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“Since the last time I listed this, I was fortunate enough to be loaned a working JP8 by a customer who allowed me to swap boards around with this model.

originally, I believed the EnV gen ICs to be dead (IR3R01), however upon putting my voice cards into his machine all but 2 of the chips seemed to work.
So my guess is that there are problems on the module controller boards and/or the interface boards.

I also believe there are problems with the connectors being corroded and causing quite strange behaviour, sometimes it will boot but with no LED display or sometimes it will start glitching and crashing after a couple of minutes.
I purchased a complete new set of molex connecters and female pins which will need to be crimped on, I will be forwarding on all the parts I collected to the whoever purchases this.

I think there are also perhaps issues with the CPU card, as I said, it seems the voice boards are in fact ok (give or take a few of the voices not always tuning correctly)

Most of it has been recapped although the main caps for the power supply were not changed as the ones I ordered took ages to arrive, but they will be shipped along with the unit.

also, a lot of the cmos chips have all been replaced and socketed.

You will notice that one of the 8 position rotary switches doesn’t have a cap on it in the photo, it is a brand new switch but has a rounded shaft rather than a splined one, so the knob wont fit back on (included) however, the broken switch is included so you can take it apart again and swap shafts out.

Also included is a stack (about 8 i think) of brand new BA662 replacements, in case they are needed.

Nothing is missing, and I wish I had the time and patience to carry on and bring her back, but I just dont..

Cosmetically, she is in almost flawless condition buttons are bright and the grey paintwork is truly outstanding.
I had full service manual printed on thick stock and bound which will also be included as well as some faders (too long, but the brushes are the same so can be used as replacements) ” Link

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ROLAND JUPITER 8 VINTAGE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER with Modifications and Flight case
Don’t miss your chance to own this rare piece of synthesizer history commonly referred to as the “HOLY GRAIL” of all vintage synthesizers.
Please read ALL descriptions of this item
NOTE: This auction is for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. All non-qualifying bids will cancelled.
NOTE: As this item is a rare “vintage” piece of delicate electronic gear it is “AS-IS” with NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.”

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rolandjp8 ” Once only. The biggest and the best Analogue Synth. In great condition. Please see photos.
Very tidy front with some marks on the back as you would expect from a synth this Vintage.

In perfect working order and with MIDI IN OUT retro fit. All oscillators in tune.” Link

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jp8 “You are looking at a Roland Jupiter-8 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. This 62-Key Synthesizer has been used. It has been tested and everything appears to be in good working condition. This keyboard is old so there is some cosmetic damage. For example: scuffs, scratches, and dings in the paint on the keyboard. Nothing that affects the way it works. The stand, manuals, cover you you see pictured will be included. Please see the pictures for a better description.”

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jp8 “Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer JP-8 Wood Side Panels Recently serviced Runs Great. This unit was purported to have been used on the latest Collective Soul Album, specifically on ‘See what you have started by continuing’ & ‘This’.” Link

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jp8 “Rare as hens teeth Roland Jupiter 8 with the fantastic Kenton Midi retrofit all working 100% and sounding amazing as you would expect.

Has been serviced in the last 2 years.

Does have some blemishes and dings consistent with the age of this classic, but I’d give it a good 8 out of 10.

Please see photos for condition.” Link

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used roland jupiter 8 “I am the original owner and I bought this synth new in 1982. Used it professionally until 1989. It has remained unused since. I decided to sell it in June 2016, but due to age the CPU board now needed service so it was serviced in July of 2016 by Pro Audio Services in Tampa, FL. Included is a picture of part of the Pro Audio team. This keyboard was always transported in an Anvil Road Case. It has never been abused, dropped or damaged in any way. Pro Audio Services Warranty transfers from me to the purchaser and is transferable until the warranty expires. The warranty covers repairs made by Pro Audio.” Link

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roland jp8 “In perfect cosmetic and working condition” Link

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jp8 “This is the Vintage and very rare Classic Roland Jupiter 8. It is working order but has some marks on it, it also features a MIDI fit so it is almost fully controlable via midi. See photo. For example you can control the filter and some other functions not all of which I can remember. It has also has 4 midi channels that are connected to CV and Gates so you can use it to play other vintage keyboards. I don’t have the manuel for the retro midi fit but I’m sure it’s online somewhere if you need it, I haven’t, at the moment it’s on midi channel 16, you can change this.” Link

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p8 ” Roland Jupiter 8 with Kenton electronics MIDI retro fit.

