Juno 6, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Juno 6, superb polyphonic synth. LFO 3 pos switch recently replaced. Sliders and knobs crackle a little as not used for a while but this should be easy to rectify. Good condition due to age a few little scratches on top cover. Good working order and well looked after.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale is my Roland SH-101.

Looks and sounds amazing, this SH-101 is in top condition and has just had a full professional service.

Also included in the sale: MSG-1 boxed kit which has the original unused strap & original user manual.

It really is in very very nice condition, an excellent addition to any studio or collection.” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

” Roland AX Synth for sale. Very good condition, a few scuffs but not much.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“We are cleaning out some old stuff and have a few project pieces that need a good home. These ended up in a box for a couple reasons. Either parts were pulled, they were a prototype for a mod that didn’t work out, or they for some other reason stopped working. It’s been years since I’ve touched these so I cannot recall the specific reasons they are/were not functioning.

Lot of 3 as-is tr-606 drum machines. There are parts missing in a couple and extra holes in two for the cases. They have been in storage in this condition for a really long time. I will try to describe each accurately but please be aware there could be things I missed.
1. One complete case no Etta holes but looks like it was melted a little around the edges. Includes back. No battery cover or hardware.

2. Extra holes and 1/8″ outputs added to case. Bottom is in poor condition and cracked. No battery cover or hardware.

3. Extra holes and 1/8″ outputs added. No bottom panel. No hardware.

1. Missing a few random parts, some components added as part of a modification. Blue LEDs.

2. No obvious missing parts. Some have been added and traces cut as part of modification. Blue LEDs. Ribbon cable replaced with modern type.

3. Missing pots, CPU, and a couple power supply components and a few random ICs. ” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR-909 Drum Machine. Fully Functional. Checked out, and Functioning 100%. Great Shape. 2 Minor Cosmetic flaws shown in the pictures. Guaranted to Work 100%. ” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR 707 drum machine in good condition and fully operational. This is the real deal and I used it for several years. It is missing the battery cover. Operates 100%. Auction includes: drum machine, power supply, and manual.” Link

CR-78, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“This piece is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic shape as well.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Not sure if this is work correctly. I put batteries in the unit and it lights up, but i don’t know how to work it. This is as is and no returns” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Up for grabs is a roland tr-707. It had been tested with a non-original power supply.

The unit powers up and plays drum patterns. I have not tried programming it, using the midi functions, etc. I have turned it on, pressed play, and heard drum patterns coming out loud and clear.

Unit comes as is, as described, without power supply.” Link

MPG-80, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland MPG-80 MIDI Programmer for MKS-80 Analog Rack Synthesizer

All pics below are of the actual item for sale. Includes MIDI cables.

100% functional and in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition. ” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 03 March 2013, Comments Off

“Roland MC-202 MicroComposer

Comes with original Gig Bag, Copy of the original manual and quick start guide, PSA-120S power adapter, Boss stickers, MC-202 Data Cassette, Audio cable

Gig bag is awesome. MC-202 fits inside, tape or whatever you want fits in little pouch. I much prefer this bag over the 303/606 bag!

MC-202 itself is in pretty good shape. I ran it though its paces last night before putting it up for auction, and fell in love with it all over again. Pads feel great. Knobs and sliders seem to work as they should. No sliders really felt ‘sticky’. There’s a small bubble in the LCD window, have no idea what it is or how it got there. Otherwise LCD screen looks fine (see pics #3). Battery compartment is fairly clean for its age. It can run on batteries. I have also saved and loaded programs to the unit from my computer.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Der JX8P hat mich lange auf der Bühne begleitet und ist noch in einem guten Zustand der einzige Schönheitsfehler ist ein kleiner Brandfleck auf einer Taste( Zigarette ) nicht vorne sondern hinten . Ansonsten funktioniert alles und er wird mit dem Flightcase abgegeben,dass allerdings eine Trageschlaufe anstatt eines Griffs trägt ( Bild) Der JX wurde von mir damals neu gekauft das war 1986

Memory Cartridge ist natürlich dabei und funktioniert einwandfrei.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer for auction
Great working condition – reluctant sale
Please check images for cosmetic wear
Includes new 12V power supply (Australia only)

Included in this auction is a second, non-working unit – Note, the non-working unit is shown in the images with the white TEMPO dial.
Purchased recently, this second unit never powered-up – great for spares or project.
Note this second unit is missing the slider knobs and does not have the original TEMPO dial.” Link

Jupiter 4, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“this naughty girl does not behave herself and despite making amazing noises when you turn her on, she does not do what you tell her to do.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“It breaks my heart to sell this, but limited finances and poor planning mean I need funds for my annual Snowboarding holiday. It’s in great condition, and everything works as it should. There is no crackle or hum from any of the sliders/dials. The arpeggiator and sequencer work fine. It comes with PSU, however I have never used it with batteries (the compartment looks nice and clean).

