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mks80 “This is my personal Roland Super Jupiter. Incredible sounding machines as you may already know, i posted pictures from the inside and every corner. I can’t find the power cable it might be in one of my bisons echorecs ,therefore not included. In the front panel I am missing one plastic knob, it doesnt affect sound and you can replace this with any type of synth plastic knobs. ” Link

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used mks80“Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Analog Synthesizer With MPG-80 & M64C Vintage Synthesizer

This one was recently serviced by a Roland tech at LA Synth. The unit is in beautiful condition. The Mks has a little rack rash but nothing major. The Mpg is in almost pristine cosmetic condition. Both units have been tested and work fine.” Link

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mks80 “Roland MKS 80 rev 3 … CEM loaded unit .. ” Link

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superjp ” Used units both work flawlessly. Great condition. Pictures show MKS30 as well, but this sale is for the MKS 80 and MPG 80. Manuals included and complete with manufacturers notes, upgrade details and schematics” Link

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80 “【Accessories】Power Cable , Manual
【Condition / Note】
Cosmetic Condition : There is a feeling of aging, But it have maintained a relatively beautiful state.

Playability : Play great,

Modifications / Repairs : There is no modification place.

Other Information : Backlight does not light.”

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mks80 ” Up for sale is my favorite synth, it is hard for me to sell, but I am moving overseas and the power supply which is 110V will not work where I am going. So sadly I have to part with this amazing beast of a synth. The synth has been well taken care of and is in great condition, very clean physically and working perfectly. Sound is unbelievable, easily one of the best analog synths of all time and maybe the best rack mount synth of all time. Serial number is 491354, which makes it a rev, features CEM3340 oscillators, Roland IR3109 filters, and CEM3360 VCAs. The rev 4 has a much deeper low end then the rev 5 and in my opinion sounds much better, especially for bass sounds. The previous owner etched some type of ID number into the back of the unit which is displayed in the pictures.” Link

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mks80mpg80 “Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Analog Synthesizer With MPG-80 & M64C Vintage Synthesizer

This one was recently serviced by Top 40 Guitars. The unit is in beautiful condition. Both units are in almost pristine cosmetic condition. Both units have been tested and work fine.

Synth comes with power cable and programmer connector.

30 day money back guarantee” Link

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mks870 “Works great! Solid synth.” Link

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mks80 “This listing is for a Roland MKS-80 (#552730) + MPG-80.

This unit is has a few scratches but perfect working order

This unit comes with a 6 PIN DIN cable and power cable.” Link

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mks-80 “This unit is modified with the standard AC inlet so you don’t need the special power cable” Link

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used mks80 “Up for sale is a meticulously maintained Roland MKS-80 “Super Jupiter” 8-voice analog synthesizer.

This is Revision 4 with CEM3340 VCOs and CEM3360 VCAs. VCF is Roland IR3109.

Full working condition, including the infamous backlight. Cosmetically 8 out of 10 – the front panel has a couple very minor nicks (mostly on the top edge), the top cover has some scratches from racking and unracking.

When I bought the synth just over two years ago, the following work was done:

The backlight circuit was rebuilt with a new high-voltage transformer and new transistors.
New electroluminescent strip was installed behind the display.
Brand new Panasonic filter capacitors were installed in the power supply.
All connectors were cleaned and reseated.
Voice boards were checked for issues and adjusted against the service manual.
The AC inlet socket was replaced with a standard 3-prong IEC socket.
Assigner board ROM v4.0 and voice board ROMs v2.0 were installed.
The two faders and the Tuning pot were cleaned.

Synth is sold as-is due to age (it is 32 years old). I’m including a high-quality copy of the service manual, a power cord, and the rack ears with mounting screws. Unit requires 120V AC line voltage but can be switched to 100V or 230V internally by an experienced technician.” Link

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mks80 “Zum verkauf steht eine Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter racksynthesizer mit CEM3340 VCO’s.
Funktioniert einwandfrei,netzteil ist 117v aber eine wandler gebe ich gratis mit.
Extra ist noch eine Roland M-64C speichercardtridge.” Link

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mks80 “Good clean Rev 4 unit with only minor wear and tear. Comes with an American power inverter as it runs on 110v. This does not affect sound or performance. Sounds amazing its very snappy envelopes and great filter and assorted programming options. I used a lemur template for programming it with the ipad. ” Link

