it is in MINT shape and fully functional. Looks fantastic. I recently brought it over to my tech and got a full clean up and calibration. It has the power bypass mod, so basically the power button always stays on but this ensures the synth stays in tune across all octaves. Most old Sh101s have failing power buttons that cause tuning issues and make them unplayable. The mod is easily reserved if needed. This synth is working perfectly. It includes the rare mod grip, and also has a nice stylish case.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Ich biete meinen alten Midi- Analog-Synthesizer Roland JX8P,trenne mich aber nur schweren Herzens von diesem sehr soliden,heute immer noch sehr beliebten Synthesizer.
Der JX8P funktioniert gut,und die immer noch straffenTasten haben keinerlei Notenhänger.Die Tastatur ist anschlagdynamisch, Aftertouch funktioniert wie bei fast allen gebrauchten JX8p leider auch nicht.
Optisch sind natürlich bei diesem ca.30 Jahre alten Synthi gut sichtbar einige Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden,Kratzer sowie farblich dunklere Flecken,wie sie gut auf dem Foto zu sehen sind.Wen das stört und einen optisch makelosen JX8P möchte,sollte sich bitte einen anderen suchen.Aber es sind keine Beulen oder Risse im Gehäuse!Lediglich ein Preset-Folien-Druckknopf reagiert nur manchmal.
Technisch sind mir sonst keine Mängel aufgefallen.Zum Sound dieses Kult Synthies brauche ich wohl nichts zu erzählen……er ist super weich-analog,einfach ein immer noch sehr geschätzter und gefragter,erstklassiger analoger Vintage Synthie,der immer rarer wird,wie eben alle alten Rolands..Der JX8P kann,wie schon gesagt, extrem weich und flauschig,aber auch sehr brachial, kraftvoll klingen.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Roland SH101 with original operation manual and a compatible power supply.
The 101 is in used condition and has scuffs here and there, It works perfectly. Been used loads for sound effects and bass.

The reason im selling this gem is because I’ve lost my job and need to raise some funds. ” Link

Roland, SVC-350, Vocoder @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“This is all original and in very good condition for its age. Some scratches/rack rash. The vocoder was overhauled and cleaned last week
of X-Tendet (repair service) in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is therefore in a really good condition. All potentiometers were cleaned, do not scratch and
all equalizerknobs also available. This unit was unused for a long time in the studio and now have to get out, unfortunately for reasons of space.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Up for auction is a Roland Drumatix TR-606 analog drum machine. This item was used with torn seams on the case, and comes in the original packaging.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Super Fetter Analoger Synth mit Roland Typischen Sound.
Habe ihn vor dem Verkauf noch einmal durchgecheckt alle Parameter Funktionieren.
Alle Stimmen sind da und die Tasten Funktionieren.
Bei Fragen bitte mailen… Viel Spass damit..
Ja genau Abholung wäre perfekt biete aber auch Versand an aber bitte vorher abklären wegen Kosten und Dauer” Link

JX-3P, PG-200, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“This thing is AWESOME. The synth you’re looking at is in fantastic shape.” Link

CSQ-100, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Sequencer für analoge Synthesizer. Das Gerät ist in einem sehr guten Zustand, nur Einsatz im Wohnzimmer. Voll funktionsfähig, Aufnahme der Sequencen in Echtzeit.

Dieser Sequencer der Firma Roland besticht durch seine einfache Bedienung, es lassen sich sehr schnell ausgezeichnete Ergebnisse erzielen.

Bei internationalem Versand entsprechend höhere Versandkosten je nach Land” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 16 March 2014, Comments Off

“Up for Bid a used in great Roland Jupiter 6 with Calzone Case this line was only produced for 2 years it a rare find .The Jupiter-6 is widely considered a workhorse among polyphonic analog synthesizers, capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, such as ambient drones, pads, lead synthesizer lines, and tech blips and buzzes. It is renowned for its reliability and easy, but sophisticated program-ability. the stand is not included . ” Link

Roland, TR-505 @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer. Awesome drum machine, was purchased in 80s, still working great. Slight wear from use. -9V Power Supply not included” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off



I love this keyboard. It’s vintage and has a classic sound. All the voice chips are sounding strong ,which is pretty rare for a unit of this age! This is a classic synth, ideal for dance music, pop, or anything really.


