We made another super black custom 106!

We can adjust the power section to meet your country’s power conditions.

This is #3. It has the “full electronic restoration” on the inside , and the full cosmetic restoration on the outside.

Voice chips are socketed , perfect, and guaranteed .

The panel board has been completely rebuilt. The Sliders have been taken apart , de-oxidized, and lubed.

The CPU now has a removable battery and contains a copy of the “best of the best” sounds.

The power section has been rebuilt along with the addition of a new 3 prong receptacle and power cord.

The bender section sliders have been rebuilt as well, with a perfect volume pot. ( no scratchiness ) . 🙂 it now has a lighted bender!

The jack board has also been rebuilt for optimal output. ”

“You are bidding on a used (one owner) vintage Roland Juno 106 synthesizer [serial# 418569] with 61-key keyboard. This particular synth is being used more and more as the vintage synth sound is in-demand in many genres. A great touring keyboard, the sliders and other controls allow for sound adjustment on the fly during performance.

This unit had light studio use in the 80s and has been stored since. The low C key has been repaired (super glued … see photo) and except for a slight roughness long the glue seam it works fine. The internal watch battery is dead so it cannot hold patches in memory once the power is turned off. The repair requires a service technician to unsolder the old battery, and (hopefully) retrofit it with a battery holder that allows user service in the future. Alternately, patches can be sent/retrieved via MIDI using software (NOT PROVIDED). Otherwise the keyboard is in fine working order and was tested prior to listing. That said, the item is listed “AS-IS” and no warranties are offered or implied. Auction includes the manual and power cord but not the original Roland shipping box.” Link

“This is a used Roland Juno 106 and a LaStrada flight case. To the best of my ability to check, all of the functionality of the keyboard is good. There are a few missing knobs and a broken key – please see the pictures. The foam in the ends of the case has disintegrated to some extent. Keyboard and case is sold AS IS.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 04 June 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

“good condition, has 3 missing sliders (tips are broken off but they still work) missing a few knobs—the bender bar works but is loose? —all keys play and all buttons work—some buttons are pushed in a little? see pictures – they still all work great—-includes ac cord —may show normal wear—see all pictures” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 21 May 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

” Roland Juno-106 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer AS-IS

This is in used condition as seen in photos

Problems include:

– Scratchy volume knob

-Key transpose/Poly 1 & 2 button not working

-Bank buttons 3,5,7 not functioning

-Patch buttons 1,2,4,5,6,7 not functioning

-LFO Range Buttons not functioning

-DCO Buttons not functioning

-The Group button and all the other buttons not listed in the bank (1,2,4,6,8) and patch section (3,8) work.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 21 May 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

“the keyboard look new. it have one scratch by the number 106 .. you need to program it i but sound in (71) a pas 1. by reading the brook .. it.s easy !!!! it some static very little,,,, brand new memory battery come with it,,, come with owner”s manual …& hard case ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 21 May 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

“This unit powers up and produces sound. If you know anything about these units you know that it can’t be much more than a bad chip or maybe 2. I used this unit on stag for years and it worked great. It has be stored for a few years now and when I hooked it up it was acting weird. I’m not sure what is wrong with it but it can’t be much. All 6 80017a chips have been stripped and the unit is equipped with plug in sockets for the 80017a chips no soldering to change these chips. The unit is complete with all the slider caps and the bender wheel is “NOT” broken. It looks pretty good but there are scratches on the bottom from use. The 4 screws that hold down the top panel are missing. It has a hard shell case with wheels but not the factory case for this unit. the case is a SKB case with 2 handles one on the side and one on the end. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 30 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

“Great cosmetic condition – used but well-cared for. The key-contact circuit board has sustained damage (corrosion) from apparent exposure to moisture/liquid. The damage is limited only to the key-contact circuit board and part of the steel assembly mounting it to the interior of the Juno. As a result, 25 of the keys fail to produce a audio output when pressed, although the tactile feel and mechanical operation of the keys themselves is unaffected. TO BE CLEAR: The keys “feel” normal, but they just don’t make sound when you press them. The damaged parts are entirely removable and replaceable, and the synth is otherwise functional. PLEASE SEE THE PHOTOS: I’ve included 2 of the damaged PCB (before and after cleaning) and a marked-up photo illustrating exactly which keys are affected by the damage.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 23 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

“I am selling my vintage Roland Juno 106. It is in excellent working condition with very minor wear. I have owned it for 17 years and it has always been in a studio with very light use. Recently serviced by local technician and any issues found were resolved including replacing battery and cleaning. (see picture of invoice) Please note- local technician only had one Group of sounds…so group A and B are the same. I know this is an easy fix, i just am ready to sell and did not pursue the issue further. Selling as is with power chord included. This keyboard looks and sounds amazing and I am sad to let it go.”