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mks80 “Well, its an … Analog box? This is a project that I put together a few years ago. It’s two Roland Synths (MKS-80 & MKS-30) hooked up to an analog mixer which has a real spring reverb. Each synth unit has a separate programmer. This project took some effort and fasteners. It’s all working. No major issues. There is one missing slider button on the MKS-30 Volume Slider. Also one knob on the PG-200 controller (lfo time) needs to be reseated from the inside. Used plastic washers and brass hardware to keep the ears in good shape. The case itself can be pressurized and used for air travel. All the manuals are there with the schematics. (I’m still looking for the MKS-30 manuals, so they may not be included). Connecting cords for each of the programmers are intact and in good condition. I took pictures of the serial numbers. This looks like the Rev 4 edition. Everything works, but this is older equipment. I’m selling this as is, but its been kept in good condition and smoke free while I’ve owned it. Oh, includes at least 2 memory cartridges (M64-C). And no, I don’t want to split it up… You’re lucky its altogether in one place :)” Link

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used mks-80 ” This listing is for a Roland MKS-80 analog synth module. One of the best sounding synths on the market. Includes M-64C cartridge and power cord.” Link

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sj ” Bought this with the intention of getting the MPG-80 programmer later on. Prices had started to climb, so I thought I would get a better deal buying them separately. Never did get the programmer, which would have made this alot more easy to get around.
But its still a lovely synth, with great sounds. Go to and for more info.
There’s big discussions on the sound of this one. I also have a Jupiter 8, and it’s different than that, but supposedly quite different from the Jup 6. Some people say its the perfect analog synth.
Mine is serial # 501541, so it has the earlier CEM chips.
I didn’t get a M-64C cartridge when I bought it, so I’ve never used that function, but I wasn’t doing too much programming, so I didn’t need the additional storage space.
The unit is pretty clean, a few scratches on the top, and everything operates as it should. No unwanted noises. No surprises.” Link

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mks80 “This is as clean a MKS80 with the programmer you will find. Works flawlessly. Comes with two loaded memory cartridges. Comes with Roland cable to connect the programmer to the module. If you are looking at this you know what it is. You won’t find a cleaner pair in better working condition. Will ship world wide.

This is the more sought after rev 4 version. ” Link

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mpgmks “I’m selling my MKS-80 Super Jupiter and MPG-80 Programmer since I haven’t been using it lately. This is the popular Rev.4 Super Jupiter.
This is a very fat and lush sounding analog synth. It’s a very versatile synth, it can do massive bass sounds, lush pads, bell tones, effect sounds, etc…
I’m also including the user manual and a M-64C Memory Card for storing extra programs.

The MKS-80 is in perfect working condition, with only minor scuffs from being rack mounted.” Link

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mks80 ” MKS-80 Synthesizer – perfect working condition, a few minor scrapes on top and bottom of unit (see photo) and minor rack rash

Serial #573353 Rev 5

Sale includes:

* MKS-80 Synthesizer
* AC Power Cable” Link

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80 ” Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter for sale! This is basically the rack mount version of the Jupiter 6 by Roland. It is in mint condition.

This is an early model Revision 4. This is one of few revision 4s with the famous curtis chips. It has the same hardware as the Jupiters.

It includes the M-64C memory cartridge as well as power cord. If you buy it now, I will throw in a MIDI cable as well…

There are no cosmetic scratches or exterior damage; as can be seen by the pictures, this is in great condition. It is fully functional. The backlight was recently installed as well.” Link

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mks80 ” This is a rev 4 MKS-80 Super Jupiter. It has a sound somewhere between the Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8, but closer to the 6. It’s excellent for bass and has a lot of programming flexibility. It is in excellent condition with just a little rack rash on the upper right of the chassis (see picture). The front plate of the synth looks really good with tiny flaws visible only under close inspection. It comes with a memory cartridge that has some pretty great presets on it!” Link

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super jupiter“Up for a bid is Roland MKS-80 rev 4 serial # – 460386
Instrument powers up, screen showing all info.
All functions works, outputs as well, However continuous “pink” type noise is coming from output. It’s adjustable with the volume control, so more likely it’s an interior vco problem (I assume) rather dead amps because some patches has low vco signal as well. To this reason item is sold “as-is”. This might be something not as serious, but I’m not a tech and don’t know how to fix this. It could be an easy fix to who know how to repair this type of problem, or if you have a local technician even better. ” Link

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sup” The MKS80 powers up and all seems to be working except there is nothing but white noise on the audio output. Not exactly sure what is going on with it unfortunately..

Good for parts or repair if you have the knowledge or know someone who does.