I picked up this Jupiter 8 about 5 years ago from Ebay.
The model comes with a European plug and is 220V.

The unit itself is in very good/excellent condition. There are a couple of scratches to the Roland logo on the back which I have highlighted in one of the photos. There is also a sticker on the front as highlighted in one of the photos – I have never tried to remove this for fear of damaging the unit. For some reason the serial number at the back has been removed from the unit – I have no idea why however I can assure you that this is indeed an original Jupiter 8!” Link

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korg ddd-1 “Roland Jupiter 8 with Kenton electronics MIDI retro fit.

I picked up this Jupiter 8 about 5 years ago from Ebay.
The model comes with a European plug and is 220V.

The unit itself is in very good/excellent condition. There are a couple of scratches to the Roland logo on the back which I have highlighted in one of the photos. There is also a sticker on the front as highlighted in one of the photos – I have never tried to remove this for fear of damaging the unit. For some reason the serial number at the back has been removed from the unit – I have no idea why however I can assure you that this is indeed an original Jupiter 8!” Link

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jp8 “This synthesizer has been used by care by the previous owner.

Roland’s first truly professional analog synthesizer. This amazing piece features 16 rich analog oscillators at 2 per voice.

Great sliders, knobs and buttons to give you the maximum flexible for tweaking each sound.

This piece also includes Midi sockets by Encore Electronics, which is another rare feature for the Jupiter 8. This MIDI OUT is currently for SYSEX transfers only.

The MIDI IN works perfectly which makes it easier and more convenient to work with your DAWs.

Although there are some minor scratches, the piece is in excellent condition for its age.” Link

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jp-8 “Offering this Roland Jupiter 8 for sale and will be sad to see it go. I’ve owned it just under 1 year and am only the 2nd owner from new. This synth is in superb physical condition and is 100% functional. Prior to sale, the synth has been serviced at PhilSynth in Berlin, cleaned, extensively tested and including a full power supply recap from 110V to 220V calibration. All functions and features work correctly. The front panel is in excellent condition, very clean and with the very few marks normal for its age. The paintwork and silkscreening are superb – the black paintwork is dark and solid and the coloured silkscreening bright and sharp. The mod panel is very clean, The back panel is excellent, with only a few small marks. All knobs, buttons, sliders and switches are present and function correctly. All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.” Link

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used jp8“Roland Jupiter 8 with Encore midi (In & out) professionally installed by Encore and synth fully serviced. Studio use only and in fantastic condition, but cosmetically and sonically (please view all pictures carefully, since “looks” is a subjective thing and I want this listing to be 100% fair). I’m not a tech person, but I “think” this is the 14bit version (back panel fully photographed, if that helps). I had the midi kit installed, works perfectly. Tuning and synth is rock solid (Roland Jupiter lines are built like tanks, I also own a Jupiter 6 & 4). No known problems what-so-ever. ” Link

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ROLAND Jupiter 8 12-bit Vintage analog synthesizer in very good playable condition. It sounds INCREDIBLE! Cosmetically very nice with only a few scratches from normal use. A couple of the pots are a bit scratchy sounding when adjusted. I would recommend a general servicing as it has not been serviced in a while.
Rare JLCooper “PATCH 120” three bank memory expansion installed and it works!
DCB connector was installed after purchase (untested)
Flight case included. Pelican “top-load” flight case included with sale


This JP8 was originally owned and purchased new by Chris Rhyne. Chris was the studio and touring keyboardist for Gino Vannelli, Santana and Jean Luc Ponty. Also, it was part of his on screen arsenal of keyboards for his 10 year run as musical director on the Merv Griffin show in the 80’s. He told me that he backed up everyone from Streisand to Pavarotti with this incredible synth. Also owned by lead singer of VERY famous rock band that’s in the Grammy hall of fame.” Link

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used jp8“Synth players, 80’s fans, disco fiends, modernists and producers of any ilk, here’s an opportunity to own your own Roland Jupiter 8, a true classic amongst analog synths.

Since its debut in 1981, the Jupiter 8 has been featured on countless hit and experimental recordings and is still in demand.