There is some general wear to be expected with a synth of this age, so here are the negatives:

Slight discolouring of the casing (as pictured)
VCF bender slider slightley bent (as pictured)
Pitch changes when power button is pushed. You can google this common fault, and all it needs is a replacement power switch. I have included a spare power switch (pictured) that I bought. I never got round to fixing it as the issue never really bothered me.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

” Roland Juno 106. Very good visual condition with recent voice chip replacement, battery with slot in holder for easy replacement, calibration etc (cost £155 in Dec 2012).

I think that the portamento toggle is a replacement. Wonderful analogue with MIDI control. Sorry to have to let it go! A juno 106, up and ready to go! Would pack well in a strong box/well padded if synth was posted.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Recently my JP-8000 started sounding distorted from both the main outputs and the headphones out.

All tests in test mode check out OK: CPU, DSP, SRAM, Battery etc. That’s the limit of my technical know-how and beyond my abilities to repair – therefore I’m putting this up for sale and maybe you can repair it or break it down for spares.

Apart from the distorted output the synth is in great condition. A couple of tiny marks on the casing but nothing at all to worry about. All the knobs and sliders work 100% and are jitter free.

Supplied with power cable & original manual. I can email you a link to the service notes if you need them or to pass on to your synth tech.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Hello! You are bidding on my beloved Roland Juno-106 synthesizer. If you’ve found yourself on this page, chances are you already know what a great synthesizer this is, so I won’t waste too much time describing it. If you are looking for that trademark Juno sound, with those gorgeous gauzy chorus effects, awesome presets, and a dizzying array of tweakable parameters, the 106 is the real deal. And this is the one you want to own. It is in nearly flawless condition. Even cosmetically. Everything looks and sounds great. The dead sound chip issue that affects many of these 106s does not appear to have affected this one. I played and loved this Juno for the past two years (I purchased it on eBay from the original owner), but it’s time for me to part with it and make room for some other cool synths.

This one comes with an awesome extra: a hard carrying case with handle. This is really indispensable if you planning to travel and/or gig with this beast. The case does not appear to have been designed for the Juno, but foam pieces have been installed to make the keyboard fit snugly and securely. This will add extra weight when shipping, but the extra protection and convenience are worth it, trust me.” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer Vintage Drum Machine owned by Greg Hawkes of The Cars. This unit has sat unused for quite a while. I’ve installed fresh batteries and everything seems to be working well. The only issue I’ve noticed is that the start/stop switch sometimes is unreliable, but I’ve also noticed that if I press on the left side of the switch (see pic.) , it works every time. Real analog goodness! Original owner.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“I have for auction a Roland TR-707 drum machine in perfect working order. It shows normal wear for its age. It includes the power supply, manual, and the book ” how to make your drum machine sound like a drummer TR-707″” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

A classic. There’s nothing like the real thing. I’ve had this one about four years now. Never gigged.
It’s in seriously nice shape. I only buy gear that is.
I’m including new switches for you and the Kenton midi kit.
You can keep it clean or have your tech install midi.
No returns. Know what you want.
It’s vintage analogue kit and this isn’t Guitar Center.
I’ve recently been making music commercially and haven’t been using it.
Furthermore, I’m back in school; I expect it will just be sitting here.
This box should be getting used!
I’ve made tons of trax with it.
Your turn!” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“For sale:

Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer

-Can be used with a Juno-60 or a Jupiter-8

-In great shape, fully functional

- Features tape load and save connections, two 5 pin sync out connections, patch shift in and out, and start/stop connections.

- Comes with manual

- NO POWER SUPPLY – you’ll need a 9v DC (easily found at Radio Shack or right here on eBay)

Thanks for looking! ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

” For auction today is a Roland Juno 60.This used item is in great working condition.It is cosmetically rough on the sides and is missing two slider caps(pictured).Thanks for looking and happy bidding.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Juno 106

Amazing condition for age.

Used in two studios for a very short amount of time and then stored.

Simplifying my studio and getting rid of this luscious machine. It is exactly as described in Vintage Synth Explorer.

I highly recommend doing some research. There are presets and then… you can go into outerspace. A FUN FUN FUN synth.

Hard to find a couple tiny little blemishes from ? something.

The bottom shows normal signs of wear moving on various stands etc.

Includes the power cord (don’t lose or damage it – it is not the universal one you will find at appliance/computer store.)