Juno-106, Roland @ 16 April 2017, Comments Off on Lot of 2 Roland Juno 106 Project Machines

borken106 “I have 2 Roland Juno 106s for sale one a complete instrument but missing 2 80017a chips the other one is only for parts and has no 80017a chips. On the complete one the VCF slider on the bender board is broken but it is good on the parts unit. I have had these units for about 10 years but haven’t used them for probably 8 years so I am selling them as is not working although the complete unit could be repaired without a lot of cost. No power cords. I can’t say much more about the condition except the parts unit is missing the end caps and the output circuit board and the bender wheels on both instruments are broken. I seen a listing for replacement 80017a chips on ebay for about $34.00 ea. I’m not offering any returns or refunds I have over $1,000 invested in these units. They are not working and being sold AS IS. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 16 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

roland 106 “Excellent cosmetic condition, fully functional, all caps, smooth faders.
Unit has been serviced recently and voice chips have been changed.
Custom side wood panels” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 09 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106 with Kiwi Upgrade

kimni “Everything works! No dead filters. Even though all of the voices worked fine, I did the acetone batch on all 6 filter cards and installed sockets so they can easily be removed in the future for service. The kiwi upgrade not only adds a ton of functionality like additional LFO waveforms, a 2nd LFO and ADSR, an arpeggiator and sequencer & a unison mode that actually works, but all of the slider resolution is waaaaaaaaay better! Can barely notice stepping when adjusting the cutoff!! That alone was worth it to me.

I installed the Kiwi with a socket as well so it could be put back to stock if desired. It will come with the original CPU. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 09 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

juno106 “I am selling a used Roland Juno 106 synthesizer. I bought it used over 10 years ago from a music instrument shop. I never really used it so it has spent most of its life with me stored in a soft case in my room or in a basement. There was about a 1 year period where I let a trusted friend use it to practice and do a few live performances with it. Other than that it has sat unused in its case. I hooked it up to a UE boom speaker and played around with it for an hour or two and everything seems to be in working condition. PLEASE NOTE that I am not very familiar with it so I can’t fully guarantee its condition. However I can say that I took very good care of it.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 09 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

used roland juno 106 ” Note: This Juno-106 requires a new battery to be soldered in by someone qualified to do so as it is no longer retaining patches after power down.

Putting the battery issue to one side, this is a very, very good example of a Juno-106.

All voice chips are fully functional (the recognised standard tests have been followed to confirm this).

All sliders, switches and pots are functional with no missing panel hardware (the sawtooth waveform selector switch
sometimes requires a second press to activate/deactivate).

Keyboard is fully functional with no marks, chips, cracks or damage.

The instrument is in truly excellent cosmetic condition. Would categorise as absolutely mint if it were not for a couple of tiny,
inconsequential indentations along edge of casing just below pitch bend/modulation controller (see final photo).” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 02 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

used106 “Memory is wiped out (original battery never replaced) so will not retain any patch settings after power cord is unplugged. Four non-working keys and one key cracked but was glued back together (see photo). Cosmetically in very good shape.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 02 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

juno106 “This is the classic 80s synth. It needs a home in your studio. Just had it checked out at Advanced Music in Burlington, Vermont. Technician said…”This is one of the nicest units I have seen. The inside is clean. All switches and pots are functional. Memory is working fine. Memory battery is at 3.15V and no leakage.” See photos of the inside from technician.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 12 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106 with Kiwi 106 Uprgrade

106 ” You are bidding on a fully refurbished Roland Juno-106 with the Kiwi106 upgrade installed:

– 16 new panel sliders installed
– New AR80017a VCF/VCA chips from Analog Renaissance
– Kiwitechnics Kiwi106 upgrade installed
– Synthgraphics overlay for Kiwi106
– New handmade wood ends
– Keyboard contacts cleaned
– Full calibration
– 220V power supply” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 05 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106S

juno106s ” Rare, Roland Juno 106S, the same as a Juno 106 but with the addition of an extra amp and built in speakers. Unlike the similar HS 60 sold in the US, this version has the standard Juno 106 colors and markings. Never sold in the US. Other than the speakers, electronics are identical to the standard Juno 106.