MPG80 does not seem to control the MKS80 but this could be something to do with the problem the MKS80 is having also.” Link

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mks80 “Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Analog Synthesizer

All pictures are of the actual item for sale. Includes power cord.

Fully functional. Will be packed professionally and insured.” Link

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mks80 ” This is a Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer in excellent condition for sale by the original owner. There is some cosmetic wear from rackmount installations, however this unit has been tested and is in great working order. Very fat and very analog! Classic analog Roland technology in its filters, modulation capabilities and a thick cluster of 16 analog oscillators at 2 per voice. Includes an M64-C memory cartridge. It’s got all the classic sounds of the Jupiter synths and so much more. An excellent choice for ambient drones, pads, blips, buzzes and leads.” Link

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mks80” Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer in excellent condition. Includes the owner’s manual and power cord. (manual has some writing on the back) There are a few scuffs and scratches and it’s missing one of the bottom rubber feet (see pics) but it’s tested and in perfect working condition. Sold by the original owner this synth has lived a quiet studio life. ” Link

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mks80 “Roland MKS-80 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer serviced and adjusted.

Looks 9.5 of 10
Pictures say everything, far better than average.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
All elec capacitors and poly caps, some short life OpAmps/tramsistors/logis ICs are changed with new ones,
liders, switches and jacks cleaning are done before shipping.” Link

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roland mks-80“oland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Serial Number 501534

Including the iPad2 shown in the photos. I’ve tried a lot of controller and Lemur with an iPad works best. Lemur sold separately for $10 or $20?

Rev 4 means it uses the same chips as the Jupiter-6 which sounds more lush and fatter than the rev 5.

Never had any issues with this. Built like a tank.

Just replaced the battery in the M-64C cartridge.” Link

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roland mks-80” This listing is for the Super Jupiter (MKS-80) and the Programmer (MPG-80). The serial number indicates that this is a REV4 model. Power cable and programmer connection cable are included. Everything works great and sounds brilliant! There is some rack rash and scratching on both units and the programmer has a pen mark on the upper right side (see photos). Also, a few of the rack ear screws are missing (see side photos). The rack ears are strong with the screws that are in place, but it is worth noting.” Link

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mks-80“This is a Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer that is in good condition. As a couple of the pictures show, there is some cosmetic wear, but overall the unit looks great. This unit has been tested and is in great working order.

If your looking at this, then you’re already aware of the wonderful, fat, warm sounds that this serious, vintage synth can create. I have used this in several of my own projects, and would hold onto it, as it’s such a wonderful addition to any sound creation studio. But, due to possibly some life changes, will be needing the money and space. ” Link

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super jp“I purchased this synth several years ago to use in my home studio. It has been in a smoke-free, dust-free environment.

The MKS-80 synth and programmer are in good condition.

There are some cosmetic issues I want to point out: there are signs of normal use and wear on the housing (some fine scratches). Please see the photos for full details regarding the condition of the items.” Link

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mks80mpg80“I’m reluctantly selling my beloved Super Jupiter with the rare & indispensable MPG-80 programmer. They are both in fantastic condition, with minimal marks from racking & age. I’ve kept them in a meticulously clean smoke-free studio & gotten a lot of use out of them over the years. Everything is perfectly functional & hopefully if you’re looking at this auction you know how great these things can sound. As with all vintage units I’m selling them as-is due to their age.

There’s a lot of great info on the net about the MKS-80 & MPG-80 if you need to know more. Please note I’m relisting this item as the previous buyer could not commit to the sale.

The MKS-80 has a serial number 563xxx which makes it a Rev 5.

The unit runs on 120VAC & I have a step-down transformer for use with Australian 240VAC, which I will throw in free for Australian buyers. Also comes with the memory card, and the cable for the programmer.” Link

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supierjupiter“For sale is a Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Vintage Analog Synthesizer AND the rare MPG-80 Super Jupiter Programmer interface for the MKS-80. I am also including the M64-C memory cartridge and owners manual. I am the original owner and the units have been used in my smoke-free studio for the entire time. The MKS-80 is a Rev 4 version, serial #460470. This Synth works great & sounds awesome! These are sold AS-IS, no returns. ” Link

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mks80“For sale is a Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Vintage Analog Synthesizer AND the rare MPG-80 Super Jupiter Programmer interface for the MKS-80. I am also including the M64-C memory cartridge and owners manual. I am the original owner and the units have been used in my smoke-free studio for the entire time. The MKS-80 is a Rev 4 version, serial #460470. This Synth works great & sounds awesome! ” Link