Juno 60, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

roland-juno-60“Fabulous Juno 60 in perfect working order.

The only thing I haven’t tested is its ability to save and load patches to and from cassette.

This is a truly wonderful synthesiser and it will be sadly missed.

Some damage to the wooden side panels (see photos) otherwise an excellent example.

American 120V model, but I am including a UK step-down transformer in the sale.

The earth pin is missing from the US plug, a common trick to get round earth loop hums when using multiple amplifiers on stage. Does not affect it operationally however I’m making no guarantee to the electrical safety of this.” Link

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

Roland Sh-101 Synth, in perfect cosmetic condition, perfect working order
As mint as u can posible get, rarely used.
All nobs, faders, envelops, smooth perfectly fine, keys tight as it should be as well” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

alpha juno 2“Minty Fresh. No sratches ringy dingies or dents. All membrane is solid. 100 % working deliciousness.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

106“Used in great shape. one slider is broken on the envelope, and there are some scratches/gouges in the plastic, but it sounds great and makes great tones. damage is shown in pictures. Sold as is. All sales are final. No returns. Thanks for looking!” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

tr707 “This is a Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer drum machine that works and sounds great. The original power supply and owner’s manual are included.

The unit is in good condition for its age (see photos). There are no functional issues.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

juno-60” This listing is for one, used Roland Juno 60 in good, working condition. I will consider all reasonable offers. Signs of usage, but the synth has not been abused. The synth will be shipped via ground services with the proper amount of insurance.” Link

Roland, SBX-80 @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

sbx-80 “Awesome condition roland sbx80 in the original box. Won’t find one cleaner!!! Power cable included!!!” Link

AX-7, Keytar, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

ax7“Description: . comes as seen. please see all pictures. comes as seen. batteries or power supply NOT included. does have the interal holder for the batteries. Midi Keytar.

Condition: powers on as seen and seems to be working but has a broken Key. the Key is actually good, it is the internal part of the board that sticks out and holds the key that is broken, I am not sure if that is repairable or not. has scratches and wear as seen . – this unit is sold AS-IS – No returns. ” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

usedjp8 “Played, but in good condition. Fully functional, checked by synth expert, all functions OK.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

jp-808 “The synthesizer is in great condition, no physical damage and only slight decolorization due to it’s old age. Everything works as it should. The manual is the one that came with the original purchase and the DVD is one I purchased seperately as a tutorial guide for how to use the JP-8080. It is rare to find a JP-8080 in such great condition as well as with the manual.” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

“Roland SH-09 analog synthesizer

in great condition – please check photo’s before bidding

all working” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

juno106“All functions are working well, as they should.

There are a couple small scratches as indicated in the photos, but other than that this is a very clean, good looking unit.” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

tr808” For sale is a vintage Roland TR-808. Everything is fully functional and ready to go. Each knob working, all outputs are working, and each pattern step working, no scratchy pots. Cosmetically it is in near MINT shape, one of the nicest TR808s I have ever seen. The graphics are all crisp & no rusty screws or jacks. You can tell this has been babied & never taken out of the studio. Battery compartment is clean and will save patterns after powerdown. See pictures below. Don’t miss out on this classic drum machine, HUGE KICK, Snappy Snare & that classic clap & hihats!” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

106“I have owned this Juno 106 for over 25 years. I packed it away for several years and now 3-4 keys do not respond and there is a crackling sound coming from the left output. The unit is in good condition and I still have a hard foam case for it. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

uedjuno106 “Used, tested, work, All pictures are of the actual item for sale.

Juno 60 keyboard. scratches from use but unit works well see photos for description better than I describe.

One white key was broken on the past & some one put glue or something it works see the photos.

I open to take photos if you are buying a vintage item, if it is possible to open is better to see how it looks inside because you could buy a very beautiful piano from out side & how knows if one day you need to open, I’m sure you don’t want a big surprise.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

sh101” This legendary Roland Sh101 is in really great condition, it has just been serviced and the key contacts have been cleaned, this does comes with a power supply and also from California. Please see my 100 percent ebay rating for buyer confidence, the Sh101 will be insured and packed exceptionally well for shipping, thanks for looking.” Link

CSQ-600, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

csq-600“Roland CSQ Digital Sequencer

This sequencer is in great working condition

Comes with manual and converting box for premium voltage control ” Link

JX-10, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

roland jx-10“Classic 24-oscillator beauty. This was my first analog synth and I still love it. I have no idea why I’m selling it. Too many synths I guess. The keyboard action on the JX-10 is my favorite ever, so silky smooth.

It is a great synth but is being sold AS-IS for the following issues:

Yes it has aftertouch, but the aftertouch on the JX-10, well it kinda sucked. It takes insane amounts of pressure to activate and isn’t all that useful. . . The velocity-sensitivity however is quite a beautiful thing and on this particular JX it works great with the exception of one key which takes a little more or less velocity than the others (can’t remember which right now).

There are two issues with this JX worth noting: The output section is a little weird. It has 4 outputs – a stereo out for each of the 2 modules. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on but using all 4 outputs is a bit hinky and it works best when each module is used in mono. Also the output volume sliders for each module are kinda worn out or something and don’t work very well. Basically I just use each module at full volume and adjust the levels on my mixer or DAW. Easier to demonstrate in person. . . Which won’t be happening . . . So yes a strike against and why I’m selling this AS-IS at a very reasonable price but nothing that prevents the creation of huge analog awesomeness from this fantastic synthesizer. . . Nothing touches this synth for soundtrack pads. So good.

Membrane buttons: They all seem to work but some need some extra “push” or wiggle to work sometimes. Also, this is a very complex and deep synth, and I’ve ever only scratched the surface. Few buttons will actually do anything depending on where you are in the programming, so it’s possible I’ve missed a non-functioning button. I don’t THINK that is the case, but I’ve just never gone deep enough to say for sure. . . Again, AS-IS.