Purchased new in the ’80s this one is being sold by it’s original owner. It’s been fully checked out, is in great shape and was MIDI retrofitted decades ago.

Comes with free extra sound banks as well.” Link

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used jp8 “Roland Jupiter 8: A legendary keyboard that needs very little by way of introduction! This vintage Jupiter 8 is in very good overall condition having spent most of its existence in a temperature controlled studio. The serial number is in the 410000 range, indicating that it is a later model, which may be important to some users and collectors. This keyboard contains most (if not all) of the factory mods and improvements made to the Jupiter 8 line over the years, including changes in D/A bit rates, LED displays, and the addition of a DCB port. No other modifications have been performed on it since it emerged from the factory during the heady days of the 1980s.

It is a monster of an instrument and I have found that modern day plug-in emulators really do not do it justice. The Jupiter 8 has received outstanding reviews since its introduction and has a huge cult following, especially on the vintage market.

Cosmetically, this keyboard is remarkably clean considering its age. There are a couple of surface scratches on the finish, and a few of the sliders are slightly bent. I’m sure that a handy individual could have them straight and true in mere minutes. There is some discoloration underneath the clear protective plastic plate covering both LED readout indicators that seems to be paint or finish related. It is only present where the plastic cover is mounted to the steel surface of the unit. It does not extend into the viewing readout area of the display. Please refer to the pictures above to view it. Knobs, switches, and buttons are all in good working order. The keyset on this instrument is straight and in very good shape. Overall, this keyboard is a fine example of the breed.

This auction includes the Roland Jupiter 8 keyboard that will be shipped in a brand new ATA Kent road case complete with back casters for easy maneuvering. Sorry, the manual is not included but fortunately, the web contains virtually every shred of information and detail about this keyboard!” Link

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Roland’s first truly professional analog synthesizer.
For specs see the WEB.
In Perfect condition, without any modifications.
This is my Uncle’s synthesizer who is a professional musician.” Link

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jp8“This is one of the most remarkable instruments I’ve ever had the pleasure to own. It’s a late edition Jupiter 8 (based on the serial, 1983/84). It features a DCB connection and comes with a Kenton DCB to MIDI Converter, so no need for mods, you can synchronize it through your computer or external gear.

As shown from the pictures, it has some usage marks on the face plates, small dings etc, from the previous owner, who played it lots but also had it regularly maintained. I am the second owner. The actual synth sounds and has worked flawlessly since I’ve had it for 2.5 years, and I’ve worked equally hard to keep it in the same shape that I received it, and have had it checked out by the technician who takes care of my other synths.

All the knobs, buttons, and features work as they should, it’s a beast and sounds amazing.

It lives connected to a high end power conditioner in a professional, smoke free studio. I’m sad to see it go but I am needing to free up some resources at the moment.

As a bonus, I currently have a patch bank from the Keyboard player from Rush, as well as the original factory banks I can send via email.

It also comes with the original hard Road case, the handle is missing from before i received it, but someone could probably install a new one fairly easily. ” Link

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jp8“This Jupiter 8 analog synth is in great working condition and very good physical condition. Silkscreen graphics and text are in nice condition. LED display is in nice condition. All keys, buttons, sliders, lights and knobs, etc function properly. Tunes properly every time the “tune” button is pressed. Includes professionally installed Encore MIDI kit which adds MIDI, doubles the number of memory patches from 64 to 128 and adds sysex dump so patches can now be saved to your computer instead of cassette (not bad for a synth made in the early 1980’s). Please check item photos before bidding. With this comes standard wear, nicks, scratches, etc. Sold “AS IS”, No Returns, No Warranty. Actual shipping will be either USPS, FedEx Ground or UPS based on best shipping and pricing option. A power converter will be included in the sale to convert to 110V. I am non-technical and don’t know how to use this item plus not a musician. Please look online for technical answers” Link

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jp8“In great condition for its age. Tested and working. There are some minor scratches and fading in some areas.” Link

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jp8 “in good condition,and works perfectly.” Link

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jp8“Roland Jupiter 8 – Rare Rev 1 12 bit DAC version
Serial number 050210
Good cosmetic condition! Unit power and seems to work however, it needs a tune up and perhaps repairs. As such it is sold AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR” Link

