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used juno 60 “Auctioning off this nice Roland Juno-60 in good condition. Work’s great and plays every note. Overall has a few little scratches with wood pieces have small chips in the pictures. Typical wear for a 30 year old piece of equipment. I’m not an expert but maybe even some sort of tune-up could make it perform and appear flawless. Hate to let it go but i hope someone else can enjoy it! Good luck!! ” Link

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usedjuno50 “It’s in great condition.
It’s been carefully used only at the professional recording studio.
No tour, no road gig at all.
Comes with a power cable.” Link

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u60 “This is a classic Roland Juno 60 Analog Synthesizer. It comes with the JSQ-60 digital recorder programmer. The JSQ-60 together with the Juno 60 make this an analog monster capable of programming your own songs. Both are in excellent condition and all functions work as they should. The Juno 60 has had a new battery installed and all factory sounds have been reloaded, as well as all the controls cleaned. Included with the Juno 60 is the AC power adaptor for the JSQ-60″ Link

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usedjuno60 “Im selling my original Roland Juno 60 Synthesizer.

Here is the thing. it was stored in my grandma’s closet for years. i found it working perfectly with just some details.
It is in a general good condition, works great sounds perfectly. all the keys and sounds are perfectly working. saving patches properly. Details are:

- It has some scratches on the wood sides, the bottom and a little bit more, smaller tho, on the back side. they do not affect the synth functionality. not any big scratch at all.
- there is an issue with the arpeggio on/off button light. it blinks some times when you push it, and some times the light keeps on with the button off or inverse, but working totally normal by the way. maybe just some dust in it.
- there is only one button not working on all the keyboard: the chorus off button. Chorus 1 and 2 are working perfectly.
- there is two missing plastics on the switch panel, wich doesn’t affect the functions. also maybe some dust in some switches of the panel. some of them are a little harder to pull up and down. ” Link

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juno106 “Offered for sale is Roland Juno 106 synthesizer in near-perfect condition. This instrument is virtually free of scratches, dents and blemishes of any kind. All keys and controls including knobs, sliders, lights and buttons are guaranteed to be in perfect working order.

This Juno 106 comes fully loaded with Group A and Group B sound banks and is ready to plug-and-play use.

The synthesizer comes with a travel case made by Hybrid Cases which shows some light wear but it is in very good condition.

The unit comes with original power cord.” Link

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60 “If you have been looking for a Roland Juno 60 this is the ultimate package for the collector! I am the original owner and it has been used in my home studio for over 30 years. This synth has only been gigged a couple times in the past, and I would give it a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. It has a few minor scratches, scuffs and chips on the end caps. All of the keys sliders and switches work and it has no technical issues. Also included in the auction are a full compliment of original accessories for the Juno 60, all in good and working condition!

JSQ-60 Digital Keyboard Recorder

Original owners manual

Roland Keyboard Catalog

Roland sustain pedal

Roland patch cables 1/4 in. to RCA

Original Juno 60 data cassette

Original Roland Juno 60 keyboard stand – has wear and tear and is missing the middle support bar, but is very sturdy even so.”

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used juno60 “Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer. keyboard is in good shape considering it’s age. Big fat analog style sounds. Built in arpegiator. Circa 1982 this keyboard sounds great. Three of the knobs aren’t original(see photos) and the volume control is a little scratchy(dust). The end caps have a few blemishes but nothing more than standard wear. I am still surprised after all of these decades how big this synthesizer sounds. All the LED’s are functioning also. We are a brick and mortar retailer in business at the same location for over 32 years.” Link

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60 ” Great working condition. Missing one key. Needs to be cleaned.” Link

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used-juno-60 “This synth has been treated gently in a non-smoking home. Other than some chips on the side panels it is great shape cosmetically and in perfect working order except for a scratchy volume knob I never noticed as I’ve always used my mixer for volume control. The crackling stops once it is set to the volume you want. It has served me well over the years but I’m scaling back on my collection of keyboards and modules. This is the standard U.S. power model that plugs into a normal U.S. power socket.” Link

