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jx8p ” Roland JX8P analog synthesizer. Looks very good and is 100% working.” Link

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8p “Great lovingly used condition. Amazing synth, best price online!” Link

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jx8p “Here we have an awesome pristine example of a Roland JX8P. I got this from a synth collector, who left this boxed in there closet for the last 20-25 years. It really in great shape, cosmetically perfect, not a scratch. The aftertouch works better then anyone of these I’ve ever played too. Only small issue is one button doesn’t work, the sound 29 button. Luckily this serves no other purpose then playing sound 29, everything else is perfect! This comes with a Synth ROM cart. I put the best JX8P sound on it, so you would be good to go. ” Link

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jx8p “A VINTAGE Roland JX-8P in decent working order. Roland produced this synth from 1984-1989. The original factory sounds are loaded and the unit includes a proper power cord (two prong, square head unique to this product). An owners manual is included. The unit works just fine but has minor cosmetic issues expected of a 33 year old instrument and some playability issues listed below. The unit has lived in a NON SMOKING environment for about 10 years. The unit is packaged up nicely and ready to ship from the Dallas area in Texas, USA.

PLAYABILITY issues: 1) Notes will hang on occasion. The solution is to clean the key contacts underneath the keys (google Roland JX-8P hanging keys). It is a common problem with this synth than can be fixed if you’re willing to dig into it (see link below). 2) The portamento on/off button and slider has no effect. I would suspect this can be fixed with cleaning as well. 3) The stereo outputs have issues. The mono jack has no output and is slightly bent (see pictures). The secondary stereo jack has low output. The headphone jack works perfectly and can be used as the main stereo output.” Link

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jx8p “In great cosmetic and working condition. Please see photos for exact unit being sold.”

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rolandjx8p “analog polyphonic synthesizer
excellent condition, everything works as it should.
comes with power cable” Link

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jx8p “Everything works except the bender and aftertouch controls. They will work via MIDI, though.

Auction is for keyboard and power cable. Ships to continental USA only at listed cost. ” Link

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jx8p “Roland JX-8P

Great analog synth with DCO!

Nice condition! (see photos)

Usual wear around the left and right side.. (see photos)

Everything works! *

Every key, every button, every switch, slider, OUT-s, joystick, midi in, midi out… (tested extensively few days ago!)

* Only thing – I think aftertouch is not working! (but I am not totally sure..) It can easily be fixed..just some basic soldering of few contacts!! literally.. (I saw some tutorials on the web.. search it.. I did not took time to do it)

It comes with power cord (cable) needed for the synth.

It will be very well and securelly packed! (I am a serious ebayer! Read my feedback.. I have already sold many synthesizers.. and got only great feedback!) I Will send you photos of packaging process!” Link

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jx8p “This synth is in overall great condition. However, for it to function the power connector will need to be replaced. The lowest key may also need to be replaced.” Link

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8p ” Analog / Digital Hybrid Synthesiser. Stable DCOs with Analog VCA and VCF. Warm sound. Best in the range for the time. Some cosmetic wear and tear visible. See photos. Due to age. Used to belong to chart topping group, The Cool Notes, from Mid Eighties. Fully working apart from Aftertouch, which never worked on this model! Can be repaired easily though. I never got round to doing it. Half hour job. See online for guidance. Comes with manual and service manual.” Link

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usedkjx8 “Sehr schöner jx8p der ersten Generation. Lange unbenutzt gewesen. Technisch wie neu. Alles funktioniert einwandfrei und die Folienknöpfe lassen sich drücken als wären sie neu. Optisch einige kleine kratzer, des alters entsprechend. Programmer hab ich mir gespart. Hab zuletzt einen behringer bcr 2000 benutzt um ihn anzusteuern. Funktioniert super und man bekommt ihn hier für ca. 80 euro. Kann meinen leider nicht mitanbieten, weil ich ihn noch für einen anderen synth brauche.” Link

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8p “This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition and working 100%. this one looks nearly new” Link

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jx8p “Vintage Analog Polyphonic midi Synthesizer Roland JX8P

in very good condition. Professionally serviced by Keytech in Las Vegas,

Every function,every slider,every key works flawlessly.

No missing part/no broken parts,shows only a few paint fading and a few scratch but overall in good cosmetic condition (see pictures for details) .” Link

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jx8p “This auction is for one vintage used 1985 Roland JX-8P synthesizer keyboard. I purchased this keyboard several years ago. This keyboard powers up and everything is working. Cosmetically, the keyboard shows wear with the worst being on the edges of the plastic sides where the grey finish has worn off (see pictures). This auction is for the JX-8P keyboard and power cord only. The keyboard stand in the pictures is not included.” Link

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used-jx3p “Roland JX-8P, Fully playable, including functioning M64-C memory cartridge.
After Touch is functional, the contact for aftertouch needs a bit of cleaning and experiencing clipping while changing value.
99% of keys are functional, and all keys are included.
sound samples can be provided upon request.
electrical input has been hardwired and functions 100%.” Link