This 106 is in near mint cosmetic condition, just a few scratches on the back near the tune knob. And the electronics are truly mint – they are all original. This is the only 106 that I have had or worked on with all original electronics, no replacements or repairs. The only repairs I made was to put in a new pair of Pioneer speakers to replace the ones that had died of old age, tighten up the speaker boxes, which always seem to get a little loose and buzzy over the years, and rewire it for 117v US power.

(Note – 100 and 117v models share the same small input board before the main transformer, so it is straight forward to move from one to the other – 220 and 240 are the same way, but moving from 100 to 220 requires a board swap out. So in this case, I did not change any original parts.)

Comes with built in power cord, which I believe is also original.

The only thing that standard 106 users may not know, is that the only way to shut off the internal amp and speakers is to put a 1/4 jack (doesn’t have to be connected to anything) into the headphone jack. There is no switch.

Nice to be able to play it without an amp, yet this one still has the standard vintage 106 look.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 19 February 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

usedjuno106 “I purchased this unit a few months back for a recording project. Plays perfect, not sure on how many owners there were, but the way this looks and play is flawless. A few scratches on bottom (pictured) Comes with its Roland case which is the reason for a bit higher price then most of these on ebay, case is in great shape as well. I printed out the entire manual which will be included with purchase .” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 05 February 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “Here for sale is a Roland Juno-106 synthesizer. I bought a brand new power cable to test to out. The power does turn on. I used headphones to test out the specific outputs including the phones and other outputs. These all seem to be running fine. Sound does come out of the banks. However, when I play a chord on the ones I tried, it doesn’t sound like a chord. It seems the notes are in a random order. This seems to be because of faulty voice chip(s). These will need to be replaced. There are some knobs missing, please check the pictures. I did test all the ones that are still on there and most of them seem to work okay. The only ones that don’t seem to work are the LFO knobs. They don’t seem to do anything. The bender doesn’t seem to be working, either.

The power cable will be included. Nothing else will be included.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 29 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “This 106 is one of the later models that did away with the voice chip problems. I have never had an issues with it in all the time that I’ve used it. Fully functioning and everything is clean, all keys, sliders and buttons work as they should. Comes with original power chord. I am selling because I am having more interest in older Synths from the 70’s. The 106 has been kept in a smoke free studio.
The unit is used and sold As-Is. No Returns. No exceptions” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 22 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

used_`106 “This is a classic Roland Juno 106 Analog Synthesizer.. This is a very nice looking synthesizer with no broken keys, no broken slide controls, and no missing slide caps. There are some noticeable scratches in this synthesizer but all the colors are vibrant and unfaded. We made every effort to make sure that this Juno plays as good as it looks so we sent it to our professional technician to have it fully serviced. The service included refurbishing all 6 voice chips , then recalibrating it to factory specs. This is an absolutely necessary service when owning this model Juno. The service also included replacing any faulty function switches, replacing the battery, reloading all factory sounds and cleaning all slide controls. This is an overseas model Juno 106 so it comes with a AC power converter. ”

Juno-106, Roland @ 22 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

used roland 106 “This is as pristine a 106 as I have seen or played. ALL 6 voice chips replaced – unit is very clean. Includes power cord.
Hard to find one in this shape these days.”

Juno-106 @ 08 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “All presets work when tested! Power cable included! Will ship safely.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 08 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

juno1-06 “This beauty, has been sitting in my closet, in the case for the past 25 years. I am the original owner of this 100% all original ROLAND JUNO 106 Vintage Analog Synthesizer.

It needs to be serviced.
It has 2 minor problems …

1.) It is missing the top part of the 4th fader, on the envelope filter section, easily accessible by using a toothpick or similar object as pictured for demonstration purposes only, in one of my photos……The fader is fully 100% functional.

2.) On some of the patches, certain notes, play at a lower volume …. possible Voice Chip Issue ???

Buy and have this minor issues serviced and you will own yourself a super clean 106

This keyboard was very lightly used in a private home studio and as you can see was taken well care of. The Pics speak for themselves, this is the cleanest JUNO 106 you may ever see on eBay. This keyboard will be professionally packed and shipped.”