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used jupiter 8
At the risk of sounding like a used car salesman, this Jupiter-8 is the equivalent of a car owned by a little old lady and only driven on Sundays. Ok, we’ve all heard these stories, but the truth is, I bought this Jupiter brand new in the 80’s used it on a few gigs and in my home studio, then it went into storage. It has been recently serviced (new battery, etc.) and is fully working. I took the original anvil case back to the factory where they did an absolutely brilliant job of replacing the cases’ foam lining and removing stencils. As you’ll see from the photos, this Jupiter and its case are in near-mint condition. This is one of THE great synths of all time and you will not find a better example. ” Link

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jp-8“This listing is for a Roland Jupiter 8 analog synthesizer: the mothership, holy grail of classic synths! Rare 14-bit model with DCB port. Recently serviced and in excellent working order. Capable of creating wide variety of sounds like strings, brass, leads, pads, bass, etc. Very fat sound you will not get from “plug-ins”. Has some cosmetic scratches, mostly visible underneath keyboard (see pics). Also has a screw missing on each side of the metal ends. Otherwise in nice condition for a vintage synth. Serial number 413,xxx. Includes a custom hardshell case. Local bidders welcome to take a listen at my studio in Hollywood.” Link

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jp8“Roland Jupiter 8 serial number 060276. Original owners manual and MIDI operation manual in english

This unit has been tested and is fully functional. This JP-8 was purchased two years ago from legendary vintage synth store 5G in Harajuku Tokyo.

It was fully calibrated then and I have just had my tech go over it and there were no reported faults.

Some wear over the chassis which is to be expected considering its age. This is mainly pitting spots in sections on the front panel around the bender and the back of the chassis. There are a few spots which appear to have been patch repaired which you can see in the pictures which are shown as small black squares

Otherwise in very good condition.

These are getting extremely hard to find in Japan now and I have only seen 2 available in the past 6 months. I sold a JP-8 late last year on this account to a buyer in Mexico for the same price which didn’t have a MIDI installed. ” Link

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used roland jp-8 “This listing is for a used Roland JP-8 (Jupiter-8) analog synthesizer in fully-functional, working order. No Midi. Serial number 222470. The king of all Roland analog! This is your opportunity to own a piece of synth history.

Synth plays, operates, and sounds great. I hate that I have to let it go.

The only issues are cosmetic, from normal wear and tear. There are some minor scratches (mostly on bottom and back), it’s missing one fader cap (easily found on eBay), and one screw on the right metal end.” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 22 March 2015, Comments Off on Roland Jupiter 8

jupiter8“This is a professionally refurbished Jupiter 8 with all factory presets and an Encore MIDI kit installed. The unit is in pristine condition and all the electronics function perfectly. All pots, sliders, knobs and switches do as well and have all been recently fully cleaned and tested. The serial number is 070396. I purchased it last year and had it completely cleaned and serviced at one of the few service locations in the nation which specializes in restoring and refurbishing vintage analog synthesizers. I also purchased the Encore MIDI kit myself for them to install. The owner’s quote to me was this: “We’ll get that thing so cleaned up it will be as if Roger Waters himself asked for it. It is our passion.” And they fully delivered. The unit is in impeccable condition. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a Jupiter 8 and have it fully refurbished, now is your chance, but without all the hassle I went through. I did all the work for you.” Link

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jp8 “the left side metal bar has a small bend on upper back left corner, the metal bar on amp looking part on back has bend, the synth plays great in poly 2 mode, in poly one mode, an envelope chip (ir3r01) needs to be replaced to make it fully function in that mode, if not in poly 1 mode, you would never notice” Link

Jupiter 8, Roland @ 22 February 2015, Comments Off on Roland Jupiter 8

Yes I am a real person who owns this Jupiter 8 and definitely not a scammer. I have owned it for about 4 years, had it fully serviced in July of 2012 by Mike Metz at Thesis Audio in Wichita, Kansas. The main thing I had done was the power supply rebuilt, and a full cleaning of the chips and plug wires, pots, etc. I also had the lithium battery replaced. The Jupiter was then calibrated. It was working fine when I took it in, these are just things I wanted to go ahead and have done while I had the chance. It sounds incredible and appears to possibly be the 5th Roland Jupiter down the assembly line according to my research. Serial number #030104. Everything is working and I have at least 50 videos on youtube of me playing it over the last 4 years. It has encore midi as well. The Jupiter is in beautiful condition but is not mint, with a superficial scratch here or there. I treat it as a work of art. ” Link

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jp8“Roland Jupiter 8 Analog Synthesizer, Excellent Condition, Midi

This is one of the finest analog synthesizers ever made and they are getting harder to find

This instrument was personally owned by one person who is a friend of mine and has asked me to sell it

This unit is in excellent condition , every switch , slider and knob is functioning properly.