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jx8p “Roland JX8P. Fully serviced. Calibrated. Recapped. Velocity sensor cleaned so aftertouch works correctly. Works great. Custom patches programmed by tech. Prices on these are on the rise. Once Kiwi officially releases the Kiwi8p upgrade expect these to jump to $1,000+ (Google or YT “Roland Kiwi8p” for a sneak peak). Keep in mind that this unit has been recapped, calibrated, and aftertouch sensor addressed. That’s huge. ” Link

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jx8p “I am the 2nd owner 0f this fully functioning vintage Roland 61 key JX- 8P synth. Awesome analog sounds! It has two previous cigarette burns to two keys, not in playing area of the keys. I purchased a new power cord as its not your standard 3 prong keyboard cord. It’s taking up space in my studio. It has your usual warring , nicks and bumps for its age but has been in my smoke free studio for years. I have included a larger carpeted keyboard case (which adds shipping weight) but protects it! ” Link

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jx8p” Here is a Roland JX-8P Japanese voltage that does not power up.
I am the original owner. I bought while in Japan circa 1985-86.
I will ship in the plastic hard shell case. ” Link

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jxp ” I can’t stress what amazing condition this synth is in (not even taking into account it was made over 30 years ago). I acquired it from The States less than a year ago, in it’s original box with the original manual, and it looked brand new. Every function works perfectly and it sounds awesome.” Link

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used jx8p ” A very clean, Roland JX-8P. Fully functional. Home use only in a non-smoking, non-pet environment.

I bought my first 8P new in 1985 and have always loved this model for it’s fat analog sounds along with it’s digital attacks on percussive sounds, somewhat like crossing a Juno 106 with a DX7. The capabilities go way beyond the earlier JX-3P. It’s a great way to get some of that fat Juno 60 & 106 sound at half the going price for a Juno these days.

I’ve got a decent collection of patches for the 8P and have loaded 32 of my coolest ones into the user bank so you will be getting some much better presets than the boring, lackluster original Roland factory patches.

Just serviced: The synth got a very good cleaning, inside and out, and the aftertouch was restored.

AFTERTOUCH: I’ve had five JX-8Ps in my life and I can assure you 95% of the 8Ps out there have no working aftertouch due to their age unless the aftertouch was serviced and restored. This one I just restored last week. It’s a tedious process that involves opening it up and removing the whole key bed. Then each of the 61 keys and 61 key springs are removed. (while the plastic keys are out, I gave them a sudsy soak overnight, then cleaned each key, one by one, dried, and re-lubed each with lithium grease). The multi-layered aftertouch strip is opened and each part cleaned or scrubbed and the carbon impregnated contact strips reconditioned and re-carbonized. Re-assembly of the strip is very difficult, but I’ve done this process with success now to five JX-8Ps.

The aftertouch is very cool and a must have feature for any JX-8P. By pressing down a little harder on keys you are already pressing, you can add brilliance, vibrato or volume swells. By changing your LFO settings, the “vibrato” added can actually do some really neat stuff beyond basic vibrato.

I’ve spent the time making sure all is cleaned up and working well so no surprises for you like you can get with a lot of these vintage synths. There are no known issues. On rare occasion, a note will hang. This is not the key physically sticking, but just a quirky thing I’ve seen every JX-8P do, again due to age. You just play a few more notes or a chord and the hanging note gets “flushed” out and stops.

Auction includes the JX-8P, hard-to-find 2 pronged power cord and a printed copy of the owners manual.” Link

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jx8p ” This Roland JX-8P is Made with Metal Body Not Plastic Original factory Stand Plays great!” Link

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used jx8p “Very good condition. Photos will attest to condition. Perfectly functioning and clean. Some minor scuffs and scratches, appropriate for the synth’s age. Just serviced and the aftertouch was fully restored.” Link

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8p “Hier verkaufe ich meinen Roland JX-8P Kult-Synthesizer.
dieser bietet fette 8 Stimmen analoger Klangerzeugung!

Bands wie Frischmob und Doppeltopf feiern schon ewig damit.

Der Roland JX8P ist technisch im akzeptablen Zustand und funktioniert mit kleineren
Mängeln immer noch ordentlich, (eine Faderreinigung sollte gemacht werden und zwei Knopfkappen fehlen).
Der JX8P hat deutliche Gebrauchsspuren, an den Bediener Elementen.
Bitte schauen Sie sich das Foto an.
Verkauf ohne Netzkabel und des Sonderzubehörteil PG-800.” Link

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jx8p “This synthesizer is in good condition and works well. Includes power cord and case. Sold as is, no returns.” Link

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used jx8p“Roland JX8P synthesizer up for sale. It is in great condition- all keys and sliders, after-touch and display, outputs work great. The battery seems to work- it has it’s patches and I was able to save new patches, but I’m sure the battery will need to be changed soon as it is 30 years old!