Juno-106, Roland @ 08 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “Offered for sale is Roland Juno 106 synthesizer in near-perfect condition. This instrument is virtually free of scratches, dents and blemishes of any kind. All keys and controls including knobs, sliders, lights and buttons are guaranteed to be in perfect working order.

This Juno 106 comes fully loaded with Group A and Group B sound banks and is ready to plug-and-play use.

The synthesizer comes with a travel case made by Hybrid Cases which shows some light wear but it is in very good condition.

The unit comes with original power cord.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 01 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

106 “Roland JUNO-106

※Little whirring happens when it this item switches on.
If you can’t stand it please repair it!

Serial Number
Excellent condition.


※This item is an old secondhand item and may have imperfections.

It works properly.

Nothing” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 01 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “The keyboard has been almost completely restored. New Knobs, sliders and Bender, The Memory battery has been replaced. A voice chip has been replaced it but still needs one more chip to fully restore it. These parts are all available still from analog repair shops. It’s right on the edge of perfection! Keybeds and contacts have been cleaned as well.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 11 December 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

juo106 “You are bidding on a used but in good condition Roland Juno-106 keyboard synthesizer with case. It has been tested and seems to be working perfectly. Comes with Calzone hard case.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 04 December 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “Selling my Juno 106, a legendary 6-voice analog poly synth, in *great* condition!

It has recently been completely serviced by the Synthspa, so you can be sure that the voice chips are all completely restored and won’t fail. I’ve also upgraded it to have beautiful wood cheeks, but I will include the original end cheeks in the package as well.

This one comes with the KIWI-106 hardware/software upgrade installed, which means it sports an expansive range of functionality that takes the 106 to the next level (see below). That said, I will include the original board for the 106 with this, in case you want to swap out of the Kiwi upgrade (no idea why you’d want to do that, though!). ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 27 November 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

106 “This Juno-106 is in almost near mint condition and it was serviced 3 months ago at Alto music in New York. The Juno-106 was already working great and it was only serviced so that it can perform at its best and so that the future owner of this synth won’t have to experience any future problems. The case is a wooden case custom build with casters. The case is covered in tiles. Case is very sturdy and not as heavy as it looks but solid. Shipping will be done extremely well. I might need to remove the casters as I plan on boxing it up. Im going to seal the Juno in plastic then place it inside the case and fill the inside of the case with foam peanuts. Then ill place the wooden case inside a sturdy cardboard box and fill the inside of the box with foam peanuts so that case will be floating around foam peanuts inside a sturdy cardboard box. So have peace of mind that Juno will travel safely. This ad is for only the Juno-106, power cord, and wooden custom case with wheels. ” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 20 November 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

used-roland-juno-106 “This is a Roland Juno 106 polyphonic analog synthesizer sold AS IS. 7 of its chips need to be replaced. All other features work fine. Aesthetically it looks very good, aside from some small scratches and blemishes, as is typical for a synthesizer of this vintage. See photos which clearly show the blemishes. The power plug has been upgraded (to 3-prong). Here are the details about the problems: Sawtooth wave only works on voice 2. No square wave. Sub oscillator is dead on voices 1, 5, and 6. Works fine in unison. To get it back to fully-functional condition will require some work by a skilled technician. The technician I talked to said he estimated the work to cost $500, but I’ve seen ads online indicating lower repair prices.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 06 November 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

ued-1-6 “Roland Juno 106
With Handmade Wooden Case

Please Note: This is a USED item ” Link

Juno-106, Roland, Uncategorized @ 30 October 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

sedjuno106 “Original Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer Keyboard. Very good condition. Fully working with six NEW voice chips especially ordered from Germany. Have all been professionally fitted and the unit completely calibrated. Owned since 1993 and regularly serviced. Been used in my studio in London on various albums. Comes with hard case.” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 30 October 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

usedjuno106 “Classic and incredibly rare Juno 106 in fantastic condition. Simply selling as I haven’t had time to play it in years, but it’s an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment. As far as I know everything is in perfect working condition, however potential buyers are more than welcome to fully test it if they come to collect.

Comes with a beautiful bespoke mock-crocodile case with red velvet and foam interior, and the full juno manual. I’ve somehow misplaced the power lead but that is dead easy to replace so shouldn’t be an issue.” Link