Jupiter 6, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off


offering up this restored Roland Jupiter 6,

fantastic more affordable polysynth from the Roland’s golden age when they made quality synthesizers

this one has been fully recapped and restored, I left the cosmetics be and the synth does show a few blemishes, the end caps were previously painted black but it’s functionally superb and will be removed from offer as soon as the funds I need have been raised. ” Link

CR-5000, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“Amazing condition. Almost like it was new out of the box, has one barely noticeable scuff on the top. Still has the protective plastic over the serial” Link

CR-5000, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“This machine has been thoroughly gone through and all functions are working correctly. The contacts of all push buttons have been updated to perform for years to come. The failure of these push button switches is a common problem with these machines. This one is ready to go.

Also included is a simple 4 button foot switch. This is nothing fancy, but performs well. It controls start stop, register, timing reset and intro/fill. VERY handy for live performance.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“This classic Juno-106 is in excellent 100% full function condition. We just had it checked over by our tech. Cosmetically, it is good with some minor wear here and there. Includes power cable and sturdy hard case.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is a professional Roland 61-key synth/keyboard. Cosmetically, it is in fairly acceptable condition with normal surface wear. Has some scratches and scuffs here and there; screen is clean without lines or bad pixels.
The synth is tested and it is in fully working order
All of the keys work properly and do not stick, except for one key (marked with red dot). Seems it does not work” Link

Roland, SH-2 @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“A beautiful example of the rare roland sh 2.

Similar architecture to the sh101 but with two oscillators plus a sub oscillator, and more rugged construction.

This one is on Japanese voltage so you may need a converter.

This particular specimen is in beautiful condition for its age.” Link

MPG-80, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“Good shape with connecting cable, tested and working fine. Comes with the original manual” Link

Custom, MKS-30, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“This custom piece was put together by the synth spa – fully restored on the inside with new voice chips and an awesome custom restoration on the outside – as you can see it is purple. At this point in time this is the only one of these I am aware of.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“Excellent : The tool shows some light signs of use, works perfectly and still looks Very good! Authorized Boss Repair. All keys removed and contacts cleaned, re-solder 1 slider, lube sliders. Slider remain a little sticky but they function. Soft Bag is old and has some tears in it.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“In good condition for its age. Fully working. Comes with power supply.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“rare red Roland SH-101 anologue vintage synth synthesizer with modulation grip
In full working order with batteries or mains (both not included – but very easy to obtain)
Unmolested original example which makes this a very rare find along with its colour. It
Will be missed and I hope it goes to a good home. ” Link

CR-8000, Roland @ 14 October 2013, Comments Off

“Great cosmetic condition and excellent working order. Sounds fantastic.

Offered for sale is this Roland CR-8000 in great cosmetic condition and excellent working order.

It looks fantastic and is in excellent condition – as can be seen from the detailed photos above and below.

It’s a great example of this classic analogue drum machine.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 14 October 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR606 drum machine, comes with owners manual, case, and foot pedal, good working condition.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“At auction is the Roland TR-707 RHYTHM COMPOSER Drum Machine as seen in the photos. It is in good condition. It comes with power supply. ” Link

MKS-80, MPG-80, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“I personally bought these from Paul King who told me its history and who had owned them from new, and was used on most of their albums in the 1980s. It was kept in storage for years and has not been studio used since the early 90′s. It’s rev 5 which is the better of the two models (the rev 4 has a slightly different chipset which some people say does not sound as close to the Jupiter 8/6 as the rev 5 chipset) I am including both the manuals for the MKS-80 and MPG-80 (which are essential reading if you do not know how to use these modules).