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roland-juno60 “Incredible condition. Not a chip, ding or scratch to be found. Rosewood is flawless. Everything works perfectly. Includes original instruction manual and tape. Ships in a hard Boss case” Link

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60 “Up for auction is a Roland Juno-60 analog synthesizer. It is widely regarded as one of the best sounding synthesizers ever created. This Juno has some scratches here and there but otherwise is in good, functional shape. The battery saves patches and the synth can be externally triggered either via ARP trigger or DCB (I am selling a Kenton MIDI-to-DCB converter in a separate auction that would work with this). As you can see in the photo, the nub on the pitch bender was snipped off so the wheel has a divet for your finger like a normal pitch bender. The bender works fine. Don’t miss this chance to own a Juno-60! Good luck and happy bidding.” Link

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juno-60 “Good condition – had some scuffs to woodwork & paint as you would expect for something of this age.

This is detailed in the photos” Link

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used-juno-60 “Very good used condition. Fully playable. Case has some signs of being on the road. Foam on the inside of the lid is starting to deteriorate.” Link

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60 “This is my Roland Juno 60 and the JSQ sequencer that goes with it. I have had this unit in my studio for over 20 years and in that time have only used it once. There is one broken white key needs to be replaced but still works. There is a slight tape mark and some scratches shown in the pictures. It has normal wear and tear for a keyboard of this era. The Transpose switch is missing but the function still works. All electronics work as they should and it sounds amazing.

I’ve never used the JSQ but everything seems to come on as it should when you connect it. Several buttons are missing in the Mode section as pictured. I will pack both with bubble wrap and foam peanuts for safe shipping. ” Link

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60 “The classic Juno 60 with memory and Kenton MIDI retro fit. A wonderful sounding synth. Been in my studio for 15 years. Time to move it on… I used this on many albums for EMI.

Oh – and there is nothing wrong with the keys – thats the fuzzy case making the keys look weird!!

Give it some love :)

Comes with a case.” Link

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60 ” I gigged briefly with this instrument in the early 80s, left gigging, and then gigged again with it in the late 80s before replacing it with a Roland D-50. The unit is in great working condition.

The volume potentiometer and all switches and sliders operate smoothly with no static or crackle.

The vinyl power cord jacket has a minor separation at the inlet on the rear of the unit (as seen in the photos).
Also, I obscured the Roland name and logo on the rear of the unit as it did not fit with my stage aesthetic at the time. I employed a light coating of flat black spray paint (but in retrospect should probably have just used a length of black gaffers tape).

The Juno-60 has a digital communication buss (DCB) with a standard computer connection jack (***) designed to interface the Juno-60 to digital sequencers and other computer-controlled devices.

*** Sellers note: The DCB buss is present on all Juno-60s but the cord was sold separately and is NOT part of this sale. ” Link

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used rolandjuno60 ” Up for bid is my Juno 60 w/tape. All presets have been restored to factory settings. Every function is 100%, and the action is great. I’m the second owner. It’s been in a smoke/pet free environment since new.” Link

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used juno 60 ” This Juno 60 is very clean, 9/10 cosmetic condition and fully functional. Sounds phenomenal. ” Link

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used roland junoc 60 ” Up for bid is my Juno 60 w/tape. All presets have been restored to factory settings. Every function is 100%, and the action is great. I’m the second owner. It’s been in a smoke/pet free environment since new.” Link

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60 “Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer Keyboard
Good condition, everything works! Case Included.” Link

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juno_60 “Here we have for sale a Roland Juno 60 – a glorious and huge sounding Analogue Polyphonic BEAST. HAS BEEN Fully checked-out by my Technician and everything functions as it should! Recently has had a fully clean-up: Factory Presets RELOADED, New Memory chip replaced (upgraded parts), General Maintenance basically (cleaning pots, silders). I had it for a very long time and it has never been taken to a Synth-Doctor (See Invoice on Last IMAGE). Had it since the beginning and I always looked after it and taken good care of it! There are a couple of tiny scratches as you’ll see on the images but SERIOUSLY this is probably the BEST JUNO 60 you will find on the net!” Link

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60 “Cosmetically this Juno-60 is virtually pristine and it represents a rare find among competing units on eBay. No scratches, dents or blemishes are seen on this unit including the wooden sides (see photos).