Sounds great. The volume knob does have some scratchiness. I usually set it and forget it. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“This bad boy is CLEAN!! go over it with a magnifying glass and you MIGHT find a few hairline flaws depending on the lighting. Just tested and all keys, sliders, and pitch bender is working great. Volume knob is intermittently scratchy when adjusting but once you get to where you want to be there are no artifacts.” Link

CMU-800, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“This auction is for a Roland CMU 800 computer module sequencer/drum machine in pieces for parts or a project. I borrowed a fuse from my other project CMU and the unit powers up. It could possibly be pieced back together and used for its intended purpose provided you could find the correct ribbon connector, interface card, and software. I make no guarantees as to its functionality though. My recommended use for this unit is to use as an analog drum module. I have successfully triggered the great analog drum sounds these units have off the lower board. They are reminiscent of Roland TR 606 and Boss DR 110 sounds. Also, the power supply could be useful for you modular guys as it outputs 15v bipolar and 5v. It is missing the ribbon connector for the interface card, the screws that hold the lower board to the upper board, the screws that hold the body together, the power supply fuse, and the connector that connects the power supply to the lower board. I will include an additional connector cable that connects the power from the lower board to the upper board. It is too short in its present state to connect the power supply to the lower board when assembled correctly, but could be extended. Cosmetically, it is beat up pretty badly. There are spots of rust, remnants of stickers, marker, and the US Navy property metal sticker. That’s right, this is military surplus. This unit is obviously sold as-is.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale one of Rolands biggest pride in synthesizers the Jupiter 6 in great shape, no cracks, no scratches on panel,no sloppy keys or contacts, everything feels smooth, paint coat is still shiny. The factory tag in the back even has the plastic sleeve from the factory when the synth was made..All original presets are still on the synth from the factory… Well known for it’s creamy warm tones & melody colors no other synths could create. The ability to auto tune in one second and better tuning than the JP8, great unison detune for techno, trance music, ability to use double arpeggiator in split session. Separate Europa modification is available for the jupiter 6 only with incredible unique abilities, and much more!! ” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Works great, has a VCA in so that you can run external gear through the amp envelope. Sounds great, no battery door on this one and one of the faders is from a vestax mixer, as in picture. The housing is in good condition but it should be noted there is some glue on the bottom where a Velcro use to be, I was just going to cover it but I thought it would be best to leave that to you. There is also a small notch out of the plastic as in pics. This is a neat synth and is pretty rare these days. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Up for sale my classic Roland SH-101 synthesizer in PERFECT condition. All the keys and buttons working fine on my last test.
The sounds you can generate with its analog oscillator is something really amazing
(finding sounds tweaking the sliders is really cool specially when you get unique tunes to put into your songs)

By the way I just got this because was told the Erasure Vince Clarck used this in the 80′s to make top chart music
and I had to feel the same he felt that time :-)” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“This Roland Juno 106 was never gigged with. It is in good working condition and still sounds incredible. The only flaws are a scratchy volume pot, bank buttons 1 and 7 and preset buttons 5 and 7 need to be lightly “massaged” to activate. The preset battery needs to be replaced, custom presets can still be saved to tape.

Items included in package:
1. Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer
2. Power cord” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Mint condition, Devil Fish mod for the TB303 done by Robin Whittle.
This is #235, it has the latest firmware.

Please note, it doesn’t have the 32 banks upgrade, just the regular mod, midi-in, etc. ” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JX-8P Serviced by Audio Electronics in Garland, TX, where it was completely cleaned including the contacts, and display was replaced (I have the paperwork). It is in in beautiful condition considering it’s age, with some scratching to the exterior but no major deformities. I’m only selling to make room for more gear. Occasionally it takes a minute for display to light up, but it’s really a rare occurrence and generally can be solved by powering the unit off and then on again.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“Another Fine Offering From

Instrumental Music and Sound

Roland Juno 106

With Roland Molded Case.

Just Returned From Synth Doctor

Any/All Problems Dealt With.

The Case Has One Pin Missing, But Is Still

Quite Functional ” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“This synth is in superb condition. Kept under cover and rarely used in clean recording studio.

All sliders, knobs, buttons, lights, keys and connectors works as they should.

No scratches, no missing screws. Impossible to describe its sound possibilities. Jupiter 6 will never be boring. ” Link

CR-68, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

” This is likely the sweetest cr-68 you’ll ever find. It’s been in my studio for several months, in which time I’ve sampled it and put it away. Before me, the original owner used it for a month, decided it “didn’t rock”, and put it in a box in the corner of the music room, where it sat until this year when I persuaded him to part with it.
The covering and faceplate are looking brand new. seriously- collector shape. It functions flawlessly.” Link