I really look after my synth modules and I defy anybody to get a better condition example than this. It has no marks of any kind on the front fascias and only slight scratches where the rack nuts have been used to keep it in the rack in the studio.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“This item is listed as “for parts or not working”. It has a noisy outputs, a faulty key and it’s missing the small screw on knob for the joystick.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Juno 106 all original chips series 40A.Passed all diagnostic tests(a printed instruction of tests is in case pocket,should you wish to run them).ALL VOICES ARE FIRING!! Chorus and noise chips have been tested and passed.
The keyboard is in excellent condition and comes with its power cord and original manual.Will be shipped in a padded case and outer box.” Link

Roland, TR-505 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer. Used vintage drum machine in mint conditon in original packaging. Works perfectly. Awesome specimen of a classic drum machine. Own this piece of history today!” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“You are viewing listing for a very well kept Roland TR-909. This unit was recently purchased from a smoke-free home studio sell-off. All buttons and knobs seem to work as they should. All sounds sound as they should! We have sequenced with this unit and it sounds amazing! It is in EXCELLENT condition for its age (keeping it mind that it is decades old) which is why we have included many high-res photos for your viewing.

However, because we are not 100% knowledgable in this particular item, we do not know how to fully test some features of this unit. Therefore it is being SOLD AS IS, no return.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine Beat Box Step Sequencer 606 626 727 808 909

In good Cosmetic and Working Condition.

Includes cables (midi and connector), power supply and a non-original stop stop switch that works good

A wonderful design for drum programming with the matrix display for the step sequencer and MIDI so you can use it for any other sound source, plus DIN sync to play nice with a 606 or an 808. For the built in sounds, you have the individual level controls and outputs, which is great for live mixing use and adding effects.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

” I have decided to part ways with my beloved Roland SH101 synthesizer, in the very rare blue color. This has spent most of its life unused, and it shows. It’s in near mint condition and fully functional. Minus a few small scruffs on the sides/corner it’s in perfect shape, the front is super clean. Tunes up perfect and calibrates across all octaves. I’ve owned a few Sh101′s and it’s hard to find one that actually stays in tune like this. A great keyboard for leads, bass and effects, with a useful built in sequencer and arpeggiator. The only thing worth mentioning is the tabs to the battery cover have broken off, but the cover still holds in place no problem fine. Make it Yours! A techno acid analog dream!” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Roland AX-Synth: Shoulder Synthesizer
New Open Box – Authorized Dealer – Factory Warranty” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“For auction is my Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer w/ the Kenton MIDI upgrade. It was recently service by professionals & at that time had the MIDI installed. It’s in perfect working condition and in excellent physical condition. Manuals, patch sheets from Roland & factory patches on tape. I’m only selling because I need money!” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“This item was well taken care of and in a smoke free studio. All buttons and knobs work well. There is one very minor cosmetic damage on the front right hand side of the machine is a chip in the plastic (see photos). Sounds awesome with no scratchy pots or misfiring buttons. Battery compartment is clean and none of the usual wear around the cutoff and resonance controls.” Link

Roland, System 100m @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“This listing is for a Roland Model 184 Keyboard for the Roland 100M Vintage Analog Modular System.

The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and fully functional. All buttons, knobs, switches, inputs and outputs, and parameters have been tested and are fully working. The item will be professionally packed and shipped. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Synthesizer is in fair condition for its age. Pots may need to cleaned. Patch numbers 5 – 6 -7 -8 DO NOT WORK.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Rare Vintage ROLAND SH-101 Synth

Fully tested, working. I’ve even bought a brand new BOSS PSA-240S 9V Power Supply. NEW IN BOX cost me $55.00
Stand in photos is NOT included in sale. ” Link

JX-3P, PG-200, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“The JX-3P is Roland’s first MIDI Synthesizer and together with the Roland PG-200 Programmer it becomes a fantastic musical instrument. On it’s own the JX-3P is a very nice Synth but when you marry it up with the PG-200 Programmer, giving you hands on real time tweaking you can get lost in it for hours creating an endless variety of original sounds. It’s been well looked after and is in perfect working condition. Recently had all the key pads cleaned so all the keys respond as they should. This JX-3P comes with a Padded Hard Case and Owner’s Manual. The PG-200 comes with a PG Cable, Vinyl Case, Owner’s Manual and original box.” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Unit does not play sound. One key is broken. The “Octane Transpose” switch is broken as well. Unit powers on, but nothing happens.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Ich biete einen Roland JX 3P zum Verkauf. Der Synthesizer befindet sich in einem guten Zustand. Er wurde fachmännisch in einem Musikgeschäft überprüft, nachdem er mehrere Jahre ungenutzt stand. Alle Tasten und Funktionen sind in Ordnung. Lediglich der Lautstärkeregler „kratzt“ etwas (verstaubt), was sich aber bei regelmäßigen Gebrauch wieder legen sollte.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“This is a Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer keyboard for auction-sale. I purchased this Roland Jupiter 6 back in 2000. I have owned and rarely used it since then. All keys, knobs, buttons, sliders, benders work to the extent of my knowledge on this keyboard. Normal surface scratches can be seen.
This Roland Jupiter 6 is being sold as is, and in working condition due to its age. These keyboards are very well built and have a unique sound of there own. A very powerful Synthesizer to say the least… The original owners manual is included with this keyboard. I am selling this keyboard because I do not use it, and want to see someone enjoy it as much as possible. Any questions or concerns please ask!” Link