A few of the lighted pushbuttons require a firmer push , but they all work

The keyboard action is excellent, The sound is excellent. See pictures

This unit does have midi in, out and reset on rear panel , only channel 1 is supported

Serial # 141,257 120VAC operation

The display looks good, all of the led’s are working

A new battery is included with the unit, but not installed

Programs have been changed from the factory but wave file, below, is included to restore” Link

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used jupiter 8 ” Its in perfect condition, these pianos are heavily sought after by good musicians I would know! I will include a case for it as well. Everything will work and look new 🙂 The weight and size may be a little off.” Link

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used rolandjp8“This is a working, functional, Jupiter 8 serial number 161526. It has a Kenton MIDI with “In,” “Through,” and “Out” connectors that also works.

This is a 5 day auction with a blowout sale price to sell it before Christmas.

The instrument works but is used and not new; please see the pictures as it is not mint. However, it has been routinely played for the 5 years I have owned it and has amazing sound. ” Link

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roland jp8“It really is as good everyone says. I hate to sell it but priorities dictate she has to go. This is an 8 voice polyphonic JP8 with serial number, 161526, dating it to the early manufacturing period.

Under the hood she’s clean and well kept. The instrument did have the infamous sound leakage defect, which was professionally serviced and repaired. That sound leakage issue was addressed by Roland in a service note published in 1983. The service note dictates exactly how to repair this problem. That note can be found here: http://www.synthfool.com/docs/Roland/Roland_Jupiter8/.
It comes with the Kenton MIDI kit already installed. The Kenton kit has free operators manual for download off of their website. This manual is invaluable.

I needed things to happen in real time and this kit worked perfectly. The timing is spot on. The jacks are “In,” “Through,” and “Out” so JP8 can easily be daisy chained to another MIDI devices.

For the age she is in great shape; looks good, sounds good, and is built like a tank. I can promise you it sounds way better in person than the youtube videos; it truly is an amazing synthesizer. She will be shipped with a custom built ATA case, so you can count on a fast and protected shipment.

Full disclosure: I have had this instrument for 5 years and I have only experienced one functional problem, which was the sound leakage I mentioned above. I had this professionally repaired and have experienced no further issues. The power switch is at an angle as shown in the pictures but works fine. This never caused any issues functionally so I left it alone. I have tested this instrument to the best of my ability and everything appears to be working as it should.

On the cosmetic side of things, the instrument is in good condition, but shows some wear consistent with its age. One of the keys has an area about the size of a pin head where it appears as though a small cigarette burn occurred. The instrument was like this when I purchased it and in no way effects the performance of the instrument. The ATA case was in storage and the outside metal of the case shows some discoloration. Please see the pictures before buying and feel free to ask me any questions. This is a big investment and I want happy satisfied buyers!” Link

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Roland Jupiter 8, not much to say about these except they are amazing in every way; sound, build quality, reliability, looks, ergonomics, ease of use.

This is a 117 volt north american unit, not a japanese import. Early 12 bit model serial number 040157, I was informed that the manufacture date should be March 1981– the 57th unit made.

All jupiter eights sound great, but vary slightly. The earlier ones tend to sound a little less precise, more ‘fat’. I prefer the sound of the early ones. Ive owed three, and this is my favorite of those, it sounds lovely.

Its stayed in tune perfectly in all the years I’ve owned it, never had any issues with, knobs and sliders are smooth, seems to be one of the most reliable of the big classic polysynths in my experience. It has one minor issue which can be repaired before purchase if requested, the upper voice board’s lfo (lfo controlling upper voices) is a bit ‘warbly’ sounds like it has a random waveform mixed in with the standard wave shape” Link