All features, knobs, buttons and sliders have been tested and are guaranteed to be in excellent working order. Sound banks A and B have been tested and contain intact factory presets.

Action of all keys of the keyboard and voice chips have been checked and found to be in perfect working order.

The Roland case is the company’s high-end case, it is solid and in good shape but unlike the synthesizer the case shows cosmetic signs of age and use.

At this time many of the remaining Juno-60′s are sold from Japan with high shipping costs and frequent US custom tariffs imposed on buyers 1-2 weeks AFTER they receive shipments from Japan. ” Link

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60 ” have a Juno 60 that needs some work.
Some kind of signal amp chip thing.
The sounds dont all work right now, but are definitely repairable. The issue looks like every 7th key or so doesnt quite sound right and the sound/filters themselves get a little strange.

This problem is intermitent though depending on if the keyboard has been moved much or sat for a while. Kinda weird.

Again, I would not call this “working” but totally salvagable.

Its worked for years and then one of the generator things (or something) went out. I was going to get it fixed but now really need the money.

Also, the switches on the LFO and DFO work but are missing/broken off. You can totally move the switches though with a flat-head screwdriver or something similar (I never really used them, but had tested them when I got it).” Link

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60” This is a nice vintage keyboard, in great working condition, with only a few minor blemishes. Comes with an anvil case. All keys are good and all sounds and controls work as they should.” Link

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juno60 “This Roland Juno-60 is in very good, working condition. There are minor signs of normal wear on the wooden side panels (see pictures). All keys, sliders, knobs and components are in great condition! I’ve been going back and forth about selling this for at least 10 years.

Being an original Juno-60, it does not have MIDI.

The synth comes with a red Backsac case and has no additional accessories. It will be packed with extreme care!” Link

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used_60 “The synthesizer shows almost no signs of use and is in near-mint condition. All features, knobs, buttons and sliders have been tested and are guaranteed to be in excellent working condition. The case is solid and in good shape but unlike the synthesizer the case shows cosmetic signs of age and use.

Juno-60 is a classic synth well known for its “analog sound” and it continues to be sought 30+ years after its 1982 release. At this time most of the remaining Juno-60′s are sold from Japan with high shipping costs and frequent US custom tariffs imposed after item receipt.

I’m a home studio musician, not a dealer, I am downsizing my inventory due to recent sale of our house. I’m a reputable eBay’er and I guarantee the item to be as described, in perfect working condition and in excellent cosmetic condition.” Link

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used 60 “Selling my Juno 60 which has been stored in its case for over 3 years without use. Prior to that it has only had home use – which is a travisty.

Reluctantly now I have decided to sell it. I have tested all slides buttons etc and all work.

As you can see from the pictures this is a very good condition Juno 60 hence high start price.

It also includes a midi box (the Juno 60 never had midi) which I have never used (as it doesn’t have a power cable) so unable to comment on wether it works.

Comes Hard cased.” Link

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used_juno_60 “For sale here is a Roland Juno 60 Synthesizer with an Roland MD-8 Midi DCB Interface, and a padded, soft case.

I am the original owner and I bought the unit new. I had originally pre-ordered a Juno 106 so the dealer gave me this unit to use until the 106′s came out. When they finally came out, I took the 106 home and there was no comparison – the Juno 60 sounded SO much better. So, the very next day I traded 106 back in for this unit and the MD-8 interface.

There is some minor cosmetic wear, but it still works, plays, and sounds as warm and fat as the day I bought it. I’m only getting rid of it because I almost never get to play it and it deserves to be played.

This auction includes the Juno 60, a Roland MD-8 Midi DCB Interface (with the original power cable), 2 x DCB Cables, an Under Cover brand padded case, the original owners manuals for the Juno and the MD-8, and an audio cassette with the original factory programs (both banks). I can also send the original programs on an audio CD or as a couple of mp3 files if the buyer would like.” Link

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juno-60 “This Vintage Roland Juno 60 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/Case is in fair to good cosmetic condition and works great.