Some of the patches toward the end of Bank B show up on the screen as weird characters- It probably needs the patches reloaded, but I have no desire to do this.

It still has the magnetic list of parameters, which is very helpful.” Link

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roland-jx-8p “Hinweise: Der JX-8P ist ein Synthesizer wohl aus dem Jahr 1985. Daher weist er selbstverständlich Gebrauchsspuren auf, auch 2 kleine Dellen im Gehäuse. Der Bender-Knüppel scheint mir nach Bedienung etwas asymmetrisch verbogen, könnte also ein Defekt sein, er funktioniert jedoch mit 2 Halbtönen. Der Schieber zum Einstellen der Bend-Range hat keine Funktion, müsste als geprüft und ggf. repariert werden. Die Tonerzeugung scheint ok, was auffällt, dass bei zu vielen Tasten Töne fehlen. Aber evtl. ist das mit der 6-stimmigen Polyphonie zu begründen. Beim Umschalten des Ausgangspegels gab es leichte Kratzgeräusche, den analogen Chorus hört man aus den Lautsprechern auch ohne Tastaturbedienung. Vermutlich aber für Analogsynths normal. Dennoch besteht bei einem Synth dieses Alters immer die Möglichkeit von versteckten Mängeln, dies sollte man beim Bieten im Hinterkopf behalten. Ich übernehme daher keine Garantie, eine Rücknahme schließe ich ebenfalls aus.” Link

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jx8p “Roland synthesizer had serviced and works. Crazy vintage synth sounds with this bad boy.” Link

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jx-8p “Vintage Analog Synthesizer, this keyboard is in excellent cosmetic condition, it’s been in a closet for 20 years, however it won’t turn on. I’m not a savvy electronics guy therefore I don’t know the diagnosis, but it’s probably an easy fix for anyone who likes taking old synths apart as a hobby.” Link

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jx8p “This is a Roland JX-8p and PG-800 programmer. Also comes with an original PG-800 carrying case and M-16C Memory Cartridge for storing extra programs. 6 pin Din connector also included. Everything is in 100% perfect working order. Will ship to lower 48 US states only.” Link

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usedjx8p ” Gorgeous synth, but it’s just too big for my studio! It’s not exactly compact, however I wouldn’t consider it huge either. Something to think about before purchasing.

Creates really lush pads, and the aftertouch is pretty cool. Classic synth.

Things to note about the condition of this unit:

The volume switch on the back can be a bit scratchy, nothing a little wiggle can’t fix. It only scratches at the highest volume setting.

The sides are a bit loose, unfortunately these synths utilized a really cheap plastic body, so the screw holes broke off at some point in its life. It doesn’t effect the synth really, but I wouldn’t really recommend taking it anywhere unless you find a better way to secure it.

The aftertouch works, but it’s not exactly responsive, you have to push quite a bit harder than I would like to. I’ve cleaned the contacts which helped a bit, but again this is a synth from the 80′s so the fact that the aftertouch even works as it does now is pretty impressive.

Stuck notes… it’s a known problem… this unit doesn’t have them very often. I’m talking like, once a week and I use it quite frequently. I’m not sure why it does it, but when you hit the note again it stops. Cleaning the contacts helped temporarily. Might want to think about taking some isopropal alcohol to the contacts.

Cosmetically it’s pretty nice overall. It’s been used in a smoke free dust free studio for quite some time. There are a few user patches still saved that I created personally, but it’s nothing a good sysex dump can’t fix.

If you’re thinking about buying this synth, please be sure you want it. It’s heavy, and I don’t really want to accept a return so make sure you want it.

Power chord is included. Please take care of it if you buy it.” Link

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used jx8p “Roland JX-8P Polyphonic Analog synthesizer vintage sounds!” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 20 March 2016, Comments Off

usedjx8p ” This is an awesome synth. Everything works and it comes with a CD which has the PC programmer for hands on tweaking! Also on the CD is many patches for the JX-8P and Midiox. The Midiox is an older version, but you can download the latest for free. You will need a USB to midi device. That’s it!” Link

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jx8p “The keyboard works well and is good condition with minor wear. The only issue is that some screws are missing, especially on the right side; use caution when moving it, pick up from the bottom on that side. The manual and a hardshell case are included. No power cord. Sold as is, no returns.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 14 February 2016, Comments Off

used jx8p “In great condition for it’s age, and in excellent functional shape. All voices are working, and the aftertouch even still responds like it should!

Really awesome, underrated analog machine – absolutely capable of some truly massive, Juno-esque sounds if you finesse it a bit.

The only issues of note are that the volume and data entry sliders are in need of a proper cleaning, as they can be a bit jumpy. But even despite that, with a mindful touch they still work just fine!

I love this ‘board, and just used it extensively on the recording our debut album – I shall truly miss it’s massive, Blade Runner-esque pad sounds… but I’m ready to upgrade to something newer that can more gracefully handle my demanding gigging schedule.” Link