Roland, System 100m @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Verkaufe Roland System-100M Modul 131. Der Output Mixer ist ein hervorragendes Modul für Systeme ab einer 10-Modul Größe. Erst mit diesem Mixer wird das Arbeiten mit einem 100M System wirklich professionell und angenehm. Das finale Audio-Signal lässt sich (von den VCAs kommend) hier einspeisen und bequem in Lautstärke und Panorama regeln. Vier Audio-Signale, um exakt zu sein. “Master Volume” erlaubt die einfache Regelung der Gesamtlautstärke des kompletten Systems. Davon unabhängig gibt es einen Kopfhörer-Vorverstärker bzw. -Ausgang. Weiters noch einen Testton (Ton A) in verschiedenen Oktaven – 220, 440 und 880 Hz – zum Stimmen bzw. Anpassen der Oszillatoren. Schließlich sind es vor allem aber die großen Klinken-Buchsen (2xStereo und 1xMono), die eine definitiv professionelle Koppelung des System-100M mit dem Mischpult ermöglichen. Alles in allem: Sehr empfehlenswert. Der Zustand des Moduls ist sehr gut.

Geliefert wird das Output Mixer Modul 131 sowie das zugehörige Stromkabel …” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Great condition everything works flawlessly and calibrated. I’ve sold juno’s on eBay this year, received good feedbacks from all users! This auction is for people who do not want to worry about the casualties that happen with analog gear. I’ve been there in the past. This is plug and play, ready to go on your next project. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Sie bieten hier auf einen sehr gut erhaltenen Roland SH-101.

Das Gerät funktioniert technisch einwandfrei und befindet sich optisch in einem sehr guten Zustand. Lediglich zwei Tasten der Klaviatur haben einen kleinen Kratzer (siehe Bilder), die jedoch kaum zu sehen sind. Die rote Abdeckung ist die Klappe für das Batteriefach, die ausgetauscht wurde. Ansonsten ist das Gerät im Original-Zustand und für sein Alter außerordentlich gut erhalten. Es stammt aus einem tierfreien Nichtraucherhaushalt.

Zum Lieferumfang gehören der SH-101, die Bedienungsanleitung und ein passendes Netzteil.

Schauen Sie sich auch meine andere Auktion an (Ensoniq DP4)!

Bei Fragen können Sie mir einfach schreiben.

Da es sich um einen Privatverkauf handelt, übernehme ich keine Haftung oder Gewährleistung.

Die eBay-Gebühren übernehme ich als Verkäufer, die Versandkosten trägt der Käufer.”

Roland, TB-303 @ 13 October 2013, Comments Off

“Verkaufe hier eine original Roland TB 303 mit Midi Nachrüstung da ich das Teil leider nicht mehr nutze. Zum Sound muss ich nix sagen, ist eben kein MAM, Acidlab, x0x oder sontwas Nachbau sondern the real deal! Midi kann man hinten auf internen Sequencer und Sync umschalten. Sie hat von den Acid Schraubereien die üblichen Heiligenscheine um Cutoff und Reso. Ansonsten gut und funktionsfähig, Batteriefach gut und nicht ausgelaufen. Gerne könnt Ihr auch auf nen Drink zum Antesten vorbei kommen. The TB 303 works fine and only has a few optical issues, worldwide delivery possible, just ask for a shipping quote to your destination. Privatverkauf ohne jegliche Gewähr.” Link