All the keys and sliders have been tested and appear to be working normally.

Keyboard has some chips on the woodgrain and a little rust where the paint has chipped off.

The Bender knob works and moves just fine but the tab on the top of actual knob is broken off.

It is missing one slider cap but works just fine without it or could be replaced for a few bucks.

Hard case is included but the zipper on the case is broken and is missing the carry handle.

Please see pictures for complete cosmetic condition.

Comes with only what is pictured.” Link

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60 ” Roland Juno 60 programmable synthesiser with mono and stereo outputs. A rapidly appreciating vintage keyboard due to a huge interest in these classic analogue instruments. Used as a working synthesiser for many years up and down the country with so many sounds evocative of iconic recordings of the 80s and 90s. Plays well and everything seems to function, however, as I’m not an expert I would recommend you play it to make sure it does what you need. All sliders, switches and buttons work and the preset bank works correctly. It also has the function to allow saving your own settings. A complex and versatile keyboard that deserves to be played by a professional musician. Minor wear and tear from its life on the road, as can be seen from the last two photos, most notably a chip in the wood on the bottom far left and a missing toggle on the DCO noise generator (but it works fine).” Link

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60 ” For auction is my beautiful Juno 60. This is the 3rd Juno I’ve had the pleasure of owning. The first back in ’83. I’ve had this keyboard for more about 15 years now and always took great care of her – always covered when not in use in my non-smoking home studio.

I recently changed the battery with a holder attached so the battery can be more easily changed in a few years, and took her in for a tune-up at This Old Synth in San Jose, CA. There, super tech Chris cleaned all the pots and sliders, replaced all the protective coverings, changed a few resistors, and cleaned the key contacts. He was impressed how clean this synth was, and I was happy he was able to keep her in tip top shape! I highly recommend all vintage synth owners out there have a tech do regular tune ups on your gear.

You can see in the photos the care I have taken over the years, just a few reasonable scratches of the wood panels, and minor cosmetic stuff typical of a 34 year old synth! Watch and listen to the video recorded direct to camera to hear how clean and smooth all the electronic functions of this wonderful synth.

Included in the auction is the MDCB Midi converter. This thing packs a lot of features in it’s small format. I only utilized a fraction of the capabilities as a note trigger, and the hold pedal from my master keyboard, but it has additional LFO’s and other features for those inclined to use them. The MDCB Midi converter comes with the original manual, DCB connection cable, box, and power supply.

I’ll make sure the synth is well packaged for a comfortable trip to your studio. No worries about me, you can check my ratings here, I’m one of the good guys who takes extra care.” Link

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60 “Hey there, up for sale is a perfectly working Juno 60 synthesizer. Although this isn’t the most mint looking Juno 60 all knobs, buttons, keys and sliders all work as they should.

All the connections on the power supply were reinforced and soldered over again since cold joints can be a problem on these and the +5 and ground connections were directly soldered to the front panel in order to bypass flaky molex connectors on these units.
Theres some surprisingly bassy patches that I would have never thought possible in the memory as well.” Link

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A few things to note:

Comes with flight case
Patch memory battery replaced about a year ago by Control Voltage in Portland, OR
No other fixes were needed. This thing plays like it’s brand new!
This is a Juno 60, so there are no voice chips to replace
All factory presets
Item was kept in home storage for ~25 years before I purchased it
Smoke-free home and the condition shows that!
Never gigged! (Not even once!)” Link

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juno60“Condition: 5 keys need replacing. some are stained and you may want to change out those as well. some scratches and age as seen. powers on and Lights and the functions are working good except the memory keeps kicking off back to manual as seen. all Keys working. lights working. the Pitch/Modulation LFO bender is working good. the LFO/Manual/ENV swtich tip is broken off but still works with a small tool as well as the tip for the ENV/GATE. 2 missing slider caps. Guaranteed to play as seen in the video, otherwise this synth will be sold AS-IS for restoration project. ” Link