The other issue is the battery. It’s starting to lose it’s mojo and I’ve lost some of the original patches so far. I’m not sure if the capacitance will hold the patches when you replace the battery or not. Worst case they’d need reloading via midi.

Oh yeah, also comes with the M-64C memory card loaded with sounds. Do all the patches work on this card? I don’t know. I think they do but I can’t say I’ve gone through every patch. Again, worst case make some cool ones and rewrite those – they’ve been around since the 80′s – it’s time! ” eBay Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

jx8p “Up for auction is Vintage Roland Po;yphonic Synthesizer from the 80′s, is in very good conditions for its age, around 30 years may be?? made in Japan, has been tested and still works, very cool and spooky sounds that we may heard in old movies, all banks have been tested, all internal, all keys work too, included is the paded Gig Bag and a Pedal that came with it, only bad thing is the power cable, is not original and has been cut to fit into the Kayboard, you have to push just a bit harder but once there no problems, if that bothers you too much you can buy a new replacement for $11 dollars at Amazon, please takie time to check all pictures, understand conditions” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

red sh101
Red Roland SH-101 synthesiser. It is 100%functional having been recently serviced and calibrated. Cosmetically it is in near mint condition, there is no corrosion in the battery compartment. ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

rolandsh101“This Roland SH-101 synthesiser is in brilliant condition for its age. It comes with the SH-101 modulation grip, the power supply, the original manual, and an original roland case” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

rolandjp6 “The synth is in superb physical and 100% functional condition. All features have been fully tested, confirmed to be in working order and the synth has been calibrated.

The front panel and mod panel are in excellent condition. There are small marks only.

The side panels are in mint condition having been repolished.

The rear panel is also in excellent condition, with only a couple of small blemishes.

All knobs, sliders and switches are present, original and function smoothly and correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The synth is currently set at 240v. The power supply is multivoltage, so this setting can be adjusted from the rear panel to other voltages.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

roland jd800 “For massive pads, thumping EDM bass, great pianos and textures this is The Daddy.
Each sound has up to four layers, each of which can be programmed using this vast array of sliders.
When I got this it had lost its end metal panel and the final key on the keyboard.
Nothing is affected, and it is actually hardly noticeable.” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

tr606“Well cared for, tested and fully functional, in excellent physical/electronic condition. No chips, dings, dents or deep scratches to the case.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

jx-8p“Has light scratches from normal usage. Works great! Comes with power cable. Tip of the pitch wheel is broken off as picured (functions perfectly).” Link

AX-7, Keytar, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

roland ax7“Fully Tested and Works 100% with Some Surface Scratches/Marks but Lots of Life Left and is Being Sold As-IS with NO Returns” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

used juno 106“Serviced and works beautifully. I purchased this unit in 2008 and had it professionally tested and serviced with the necessary parts replaced. The service record is pictured and included. It has remained in my clean, smoke-free studio since that time. All 6 voices are working. I have tested it extensively over the past month and cannot find any issues in this vintage beauty. The Juno comes with the original instructions, power supply and a CD containing the factory resets. I saved over no more than 3 of the preset tones (it’s really all about your own sound design anyway, right? ;). It is professionally boxed and ready to ship upon sale. Buy with confidence. If you are not satisfied, send it back within 14 days for a refund. Buyer pays return shipping. Thanks for looking! ” Link

AX-7, Keytar, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

ax7“Excellent, like brand new, never used” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

tr606“Hi there This is Used Roland TR-606 Music Drum Machine Synthesizer

Unit is in perfect working order

Please see photos for details. Thanks!”

MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

sh-3a“Perfect working MGS-1 mod grip for roland sh 101.” Link

Roland, SH-3a @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

sh-3a“Unit doesn’t power on. As is.100 volt unit will require voltage converter for use outside Japan. Please see photos for cosmetic condition details” Link

MC-4, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

mc-4“This is the famous Roland MC-4 Microcomposer. It is a multichannel sequencer with CV (controlled voltage) and gate hookups. It can be synchronized and can control any synthesizer with CV connections.

This sequencer is in perfect working condition, and only has minor scratches that do not affect play. It is very clean, and has been kept in a smoke-free home. ” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

rolandsh1000 “This Roland SH-1000 is in near perfect working order. All keys and flippers work, and all knobs, switches, and gliders are responsive. Tuning knob works properly as well as the glide button. Like many analog synths 30+ years in age, the only issue is that sometimes it takes a minute or so to warm up. This synth was recently cleaned and looked over by Innermuze audio repair, out of Detroit Michigan. Unfortunately, this synth does not include the stand accessory to hold written music, and does not include a manual or case. Extreme care will go into shipping. No returns.” Link

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

used roland jupiter 6
For sale is my late revision Jupiter 6 with midi in/out/through and the Europa mod. It is functionally perfect, and cosmetically very very good. The only issues I am aware of are that there is a small scratch in the paint on the left side near the volume knob visible in the pictures, and the Roland logo on the back has been painted over with black paint. I obtained this synth from a professional that blacked it out for television appearances. Acetone will probably take it off if you care, I thought it was a cool reminder of where the synth came from so I left it. Otherwise it is in ridiculously good shape. It isn’t dented or scuffed up or rusty like some old Rolands get, it looks close to new.

Europa adds all sorts of functionality and works well. This is just a really, really nice example of a JP6. Probably the best one on ebay right now considering it’s physical state and that it has the out of production Europa kit already installed.” Link

Roland @ 19 October 2014, Comments Off

roland d20“This Roland D-20 keyboard for parts only. Some of control buttons was pushed in causing the keyboard not to work anymore. There are are no broken keys. ” Link