I can make awesome music with it as it is, but consider, if your productions are sounding a little to clean and digital, you can route your midi from your DAW (Pro Tools or whatever) into this, then record the audio back in, and suddenly you’ve got a beautiful analogue sound, that you’ve tightly sequenced on your computer. Genius? I think so. Even though the joystick is broken, the keyboard should respond to pitch bend data, so if you were to record that data from a softsynth or something, it will change the pitch accordingly.

The sound is immense. Whilst many are pretty dry initially, a little reverb or delay really brings out the unique, otherworldly magic of this synth. It’s got a legendary reputation among producers and for good reason.
I’m selling it because I have just bought a giant 1990′s drum machine and now have no space. Ideally I’d like to ship within Japan, but I’m willing to send it anywhere.


AC 100v
Has fixed on Japanese plug * please check your country’s voltage to see if you need a converter or something, as Japanese voltage is low.


The pitch bender joystick has broken off, and the base of it is absolutely stuck in the neutral position. It looks like it was glued (?!!?) by the previous owner. It doesn’t budge. It is not affecting the pitch as it’s locked in the dead central position.

A few keys are irresponsive
First octave (lowest octave on keyboard) E (sometimes works, sometimes staccato)
Second octave C (rarely sounds, most of the time, zero sound)
4th octave C# (rarely soundsmost of the time, zero sound)
Highest octave (highest note on keyboard) C
PWM filter switch missing, is stuck in the 0 (neutral position) thus it doesn’t affect the sound.

I’ve been absolutely forthcoming and photographed the pitch bendy thing. All the other knobs (apart from the PWM) work well. There’s a bit of static when moving the volume dial around, but this often happens on these machines and it doesn’t affect the sound at all when you’re performing normally (playing whilst not altering that dial) ” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“Roland SH-1000 Vintage synthesizer from the early 1970s

Very good condition considering age, small amount of rust on a couple of parts of the metal and some scratches on the wood at the end. Please see pics for this. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“Two keys do not work, voice numbers 1-8 do not work on all 4 banks but voices 9-16 do, the LFO Trigger lights but no longer operates and the volume knob now crackles as you turn it up and down.
There is a scratch near the Edit Map which was there when I bought it and it does have the odd scuff on the corners but apart from that all the printing is fine.There is slight damage to one of the keys( looks like a cigarette burn), see Pic 7. I have a user manual but its just a downloaded one I printed off from the net.I hope the photos I have uploaded are clear enough.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“Whilst not pristine I would would describe the condition of the keyboard as excellent for it’s age, any defects are purely cosmetic, everything plays perfectly and works as it should. Memory battery is still fine, all my old patches are still on there. There is minor damage to a couple of keys, a chip underneath one of them and a tiny burn mark on another. Some of the fader caps are missing and the stick part of the pitch wheel has snapped off (to be honest I prefer to play it like this so I never replaced it), these items can all be replaced relatively cheaply on eBay. The metal unit surrounding the pitch wheel is dented very slightly and part of the wooden veneer on one of the side panels is slightly chipped. None of the cosmetic damage is particularly bad and functionally everything works perfectly. For a musician just wanting to play everything is ready to go, for collector looking to refurbish there isn’t a great deal of work required.” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“Would you like to own one of the best sounding 303′s on the planet?

She is a fully working gem and has been living in a smoke free studio for years.

She has recently been serviced by Brian Castro, the best synthesizer tech in all of Los Angeles and maker of the famous x0xi0 mod for the x0xb0x.

She has custom blue and Red LED’s along with being modded to accept midi by Colin Fraser. Just look him up online to find out more ;-)

Truly a one of a kind beauty.

For being older than I am her casing is in good condition… A few surface scratches here and there but you can see it in the pictures.

I will be including a Pelican case to ship her in. It is full padded and the home of this 303 when not in use. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“Roland Juno 60. Very good condition. Excellent keyboard the the people that know keyboards. Can arrange courier for extra cost.” Link

OP-8, Roland @ 09 March 2014, Comments Off

“This auction is for a ROLAND OP-8 CV Interface in great condition and working condition.Thanks.

The unit is 117volts.

**In countries that use 230 ~ 240volts**
You may need the voltage converter to use it.” Link